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Space Angel
24-10-2008, 17:52
I am new to Warhammer 40k, after much research I have decided I really like the Eldar. My concern is I can not locate much on step by step painting instruction so I can get started. On UTube there is so much instruction on Space Marines but I can't find anything on Eldar, I guess Eldar is not very popular. Is there any books or online website that I can find step by step painting process for Eldar and their tank ships?

Any advice or links would be very appreciated.

Inquisitor Medina
24-10-2008, 18:11

Good decision; I've just started Eldar as my 5th 40K army simply to paint them as they are amazingly good looking - am planning on airbrushing as much as possible!

Try the GW main site


which has a whole load of painting articles. Also, check out some of the painting blogs on Warseer and also look at some of the marine painting techniques on Bolter and Chainsword since the colours are transferable (e.g. learn how to do a good yellow paint job quickly and you can do Eldar, Imperial Fists, Lamenters, Bad Moon Orks, Tau etc)

As far as dedicated sites go, to be honest the Eldar are quite poorly served. You could try The Craftworld at


Hope this helps a little.

Good Luck

24-10-2008, 18:50
Your best bet would be to probably pick up the "How to pain citadel miniatures" book from your local store. Eldar aren't too difficult to paint technique wise you just need to have the eye for picking out highlights. Anything you learn from how to paint space marines can be carried over to Eldar since they both wear armor and will use the same techniques generally.

24-10-2008, 18:59
On the gw website there is a painting section for eldar

ok it is not as good as servel others but better then nothing.....
(well.. i'm not a good painter at all ;( )