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Lord General Laumnem
28-10-2008, 13:01
Ok well, (eventually) I'm going to have 4 40k armies of 3000 points. Orks Tau IG and Something strange, by soemthing strange i mean that every single model is covnerted and it is completely unique and theres nothign that looks even remotely like it.

I was thinking of one of these:
Dwarven Marines - Marines with the heads of Dwarves, the story behind them being that they are half Squat (remember them?!?!?) and half Human who have pleged alleigance to the Emporer (correct my spelling please)
Nurgle Orks - Orks which have been overcome by nurgle! tentacle arms extra heads flies disease etc.
British IG - Bull pup lasguns! (bull pup means that the Magazine is behind the pistol grip) and Berets.

Any thoughts/ideas?

28-10-2008, 13:08
This may be unwelcome advice, but here we go.

If you are unable to decide between which "unique" army you're going to build, you aren't ready to start it. Converting one model is fun. Converting twenty in the same way is tedious. Converting seventy is no longer enjoyable.

You need to decide what you want to play, and then you need to do it. If you aren't immediately grabbed by your own mental image of the army, then it's not going to keep your attention while you chop up all that plastic.

Also, I'd highly advise against turning your army into a joke. It's funny for the first few games, but if you're planning on using it repeatedly, the joke wears very thin after a while.

And it's quite an expensive joke to wear thin, too.


Lord General Laumnem
28-10-2008, 13:12
Well all of them grab my attention and i wish i could make all of them.

I wasn't planning on making them a joke - just cool looking armies! also Armies that grab people attention and arn't boring Ultramarines or the like.

28-10-2008, 13:32
On the Nurgle Ork idea there was a WD article shortly after the daemonhunter codex came on modelling adversaries and one of those was for mutant orks and a orkified GUO/warboss

Lord General Laumnem
28-10-2008, 13:53
Was it? oh, i've never read most WDs.

28-10-2008, 14:05
The Squat SM might not go over well with everyone. I'd stay away from them.

The Nurgle Orks would offer a ton of conversion opportunities. You could easily make every model unique. The downside would be converting that many miniatures.

The Brit IG might be the best way to go. There are a few companies that offer seperate head systems. It'd cost a little more, but you'd have your berets. I'm not sure how you'd do the bullpup lasguns. If you have an idea on how you'll do this, then my vote goes with the Brit IG. If not, go with the Orks.

Lord General Laumnem
28-10-2008, 14:10
For the Bullpup weapons, I was thinking of cutting the logn end of the lasgun down - and greenstuffing/resticking the magazine behind the trigger - if theres room. if not then slice the arms at the elbow to move the hands closer together and to create more room.

28-10-2008, 15:09
If info from another source is correct the nurgle orks were in (UK) WD 275