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27-10-2008, 02:52
I have recently have a long time away from Warhammer, in fact it has been 3-4 years sence i painted a model or played a game. I have sold all my old Warhammer figures some weeks ago (been in a basement all these years) and now i am feeling that the world of warhammer is drawing me back (in a good way).

So i probaly going to buy some paints, brushes, static grass and all that stuff you need to start painting. But the thing is, i havenīt choosen an army to go with yet. Before i quit playing i had a huge horde of Chaos Mortals, Some Beasts of Chaos, Vampire Counts, Skaven & Lizardmen.

The last 3weeks i have been reading all the new army books (borrowing it from friends, and i acually even bought 3books in a store just to read). Been reading the Warhammer fantasy armies overview also and that helped me alot, but not all the way.
I have even made a list of the armys i feel like playing most atm, it goes like this:
1: Ogre Kingdoms
2: Wood Elves
3: Vampire Counts
4: Brettonia
5: Dark Elves
6: Daemons of Chaos
7: Beasts of Chaos
8: Warriors of Chaos
9: Lizardmen
10: Skaven
11: Dwarfs
12: High Elves
13: Empire
14: Orcs & Goblins
15: Tomb Kings

Some things i really like in the army is the following things:
Warmachines (cannon, bolt throwers, stone throwers), Chariots (scraplauncher, beastmen chariot, cold one chariot, not the cheap ones like tomb kings), Shooting stuff (archers, handgunners, anything with a ranger from ''12'' and above), Magic. Monsters (Treeman, Minotaurs, Ogres, Giants, Hydra).

I am really heading towards Ogre Kingdoms as i feel like they need fewer models, witch means you get a lot less painting then the other armys out there, however wood elfs with lots of tree kings, tremen and that stuff draws my attention, the vampire counts magic phase seems fun. Deamons of chaos dosenīt look cool until 2k game with a nice greater deamon. Brettonia seems very fun with all the charge, but the lack of flank chargers need you to get men at arms, and i do not like human models. Dark elves got that nice Hydra, crossbowmen and RBTs and magic! but they lack some strength and thoughness.

Some things i am not going to do is playing any games above 2,5k pts. I will mostly be playing 1k - 1,5k games, due to lack of time. There is a gaming club were i live that often goes for the 1250pts games, without special characters and mostly tournament rules. Another issue will proabaly be my painting skills also, thatīs why i am now not as before only going for TT quality but spending alot of time with just 1 figure, and that is why i do not want a horde army like; Skaven, Goblins, Vampire Counts with a lot of Zombies etc.

So the problem is what army should i choose? Feels like i am a begineer all over again, haha. Any tip/ideas are welcome.

Dark Empire
27-10-2008, 03:53
Okay, I play Ogre Kingdoms primarily and I want to warn you. You learn to loose and loose a lot. Ogre's are big and bad and look awesome but they tend to tuck tail and run A LOT! So much so that it really doesn't make sense. I have seen an Ogre Bruiser and some Iron guts raking through puny little skaven only to receive a couple wounds in return...but then start adding up to see who actually WON that fight (ranks, banners, wounds, outnumbered etc) and Ogre's turn into cowards quickly when the numbers don't stack up in favor of them. I'm sure this will be fixed in the future but for now I have to laugh it off during gameplay as all my models are running for the border. To make it REALLY funny I am painting poop stains on some of their pants...my opponents will most likely see that as they run.

So you have to have a good sense of humor cause' it can get really ridiculous at times, but also they can really do some mega damage if played right and with a good amount of luck (luck for the scraplauncher in particular). So even though it sounds like i don't recommend them I DO. They are fun to play and that's most important to me.

27-10-2008, 04:25
I wouldn't say that about Ogres. I've found a lot of information I've read on forums seems to fall apart rather quickly IRL. Every gaming group players differently a bit.

The Ogre player by us just started Fantasy and is undefeated. He didn't spend a long time planning things out or reading tacticas.

I find it funny you mentioned Ironguts and Skaven. For the exact thing happened this weekend. A unit of Ironguts crushed nearly an entire Skaven army. They nearly crush everything.

I wouldn't let the fear of loosing many battles scare you away from any army. Because 1. You may not lose a ton. 2. There is much more to Warhammer than just playing the game. The hobby of it too.

27-10-2008, 04:36
Looking at your list, VC is out for you since its a horde army though the skelly are easy to paint.

Go with OK, they are cheap and easy to bring around and not many models to paint

27-10-2008, 06:34
I am working on Chaos Mortals but I am really excited for the release of Lizardmen!

27-10-2008, 07:33
Based on a quick skim of what you want I think a throg WOC list (an all chaos troll list that's possible if you take throg as your general) might be something you're interested in.

27-10-2008, 11:04
Thanks for all answers, really appriciated.
I have read alot about OK and many say they are bad and then some come and counter with that they are good. I think itīs all based on what kind of armys you face were you live and what kind of set-up they have. Anyway they really sound like a challenge, with so few models you canīt just throw them away like a unit of slaves.

Based on a quick skim of what you want I think a throg WOC list (an all chaos troll list that's possible if you take throg as your general) might be something you're interested in.

I donīt like the troll models, but hopefully the Beast of Chaos minotaurs come out in plastic when they get a revamp. I Think i go for OK for now, if i hate them i just go for WE/BoC