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18-10-2008, 09:18
Just curious to see what people like and don't like about Warhammer 40,000. Keeping it friendly, what is your top 3 favorite things about Warhammer 40,000? What is your top 3 least favorite things about WH40k? How would you change the things you don't like?

Have fun :)

18-10-2008, 09:23
what are yours?

18-10-2008, 09:47
1. Wonderfully developed and detailed background.
2. Worldwide community of players/fans.
3. Building/playing the game.

Least Favourites:
1. Internet whining - Can't fix this. Without whining, the net would shrivel up and die.
2. Poorly developed rules - Public beta testing. 'living rulebooks/Codex' (in PDF form)
3. Poorly written and edited rulebooks - Hire proper editorial staff/contract the work to a professional publishing house.

18-10-2008, 10:10
My favourites:

3.Forge World Models

My hates:
1.Internet Whining - Total agree with Corax on this subject
2.Unpainted armies
3.FW delivery/stock times, haha

avatar of kaine
18-10-2008, 10:26

noob rants
bad winners
bad losers

Shas'o Zor'bas
18-10-2008, 10:45
-great fluff
-good models

-Internet whining
-the fact that 80% of funs play SMs
-the fact that GW doesn't update some codexes(Necrons, Dark Eldar)

18-10-2008, 10:50

1. Strategy, tactics, depth, analysis, more more more...
2. ...and there is only war
3. That intro from DOW that made me get into 40k, still sends chills down my spines!


1. The immensely idiotic, downgrading, stupefying, lazy, immoral and abusive cheese whining.
2. The fixation with marines, and people not admitting that it is not the cool factor, but the rule factor that draws them.
3. Stuck in the age of the imperium, internet is a long forgotten STC from the dark age of technology and hence GW refuses to FAQ our armies so we can feel better!

18-10-2008, 10:58
1 Background
2 Models
3 Playing the game in general.

1 The marine love (mainly of GW, but of the players as well) - See Ianos post for more info.
2 The internet whining, both about broken rules and things like that, and trying to create the best list evar!!11!. Making a list that is yours and learn to play with that is way more fun than copying some guys list from the internet? Right?
3 Codex creep. Need I say more?

Chaos and Evil
18-10-2008, 11:00

1 - The game is simple and requires little thought to play (It's relaxing).
2 - The models are beautiful.
3 - The game is a really awesome hobby for children (And is very beneficial for them, unlike most children's hobbies).


1 - Over-competative tournament-centric play styles (Why bother to play in an ultra-competative style... the game is not balanced!).
2 - Playing Apocalypse games (I think Warhammer 40,000 works best ~1500pts... for big games I'd rather play Epic, which costs 1/20th of the price, takes 1/10th as long, and is 9 times more tactical).
3 - Squats.

18-10-2008, 11:11

1 - The game play, and the ability to craft great little story themed games and tournaments
2 - The models are beautiful, and varied to the hills!
3 - The game helps people come together from different backgrounds, thus helps makes new friends


1 Inconsistencies around the rules between the same faction, and the slow release of codex for all races
2 Cost, but with every hobbies there a cost!
3 They took my baby squats away! nooooooooooooooooooooo

18-10-2008, 11:15
1 The background
2 The models
3 A reason to hang around with friends, playing with toys, without being drunk. :D

1 "Everyone loves marines". Its true, but then again, everyone loves icecream, but you dont wanna eat icecream all the time, every day.
2 The prices. Im a grown man, but even I think GW is charging abit too much for what is essentially small plastic toys.
3 Slow FAQing. And I mean, whats the deal with the DA faq? Thats just rude to the customers (i dont play them, but really, whats the deal with that?).

18-10-2008, 11:26
avatar of kaine. Nailed it.

18-10-2008, 11:52

1. The fluff.
2. Space marines.
3. Its fun.

Not favs:

1. Powergaming. Play for fun, dagnamit!
2. Broken armies (eldar, thousand sons...).
3. Moaning and complaining.

18-10-2008, 12:25
3 Favorites...

1. The background and setting. It is somewhat unique, there isn't much out there that I've seen like it.

2. The models, GW make some of the best (miniature gaming) models I've ever seen. The Tau line in general is my favorite, save for the XV8s which are in need of an updated look.

3. Uh...I guess I just like the boundless creativity of some of the players. I've seen paintjobs that I used to swear to god could not be done by human hands (until I saw them in person), some awesome terrain and tables, I was never into miniatures that much until I found GW.

Now the least favorites, which I could NOT limit to just 3...

1. The god-damned prices. Some of the plastic kits are getting a little better, but they're still nonsensical and ridiculous. The kids they try to aim the game at can't even afford them...hell, people with full time jobs can't even afford the crap!

2. The rules. I refuse to house rule every damn thing that they're too lazy to fix, they charge out the ass for these rulebooks and the price goes higher and higher every year, for low-quality product (How many people bought a Space Marine codex and had it fall to pieces on them for instance?) and a "Pfft, do it yourself" attitude. I don't want to pay $50 for a rulebook and $25 for a codex, and then listen to them tell me "Well, we don't care about balance, because that's a powergamer thing and you shouldn't be playing to win anyway. The rules are fine, you all just play the game wrong." Not to mention the content itself, every time they update the book you're paying for the same artwork, the same pictures of 'Eavy Metal models (painted to a standard your average gamer couldn't sell their soul to achieve), and the same unbalanced rules. And that's if your army even gets an update...

3. Slow codex releases. I hate having to wait a minimum of 5 years before my army gets any more attention, and I already suspect that there's no one in the studio right now with a real passion for my army (Tau). I can't imagine what it's been like for DE players, waiting 10 years now and nothing...

3. Did I mention the ridiculous prices?

4. No serious playtesting. It's unprofessional and leads to a lot of problems like the dual Lash list, which they apparently didn't think anyone would actually use (:rolleyes: ). But that's okay because there are no problems, dual Lash lists aren't their fault, it's your fault for being a powergamer. Shame on you.

5. Fanboys. And GW just helps encourage it when they write garbage like the background in the Space Marines codex. Apparently they're so awesome that they can kill gods with their bare hands and everyone wants to be just like them. Who here is older than twelve and actually enjoys reading this? I also hate the Mary Sue-dom of the Tau codex and how it's got everyone in the world hating my army.

6. Whiners...yeah I know, pot and kettle moment, but I really get sick of all this "(Army) is unbeatable omfg GW!" crap. And it's all pointless too because it can be done with any army...I've even seen people call the Dark Eldar cheesey, a 10-year-old codex FFS. I've seen people call IG overpowered. Daemonhunters are even unbeatable, and so on. And I'm tired of people using it as an excuse for losing all the time, too...and if it isn't the army, it's bad dice rolling. Or maybe the guy hanging around the table distracted them too much, or you talked too much during his turn, or whatever else they can conjure up besides being outplayed. I'm 3/10 with my Tau and I accept my losses. I don't blame it all on Plague Marines being too hard to bring down, or because my dice never roll high enough when I'm shooting at that land raider, or Lash of Submission is god-damned annoying. Nor am I saying that there aren't legitimate complaints about some army builds, but it's literally the same thing every time someone loses. There is no one out there who simply plays better.


8. GW make some of the stupidest decisions. They lost Andy Chambers, for one. They raised the price of the Realm of Battle board over $100 for no other reason than greed that I can see...they probably knew it was a pretty decent value and decided to do it on purpose just because, maybe they like pissing people off now. The way they've handled FAQs, once again smacking of unprofessionalism and laziness. Turning White Dwarf into an overpriced advertisement (which is kinda useless since the only people who want to read it already buy from GW and don't need them to tell them to BUY THE GIANT). The way they're so rabidly defensive of their IP, they've pissed off a lot of fans over the Damnatus issue, they tried to shut down Vassal 40k, they went after Blizzard for a stupid joke line that one of the units says in a Warcraft game...it's ridiculous! Not to mention hypocritical coming from a company that "borrows" from pop culture a lot...they threaten legal action over every perceived violation of their IP, it's so bad that we can't even post points costs on internet forums dedicated to discussion of the game (or at least we don't over on TO to avoid trouble).

9. Space Marine love. I like Marines too, but GW likes them too much...yeah, we get it, you want to be Space Marines. You want to marry Space Marines. When you go to bed at night you touch yourself thinking about Space Marines, we get it, now please, for the love of God, give us a new Dark Eldar codex already! Space Marines are all over the god-damned place, you can't even walk into a store without them trying to force spearheads and pre-orders on you, and every other opponent will be a Marine or offshoot. It makes me literally sick to my stomach, I feel a bit queasy just typing about it.

10. Squats. They have the gall to charge you an arm and a leg to play their stupid games, and then they go and write an army out of the universe because they simply didn't feel like supporting them anymore. Apparently they were conceived on a particularly weird night when they were all heavily under the influence and they felt too embarrassed (it wasn't even sales, Jervis himself has said as much), so they screwed a whole lot of players and I don't see how anyone can feel "safe" after that (well, except Space Marine players). They've got a history now and any one of your armies can be invalidated just like that. Hundreds, thousands of dollars invested, countless hours spent painting and converting, writing background, gaming with them, and then GW tells you to go to hell and collect Marines instead. Or use your models with a different ruleset, they're not "worthless", they're just really stout Imperial Guard! And I guess when they inevitably lose interest in Tau I'll be playing blue-skinned Eldar. :rolleyes:

I dunno, I think I'm done now...

18-10-2008, 13:47
1. Tau
2. So much Fluff and background both player made and from the comapny it's so cool
3. Modeling and painting my army then making a background for my Shas'El

1. Bad losers are the worst, how they can't except their loss, shake your hand and look forward to trying for friendly revenge next time.
2. Necrons have so few units that they pretty much are stuck to one or two tactics( I almost bought the Necrons before I saw how pitifully small their army list was)
3. Prices are so HIGH it's rediculous

18-10-2008, 15:12
1. The background is absolutely fantastic and i love learning as much about it as I can
2. Superhuman zealot crusaders fighting daemons and purging heretics? Its like a match made in heaven.
3. The heroes in this universe arent disgusting goody two-shoes humanists like in many Sci-fi universes.

1. Gotta agree with the prices thing, damn they're ridiculously high.
2. Certain players of certain armies pretty much have GW effectively give them the finger (Inquisition, dark eldar, and squats even though the squats were really really stupid(biker dwarves? can you get any lamer?))
3. A model company that happens to have rules for a game? As far as im concerned they have it backwords. If there were no game my models would go from precious possessions to straight into the garbage can.
4. I could have done with less fantasy in space then there is now.

18-10-2008, 15:34
1.) background (not necessarily the current one)
2.) painting
3.) It's a great hobby to have

1.) 40k General
2.) What is known as "codex creep"
3.) ruleset

18-10-2008, 15:35

painting modelin and making army lists
nice fluff

not so faves-

not tactical enough rules more just a fun simulation
snobby players
going away from more options like we had in 2nd ed.

18-10-2008, 15:40
1. The miniatures. No matter what the hip, trendy loser says, GW is top.
2. The setting. Its as silly as Star Wars, but instead of happy happy joy joy its crappy crappy oh boy! :D
3. The game. Its simple. Its quik. Its awesome. Strategy gets involved, but doesn't get in the way.

Not so awesome:
1. Internet whining. :cries:
2. That scary model of a Great Unclean One that lurks in my closet.... :cries:So scary...
3. Space Marines do not exist :cries:

18-10-2008, 16:34
My favourites:
1. Playing the game - with and against fully painted armies.
2. The rich and often illogical background.
3. The plastic models - they keep me playing.

My dislikes:
1. Derision heaped on any members of the hobby community simply because of the army or armies they choose, or because they attend tournaments/don't adhere slavishly to fluff as perceived/choose less-than-optimal units/are young/whatever.
2. Building and painting the models - I like the end result, not so the painful journey to get there.
3.The half-hearted step towards universal rules: we get USR's which is good, however this is undermined by not adopting the same approach to weapon stats, or the application of basic rules such as those for Dedicated Transports with older codexes being different to more recent ones, as just a couple of examples.

Sheena Easton
18-10-2008, 16:36

#1 The dark, brooding, gothic background.

#2 Orks. Especially the older RT background, Madboyz, Clans, Squiggoths... Except Goffs which are dull.

#3 Inquisitors and Necromunda.


#1 Tau and overkill on Marines and Special Characters. The former just seem far too nice...
The Squats mysteriously being eaten by Tyranids on the quiet in such an off-hand manner. Very lazy. They could at least have come up with something better and more imaginative - like a whole war against the Necrons that saw the awakening of a C'Tan and the eventual demise of the Homeworlds that were consumed by the newly reawakened star god (instead of having some silly Ultramarine just happening to stumble across its bedroom...) And the lack of Space Skaven.

#2 Removing options from squad leading Nobz. Why can't my Shoota Boyz Nob indulge his love of Dakka with a nice Kustom Shoota / Skorcha anymore yet can carry a Slugga and Power Klaw like some squi-brained Goff?

#3 The frozen timeline / timeline reversal. It makes the wonderful background stagnate instead of enriching it.

18-10-2008, 17:15
The miniatures
The Art

The Ruleset
The Cost
Overemphasis on Marines

18-10-2008, 17:25

1. Huge battles of finely painted miniatures fought over beautifully crafted terrain.

2. Rich background.

3. Tanks!


1. Rules fights.

2. Models breaking/losing paint during transportation (Mostly metal models).

3. Over competativeness.

18-10-2008, 19:19
1-Jes Goodwin Marine Design
2-Nuns with guns and it is not a Horrible spoof movie
3-Great Story and fluff

3. players out to smash you and not in it for the fun
2. Word Bearers - Its your fault the Heresey happened
1. Gav Thorpe.....for all the right reasons

18-10-2008, 20:14
1. Playing the game - with good terrain, beer and friends.
2. Designing army lists, and trying to get them exactly as I want but not go a single point over limit.
3. Fluff, the background, story and armies are unmatched in other games.

1. Cheese whiners. Maybe this is an internet phenomenon? I've never ever met a person in real life who would whine on an army because it was too powerful. I like to play because it's BOTH social and competative. I don't care if my army is not 100% fluffy. I don't want to build a crappy army because someone wants to play their fluffy army with only poor choices in it (and tell everyone else they are cheesy, power gamers, win at all costs etc). Luckily I only play with friends.
2. Poor rules (as a former MTG player, I'd like to see super tight rules. It seems like this is not happening in normal 40k because they want it to be a beer and pretzel game. However, MTG was a beer and pretzel game and still all rules situations were covered so you could play competative tournaments. I hope someday there will be a supplement like 40k: advanced or something. Imagine a thick book with rules clarifications, extra rules to replace some of the current weaker ones and diagrams and tips on how to resolve all possible scenarios. Simply because I don't want to have to make up my own rules when I play a game. I love making rules, but when I play a game someone else made, I don't want to feel a need to finish the design myself. Currently it feels like 40k is in a beta testing phase or something. And btw, bring on public playtesting and living codexes.
3. GW changing design philosofy every few years, resulting in widely different codexes.

Lord Damocles
18-10-2008, 20:19

-The extensive background and general 'feel' of the setting

-Playing the game

-Collecting/painting/converting stuff

Least Favorite:

-Poor rules (particluarly anything written by Jervis Johnson)

-The downright crappy background we're getting lately


18-10-2008, 20:21
I think some of the best and worst aspects of the game are the other players, but then that's life in general right?

18-10-2008, 20:30
-Imperial Guard (come on you know they're great)
-The frankly amazing background
-40K Radio (great Podcast, give it a go it you haven't already)

Least Favourite:
-Painting (just can't seem to be bothered with painting 40K armies over the last couple of years)
-The ridiculously long time for armies to get updated
-People who mistake luck for skill in a game that isn't that tactically involved most of the time

18-10-2008, 22:00
1. price.
2. unproffesional rules
3. more emphasis on price.

1. the models.
2. the game.
3. the hobby

avatar of kaine
18-10-2008, 22:15
avatar of kaine. Nailed it.

thank you..

Max Jet
18-10-2008, 22:19
I just want to support everything what Sidstyler said. Almost everything he said was right. The most problematic part of 40k are the prices. Before I started boykotting GW products (because of the price rise last year) I always ordered from independent retailers and got all products for at least 25% off, sometimes even 40%. That was the only price I found acceptable.
Now with the price rise and the closure of independent sellers (like my comic book store at home whow stopped selling GW products, because the support from the company was nonexistant) I refuse to pay such impossible prices.
40€ for a Hyve Tyrant? Oh.. my... god... OO!!!!!
I bought mine for 22€ and even that is pretty expensive for such a small metall model.

But I got to say... the combination of a decent and coherent model line with a strategic rule compendium is very awesome and brought me into the hobby (long time modeller and fan of strategy games)

18-10-2008, 22:35
love: convertibility, strategy, and story
hate: argument faze, cardboard proxy's, and prices

18-10-2008, 23:31

1: Space Marines. Their harder than Chuck Norris, cooler than Samuel L Jackson and are just possibly could be better than maddox. I suspect all this marine whinging started because one IG fanboy went home and found a space marine in bed with his wife (whereas I'd take that as a compliment :p ).

2: The background. better than startrek and as good as starwars.

3: Playing with my mates: Its what 40k is made for.


1: Mathhammer: Falls apart when you throw anything like real life variables at it and which only has one use, which is in the bedroom (I'll let you figure that out...)

2: The C'tan being responsible for everything from the creation of the Pariah gene, to the fall of the old ones, being the machine god, Ferrus Manus's hand thing, the assassination of JFK, Uwe Boll, Paris Hilton...

3: over competitiveness. Anyone who gets wound up about a game of toy soldiers should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror.

18-10-2008, 23:32
Playing the actual game
Painting the models
Having something fun to do with yer mates at the weekend

1. Bad winners/loosers
2. Cost
3. Time

19-10-2008, 00:20
-The fluff.
-The models.
-Playing a fun game over a few pints with friends.

-GW's arrogance.
-The prices. 50 for five horse-riding vampire wannabes? Are you kidding me?
-GW's incompetence. How the company still isn't bankrupt is beyond me.

the neckbone
19-10-2008, 04:44
1.finish painting my last model
2.playing an opponent of equal skill
3. the agreement with my mate that whoever wins a game on a friday afternoon shouts the first three drinks of the night.

1. 8 year olds who lash my squad with a slannesh sorce in a khorne squad(what the hell?!?!)
2. internet cry babies
3. lossing to my mate

19-10-2008, 06:22
1. GW's "be nice to people and everything will be fine" attitude.

1. GW's "be nice to people and everything will be fine" attitude.

While I really appreciate the effort GW has been putting into the game to make it more friendly, they're simply doing it wrong. It reeks of laziness, honestly, and it's a little upsetting. A couple of years ago they had their "OMG RAW"* frenzy though, so perhaps after swinging from extreme to extreme they'll find some balance. Both with themselves and the rules.

* Commander Farsight isn't a Commander, Synapse works on S8 but not S9, JJ saying 6man las-plas squads are perfectly fluffy, etc. It's just silly, but a totally different silliness from what's happening today.

19-10-2008, 06:49
1) Newer plastic model design for the most part is efficient and detailed.
2) Friendly atmosphere in the stores for gaming and painting; Camaraderie
3) Current trend for the army books: no bad choices, the sum is greater than the parts of the whole

1) People that gripe about model prices. You play the game....deal with it. Don't want to pay for that particular model, then don't buy it. No one is holding a gun to your head.
2) Need's more refinement on which army to focus on. I will rather keep the current release schedule with better written books, than quicker, less quality material.
3) 5th Edition no retreat rule/no sweeping advance into combat. <--this is bs.

19-10-2008, 07:37

The models
The look of a well painted army
Eldar Vehicles

Marines. GW's abuse has killed this army for me.
The cost. Need I say more?
5th edition. Urgh.

19-10-2008, 08:03

1. Orks.
2. Squigs.
3. All that other stuff (background, models, etc. etc.)


1. People who actually take it all seriously and whine like a turbofan with a pigeon in it.
2. The paint doesn't smell as nice as it used to, nor make me see happy pictures when I lick the brush.
3. Trying to paint 30 million boyz.

19-10-2008, 08:44
1. Background
2. Space Marines. I wont apoligize for this
3. Models.

1. Price of Models
2. Fluff nerds who love to show how big their E peen is
3. Crappy looking Games. Meaning I hate playing the game on a green painted table with felt cutouts as terrain.

19-10-2008, 10:02
Crappy looking Games. Meaning I hate playing the game on a green painted table with felt cutouts as terrain.

Same...they do this at the FLGS, complete with primed or unpainted armies as well. The terrain they do have is mostly unpainted as well. (I'm guilty of using unpainted/primed models though).

19-10-2008, 10:09
1. Awesome background
2. Great miniatures
3. Awesome story telling capabilities (especially with 2nd edition).

1. Poorly developed rules
2. Poorly written and edited rulebooks - look at the number of typos in the Ork codex for proof.
3. GW considers their customers to be retards