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29-10-2008, 04:55
If this Plog proves successful..then in several months time, I anticipate having a completely painted Tyranid army and a completely painted Warriors of Chaos army. I find the scope of that idea boggling. I am at best average. I love reading about WFB and 40k. They both excite me. I see merit in every aspect of this hobby. I cannot motivate myself to paint. ever.

I have only once owned a painted army. I painted it. Sloppily. Not that bad, I am severe. It was rushed in areas, but I loved it. I am kind of sentimental. They were Tyranids.

I have more Tyranids. And Chaos in WFB. I will paint them in a timely fashion; I will be patient and tedious.

This is the workspace.

Multi-tasking takes place here:

EDIT: The following is a listing of projects color coded by status.
Yet to Be Purchased
Unassembled/Partially Assembled
Awaiting Primer
Painting In Progress
Game Ready

Tyranids -

Shooting Tyrant
Flying Tyrant
Genestealers x 8
Hormagaunts x 16
Hormagaunts x 16
Warriors w/ Wings x 9
Raveners x 4
Raveners x 2

Tzeentch Warriors of Chaos -

Sorcerer Lord on Disc
Daemon Prince
Aspiring Champion on Steed
Aspiring Champion on Chariot
Chaos Sorcerer on Disc
Chaos Marauders x 16
Chaos Marauders x 16
Chaos Marauders x 16
Chaos Warriors x 12
Chaos Warriors x 12
Chaos Marauder Horsemen x 5
Chaos Marauder Horsemen x 5
Chaos Marauder Horsemen x 5
Chaos Knights
Chaos Hounds

Witch Hunters -

Vostroyan Inducted Guard x 10
More Coming Soon...

29-10-2008, 14:13
*snip* *snip*

29-10-2008, 14:15
Warriors of CHAOS. I am doing a Tzeentch army. Macicky wooha.

Tyranid test model, example of follow through.


29-10-2008, 14:16
Brutus vs. Carnifex

Stuff that hasn't seen daylight:

30-10-2008, 06:16
Thursday 2:15 am October 30, 2008

So I read some other plogs and got motivated; assembling marauder horses at 2am. Horses are cleaned and glues. Since I am getting back into modelling I checked my supplies and all my superglue is dried up except GW brand. Hah. Tomorrow assembling 20 block of marauder infantry. I hope their flails fit on the horsemen.

Talked to some guys I haven't gamed with in like 3 years. They are still playing 40k. Must rotate times with tyranids. Maybe we can do a Mordheim campaign. More updates tomorrow afternoon; I have to pressure wash outside in the morning.


30-10-2008, 06:54
Thursday 2:54 AM October 30, 2008

Ok. I cannot sleep so I am trying to figure out how to finish building this model. It is from Heresy. I will use it as an unmarked demon prince in my Warriors of Chaos. I know, ahhaha, a demon prince. Sorry, I like the idea of demon princes. Anyhow, you can see the base has a rock spire coming from the ground with part of the tail attached to it. This tail connect to the rest of the tail along the models back. Standard peg and indentation setup. Only thing is this glue join bears the weight of the entire suspended model. It is really almost too narrow to drill for a pin. I am considering using two-part epoxy for the bond. Anyone have any better advice? P.S. some gap filling still needs to be done.

30-10-2008, 06:58
Reserved for next update.

30-10-2008, 07:35
That's the best painted lizard I have ever seen!

30-10-2008, 08:46
Hi nice progress so far. How big a Chaos army are you going to make? Also you might want to edit the Libre Chaotica picture unless you already own the original. In that case i'll sush. :D

30-10-2008, 09:00
Hahahaha, Brutus VS Carnifex made me laugh :D

GL on the project!

30-10-2008, 09:30
Hi nice progress so far. How big a Chaos army are you going to make? Also you might want to editing the Libre Chaotica picture unless you already own the original. In that case i'll sush. :D

I think Ideally I would like 300 pts of mortal Tzeetch and 2000 pts of Tzeentch demons. that way I could play 5000pts of chaos Tzeentch fantasy hooha!

I also want 2500 pts Tyranid and 2500 pts Empire. And then probably Eldar.

30-10-2008, 23:31
Thursday 7L31 pm October 30, 2008

Ok. Marauders are out of the closet. I thought there were 20 in a box, but 16 is the number. It looks like the flails are not interchangeable with the horsemen and will need converting. Should be easy enough. Check out the price on the marauders, this store near my house has all fantasy discounted minimum 30%.

For the Record, I hate cleaning mold lines.



31-10-2008, 23:28
Lucky, with your marauders discount.....And the carnifex would win.

01-11-2008, 04:44
Saturday 12:43 am November 1, 2008

Things are coming together. Slowly. Marauders are assembled, horsemen are almost ready for primer and warriors are nearing completion. I think I am going to try to secure a "Storm of Steel" army box. It comes with 52 marauders, 5 marauder horse, 5 Chaos knights, 24 Warriors of Chaos, 10 Warhounds,2 Spawn and a few characters for $255. Anyhow, here are the new pics:




01-11-2008, 18:52
Saturday 2:54 pm November 1, 2008

Ok, Marauders and Marauder Horsemen are primed. I spent 30 minutes on the phone calling local game stores and none of them have the Warriors of Chaos book, very frustrating. Now, I am heading off to the range; when I get back I want to finish the Chaos Warriors (except for shields/basing) and maybe start on some marauder mounts. Not really sure how to go about painting horses....

03-11-2008, 21:03
Monday 5:01 PM November 3, 2008

Almost done with the carnifex. Observation: Fantasy armies, in general, contain many more models than a 40k army. I guess I am finding the WFB Chaos a little intimidating and painting up some Tyranids in the mean time. Oh wells, they all need painted anyway.

P.S. It looks like that carnifex is not primed, but I use grey metal furniture primer; it just happens to be the exact shade of bare plastic.

P.P.S. The Tzeentch Warriors of Chaos' armor is being repainted with a darker blue finish; I was very unhappy with the unit cohesion when they all were painted. Bright Colors only work with extreme contrast on Chaos minis, and since their boots and cape have a lighter finish, it is my opinion the armor needs a darker finish. I will post pics later.


03-11-2008, 23:27
i would say if you haven't started them already, try the blue ink on it,, as it darkens a light blue very nicely.

good work so far!

04-11-2008, 21:48
Tuesday 5:50 PM November 4, 2008

OK, I need some help. At first I liked light blue in picture one, then I decided to go darker like in picture two. Now I am thinking maybe I like light blue again. I need to guys to help me decide!

Which is more suitable for Tzeentch?

Picture One:

Picture Two:

05-11-2008, 12:17
Definitely option two! Really like that deep, rich blue.

07-11-2008, 05:47
Friday 12:29 AM EST November 7, 2008

Alright. In an attempt to generate some more interest I have completed a unit! (thats how this works, right?) This is the first ever WFB unit I have painted and I would not be ashamed of fielding at a tournament with strangers.(I have a low opinion of my abilities) They won't win any Golden Demons, but I feel like I accomplished what I wanted. My WFB Chaos Mortals are Tzeentch based; I wanted them to have a more natural color base. Looking like men from the north and less like "we wear black cause we are scary". Norse like. The bases will be getting one more final treatment: a snow effect, which will be army wide.

Also included is new worksapce shot, moving right to left:

Chaos Warriors: still undecided about armor coloring
Hive Tyrant: repaired damage from falling, putty work
Chaos Chariot: just removed from box, in bits
Carnifex: minor touches and interchangable weapon arms need paint
Lictors: going to see if flesh hooks from stealer sprue can replace missing bits
Marauders: meh
Marauder Horsemen: :cool:




07-11-2008, 19:07
Here is a WIP shot of my chariot. I am planning on having this as a exalted champion in chariot, so I widened the chassis with plastic and then putty. Once it hardens, all it needs is sanding down. I was kind of stumped about how to attach the whiles on the widened chassis, but I think I have a solution. The square plastic pegs in the photo have been removed and replaced with cut down banner poles that have paperclip running through them. Any ideas on the horses? I want something more fierce; the stock horses in the chariot kit suck.


09-11-2008, 21:36
Ok, Carnifex fex is completed where only noticable errors and touchups will be made. Please comment, should you feel inclined. BTW, I am supposed to get a new camera soon; do not know if that is a good thing, cameras expose so many flaws.



I am particularly happy with the way the face of the carnifex came out. :D

14-11-2008, 20:00
Nice looking Fex you have there, man, good work. Am I right in thinking that your camera flash is obliterating some of the highlights? Seems to have happened to ur Chaos Warrior unit too (I vote picture 2 btw! :p )?

I like how you do your bases too, good stuff! Keep up the momentum!

25-11-2008, 00:19
MONDAY 8:17 PM November 24, 2008

Ok, I have been neglecting this plog because I have yet to get my new camera. I have been busy assembling and modelling, but I have got some painting done. I have included a pic of my first batch of chaos warriors. The banner pole top still needs attaching. Carnifex #2 is being assembled, my close combat fex. Raveners are being assembled and since the chaos warriors are done, I am going to finish up some half painted Genestealers. I will post pics soon.





01-12-2008, 12:43
Monday 7:26 AM December 1, 2008

OK. I tried updating last night and after I typed a big huge post, the website dumped it and that makes me mad. Here is the short and dirty version.

3 pictures. First two pictures - Chaos Lord/Aspiring Champion. Wow the new horses own the old horses. Hard. They look like ponies. I had to cut away most of the saddle to get the git to fit in the horsie.



The new horses from the chaos knights are so detailed! They made me realize how dated the chaos chariot looks. The chariot is actually the only thing that doesn't look dated. I plan on fiedling an aspiring champion mounted on a chariot occasianally so I wanted this to look tough! I made new riders with extra chaos knight torsoes and chaos warrior legs. Coming along nicely.


02-12-2008, 02:01
Nothing is glued to the base or together, but this should give a better idea about the chariot...



And yes, I know there is only one horse. :skull:

Flying Toaster
02-12-2008, 15:20
Awesome work so far. Keep it up!

Ermmm... i think the chariot will work better if it has wheels.... :D

02-12-2008, 18:57
Report for arco-flaggelation immediately! Crime: neglect of an interesting blog! :P Glad to see some new stuff up and running here, don't stress so much about better pics, I think fine. The Chaos Warriors have a nice original slant aswell.

What we WANT is more, citizen, MORE!!

02-12-2008, 19:58
I think as your first ever WHFB unit, the warriors look excellent. Good job and keep up the effort. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

02-12-2008, 22:43

What do you get with hot water, soap, a tooth brush and some paper towels?


A hive tyrant clean of model release agents! Wraithlord provided for scale.


Dead orc
03-12-2008, 11:18
Nice log. I need some chariots for my Chaos army and i'm deffinatley going to be using the new ponies, so much nicer than the old ones.

That tyrant is huge.... good luck getting it painted.

03-12-2008, 11:33
Looking good on those warriors there. I think you should be proud of them. Also, it looks like Brutus kinda peed on that log there. Love those reptiles.

04-12-2008, 01:54
Tyrant WIP.


Looking good on those warriors there. I think you should be proud of them. Also, it looks like Brutus kinda peed on that log there. Love those reptiles.

It isn't lizard pee on that log, haha, its epoxy resin. I made pins out of dowels and pinned the legs to the log and used the epoxy to glue it up.


I really like the Tyrant flesh. It is a different method then the one I have used on 1.5 Carnifexi and 3 Warriors. This method is more time consuming but it looks so good. I don't want to repaint. I figure I will just highlight the tyrant up more til the final tone is lighter. I figure I can drybrush the gaunts and maybe try this scheme on the rest of the big bugs. FW Flyrant here I come.

05-12-2008, 05:44
I have a confession. I have known you are supposed to thin your paint for 3+ years. Up until yesterday my onl technique was drybrush. Straight from the pot with the paint. Dab it on a dirty paper towel. For the past two days I have kept my water clean, used clean towels, and clean the brush often. Unfortunately I am still using 3 ragged old brushes, but they are performing. I am maxing paint to apply multiple highlights and it isn't impossible! I tried this before but went by to solely drybrushing but I think I am getting the hang of it. I used to hate cleaning my palet, but now I use all the plastic that comes in the boxes or the plastic from blister packs. Use it once, twice, maybe thrice and trash it. Anyhow I began repainting carnifex #2; here is a comparison or carnifex #1 (more drybrushed middle carnifex) and the scheme I am doing from now one. Please let me know what you think!!!


05-12-2008, 07:12
I think both techniques work and if you keep the armour plates the same colour, all models in the army will still be tied together.

09-12-2008, 17:00
Ok I am working on some Chaos in lieu on my Tyranids. I am working on the Aspiring Champion on Horse and the Daemon Prince. The Asp. Champ is pretty straight forward; however, the daemon prince looks more like a Khorne or Slaanesh daemon then a Tzeentch daemon. I was hoping to remedy this with the paint scheme, although I am shying away from straight blue. I am needing some ideas and suggestions, please!


10-12-2008, 09:18
hmmm... a quick interweb image search and everyone stick to blue! How about green? Or the two combined (so blue blending out to green...torso one colour and blend out to the other on limbs/head)?

11-12-2008, 21:14
Tyranids now get their own shelf. Progress has been made on the Daemon Prince. I will post pics later.


23-12-2008, 04:52
Wow I got the new camera. Love it! Canon PowerShot SX 110 IS.

Here is a comparison of my Tzeentch warriors on both cameras.



24-12-2008, 01:52
Great stuff. I'll be watching!

24-12-2008, 20:40
Very different colours with the new camera. I take it that's now much closer to reality?

25-12-2008, 03:09
Very different colours with the new camera. I take it that's now much closer to reality?

Heh, I went from a 3.1 megapixel to a 10 megapixel to it is much improved. I am so much happier with the results.

25-12-2008, 13:52
You've got some really nice nids and tzeentch warriors :)

Hjalmar Cirkus
25-12-2008, 16:14
Really love your Tzeentch warriors! Hope that I some day can paint that good ;)

28-12-2008, 05:50
Alright. its 1:32 am as I write this. Lately I have been finding myself unwilling to go about properly thinning the paint and layer color so I have stayed away from that and worked on chaos hound fur ink work. Remember: the goal is to take our time and paint models we are proud of; these are projects to keep.

(Side note: I have always been willing to throw my figs on ebay because I have always been a gamer in cycles. Play for two years, sell everything I stay out of the hobby for two years, then pick it up again.)

I am decided to start accumulating models for my next Warhammer 40k army: Witch Hunters. I know they are a less supported army, but the scope of the army is vast and I am utilizing a important approach concerning modelling the army; as a youth I played Necromunda, House Cawdor- these models will represent inquisitorial storm troopers in the army. I have been buying lasgun and autogun armed Cawdor gangers on ebay and have about 15 on the way from the UK! I will be using Vostroyans as inducted imperial guardsmen and I plan on purchasing necromunda redemptionists for use as my inquisitor and retinue. Updates will follow!

Also, Christmas is over! I really love working with Forgeworld products. Flash is removed easier than GW plastics, with warm water you can reform parts easily and the detail is immense! However, the resin is more brittle and subsequently much more fragile than the stock plastics.

FW warrior wings x9 , I cleaned up one set to see how they looked attached. When I owned my previous Tyranid army, I modelled warriors with gargoyle wings. They were under sized and snapped off easily; these are a kickass alternative!

32 hormagaunts - thanks Blackdagger Games (http://stores.ebay.com/Blackdagger-Games)

beginnings of my Witch Hunters

Also, I updated/edited the original post with a project list color coded by status, check it out! (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=169046)

Death Korp
28-12-2008, 20:40
Looks like you had a good Christmas :)

Like you siad, taking time is a good thig, I did with my Chaos Warrior Regiment, and I'm glad of it!

The Witchhunter army sounds interesting. The Nids are looking great too!


29-12-2008, 04:57
WIP Aspiring Champion on Steed

Hooray Ebay. Teutogen Guard as Greatswords for my non-existent Empire army.

30-12-2008, 04:01
It really is amazing what you can do when given the right tools. Especially is you know how to use said tools correctly. I got out my camera manual and found the Macro function in 1 minute. Wow the difference is huge. It said I could have objects as close as 1 cm to the lens; it is true, I am able to focus in and identify all flaws in my paint! I backed the focus off a little for the following pictures. I am rather pleased with how this Aspiring Champion os coming. I realize that the leg plate is kind of sloppy; I am going to touch it up and there will be a shield covering it. Please give some C&C, I am trying to improve my technique and think it is coming along from dry brushing!

As far as the model goes, the armor is basically done, the barding needs metallic edge work done. Still gotta do the horseface, base, manface, weapon shaft...you can kinda see how things are coming along.



30-12-2008, 08:38
Looking good. how are the hounds coming along?

Remember that although the camera may be useful sometimes, I often find that it doesn't convey the beauty of a model in its entirety (hence why you may experience your painting as lacking when you see a picture of one of your models).

31-12-2008, 17:05
Still reading up on camera tips. Apparently outside is where its out!

Outside pic!

04-01-2009, 07:11
Got in a 10 strong gang of Cawdor necromunda figs for my witch hunters army. They are getting stripped. Here are some Warrior w/ halberds that are actually cut down lances from the new chaos knight box. Not too shabby.


06-01-2009, 00:27
Spent the afternoon hacking away saddles and horse stomachs. The new chaos knights heads are compatible with the chaos warrior kit also!


06-01-2009, 02:04
looking good, I like the foot unit champs chield, all prettyful and stuff.

How's your chariot coming along?

06-01-2009, 02:34
looking good, I like the foot unit champs chield, all prettyful and stuff.

How's your chariot coming along?

Well I cut down the last horse for that today with the horses for the knights. I need to get a new base though because all the putty I used on the last one contracts when it gets cold and makes the base bow up. Gotta start over from scratch; I am thinking a balsa wood base.

Here are the knights from the side- they are BIG!


09-01-2009, 05:34
12 Chosen/Warriors with halberds.


14-01-2009, 06:34
Well, I am mighty pleased with the way the halberd warriors came out, now to get them painted! I had to show the Tyranids some love however- you guys may notice I like to post alot of pics without maybe accomplishing alot but... These warriors are gonna get finished off with devourers- kinda pricy points wise but I like them. 12 inch move with 4 str3/4 shots each that re-reoll to wound. This Codex got the Genestealers fieldable, maybe next Codex will get the warrior species fieldable a.k.a warriors/raveners/lictors.

Trimming down these FW warrior wings takes a little bit of time. They are kinda fragile with all the spines. I actually removed most of the 't-rex' arms near the top of the wings cause they is a bit of a clearance issue with the warrior heads They make the warriors huge! Orc Warboss and Space Marine for comparison.

The three painted guys are losing their scything talons and getting wings. If next Codex they get Wings and +4 carapace or T5 or nids get a new rending rule the devourers are going for RENDING CLAWS!


This pic is basically all I have left of an old Black Templar army. He is kind of the first miniature I tried to painted seriously roughly ~8 years ago , so I kept him. I wish I never 'quit' all those times as my painting would be alot better. I still hate doing flesh FYI.


14-01-2009, 06:36
And this is a favorite mini of mine. This is the only Ork I have ever painted. I spent a pretty long time on him and kinda got intimidated about doing an army full of greenskins as I still have to finish the nids.



20-01-2009, 05:04
looking good, I like the foot unit champs chield, all prettyful and stuff.

How's your chariot coming along?

New Chariot base pictures, tomorrow with more chariot added!


Tempered Glass + felt furniture feet = AWESOME PALETTE


In the past I only played with and painted Tyranids. Now that I am playing WFB (WoC) and I am collecting Witch Hunters and beginning on Empire- TYRANIDS HAVE SO MANY FEWER FINE DETAILS THAN EVERYTHING ELSE. WOW. haha

King Thor
20-01-2009, 16:10
Your stuff looks great, very inspiring. I especially like your conversions of the warriors with the knights heads and lances. Subscribed!

26-01-2009, 06:38
It's growing!

Tomorrow hopefully will conclude with new completed models.




27-01-2009, 05:04

Completed WoC as of 1/27/09

12-02-2009, 19:36
Been away from the painting section for a while and came a-hunting for your thread :) Those hounds look great.

12-02-2009, 20:36
I think the hounds look especially good, and your army looks great all together, but what are you using to varnish them? You could do with taking the shine off them a little, especially with something all rough and furry like the hounds.

12-02-2009, 20:49
Brutus vs. Carnifex

Your BD has some great colours ,and is it a male or a female???
Sorry just noticed he is called Brutus :p, ^^^stupid question^^^.

27-02-2009, 04:55
I am on a Tyranid tear; expect more forthwith!

Yesterday I finished a



27-02-2009, 09:14




Base isn't complete; the scything talons match better than they appear to in the pictures.

28-02-2009, 04:20
I think the hounds look especially good, and your army looks great all together, but what are you using to varnish them? You could do with taking the shine off them a little, especially with something all rough and furry like the hounds.

Nothing is varnished; the hounds shininess is due to the last stage I used for the fur- a heavy application of chestnut ink. The pictures make them more shiny than they are in actuality. I am somewhat leary on dullcoating and varnishing- I have read many horros stories and witnessed a few; any suggestions and dips for a nice matte finish?

28-02-2009, 08:56

Two things. First, I really didn't need that picture of your crotch on page 1.

Second, I just happen to have painted my nids the same way as you. The thing that helped me the most was spray painting them all cream colored then just hitting them with a coat or two of Sepia wash.

02-03-2009, 09:26
lokking good man like your lizard well cool keep up the good work.

03-03-2009, 16:22
Nice work on the latest Nids, mate, pleased to see you back in business!

10-03-2009, 15:45
the zoanthrope looks excellent

10-03-2009, 19:32
man, your fantasy WoC is coming along nicely. i like how the marauder horsemen came out. i converted one guy to have a flail, but i just got lazy after that, and gave them their normal weapons. so far so good. and keep it up. its always nice if you can convert your friends to play fantasy rather than 40k! :)

my motto:
friends dont let friends play 40k!

18-01-2010, 03:37
Figured I would resurrect my old Log- I am back at it kids. I should have some updates this week- stay tuned! :skull:

Been neglecting ye olde hobby for too long but I have been getting the itch; found out the 'nids release is here and oh man I am excited. I am finally getting gargoyles and the new bugs are intriguing- but I will wait until the codex is in my hands. So. glad. they. finally. seperated. hormies. and termas.

In other news, my empire metal handgunners and teutogen guard are up for sale- I really want to focus on finishing my 'nids and my WoC.

I still planning on a Witch Hunters army.

Wish me luck on finally finishing my two favorite armies! :chrome:

18-03-2010, 05:40
This Ravener is almost done, soon 4 more on the way. I know it isn't finished and the pictures are suck- I will get some pics in the sunlight when the squad is done. Genestealers and Hormagaunts *should* be on the way soon.