View Full Version : star wars celabration III

The Dragon Reborn
27-04-2005, 00:01
did any one go, if you did what did you think?
i went and it was basically the best weekend of my life, haha, it was amamzing, well yea my fave part was the sneak peek by rick wow things are looking good

27-04-2005, 00:27
My friend went there. Only he lied and told everyone that he was going to family reunion in Georgia.

27-04-2005, 01:55
From what I've heard it was a very cool event, but very poorly organised in that most people spent the day lining up for stuff that they were'nt even sure they'd get.

The Dragon Reborn
27-04-2005, 04:06
oh manthe line for the store it was about 9 hours saterday, terrible,everyone wanted the vader with james earl jones's voice, i jsut wanted the poster if you have seen that you will inderstand waiting 7 hours friday to get it..... maybe. There were so many people there you would see lines everywere and just get in and hope the people in front of you told your the truth about what it was for, haha, but it was still good fun.
to see george lucas speak that line was insane people slept out in the sidewalk and it went around the block and up the building and then zigzaged some more, and that was just for the fan club, man it was crazy