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Lord General Laumnem
30-10-2008, 15:38
Ok, i'm creating this myself, and I ahve the first version of the rulebook.

You require the WHFB rulebook, and parts 2&3 of the mordheim rulebook - which are availiable for download on the specialiast games site.

There is also a thread for this in the Rules development thread, here. (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=169133)

The Basic Idea behind this game is Naval warfare in the WHFB world, not like Man O War, but instead focusing on single ship to single ship actions, which larger battle involving several more ships, the most that can be reasonably used in around 10 in total.

Basic rules:

Models are split into four categories, Men, Ships, Ships Weaponry, and Shore Batteries.

Men may move up to 6” a turn in any direction and may turn freely by pivoting on the spot.

Ships may move at two speeds, Combat Speed and Full speed. As long as it has a mast it may move 12” in any direction and may turn freely by pivoting at Combat Speed or 18” if travelling at Full speed. Each additional mast adds 3” to all movement.

Ships weaponry:
Ships weaponry may pivot and fire as long as there are at least 3 Men with the Gunner skill within 2” of it. If it has 3 Men with the Gunner skill within 3” on it, it may also move 3” with the Men, the Men must remain within 2”.

Shore batteries:
Shore batteries tend to be much larger than ships weaponry, and therefore may pivot if 3 Men with the Gunner skill are within 2”, but may not move.

The turn:
Each player rolls a dice at the beginning of the game, the highest score goes first, the second highest second and so on. At the beginning of the game a scatter dice is also thrown, to determine the Wind direction. The closest point on a 16-point compass (North being decided at the start of the game) to the arrow is the wind direction, likewise with the direction of the current.

The turn is split into three phases, Movement, Shooting, and Boarding.

The Movement phase is split in half, there is compulsory movement and movement. Compulsory movement is when something has to move but does not chose to, for example a ship that has lost it’s mast and is moving in the direction of the current. Movement is when players move their own men ships and weaponry as explained above. If a ship has no mast, then it is carried 2d6 in the direction of the current, unless it has an anchor, which is deployed. You may board another vessel if your ships side touches their side, then any men may move over this gap, although may only move 5” instead of the usual 6”.

Different Weapons fire differently there are 3 main types of weapon, Handgun, Pistol, and Cannon. You may not fire a handgun if the Man it self has moved, he needs time to load, you may fire a pistol while moving but with –1 BS. Cannons are quite complicated.

Cannons may fire at any thing. To fire it you must first pivot the cannon to face it’s target, you may only use your eye to point the cannon in the right direction – you may not use a ruler for example to line it up. After that you must declare how far the cannon is going to shoot, 12”, 24”, 33” etc, without measuring. Roll the artillery dice, and add the number to the range that has been declared, place a marker on where this hits, or anything in the way. Cannons may aim at 3 different levels, hull level, normal level, and mast level. If it is Hull level then it cannot hit normal men on boats, instead, it hits the hull of the vessel, which has +1 T. if it manages to wound the hull, then the ship loses 1 wound every turn afterwards. If it is fired at mast level, again it cannot hit men on deck, instead it an hit the mast, which has –1 T. The effects of a ship losing all it’s masts are described above. If a cannon hits a ship at normal level, then it takes off D3 wounds from the ship, and also wounds any models within 2” of the point of Impact, armour saves allowed.

All other shooting is exactly like the shooting in the Warhammer Fantasy rulebook.

In the Movement phase a model may charge an enemy model, if it does this then it adds D3” to it’s movement but must come into contact – otherwise it just moves 6” directly towards the enemy model. A model that is charging gains 1 attack and strikes first. Whoever gets more hits in a combat wins – and their opponent is pushed back 1”.

If a model loses all it’s wounds, then you must roll a d6, on a 1 or 2 it is put out of action, the model is removed from the game and must roll on the serious injury chart afterwards. If hit by a cannon (directly, not because it hit the side near the model) this happens on a 1 2 3 or 4. On any other result the model is stunned, lay it down where it was or 1” away if in combat. Everyturn after this you must roll a d6 for him, on a 1 or 2 he is put out of action, on a 5 or 6 he is fine and gets up to continue fighting. While he is on the floor he may be attacked, he is automatically hit and if wounded is put out of action.

Lord General Laumnem
30-10-2008, 15:39
Advanced rules (experience and crews):
Advanced Rules:

Use the Mordheim rules for experience and Mercanary warbands work best which the following changes:
All mention of Wyrdstone is replaced with treasure, all Mention of Gold is Pieces of Eight (POE)

Web of Steel: If a character rolls the Web of Steel Skill, then the following rules are used:
A character with Web of steel may not be attacked using the extra attacks from Combat Knives or from an additional sword/cutlass.

Pistolier: If a character rolls Pistolier then the second half of the rule: If he has a single pistol then it may be fired the same turn it is reloaded. Is replaced by: If He has a single pistol then he does not have the –1 BS penalty for moving.

Knife Fighter is Replaced By Crewman (all crewman may fire cannons)

Hunter is replaced by the rule, he may move and fire with a handgun.

Crack Cannon Crewman replaces Nimble, this means that he automatically hits what he is shooting with a cannon and therefor does not have to line up his cannon.

Leader Ability = anyone within range of his leadership in inches may use his leadership for any purpose.

Pit fighter – Instead of inside buildings it is below decks on two decked Vessels.

Scenario table:

D6 roll/scenario
1/Underdog chooses.
2/Coastal raid
3/Booty raid
4/sneak attack
6/The player with the highest rating chooses.

Rating = Value of equipment (including ships and cannons) in POE x Experience of crew = Crew Rating.

Scenario 1: Coastal raid

One crew is defending the Coat line and may use any shore gun emplacements they have. All the others are trying to capture the harbour – to capture the harbour one of your ships must dock, and you must have at least 4 crewmen on shore, without any other crew being on shore too.

Docking: To dock, a ship must move so that one of it’s long sides is against the harbour. As soon as it is docked crewmen may jump off, but there must be the right amount of crew needed to man the ship left on board, one of these must jump off to secure the rope to the harbour.

+D3 for surviving
+D3 for being on the winning side
+1 for being on the shore at the end of the game
+1 for being the leader of a victorious crew
+1 per enemy out of action
+d3 For putting an enemy out of action.

Scenario 2: Booty Raid

The ships clash in an attempt to secure each others booty (where they keep some of their weapons and POE) both ships are placed at either end of the table, within 12” of the board edge. Which ever ship the booty is on at the end of the game, wins. Also if a ship with the booty on board manages to escape by getting across the opposite board to the one the deployed from, then that ship wins.

Stealing the Booty: As explained earlier the Booty is what the crew gained after their last battle, it is kept in a chest on the flagship. Anybody can pick this up by spending a turn next to it, then they may move freely with a –1” penalty. They may not charge, and immediately drop the Chest if they are charged.

The winning side gains everything that was kept in the booty chest, and it is placed in their own booty chest (which may be raided later)
+D3 for surviving
+D3 for being on the winning side
+1 for being the leader of the winning side
+1 for picking up the booty
+D3 for managing to get the booty back to your own ship
+1 per enemy out of action
+1 for putting an enemy out of action.

Scenario 3: Sneak attack.

The attacking ship is placed behind the defending ship, 24” away. The defending ship may only move at combat speed until it notices the attacking ship. If one side bottles out then that side loses and have to give 25 POE per ship to the other side to be released with all their weaponry. If they cannot afford this then all must roll on the serious injury chart as the opposing crew lays into them. If the defending ships managed to reach the opposite board edge before the attacking ship catches up with it then that ship automatically wins (and it’s been a boring game).

Night time: Sneak attacks are done at night (cowardly I know). This limits vision to 18”, and therefore you may not fire at anything more than 18” away.

Sneak attack: The defending ship does not know the attacking ship is there. If It gets within 18” and is in the view of a crewman – on a 3+ he raises the alarm. If it’s within 12” on a 2+ he raises the alarm, if it is within 6” he automatically raises the alarm. Once the alarm is raised the defending ship may act normally.

+d3 for surviving
+d3 for being on the winning side
+1 for being the leader of the winning side
+D3 for spotting the enemy
+1 per enemy put out of action
+d3 for putting and enemy out of Action

Scenario 4: Blockade

One ship is trying to break out of it’s harbour while the other one tries to stop it. The attacking ship (the one coming out of the harbour) gets a coastal battery on the coastline, and must get to the opposite board edge from the coast line. The other ship must stop it. The game ends if one side bottles or if the attacking ship gets to the opposite board edge.
+D3 for surviving
+D3 for being on the winning side
+1 for being the leader of the winning side
+d3 for breaking out
+1 per enemy out of action
+d3 for putting an enemy out of action.

Ships Cannons and Gun emplacments are going to have rules written soon, along with changes to the territory/searching to involve controlling harbours.

Lord General Laumnem
30-10-2008, 15:47
I have playtested a little with these rules, and they seemed alright to me, I will be adding ships and cannons etc. which will range from a dingy which requires 2 men to man it - to a huge Frigate/Battleship that requires 20!

These ships will have huge amounts of wounds (though the dingy only has 5) which means it is technically possible to sink them, but far easier to cripple and baord them, which is qutie realistic.

Lost Egg
21-11-2008, 11:08
You've play tested? Any chance of seeing some pics of the ships you used?

Am just putting down some notes/ideas on your rules...should be up by the end of the day.

Maybe this could start out as a new setting for Mordheim then as the rules progress it could be tweaked for larger scale battles?


Lord General Laumnem
30-11-2008, 04:06
The ships we used were simple and made out of cardboard, we only did low level ships so they were asy to use, and wernt to impressive as we were more concentrating on the actual game-play.