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Death Korp
28-10-2008, 23:48
I know that there are threads like this often, but new people come, and people have new armies, so i'll stick another one up.

My armies are:

*Ultramarines: X points (don't have enough of them for an army yet)
*Chaos Space Marines: About 4000pts
*Imperial Guard: About 2000pts (i don't even have a legal army yet :D)
*Tyranids: Just under 1000pts
*Black Templars: 2500-3000pts
*Blood Angels: Just below 1500pts
*Tau: About 1000pts


*Warriors of Chaos: About 2000pts, mostly made up of 68 warriors!!!!!

I need to get these all playable by the end of next year!


29-10-2008, 00:03
40K: Orks - my main army. If I'm not doing Orky stuff I'm either building terrain or Flames of War stuff.

Flames of War: Soviet tank battalion (17 tanks in 1,500 points sounds more like we're fighting in a war, heck I could even up it up to closer to 30 if I took some cheap, nasty light tanks).

Blood Bowl: Humans

29-10-2008, 00:03
I've got:
4000pt Tyranid Army (all figs are bought, but not all are painted yet...though all I have left to finish is like, 70 gaunts and 20 genestealers)
2500pt Dark Angel Successor Army (Most painted and finished)
2500pt Necron Army (Finshed. DONE; though I guess I could get another Spyder)
4000pt Eldar Army (Mostly in a box...got worked on the 3rd/4th ed change so they're tabled for now, may build two armies out of these)
2000pt Salamander Successor Army (Currently painting, half done)
2000pt Blood Angel Army (Next project after Salamanders, just collating now)

I prefer to make smaller (2K or lower) armies when I have a ton of guys, execpt for the Tyranids where more is always better; if for no reason other than to break the monotony of painting space marines.

29-10-2008, 00:07

6000 points of Mordian Iron Guard
6000 points of Death Guard
3000 points of Dark Eldar
2500 points of World Eaters

9000 points of Dogs of War
4000 points of Tomb Kings
3000 points of Dwarfs which I am currently selling due to dropping interest in WFB (mainly dropping because they said they would not redo the Dogs of War, which will in short time leave me with a huge unusable army).

Lord Malorne
29-10-2008, 00:10
12,000 points Black Templars. (Malnor crusade!)
3,000 points Imperial Guard.
2,000 points Orks.
classifed points C:SM...classified ;) (all unbuilt).

8,000 points Wood elves.
2,000 pointsVampire counts (all unbuilt).
5,000 points Night Goblins.

All the above armies FTW!

Check my sig for a few pics :).

29-10-2008, 00:11
5500+ points of Imperial Guard (different ranges)
4000+ points of Dark Angels
~2000 points of Orks
~2000 points of Dark Eldar

29-10-2008, 00:13
CSM 2200 points
Guard 500 points
SM 800 points
Nids 420 points
Tau 750 points
Orks 450 points

29-10-2008, 00:14
About 5-7000pts Steel Legion IG
500-ish pts Cadian IG (metal)
2-3000pts Tyranids
500pts finished Salamanders, I just need to buy another 3 units (LR Redeemer, Vulkan He'Stan and probably Sternguard) and put together the rest of what I have to get to 1500
500pts finished Elysian D-99, waiting to see what becomes of the plastic Valkyrie rumour before jumping to 1000+
1000 Black Templars
Plus an Inquisitor and WIP Deathwatch team which get attached to the Imperium armies on occasion.

29-10-2008, 00:51
Last check i had
6000pts of Dark Angels
3000pts of Blood Angels
3000pts of Space Wolves
6000pts of Eldar
3000pts of Tau
1500pts of Sisters (just have to paint em)
Every thing else is under going building or re jigs for rule & codex changes

29-10-2008, 01:07

Chas Marines-Death Guard 2000pts...and counting (thanks to ForgeWorld's awesome Nurgle stuff)

Space Mariness- Dark Angels...from space 1500pts


Ogre Kingdoms 2500pts

Lizardmen 2500pts

Empire 2000pts

Edit: These armies are not fully COMPLETED...just potential points rthat I currently own.

Khornies & milk
29-10-2008, 01:10
4500 Deathwatch...counts as death Wing
6000 Armoured Battlegroup & Detachments
2000 Ordo Hereticus Strike Force

3000 Dwarfs

more than enough to keep me happy for years to come.

29-10-2008, 01:30
1st army- Raven guard 6,000+ (Marines!)
Main army- Imperial guard-12,000+.(3 FOCs!)
Others- Tau 3000+(Farsight!)


Grand Warlord
29-10-2008, 01:36
Current 40K Project is Space Marines (Guild of Iron) 1750/1850/2000

Fantasy is Empire (Order of the Witch Hunters) 2250 and Dark Elves 2250 and Nurgle Warriors of Chaos 2250

29-10-2008, 01:37
Seems like my 5 year absence from the game has cost me in army size :P

Blood Angels: 4000pts
Tau: 1000pts

Blood Angels would be much higher, but I've replaced all my old style rhinos/razorbacks/predators etc with the newer ones. I'm also forbidding myself from buying anymore stuff until my army's actually painted.

29-10-2008, 01:58
Steel Legion
Daemon Hunters
DIY Space Marines (the Grudge Bearers)
White Scars

I could stretch the list by adding a mech. grenadier army and pure grey knights.

29-10-2008, 03:15
Salamanders 20,000 +
World Eaters 10,000 +
Ebon Chalice 5,000 +
Eldar 4000 +
Dark Eldar 3000 +
IG Armored Battlegroup somewhere around 6000 I think.

Sister Sin

29-10-2008, 07:13
Blood angels- 4000 points, they are about 3/4 done, was on my way to finishing them until...

Codex Space marines army- around 2500 points, all bought most built none painted

Daemons- 3000 points, most of that is in monstrous creatures, I like to play them for Apoc.

29-10-2008, 10:26
I've got;

Tau (2000pts+ my only legal army.)
Vostroyans (~500pts)

Dark elves.

(Planning on. If my better half doesn't find out.)

Warmachine - Khador.
BFG - Imperial navy. maybe a few tau and SM
Flames of War - Soviets.

I collect to paint,so I have lots of disparate "cool looking" units rather than legal armies.

29-10-2008, 12:18

I had a huge CSM army which I gave to my girlfriends little brother. I had at least 3000pts of that, which was back from 00-02 and this year I'm back into it again with:

Space Marines - Ultramarines: 1000pts at the moment
Chaos Space Marines - Black Legian: Well I got a Chaos Loard painted..... thats about the extent of my army so far.... Oh and a Sorcerer.
Tyranids: Bout 1000 pts. I'm so over painting gaunts, it'll be a while before I get anymore into this army.

29-10-2008, 12:51
Mine are:

NightWatch Space Marines: appox 5000 pts.
Knights of the Void Space Marines: appox 500 pts (under construction).
Necrons: Appox 200 pts (under construction).

29-10-2008, 13:02
Just getting back in to the game after a long time of not playing. Currently starting up again, have about 1000 points of Salamanders. Once I get it up to 2000, looking at a Sisters army or something more orky.

29-10-2008, 13:37
I got 5000+ points of Death Guard and about halfway thru a 2000 pt World Eater Army. (project ongoing)

29-10-2008, 14:03
~ 7000 pts Eldar
~ 4000 pts Space Marines (Full Battle company + most of 1 & 10th )
2000pts SoB
1500 pts of Inq
1000 pts of Orks (some unbuilt all unpainted

~4000 pts Lizards
~ 4000 pts Bretts
~ 5/6000 pts WoC.

29-10-2008, 14:12
2000 Blood Angels 5th Company
2000 Blood Angels 1st Company
2000 Speed Freeks (WIP)

29-10-2008, 14:16
2,200 Ultramarines
1,500 Orks
2,000 Chaos Marines
2,300 Necrons
1,000 Tyranids


29-10-2008, 14:34
Currently have about 3000 points of Grey Knights and around 1000 points of Daemons, which is my current main Fantasy army that i just use every now and again in 40k

Wolflord Havoc
29-10-2008, 14:53

Imperial Guard Infantry Company Battle group - 4500 pts
Space Wolves Detachment - 4000 pts (On Hold Pending a new Codex!!!)
Tau Battle Cadre - 3000 pts
Vraxian Renegades - 3500 pts (and after reading IA 6 - going to grow even more)

Skaven ~ 3500 +

Aeronautica Imperialis
Chaos Fighter Wing - 6 Hell Blades 4 Hell Talons

29-10-2008, 15:01
2500+ points of Grey Knights/Demonhunters (mainly Knights though)
~2000 points of DIY marines
1500+ points of White Scars (working towards 2000)
1000 points of armoured company
~750 points of unpainted guardsmen
~1000 points of Orks
~1500 points of Eldar
1500 points of Chaos Marines

2000 points of Ogres
2000 points of mostly unpainted beastmen

Battlefleet Gothic:
~1750 points of Imperial Navy & Space Marines
pending 1000 points of Tyranids (waiting for my first two blisters to come in next week :p)

The boyz
29-10-2008, 15:35
I've got about a 1000pts or so of IW's and about 500pts or so of DKoK. I dont play alot of 40k, so my forces are only small.

29-10-2008, 15:36
Over the last 20 years I have accumulated:

10,000 pts of Eldar, about 3,500 pts fully painted and regularly fielded the rest is in various stages from built to base coated.

7,500 pts of Blood Angels, some of which are very old metals and currently being stripped and repainted/replaced to become my Successor chapter the 'Angels of Wrath'.

5,000+ pts of Tau, 4,000 pts fully painted the rest is still untouched due to boredom!

2,500 pts of Necrons all fully finished but now seldom used.

3,500+ pts of Daemons, my current fad. I have 1,000 pts painted and the rest is either built or undercoated.

I'm currently trying to talk myself out of starting Chaos Marines!

29-10-2008, 15:53
15000 points of Eldar and that's not coutning stuff still on sprues.

At least 4000 points of Tyranids.

Around 3500pts of Daemons.

29-10-2008, 17:31
for 40k:

orks = 2000pts
plague marines = 2000pts
salamanders = 2000pts
ordo xenos = 2500pts (all stormtroopers w deathwatch)
eldar guardians = 2000pts
eldar aspect/jetbike = 2000pts


4000pts orcs (just orcs)
2000pts night goblins
2500pts wood elves
2500pts wood elf forest spirits
6000pts empire
2000pts ogres
5000pts chaos
3000pts high elves

countless necromunda gangs and mordheim warbands.

i think in my time ive player everything barring tau, nids, dark eldar and necrons for 40k, and brettonians, undead and lizardmen fo whfb. ive spent 22 years involved in the hobby in one way or another and have worked for gw on two occasions and dont regret a moment of it.

Madgear Thundaklutch
29-10-2008, 18:05
Orks: 4772, this exludes anything unassembled or that isnt a full unit (ie. only 2 mega nobz).

DW: about 2000

Lizardmen: about 3000

29-10-2008, 19:45

13,000 pts of Black Legion. Most of it is painted. Actually going through a serious upgrade for Apocalypse games.

Next big purchase will probably be a Hell Talon of Reaver.

3,000 pts Daemons. I liked fielding Daemons with my Chaos Marines so I already had the army when GW released the codex.

Next big purchase will be Angrath (sp).

29-10-2008, 20:02
Tyranids, Orks, Battle Sisters, Necrons, Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Daemon Hunters.

Skaven, Chaos Dwarfs, Tomb Kings, Vampire Counts

Orlocks, Escher, Pit Slaves, Redemption, Spyrers

Warhammer Quest
Imperial Noble :)

29-10-2008, 20:06

Dark Angels
Death Korps of Kreig
Death Guard
Death Guard renegade IG

Currently selling
Khorne Chaos
Epic SM
Epic Orks

Mr. Smuckles
29-10-2008, 20:27
6k Footslogging orkz... due to grow when the Battlewagon is realeased
~2k Blood Angels.. Just bought most of the models, slowly trying to build them and move towards painting, however I broke my arm and things are progressing slowly.

30-10-2008, 00:54
2k Eldar, some painted
2k Nids, some painted
2k Marines of varying chapters, yet to settle on one though I foresee a split of Space Wolves and whatever takes my fancy
~500pts Death Guard
1.5k ORKS! Currently working on them

3.5k Dwarfs
2k Orcs&Goblins unpainted (and would love to see be destroyed and returned as money)
And currently working on a warriors of chaos army

30-10-2008, 01:16
Tau - 2000 points
Orks - 2500 points
Chaos - 2000 points
Necrons - 1500 points
SW - Umm... space pup at best. Just started but will get it to 1750.

30-10-2008, 02:26
I kinda just started
I only have Eldar, and I am still working on perfecting a army list but I have over 2000 points right now. still learning how to properly make a army list or what are essentials in any Eldar army??? I must be doing something wrong.. lol Keep getting my a$$ handed to me lol

30-10-2008, 02:54
-Chaos, 2500pts.
-Planning Orks

-Chaos, 2500pts.
-IG, haven't counted
-Tau, 400pts. CP
-Planning Orks

-Dwarfs, 2000-2500pts.
-Daemons, 3000pts.

30-10-2008, 03:03
Blood Angels. I've been painting for almost 3 years... NEVER played a single game. I have almost $6000 in minis, and like 4 squads painted.
Good luck with yours.

30-10-2008, 05:11

Space Wolves = 6k
Grey Knights - 6K
Sisters - 4K
Kreig - 2K
Cadians - 2k
IG Armour - 3K
IG Superheavy Armour - 3K
Imperial Titans - 2.75K
Imperial Air - 0.5K
Eldar - 7K
Eldar Air - 1.5K
Chaos Daemons - 10K
Orks - 3K

total 50K

Wood Elves - 3K
High Elves - 5K
Bretts - 3K
Dwarves - 5K
Chaos Daemons - 7K
Chaos Mortals - 3K
Ogres - 4K

Total 30K

This weekend I am going to be in the nearest GW storefront (300 miles away from my house), so I'll see if I can find a redeemer for my SOB and some of the new chaos mortals = perhaps a spearhead if one is at the store...

30-10-2008, 06:29
near 3000 points worth of Space Wolves lol For Russ ! XD

PS: i just started collecting and playing 40k 2 months ago ( "Thanks" to my EX girlfriend...) , anyway so most of my heavy minis aren't assembled yet (tanks etc) >< but they still do count points..........right ? XD

30-10-2008, 08:03
Generic red space marines. Lots and Lots of points. Probably 10k+. Was originally going to be blood angels, then I decided I didnt like the official other color of helmets for devastators and assault squads. Everyone must have a red helmet. Sooo I use whatever marine codex strikes my fancy at the time. I jokingly call them the Dark-Blood-Dragon-Templars of Ultramar.

Chaos marines. Not too much. Probably around 1500 by now. Mostly basic stuff like regular csm and bezerkers. It was to be my next project army, thus the avatar I have to keep me motivated. Need to get back to that but...

Orks. I ended up with 4 boxes worth of AoBR worth or orks. I suppose that makes an ok sized ork force. Yet to be assembled and I would probably like to flesh it out with some trucks and other ork support items.

Dark Elfs. I have a good sized force of anciant metal dark elfs from when we played fantasy years and years ago. They still have yet to recieve paint. In a way seeing how much I played with them I regret buying them and am glad I never put the time and effort into painting them. But still I dont have the heart to sell them so they sit huddled together in a lump of pewter in a box in my basement. Someday maybe Ill paint them up.

Necromunda. I have a huge number or orlocks and a decent number of delaque's. Plus the goliaths that you get with the box.

Epic. I got for free a large box cramed full with antique epic stuff. Probably quite the find. Its got weird stuff like squat mega guns, old chaos stuff, old style marine stuff like the old dreadnouhts ect. Baneblades, stormhammers, some small titans. Tons of this kind of stuff. I must have like 100+ of the old rhino's and like 10000 normal tactical marines. Maybe I should get into epic?

30-10-2008, 08:20
Just getting back into things. Sold my armies 10 months ago for like the 4th time. Haha. Currently I have about 800 pts of WFB Warriors of Chaos. About 1300 pts of 40k Tyrands. I also have a Terminator squad. Adding many models asasp.

30-10-2008, 10:06
space wolves- 3000pts
iron warriors- 6000pts
imperial gaurd- whatever the points cost is of a single gaurdsman and a demolisher turret:p
and about 3 epic space marines

30-10-2008, 10:08
My Armies are :

Tau - About 2,500 pts

Guard (Cadian) - 5,000pts (500 of these are a Baneblade tho!)

Guard (Tanith) - 1,100pts

Chaos Marines - about 2,000 pts (but Xmas is coming!)

Daemonhunters - about 1,500pts

Ultramarines - about 1,200 pts (although i share these with my son!)

Working on re-painting the old metal cadians into Traitor Guard at the moment.

30-10-2008, 10:18

Here goes.

Chaos Space Marines: Extinction Angels - approx. 10,000 points
Chaos Space Marines: Blighted Brigade- approx. 3,000 points
Chaos Space Marines: Death Guard- approx. 2,500 points
Chaos Daemons - approx. 2,000 points
Eldar - approx. 4,000 points
Space Marines: Imperial Paladins - approx. 2,500 points
Tyranids - approx. 8-10,000 points

And for Fantasy...

Dark Elves - approx. 1,000 points

My Lizardmen are currently in a state of disrepair and waiting for the new army to do a complete overhaul. I'm simply stripping and cleaning down any existing metals I have which happens to be the characters and mounts, some Kroxigor, Salamanders and Terradons and some swarms.

30-10-2008, 11:42
mine are :

necrons: 1500 ish
chaos daemons: about...er...er...er...a few

30-10-2008, 12:31
Geez...I think points values are kinda fuzzy. Is that a dreadnaught or a venerable dreadnaught with extra armor? In general, I'd say WYSIWYG, minimum points...but I only ever field the dreads as vennies (without extra armor), so even that standard is misleading. In any case:

DA: four tacical squads, a devastator squad, a dozen or so random veteran models, six assorted HQ characters, eight vehicles (including three land raiders), seven bikes, two speeders, and thirty termies. I guess it runs about 4000 points.

IG: 223 metal cadians, nine sentinels, six ogryns, ten stormtroopers, four pie-plate-chuckers, and six (so far) chimeras. 3000 points? 3500? 4k? I dunno.

Tau: 72 fire warriors, two crisis suits, shadowsun, six stealth suits, a bunch of drones, a hammerhead, three sniper teams, six pathfinders, a warfish...and an ethereal. 1500 points.

Sisters: two squads of ten, a canoness with retinue, a dominion squad, an exorcist, six seraphim, and an immolator. 1000 points or so. Generally, I run two armored fist squads and a russ with them.


Eh...I got a bunch of twelve year old brets...one painted skeleton archer, 15 more on the sprue, an unopened box of chariots, and a scorpion in the blister. They're my next project, just got them yesterday. Skellies are EASY to paint!!!

30-10-2008, 12:46
I like the way you did it.

My IG:
HQ and Troops:
120 Mordian infantry, 30 heavy weapon teams, 4 officers, 2 Inquisitors with retinues, 7 advisors.

FA: 2 Hellhounds, 6 Sentinels, 15 Rough Riders, 1 Salamander Scout

Elite: 10 Veterans (beret stormies)
10 Ratlings
11 Ogryns
35 Stormtroopers
2 Enginseers

Transports: 3 Chimerae

HS: 1 Basilisk, 2 Griffon, 2 Leman Russ, 1 Demolisher, 2 Exterminator, 1 Executioner

49 Plague Marines, 2 Lords, 4 Sorcerers, 1 Greater Daemon, Typhus, 21 lesser Daemons, 4 Rhinos

FA: 7 Raptors of Nurgle, 2 Spawn
Elites: 10 Terminators, 7 Chosen, 2 Dreads
HS: Defiler, 2 Land Raider, Vindicator, 2 Preds, 2 Oblits

24 Berzerkers, Kharn, 1 Lord, 1 DP, 1 GD, 3 Rhinos, no lesser Daemons yet.

Elites: 5 Terminator Champions of Khorne, 8 Possessed of Khorne, 2 Dreadnoughts.
FA: 8 Raptors of Khorne.
HS: none yet. Will buy 2 Land Raiders, and possibly the odd Vindicator.

Dark Eldar:

2 Archons, 3 Haemonculi, 10 Incubi, all special Chars that have a model

Troops: 6 Raiders, 60 Warriors.

Elite: 24 Wyches, 10 Mandrakes, 5 Warp Beasts, no Grotesques yet.

FA: 10 Reaver JEtbikes, 6 Hellions.

HS: 2 Talos, 3 Ravagers, 10 Scourges.

30-10-2008, 12:54
2nd Edit till 3rd Edit 40k
15000 Khorne/World Eaters/Deamons which unfortunatelyIi had to unload when i moved house many moons ago and retained only 7 Terminators (which I still have :))
5th Edit renewed my intrest in 40k so started on Ultramarines the week before AoBR released..
6000+ Ultramarines .. with which i've played a single 1k points game against my bro's 5th Edit Orks (bout 2.5-3k points worth).

31-10-2008, 03:04
I know that there are threads like this often, but new people come, and people have new armies, so i'll stick another one up.

I have 1500-2000 points of every 40K army except the Inquisition forces. Most are still in blister and on sprue so I will only list what's painted.

2000 points of Necrons. On hold until new Codex.
2500 points of Space Wolves. On hold until new Codex.
2000 Points of Orks and growing.
1500 Points of Blood Angels. Most likely finished, but I might eventually expand the force.
500 Points of Guard and growing. Not a legal list yet.

I am thinking of halting Guard until the new codex, and starting my Dark Angels in the mean time. The Guard rumors make me hesitant to build my Command and Veteran Squads which will be parts swaps with Marine scouts, and without the main Command Squad the list can't be legal. :cries: I know the Dark Angel book will be good for another 5 years. ;)

31-10-2008, 03:31
Roughly 8000 pts of Guard

Circa 3.5K of Lizardmen, and 1.5 K of wood elves. Not used much recently, due to lack of time

WW2 1:72
Roughly (depending on ORBAT) 1 infantry battalion, 1 armoured battalion, Red army

31-10-2008, 03:55
Imperial Guard:- Steel Legion. currently hovering at about 7-7.5k need a few more Chimeras to flesh out what I've got but I'm waiting for the new ones. includes 3 Baneblades and I want a Hellhammer and possibly the Fortress of Arrogance. Would really like to be able to get a full recon company of Sentinels but probably wont unless we get a plastic ACC.
Imperial Guard:- Cadians. Probably 2-2.5k, originally slated as Necromundan but recently rebranded as a renegade regiment, maybe. Can't decide on a colour scheme and REALLY can't get motivated to paint 200+ of them.
Space Marines:- Imperial Fists army, never been used and being painted at an excruciatingly slow rate. Well over 3k with a battle company and lots of extras.
Slaaneshi Daemons:- About 500 points, has been on the backburner for a while just because I've always had something else to do and my actual model purchases have been down to virtually zero for the last 3-4 months.
Looking forward with much anticipation to the Plastic Daemon Prince that's been seen lurking...

That's all of what you'd consider armies.
Also I'd like to do an SoB army and possibly a Noise Marine army.

Ravening Wh0re
31-10-2008, 10:07
Salamander Space Marines
Dark Eldar
Snakebites Feral Orks
Emperor's Children Chaos Space Marines
Argent Shroud Sororitas
Slaaneshi Daemons

WFB: Just Dark Elves and Tomb Kings (and I guess Slaaneshi Daemons)

31-10-2008, 13:49
WH 40K

Imperial guard 2000pts
Orks 500pts


Orcs and goblins 1500pts


Easterlings 400pts

31-10-2008, 14:05

3500 Pt Ultramarine Army (started this baby back in Rogue Trader :eek:) (2500 painted)
2000 Pt Guard (sorta Mordian) (all painted)
1000 Pt New Guard Army (about 100 pt painted)
2000 Pt Chaos Marines (1500 pts painted)
Then about 10 various 200-300 pt contigents which I bought because they were a joy to paint but aren't part of any force but are generally all painted.

2000 Pt Night Goblins - 700 pts painted and growing!
2500 Pt Empire - 1500 painted
1000 Pt Skaven - 100 pts painted, got to be cleared out sadly.
1000 Pt Dwarves - Completely unpainted
And small contigents of High Elves (unpainted except for a mage), Chaos Dwarves (painted terribly!)

10,000-20,000 Imperial Force (last time I totalled it up was back in Space Marine at a whopping 24,000 pts!) About half painted.
3000 pt Ork Army About 500 pts painted.

1000 pt Imperial, 100% painted
1000 Pt Chaos 500 pts painted

1 Inquistess! :p 100% painted

31-10-2008, 14:51

Iron Warriors about 5-6000pts worth my main 40K army. Still got another couple of squads to build.
Tyranids about 5000pts - lots of bugs and still a good number of Gaunt boxes to build
Space Wolves about 2500pts hoping these get some codex 'love' soon as they are getting a bit long in the tooth (no pun intended:) )
Blood Angels about 3500 pts - currently shelved, might do a BA successor chapter at some point.
Tau about 3000pts -got 2 battleforces to build for these plus several standard and FW battlesuits debating whether to sell them or not to be honest as the Tau don't 'float my boat' anymore.
Death Guard about 1500pts - grew out of my original 2nd ed Chaos army, whereas most went IW I've always had a soft (pussie) spot for Nurgles own. These might well be getting bigger as I'm doing some repaints using the Heresy era Death Guard colour scheme 'Nurgled up' and a squad of plastic Termis to add to them
Daemons - not really an army but I've all of the greater daemons, a load of Daemonettes, Plague Bearers and I bought some of the new plastic Bloodletters. With a few new units I could field a good sized Daemon army plus I love the Soulgrinder model.

Armies to do :

SoB/Witchunters - about 2000 pts my =I= armies share several units (retinues, attached IG, Stormtroopers etc..) finally decided on a scheme for my Nuns with Guns just need time and inclination to get them painted, and build several Immolators for them
Exorcist SM's about 2000pts (formerly Soul Drinkers and Imp. Fists) currently doing some test schemes for these really like the idea of the Exorcists as they tie in with my Daemonhunters just working on a Librarian for them currently using the DA vet plastics and a little inspiration for 'The force Unleashed' game. He's looking good I'll have to post him over in M, P&T.

Shared Armies (my sons and I put units into the armies though I tend to end up painting them )
Orks - 2000pts (due to get MUCH larger after Xmas) really taken to the greenskins after their last codex, they are about the 'funist' force in 40K
Daemonhunters - about 3000pts worth of GK's and Inquisitors a very hard hitting and compact little army, seen extensive use in a recent campaign and have had their paint scheme overhauled. Probably my fave 'good guy' army currently.
Eldar - About 1500ish pts. This arose from a battleforce my sons bought between them about 4 years ago, models were part built anf left until the new Eldar codex came along. A new battleforce was purchased and with the aid of some donated Eldar metals form a mate whose updated his own Eldar with new minis we've put together a quite potent little Biel-Tan based force.

Got a couple of small components that add onto other armies, about 750pts worth of Guard and 500pts worth of Deathwatch (or are they Sternguards now?? ;) ) well they are cool aren't they! Still hoping the Ordo Xenos get a codex.

The future .. well I think the Tau will go, Wolves are becoming a fast attack force with speeders and bikes (thinking of using White Scar rules for Codex: SM to represent this until a new Wolf'dex is out.) Helping with a few units for my eldest sons Salamanders. Youngest is supplying several units for the Orks and he's having tremendous success with them in games - more than his brother or me :( Intrigued by the Guard codex coming in 2009. I might use this as a basis for a Traitor Guard army so I have CSM/Daemons/Guard which should be a pretty big damned army. Nothing too big to start with probably 1500pts and if we get plastic Stormtroopers I can see my =I= forces getting some reinforcement too.Dark Eldar will be my next army, I'm really looking forward to them, I liked them in 3rd ed but I was never a fan of the minis to be honest, too 'sharp' for my taste.

Oh and other armies ...

Necromunda - Escher and Delaque gangs.
BFG - Iron Warriors and Space Wolf Fleets
Epic - Blood Angels and Chaos (Night Lord/IW/WE)


31-10-2008, 15:09
Suppose I should chime in

Primary army - Approx 12,000 points painted including many FW beasties.
Newest & current army - 1,500 points done with a lot of non GW models and future expansion to 5K planned.
Chaos Space Marines
In Storage - 4,000 points painted
Dark Angels
In storage since 2nd/3rd edition :p - 4/5K points

Armies to do.

SoB - All female army 3K purchased
Squats - Using Codex Witchhunters & Grymn/Old Crow models.
Secret Necron project - various bits and pieces purchased waiting for new codex before starting.
Dark Eldar - 3K purchased no current inspiration
Space Wolves - 2K purchased part painted & put away.
In Storage (since 2nd/3rd Edition :p) - 4-5K painted.

Non 40K
Fantasy - Ogre army completed, Lizardmen & Night Gobbos unpainted.
Necromunda - Escher, Spyrers & Enforcers paints, Redemptionists underway
Blook Bowl - Chaos Dwarves & Vampries done.
BFG - Nids, Chaos & Eldar painted
AI - Tau baby using Vulcan paint scheme
Epic - Nids more needed depending on ebay.

What's taking my time at the moment is my PP/Hordes Skorne army.

31-10-2008, 20:35
Secret Necron project - various bits and pieces purchased waiting for new codex before starting.

I have a strange fondness for the 'metalheads' and I've a couple of boxes of Warriors secreted away ready for the codex revamp. Great minds huh ... :evilgrin:


31-10-2008, 22:52
I have never played 40k,just enjoyed painting them.So i decided to do the Ultramarine 5th company made my own company CinC,there to help out are 20 terminators,5 tyranid hunters,2 dreadnaughts,2razorbacks,1whirlwind,2landraiders,3 predator tanks,1 vindicator,3 flying craft sorry forgotten what they are called and 12 bikes,8 rhino's.I have no idea on point value

I also started gaunts ghosts with Cadian troops and Vehicles about 50 figures and 5 vehicles 3 are my own design and 2 artillery guns scratch built.