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28-10-2008, 20:14
According to the AoBR Read This First booklet, the boxed set includes 450 points of Orkies.

I would like to add a total of 300 points to this force.

What would you greenskin players recommend to:

-- get the force to 500 points?

-- get the force to 750 points?

Thanks in advance! :)

Word Bearer
28-10-2008, 20:39
I'm not a Greenskin, but my advice would be to check out the 50 Battle Force box. You get more Boyz (always good) plus added mobility in the form of a Trukk and the Bikers.

If memory serves correctly this would bring you upto just below 1k pts

Lord Malorne
28-10-2008, 20:49
I am a greenskin ;).

Get to 1,000 as that is a common pointes value, by far the best option is to buy the AoBR boxset again! don't field one warboss but add...lootas, one of the cornerstone of ork armies these days, the battleforce is my next choice as it has the trukk and bikes, bike are very good in an ork army, mine survived the attention of almost an entire tau army for the loss of one wound :evilgrin:.

28-10-2008, 21:54
Greenskin here too. I'd look at getting some shootas to suppliment your sluggas from the AoBR box. Then pick up some heavy hitters like kans/dreads or a battlewagon. This way you're still working with a balanced, combined arms force. Boyz (60), Fast Attack (deff koptas) to tie up the enemy quickly and kans w/rokkits or BW/looted Wagon with some big guns to keep thier heads down.

1,000 points is where the orks really start to shine as you can easily add more fast attack - I'd suggest bikers, then add some more heavy firepower in the form of lootas.

Good luck in assembling your Waaagh! and remember the number one rule of orks - they're always fun and they always win!

Lord Malorne
28-10-2008, 22:16
More specificly they are never truely beaten in battle :p.

28-10-2008, 22:25
Green! Waaagh!!!

Honestly, to build up my Orks, I've gotten two battle forces and Black Reach. Though I've gotten 60 Black Reach Orks, and x2 as many Koptas (6). So I'm pretty content right now wiff my 100 Boyz.

Though honestly? I'm gonna be getting at least 1 more Battleforce, and at least 3 more AoBR. Why ask you? Cuz I'm gonna try to deploy 2 Green Tides for Apocalypse, as well as a Kopta Deff squadron :P

28-10-2008, 22:27
Thanks for the tips thus far!!