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Try Again Bragg
27-10-2008, 23:14
Khornate Sisters of Battle?

How would you mod them, paint them, and which codex would you use to play them?

This is sort of a dream army for me. The kind I would make if money and time were not an issue. Any suggestions welcome. Please do not turn this into a whether or not Sisters can fall thread.

27-10-2008, 23:26
I would use the Sisiters models with the fleur de lies shaved off. Also, I would give them all chain axes and clearly defined Khorne symbols. They would be painted red and brass as per typical Khornate units.

I would probably use the Chaos codex, as Berserkers are the perfect representation of the rules for Khornate units (obviously). Using the Chaos codex would also allow you to use Demon Princes and Defilers. It would also allow for the mutations inherent in all Chaos worshiping armies.

Also, to account for the stat discrepancy of the sisters (i.e. S4 T4), they are clearly blessed with a rage that makes them much tougher opponents that can go toe to toe with other tough units.

Sounds like a great idea. Would love to see this pop up in the project logs. :D

Brother Gabriel
27-10-2008, 23:40
Oh i guess i would use the Repentia (dont know if they are called that in english as well) models. And model or paint Khorne symbols over them and scar them some more.
I wouldnt go for normal Sisters since they are just not chaosy enough.

Repentia are those sisters without power armour... look a little like flaggelants.
Just say the save comes from the scaly khornate skin or whatever.
And i would use the Zerker rules as well.

Try Again Bragg
28-10-2008, 23:42
Would anyone care to make up an army list and describe the models they would use?

The Guy
28-10-2008, 23:46
How about using chaos [or loyal] space marine bodies with female heads? Leave the shoulder pads off to make them look less 'marine like'.
Then attach skulls, blades, knives, chain weapons, sharp sticks etc. where appropriate.
Metal models are too hard to convert IMO. Especially if you want a good looking army.
Also you can still use Repentia models etc, the size difference will make your army stand out more.

Also with plastic models you can pose them to be 'crazed' way more easier.

29-10-2008, 00:05
for me it would be roughly (not i true list but an idea:

choas lord with MoK, wings, pair of lightening claws: now for me i would use the model of Celestine the Living Saint, use the possessed winged jump pack take all the goofy loyalist crap off maybe a head swap too.... cut arms add claws, may need to green stuff some robes you may need to hide a gap or two.

7 raptors to follow her around decked oput however you want: use Seraphim squads then do A LOT of weapon swaps dont know what else you could do with them besides that though.

lots of bezerkers: put them into squads of the sacred number (8) use sister repenta models green stuff is your friend sculpt on armour or scales in places (the bare skin parts would be fine)

defilers: hook yourself up with a soul grinder (it has more legs in the kit) and some penitent engines and mix the two (im doing it for mine, looks hot) gear it toward CC so you don't need all the guns (because you wont get them off the sprue)

thats all i can think of off the top of my head, hope it helps