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25-10-2008, 06:27
What are the best and worst new models released since 7th?

Chaos lord on juggernaut
white lion chariot
black arc corsairs
dire wolves
blood knights

Chaos hounds
dark elf dreadlord
chaos spawn or masque

I just couldn't narrow it to 3 best. I didn't realize how much of the vampire line I really really like. I could have put a lot more VC models up therein a best 10.

25-10-2008, 08:40
worst corsairs they CANNOT rank up its awfull..and bloodletters to a lesser degree.

best-chaos lords,war hydra

25-10-2008, 09:30
Dark Elf CoK Lord
Empire State Troops

Probably all the Vampire Count special characters

25-10-2008, 11:00
best in no order like
chaos knights
khorne herald on jugg
cold one knights

vlad----whats wrong with his face----and why armour onthe model and not in the rules---tarded
nurgle sorceror
dreadlord on foot---wtf why so static

Duke Georgal
25-10-2008, 11:16
I am only ranking models I have assembled and painted, so Daemons and many other models are not considered. Two of the worst I only purchased and looked at the components. That was enough experience to rank them as bad.


High Elf General
Cold One Knights
Black Orcs


High Elf Chariot
Crypt Ghouls
Warhammer Online Special Orc Promo Figure

Count Demandred
25-10-2008, 12:09

Khorne Lord on Juggernaught
Like I said in the other thread - Best. Model. Ever.

Wod Elf Highborn with Great Weapon
Absolutely fantastic model, exhudes emotion and captures movement wonderfully.

Mannfred von Carstien
A fantastic model, not so much as Mannfred (I still prefer the regal/aristocratic look for someone such as Mannfred), but it perfectly captures the savage side of a Vampire Lord.



Dark Elf Dreadlord on Foot
Urgh. Uninspired pose, silly dragon, novelty weapon (as in it's traditionally used for Gladiatorial fights).

Vampire Lord with Wing
One wing? Why oh why?

Mannfred von Carstien on Foot
Horrible. Legs are too close + rest.

25-10-2008, 13:24
Hmm, hard one.

Cold One Knights
Dwarf Characters
Skeletons and Grave Guard
Empire plastic Wizards

High Elf plastic Mages
Lion Chariot (well sculpted, but bad concept)

25-10-2008, 13:32
Worst models have got to be the high elf archers.

25-10-2008, 17:03
Even though it is a late 6th, I'm totally in love with the Bretonnian army Battle Standard

The Khorne Lord on Juggernaught is awsome

Regiment-wise, the new black orcs are so much superior to what they where.

I don't like the Empire Grand theogonist wagon nor the concept of the HE lion chariot

25-10-2008, 17:10
High Elf Dragon
-No more of those silly looking S shaped dragons.
Dark Elf Cold Ones
-Enough said.

High Elf Shadow Warriors and Alith Anar
-They look like they are fighting in their pajamas

25-10-2008, 20:23
High Elves Dragon
Chaos Lord on deamonic steed
Cold One Knights

The Vampire Characters
Dark Elf Dreadlord

26-10-2008, 04:27
Tricky, and I'll probably leave out a few, but here goes.

Grave Guard. Look tough while still ethereal. Skelletons fit in here as well.
Empire Wizards. Brilliant sculpts that exude so much character.
Dwarf Warriors. Love the feel of the unit. They motivated me to get a new army, so they belong here.

I think almost all the plastic character sets belong in here, with the sole exception of the HE wizards.

Vampire Lord with one wing.
Shadow Warriors. I love the old ones, and these guys are just too fluffy.
Daemonettes. The old ones were some of the best models ive ever seen. That comparison is probably why I put them in this list.

26-10-2008, 09:55
Chaos lord on daemonic steed
Plastic chaos knights
mention to the engeneer on mechanic steed

Manfred on foot (why do all the vampire characters have to be so ugly!)
Plastic dragon (deception, I prefered the old "S-shaped" dragons)
Zombie dragon (Yes, I know, it was a 6th edition mini, but it was so ugly they could have made another one.) Note that the sale comment could be applied to the chaos dragon.

Gobbo Lord
26-10-2008, 13:51

7th edition Plastic Night Goblins: Bland, one pose, out of scale with 7th edition metal Night Goblin characters.
7th edition Plastic Orc Warboss Kit: Smaller than rank and file Orcs and a rip off to boot, wrong.
7th edition Goblin Warboss on Wolf: Nothing you cant make from a plastic set.


7th edition metal Night Goblin/Goblin characters: Brilliant, full of character.
7th edition Gorbad Iornclaw: Beautifull everything an Orc Warboss should be.....
7th edition Gigantic Spider: Useless on the battlefield but the best spider model ive seen in a while.

26-10-2008, 14:31
I want to add a few forgotten (or not so often mentioned) miniatures:

Cold One Anythings. Finally, good-looking dinosaurs. Got my hopes up for Lizardmen.
VC Skeleton Warriors. Signature unit that all of a sudden looks great.
Black Orcs: Not only do they look great, they also replaced the dreadful robotic mono-pose miniatures.

7th ed Orc Warboss box: Plastics at its worst. Full of large undetailed areas.
Empire Spearhead Burning Wizard. It takes a really great painter to make something good of it. Even the idea is ridiculous.
Blood Knight Standard Bearer: I claim that my Terror tests are a check for uncontrollable laughter.

And last: why no new models when they had the chance?
1: Swordmasters
2: Boar Boyz
3: Dark Elf Warriors tied with High Elf Warriors (spear/bow)


26-10-2008, 18:28

1.High Elf Dragon (So pretty)
2.Black Orcs
3.War Hydra

1.All vc special characters (yes, they look horrid)
2.Orc characters box (its plastic, but like Gobbo said, they're really small.)
3.Daemonettes (they were so much better last edition)

26-10-2008, 20:16
* Forge World Keeper of Secrets is my number one (I know, not by gw, but I have the model and it is amazing)

GW Single Models:
1) High Elf Star Dragon
2) Chaos Lord on Juggernaut/Chaos Knights both are amazing
3) Casket of Souls/Lord of Change....I know I know, both are old but I do have a huge fascination with both. Casket looks awesome when painted properly, and the lord of change (chop off that clark gable feather stache, and he looks fine) looks menacing to me.

1) Ogre Tyrant with Siege Breaker...I hate that model, and if it does rank up, you can't charge the unit, because the weapon sticks out.
2) Great Unclean One...swapping heads really doesn't do anything, it still looks terrible.
3) Manfred on Foot...irritating to look at

26-10-2008, 22:54
errrm id like to make some nominations for 3 models that look the worst

firstly the collectors high elf noble, its not flashy enough looks like a sea guard champion, would not catch a high elf of noble birth roughing it like he is...only one feather on his helmet.... basic armour....

secondly the female vampire lord....come on its just hideous...i cant bring myself to look at it...whats wrong with its legs and face and eeeeuugh

thirdly thecollectors empire champion with mace and bottle just dont like it

a model for best would be the empire champion wiping his sword clean...beautiful

Desert Rain
26-10-2008, 23:50

High Elf Dragon, a dragon that actually flies is much better than the old S-shaped ones.

Dark elves Cold One Knights, cool riders on amazing mounts

Chaos Lord on daemonic mount, he simply looks so wicked:evilgrin:


Daemonetts, the old ones were excellent why redo them?

Vampire Characters, ok the old ones were not very good but atleast they looked like vampires!

Dark Elves hero on foot, he looks like a dark eldar who as lost himself in the world of WFB. Crappy model too.

27-10-2008, 00:07
Wood elf hero with great weapon - a real work of art
Keeper of Secrets - Purely because you can bend his finger to make him a 70s winjob
Chaos Khorne Lord on jaugernaught - mmmmm shiny and... and the skull and... the helmet and... *drools*

The Masque - I'm a hormaguant with a pretty mask raar!
Chaos Dwarves - Hatman, na na nana nana nana Hatman!

and the worst model ever..... COLLECTORS NAGASH! MUST BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED!

27-10-2008, 12:18

Khorne lord on juggernaut- so good I want it despite disliking khorne intensely.
The Masque of Slaanesh- a perfect conception of what a more powerful lesser daemon would look like in comparison to a normal lesser daemon
Blood knights- Ok, the champion was retarded. The rest were just excellent though and it was nice to see some thought go into the poses.

The worst

Dark elf sorceress- so horribly cliched
Female vampire lord- why does her arm come out of the middle of her body?
Mounted orc lord- looks like an asterix toy

27-10-2008, 12:24
Tough question:

HE Lion Chariot: awesome model; no sillier than dinosaur riding elves
DE Cold One Knights
HE Dragon
War Hydra

Daemonettes -- the old ones were nicer
Korhil -- I know that I am in the minority here. His head seems out of proportion with the rest of his body.

Weldo Rubin
27-10-2008, 18:48
7th Edition? All right then...


1: Dark Elven Cold One Knights
2: Undead Skeletons & Grave Guard
3: Khornate Champion on Juggernaut
4: High Elven Dragon Lord
5: All new Daemons- & Warriors of Chaos models, except for the new Daemonettes (especially honourable mention towards the Champion riding Daemonic Mount!)


1: All Magicians with 'Magick modelled on them' (e.g. Imperial Bright Wizard in Flames, Dark Elven Sorceress wreathed in magickal tempests, etc.)
2: Daemonettes (mostly because the Old Ones were nicer)
3: Giant (yuck!)

Vile Druchii
27-10-2008, 19:08
Why all the hate for the female vamp lord? I think it's an exceptional miniature! Or maybe I'm just thinking that because I've been starved of decent vampire miniatures!

My favourite miniatures (not necessarily from 7th ed. though) are:

1. Corpse Cart - It just looks amazing and evil. Fits in with the character so well.
2. Cold One Knights - Absolutely stunning miniatures, although I'm not a fan of the metal Dreadlord one. For some reason, the metal Cold One has less detail on it than the plastic ones.
3. Heinrich Kemmler - Just such an amazing model. Lots of character and lots of detail.


1. White Lions - Luckily, I've never had the misfortune of painting them, but they just look awful. Who thought that modelling them wearing short skirts was a good idea?
2. Giant - Any of them. Maybe with the exception of the ancient Marauder giant.
3. One winged vampire - Why? Just why?!? Looking at that miniature, it could've been fantastic without that wing-arm thing. Might try a conversion...

27-10-2008, 19:49
Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount (For general bad-ass-ness)
Grave Guard (What undead foot-soldier-elite should be)
Female Vampire (Admittedly, I dislike the daggers on the bustier, but overall, a great sculpt)

Honorable Mention: Vlad von Carstein (Probably the perfect generic Vampire Lord (though not sure as his use as Vlad))

Orc Warboss/BSB Kit (I'm not the biggest, but apparently, I'm the boss)
All new High Elf Special Characters (Why are their faces so wide?)
One-Winged Vampire (Because _that's_ what bat wings look like /sarcasm)

"Honorable" Mention: Konrad von Carstein (Good idea, poor execution)

28-10-2008, 03:36
Chaos lord on juggy
high elf dragon

winged vampire lord
dire wolves
the masque

28-10-2008, 10:44
Cromenon's 1st miniature awards:


High elf lord on Dragon.
Khorne Lord on Juggernauth.
Cold Ones.


Mannfred on foot.
Dark elf dreadlord on foot.
Dire wolves.

28-10-2008, 12:30
Best models (just too many of them in truth). Not in order of preference.

- HE dragon lord
- Khorne Lord on jugg
- Corpse cart
- Gorbad!
- HE chariot
- Chaos knights
- Cold one knights

Worst models:

-Orc multipart warboss
-empire state troops (welcome to planet of apes)

28-10-2008, 14:41
Best: -

- Ogre Hunter. Crap rules, but I love this model and really enjoyed painting it.
- Varghulf and all of the plastic skeletons. These were great improvements to the old ones and the Varghulf as a cracking model that captured the beastial side of the Vampires.
- Cold One Knights. After the last hideous examples these are a welcome change. Excellent detail and a deligt to paint.

Worst: -

- Vampire characters. Very disappointed with these.
- Plastic Orc Boss. I'm amazed that GW ever sold any of these. They are god awful. Bad pose and too small. It just seemed as though they threw them in very little effort made.
- The new DE hero. Horrible. Get rid of these damn small dragons!

However, the Nagash model is still my worst model ever. None of these come near.

28-10-2008, 15:43
1) Khorne Lord on Juggernaut (makes me want to play chaos)
2) Gorbad Ironclaw (everything an Orc should be)
3) Cold One Knights (huge improvement)

1) Dire Wolves (just terrible... old ones are bland, but better)
2) Dreadlord on foot (lame haircut, stupid dragon)
3) Alith Anar (wasted potential, looks like a 4th edition model)

28-10-2008, 18:12
Harry the Hammer
Khorne Lord on Juggernaught (I can't believe how beautiful this model is)
Archaon (For some reason, I just love this model, I think it captures the spirit of the everchosen perfectly)

Melkhior on winged nightmare
The Bestial Vampire Lord with one wing

(Chaos and Vampire Counts are the two armies that I play and so are the miniatures with which I have the most experience)

28-10-2008, 19:03
Its always interesting to see hoe people's opinions differ so much. For example, there's a lot of people with the single winged vampire and the daemonettes in the worst lists, yet both these choices barely missed out on my top 3. Is this a case of love it or loathe it for these particular models? I must say I'd rather GW release models that some people love and some hate rather than models that kind please everyone, but nobody really loves.

28-10-2008, 19:53
Is this a case of love it or loathe it for these particular models? I must say I'd rather GW release models that some people love and some hate rather than models that kind please everyone, but nobody really loves.

I've got to say "spot on" to that concept. It's better to release "love it or hate it" models than generic "just ok" models.

The daemonettes are the biggest example of this - I've not heard any "they're okay" comments about them, just a lot of hate or a lot of love.

Warboss Antoni
29-10-2008, 00:17
These are only 7th ed, but here goes:

Khorne Lord on Jugger. My favorite models are the 4 mounted Chaos charecters ( the horrendusly over priced ones ). The 6th khorne one was a little weak, but now he's replaced with the jugger guy. Not that the old one was bad, it was good, but now it's AMAZING.

Corpse Cart. Really is a nice model with a lot fo detail, and very well executed.

Grave Gaurd are very nice as well. I really like them.

State troops - I personally love these models, and I also love how they are properly scaled, the only nitpick is the barefeet and the monotonous pose. Still, for a rank and file infantry unit they are great.

Gorbad Ironclaw - if only his rules lived up to his absolute amazingness in looks.

Blood Knights - ech, price aside, they are really not good models.

Vampires ( all of the new ones ). Terrible, terrible models.

Daemonettes - new ones are *****, but not the worst. But the reason they are here is because they dropped a million levels in awesomeness by making them plastic, with a new look.

Blood letters - honestly look like masculine slaanesh daemons. the 6th ed were ok, but now theyre terrible. A rework of the 6th style would be much better.

29-10-2008, 01:26
Blood letters - honestly look like masculine slaanesh daemons. the 6th ed were ok, but now theyre terrible. A rework of the 6th style would be much better.

You really prefer the chunky, cartoonish axe-wielding guys? I mentioned this in my Top 3/Bottom 3 Models thread. I know it's a matter of taste and opinion, but... I don't get it. The new ones look much less like child's toys... What's the appeal with the old ones?

29-10-2008, 01:39

Skeleton warriors
Skull pass goblins
Cold one knights


Empire general
Skull pass dwarfs
That one-winged vampire

Warboss Antoni
29-10-2008, 03:33
Well, they looked khornate and beserker like. They were a little weird, but they werent amazing sculpts to begin with. But they had a good concept. Now they are really skinny and weird with a long tounge. I know many people like them but I don't.

29-10-2008, 03:45
Let's see here:

Skeletons - really got me motivated to start Vampires (I also enjoy the Grave Guard, the Blood Knights, even those Vampire characters)
The Juggernaut - GW really hit the ball out of the park in redesigning this thing, with enough variation for three excellent(ish) models.
Plastic Dragon - A beautiful model full of motion, I would use one if I played High Elves.
Harry the Hammer - Too bad it was a special edition mini, because it is the best on-foot Chaos character ever made.

Honorable Mentions: The entire Dark Elf and Warriors of Chaos releases are pretty amazing in my opinion. Cold One Knights and the Lord on Demonic Mount stand out in that respect.

High Elf Plastic Mage/Archmage - I'm sorry, but this just looks bad, especially when compared to the most recent metal mages (which are on the fence anyways).
The Fiends of Slaanesh - These could have been pretty cool, but turned out a little disturbing and just plain ugly (unless that's the point).
Alith Anar - They give us amazing art in the army book, just to give us the grim cheerleader as a model.
Konrad von Carstein - When I first heard a description of this model, I thought it'd be amazing, only to be given a ridiculous model with a sillier head.

Then there's the missed potential where GW decided on updating some things but neglecting others that need it much more. Especially evident with the High Elves and Daemons releases.

But the Daemonettes - meh, they're okay. :p

29-10-2008, 03:52
But the Daemonettes - meh, they're okay. :p

Touche, good sir!

29-10-2008, 04:20
-Cold one knights; both mounts and riders look evil and scary
-Chaos knights; same here
-Grave guard; impressive how they look like undead elite

Speacial mention to:
-Wood elf lord with great weapon; even if it's a 6th edition model its as breath taking a toy can get. It has the charisma and power all character models should point to have.

-Konrad; what's up with he's hair?
-Vlad on foot; model's body looks extremely weird
-Dreadlord on foot; not only an awful model, a boring one as well.

29-10-2008, 04:23
hmmm... 7th edition...

Cold One Knights and Black Ark Corsairs - Best looking plastic kits GW has released in a long long time. It really says something when a plastic model contains more minute detail than most metal models.

Khorne Lord on the Jugger - Sweet Jeebus, what a beautiful model. Marvelous, and will undoubtedly be long lived. If it isn't still in circulation by 9th edition, I'll eat my hat. :)

Empire General and Battle Standard Bearer - In my opinion, the best of the plastic general/hero combo kits. Really well done. The others that followed it paled in comparison, honestly. (the High Elf general wasn't terrible... but the empire incarnation was still a better looking model)

Vlad von Carstein - A beautiful model. Very dynamic and suitably beat-ass looking... uh, unlike his kin.

Skeleton Warriors and Corpse Cart - Finally, the Skeletons don't look retarded! And the corpse cart is just disgusting. I love it! :)

Konrad and Manfred von Carstein on foot - Ugh, both these guys look like they just got kicked out of a KISS concert. Badly posed, and poorly dressed.

Dwarf Thunderers from Skull Pass - These guy look squat and dumpy (more so than usual, I mean), physically unable to even aim those handguns. I just don't think the starter set treatment really did them any favors. The Skull Pass goblins looked great. The Dwarfs? Not so much.

Alith Anar - I agree with most of what has been said so far. He just looks... bad.

Dark Elf Dark Riders - Terrible! No substance what so ever. It's like GW didn't even try! (oh wait...)


Fortunately, there haven't been many 7th edition minis that I thought were terrible. I'm not a huge fan of the High Elf Dragon, but only because of the head... I really want to see Trish Morrison move toward a more realistic sculpting style, like Jes Goodwin's. His Cold Ones are just absolutely incredible. I know Trish can do really great stuff, too, but stylistically she's very hit or miss for me)

I was very disappointed with the 7th edition Daemonettes, however. Not that they are necessarily bad sculpts or anything... But the 6th edition versions were just soooo good that the plastic kit was actually a step back in overall quality.

EDIT: I'd also like to add that while I at one time maligned the Dark Elf Dreadlord on foot, I've since changed my mind after having it in hand, and actually seeing it in person. For whatever reason, the photos just didn't do him any justice, and I now like him quite a bit... Though I still don't care for his topnot, and am not fond of the dumpy little dragon on his shoulder. I still would have preferred something a little more dynamic and aggressive, like the wood elf lords.

29-10-2008, 12:47
Ok, I'm not going to choose my 3 best and worst, I'm just here to be the vocally minority and say how much I love the one-winged vampire. From the pictures I wasn't too sure of the armour on his legs (the perspective made it look quite big) but I finally cracked, bought the model and I think it's great (though I got rid of that bat thing on his shoulder). Really evocative. The other vampire models pretty much suck though.

29-10-2008, 15:52
I quite enjoy the Winged Vampire as well. The only new vampire model I really dislike is Konrad, with Vlad being at the top and the Winged Vampire soon after.

29-10-2008, 16:10
I think Konrad is the best of the new vampires, except for that weird backpack spike thing.

Vlad is superbly sculpted, but the model needed to look more haughty and superior.

Mannfred is superb on foot and steed.

The winged vampire is amazing. It took some time for me to like it, but now i love it.

Female aristocratic vampire is the worst of a good bunch. She's still better than some of the vampires in the past.