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John Vaughan
22-10-2008, 03:20
Hey all!

A friend of mine is considering starting up a Skaven army, and I dont know a whole lot about them myself. What should he do to start? He has zero wargaming experience, zero modeling experience, but he loves the look of the Skaven. What should he get? What should he not? What sort of combinations work well, and what dont?

Oh yeah, what is rumored to be rereleased next year modelwise? I dont know if that sort of thing is in the pipeline yet, but its best to check.


22-10-2008, 04:01
Next year we'll probably be getting new clanrats and plastic stormvermin, that's all that appears to be confirmed.

If he really wants to start now you can't go wrong with a battalion and a few boxes of nightrunners/ clanrats. Even if they do get redone there's only gonna be so much difference between the two and mixing them in will be easy are all sound choices.

As a general list of what's good, moderate and bad:
clanrats (25 to 30 in a unit), slaves, nightrunners, gutter runners, jezzials, warplightning cannon, engineers, grey seers, plague censor bearers, warlords and chieftains.

plaguemonks, priests, PWGs, weapons teams.

Assassins, rat ogres, giant rats, the master moulder.

The best character combinations usually look like something with the bands of power, weeping blades and warpstone amulet or a mix of them. Always take the storm daemon on engineers and make sure you outnumber your opponent.

By the time he gets used to the army there will probably be a new book out anyway so the above list will change, he should know that the skaven army is an expensive one and as the next book is said to be focusing on the hoard aspect of skaven it'll probably be even more costly.

John Vaughan
22-10-2008, 04:11
Yeah, I'm trying to steer him away from Skaven for the time being. What about lizards? I know a bit more about how they work, but all I know as far as new models is that there is likely to be new temple guard. Whats in it for them?

22-10-2008, 04:24
Check the rumour roundup, pretty sure they got a lot of stuff for lizardmen there.

22-10-2008, 04:57
Personally if your conserned about up-and-comming army updates then you might be best stearing your friend towards one of the recently updated armies (VC, WoC, DE).

Just really have a think about it, go to a Games Workshop and take a look at the army books and models with your friend, let him see everything thats available and have the GW guys explain anything your both unsure about, they might steer him towards BFSP as its got a short edition of rules and gives him two small armies to get a feel for the game, practice some painting and also a good starter set if he does decide to go with one of them,

Let us know how things get on,

John Vaughan
22-10-2008, 13:43
Alright, thanks. I think I have been trying to help him figure it out too much without actually taking him to GW. I think I'll do that this weekend and let him figure out what he wants. He did mention a possible interest in O&G. Using the term liberally, how good are they for a new person like him? I think BfSK is a good idea for him at any rate, and that might be where hes going with this.

23-10-2008, 14:28
Yeah go with BfSp, its reasonably cheap and a good way of seeing if he even likes the hobby as you say, he has not much wargaming experience). If he does then while several of teh other posters are entirely correct (and as a Skaven player, I can certify tey are indeed expensive) I wouldn't necessarily push him away from skaven-his reasons for liking them seem entirely consistent with those that most people have for sticking with armies they really love. Lizardmen are great, I was gonna doem myself but a mate got there first (at least we can play rise of sotek against each otehr though:cool:.

But yeah, play through some skull pass, and let him have a go with both the armies in that (and your own collection of minis) and then if he likes it all, and wants to get into it, go through each army in the game and describe the background, how they play and so on, and if at all possible, what their real world Historical analogies are, and take it form there.

The Red Scourge
23-10-2008, 14:37
And encourage him to go with the rats. As they are the coolest army out there :D

John Vaughan
24-10-2008, 04:40
I think hes heading towards Dark Elves now. Hes just being bipolar I guess. Its rather irritating...
I told him, that if anything, dont do skaven at the time being, and to start them when they are rereleased, so that he can play them as a more effective army, rather than right now as an inexperienced player. I thin khes gonna get it figured out though. Hes a pretty smart kid.

24-10-2008, 09:10
As a beginner player I would not reccommend Skaven either, not for the time being, and also not for the sheer difficulty of playing them GOOD! They look easy enough to play, but to be able to get a decent win nowadays, requires vast knowledge of the game and of the army.
If he would be a more regular player looking for a new army, Skaven would be good to start with now, due to the vast amounts of painting. Start on basic troops like Clanrats (you could easily put 3 units 20 or 25 each in a 1500+ army), some slaves (1 or 2 units), a few characters (DON'T take chieftains unless you use them as BsB!) and perhaps something like Monks or Stormvermin. That'll give him enough to do until the new release, by which he will diversify the rest of the army.

25-10-2008, 11:01
I think it's a good idea to start skaven now, if you do it slowly, and buy and paint up a unit at a time. I recently started skaven, and I fully expect to reap the benefits of this, by already having a half-painted army when the new shiny stuff is released.
The plague monks and giant rats looks good, paint up a couple of boxes, and make use of the counts-as rule while waiting for the new stuff.

BTW, here's a tip; it's quite easy to convert BfSP goblins to skaven slaves, the skaven are known to have vast amounts of goblin slaves.