View Full Version : Tomb Kings High Queen Khalida

31-10-2008, 18:14
Question about the size of the model Tomb Kings High Queen Khalida. Is it in the new scale of warhammer fantasy were the hands, feet and head is in proper propotion to the newer models. For example the new skeletons, empire troops, Darkelf Corsars and Brittian models?

I was going to use it for my vampire counts but want models that look fit in with the rest of the army.

Sir Charles
31-10-2008, 18:26
Its a really nice model and I would say that it seems pretty proportional. She has long blades on her fingers so that might have helped avoid that problem with the hands, although that did seem more a problem with unit models rather than characters.

31-10-2008, 19:54
Thanks I will go out and pick one up today.:)