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31-10-2008, 19:52
Great maker! Another month has gone by, folks!

Please read this post before replying!

Greetings, fellow painters, and welcome to the third 2008 Tale of 40K Painters monthly update extravaganza!

For those of you who don’t know what the Tale of Painters is, look here (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=155584). For those of you who are participating, this is the official thread in which you should post the work you have done in the last month (October). Over the next seven days, participants in the Tale should post the work they have done over the last month.

Please don't post anything else in this thread until the 8th of November! Let's have another go at that because I know people can't be bothered reading all this text. PLEASE DON'T POST ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS THREAD UNTIL THE 8TH OF NOVEMBER! Thanks.

Feedback, questions and so on should be posted in the current working thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=164556) until the 8th, when all submissions are due in and this thread morphs into a new working thread. Regarding the deadline: Pretty much everyone who voiced an opinion preferred this deadline to be strict, so this month it is. If you haven't posted by the 7th, then you get a joker. If you have a decent excuse and are a couple of days late I'm sure we can make allowances, but the idea is to get us to paint stuff.

If you don't have pictures yet (because of camera problems or whatever) then it's OK to post to say what you've done and add photos later. The important thing is to get the painting done!

For your official monthly post, please try to follow the following guidelines:

You should include a description of each unit you have painted, including the number and type of models, and any upgrades or equipment they carry, followed by the total points cost of the unit. Please, DO NOT post the points costs of individual upgrades or models, as GW don’t like it and so neither, by extension, do the moderators. If you have painted more than one unit, give the total points cost of your monthly painting endeavours.

Next, please post photos of each unit you have painted, and of the army as a whole. Photos should be cropped or resized to around 1000 by 1000 pixels to avoid scrollbars and ensure the thread doesn’t take too long to load.

A note on pictures: Try not to overdo the photos. The Tale is about showing off your work, but try to do it concisely - if everyone posts 13 different angles of every model they paint, that means the whole thread becomes massive. Try to keep your monthly update to one post (4 pictures) and post links to any additional photos you wish to show - or better still, include a link to your painting log here if you have one, so that anyone viewing the thread who takes an interest can take a look and give you some feedback if they want to.

The rest of your post is up to you. You can say anything you like here, about what you enjoyed or found hard, what you were especially pleased with, etc., etc... Feel free to use this post (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1870139&postcount=11) as a template for your update.

If you have to play a joker, please post saying so, and include a suitably amusing image. If you do not post within the next seven days, then you will automatically count as having jokered October (I mean it this time... well more than last time anyway. :p).

Thanks for reading all that. I look forward to seeing your work!

Sam (McMullet)

31-10-2008, 19:58

We now have:
89 Armies
(of which 80 are 40K, 7 are Epic and 2 are BFG)
170300 points signed up (if everyone who hasn't confirmed paints 1500). So far, we have 37553 points completed, and have used a total of 92 jokers.

This month we painted 9847.5 points and played 43 jokers.

74 Paint 1 army
6 Paint 2 armies
1 Paint 3 armies
81 Painters in total

By Faction:
8 (9.0%) Chaos Space Marines
1 (1.1%) Chaos Fleet
7 (7.9%) Daemons
0 (0.0%) Dark Eldar
4 (4.5%) Eldar
8 (9.0%) Imperial Guard
1 (1.1%) Imperial Navy
2 (2.2%) Inquisition
2 (2.2%) Lost and the Damned
2 (2.2%) Necrons
13 (14.6%) Orks
29 (32.6%) Space Marines
1 (1.1%) Squats
5 (5.6%) Tau Empire
6 (6.7%) Tyranids

And here they are! If you aren't on this list but either should be (i.e., I've missed you off) or want to be (you haven't joined yet), just let me know!

NOTE: If you haven't decided/told me how many points you're planning on doing over the year, I have put down 1500 for the moment. If you want to change this then PM me or post in the thread.

Aenarion : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels . 225 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 225 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
aenimosity : 40K Tau Empire - . 474 of 1500 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 200 ; #2: 86 ; #3: 188
agio65 : 40K Daemons - (expansion) . 864 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 374 ; #2: 260 ; #3: 230
agio65 : 40K Orks - . 379 of 1000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: NO SHOW ; #2: 235 ; #3: 144
Almindale : 40K Eldar - . 110 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 110 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: JOKER
Badgobbla : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels . 605 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 235 ; #2: 0JK ; #3: 370
Blagrot Squigbreff : 40K Tyranids - . 162 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 162 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
BLARGAG!!! : 40K Imperial Guard - . 1410 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 650 ; #2: 500 ; #3: 260
blazed99 : 40K Necrons - . 180 of 2000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 180 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
bloodsbane : 40K Orks - . 400 of 1500 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 160 ; #2: 240 ; #3: JOKER
Captain Ardias : 40K Space Marines - Pre-Heresy World Eaters . 250 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: JOKER ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: 250
Catferret : 40K Space Marines - . 585 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 200 ; #2: 220 ; #3: 165
Chicken Pig : 40K Space Marines - . 200 of 2000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 200 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
Chicken_Funk : 40K Orks - . 479 of 1500 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 172 ; #2: 152 ; #3: 155
Colonel Haizelhoff : 40K Imperial Guard - Mechanised Mordians . 373 of 1000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 93 ; #2: 155 ; #3: 125
Coolhand : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Death Guard . 167 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: NO SHOW ; #2: 167 ; #3: NO SHOW
Damokles : 40K Imperial Guard - and Space Wolves . 322 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 322 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: JOKER
Danny76 : 40K Orks - . 181 of 1000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 0JK ; #2: 181 ; #3: JOKER
DarkstarSabre : 40K Tyranids - Hive Fleet Nemesis . 470 of 2000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 165 ; #2: 305 ; #3: JOKER
darkstonelich : 40K Chaos Space Marines - . 665 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 0JK ; #2: 460 ; #3: 205
Darnok : 40K Daemons - . 302 of 1000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 177 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 125
Death Korp : 40K Chaos Space Marines - . 235 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: JOKER ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: 235
derv : 40K Eldar - . 85 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 85 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
Discord : BFG Imperial Navy - . 450 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 180 ; #2: 180 ; #3: 90
Discord : BFG Chaos Fleet - . 485 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 180 ; #2: 90 ; #3: 215
Discord : Epic Orks - . 800 of 4000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 350 ; #2: 250 ; #3: 200
Doctor P : 40K Tau Empire - . 386 of 1850 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 190 ; #2: 196 ; #3: JOKER
Drakemaster : Epic Space Marines - Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons . 415 of 4000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 415 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
Earthbeard : 40K Lost and the Damned - Death Guard/Nurgle . 245 of 5000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 245 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: NO SHOW
Edzard : 40K Inquisition - Witch Hunters . 287 of 1500 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: JOKER ; #2: 145 ; #3: 142
Enlightened : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines 1st company . 120 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 120 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
Fenriz : 40K Space Marines - . 205 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 205 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
Fle : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels . 200 of 2000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 200 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: NO SHOW
Fredmans : Epic Tyranids - . 1050 of 5000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 500 ; #2: 550 ; #3: JOKER
Fredmans : Epic Imperial Guard - Steel Legion . 1150 of 5000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 500 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 650
G.Hawke : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Iron Warriors . 100 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 100 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
give_me_a_d : 40K Daemons - . 599 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 0JK ; #2: 395 ; #3: 204
Hauk : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines . 446 of 2000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 216 ; #2: 230 ; #3: JOKER
Häxjägare : 40K Chaos Space Marines - . 635 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 240 ; #2: 150 ; #3: 245
Jim : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Pre-Heresy World Eaters . 548 of 1500 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 210 ; #2: 213 ; #3: 125
Jonahmaul : 40K Tau Empire - . 300 of 2000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 120 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 180
jpobrich : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels . 605 of 1500 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 245 ; #2: 240 ; #3: 120
jullevi : 40K Eldar - . 112 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: NO SHOW ; #2: 112 ; #3: NO SHOW
kammek : 40K Orks - . 757 of 1750 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 222 ; #2: 320 ; #3: 215
kenny3760 : 40K Daemons - . 513 of 1500 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 170 ; #2: 195 ; #3: 148
Khrangar : 40K Space Marines - The Emperor's Word . 305 of 1000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: JOKER ; #2: 120 ; #3: 185
Knighta : 40K Inquisition - Daemonhunters . 402 of 1500 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 160 ; #2: 150 ; #3: 92
kris.sherriff : 40K Tau Empire - Kroot heavy . 126 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 126 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
Lardidar : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Iron Warriors . 405 of 2000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: NO SHOW ; #2: 370 ; #3: 35
lonepilgrim : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels . 595 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 190 ; #2: 255 ; #3: 150
Maalivate : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines . 355 of 1500 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 0JK ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 355
Magos Explorator : 40K Imperial Guard - . 200 of 1000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 100 ; #2: 100 ; #3: NO SHOW
Max Keeren : 40K Eldar - . 115 of 1000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 115 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: JOKER
McMullet : Epic Orks - . 835 of 4000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: JOKER ; #2: 475 ; #3: 360
Metaphorazine : 40K Orks - . 167 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 167 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: NO SHOW
misterboff : 40K Orks - Deathskulls . 501 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 167 ; #2: 167 ; #3: 167
Mr Feral : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Alpha Legion . 105 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 105 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: NO SHOW
mrsurgeon : Epic Space Marines - Ultramarines . 800 of 4000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 400 ; #2: 400 ; #3: JOKER
Norsehawk : 40K Daemons - . 454 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 149 ; #2: 205 ; #3: 100
Norsehawk : 40K Space Marines - . 910 of 4000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 255 ; #2: 280 ; #3: 375
olean : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels . 480 of 1500 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 240 ; #2: 240 ; #3: JOKER
Overt_Spy : 40K Tau Empire - . 643 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 210 ; #2: 204 ; #3: 229
Overt_Spy : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels . 245 of 1000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 145 ; #2: 100 ; #3: NO SHOW
penguin663 : 40K Space Marines - Pre-Heresy Night Lords . 205 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 205 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: JOKER
Pite : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels . 385 of 1200 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 130 ; #2: 130 ; #3: 125
plantagenet : 40K Space Marines - Imperial Fists . 440 of 1500 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 130 ; #2: 150 ; #3: 160
Playwithbob : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels-based . 795 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 345 ; #2: 265 ; #3: 185
Rabid Monkey : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines, with Imperial Guard allies . 654 of 2000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 504 ; #2: 150 ; #3: JOKER
razormasticator : 40K Imperial Guard - . 700 of 2000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 215 ; #2: 242.5 ; #3: 242.5
ReaperOfSouls : 40K Tyranids - . 210 of 2000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 210 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: JOKER
Romanus : 40K Imperial Guard - Elysian Drop Troopers . 286 of 1000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 231 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 55
Scott : 40K Daemons - . 528 of 2000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 528 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
Sheena Easton : 40K Orks - Deathskulls . 135 of 1000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: JOKER ; #2: 135 ; #3: JOKER
sigur : 40K Orks - from back when they were "Space Orks" . 429 of 2000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 214 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 215
skott4991 : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels . 250 of 2000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 250 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
Solun Decius : 40K Tyranids - Genestealer infestation . 318 of 1500 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 133 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 185
SonofUltramar : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines 1st company . 130 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 130 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: NO SHOW
spikyjames : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines . 988 of 1500 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 280 ; #2: 100 ; #3: 608
ssorck : 40K Lost and the Damned - Slaanesh/Slaaneshi Daemons . 633 of 1000 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 240 ; #2: 137 ; #3: 256
susu.exp : 40K Squats - Varyngr . 305 of 1500 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 0JK ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 305
swifty2 : 40K Space Marines - Imperial or Crimson Fists . 625 of 3000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 450 ; #2: 175 ; #3: NO SHOW
Tarsus : 40K Necrons - . 156 of 2000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 156 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
Tarsus : 40K Imperial Guard - Mechanised . 205 of 2000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 205 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
tehgeist : 40K Orks - . 555 of 2000 painted. 1 joker(s) used. Month #1: 235 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 320
The boyz : Epic Space Marines - Blood Angels . 400 of 4000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 400 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: NO SHOW
warflag : 40K Orks - Mad Max/Heavy Metal theme . 140 of 1500 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 140 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: JOKER
Zanzibarthefirst : 40K Daemons - . 240 of 1000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 240 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
Zanzibarthefirst : 40K Space Marines - Salamanders . 200 of 2000 painted. 2 joker(s) used. Month #1: 200 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW
Zujara : 40K Tyranids - . 467 of 1500 painted. 0 joker(s) used. Month #1: 155 ; #2: 155 ; #3: 157

31-10-2008, 20:10
TOTAL PAINTING FOR October: Chaos Lord/Captain - approx. 125 points

TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 548 points

BACKGROUND/THEME: Pre-Heresy World Eaters

BUILD/CONVERSION:He was made from mostly plastic kits (marine and chaos) with a Masters of the Chapter head. The double headed chainaxe was made from a icon bearers arm and two berzerker axe heads.

PAINTING:Since these pictures were taken I decided to add some blood and gore to the chain axe...otherwise he has been painted like all previous entries

BASING: Sand and pebbles with a few odds and sods (From 40K basing kit) added on to make them interesting. Drybrushed from Calthan Brown to Dheneb Stone

STILL TO DO: I've got to add the Legion symbol to his shoulderpad - either as a transfer or as he is a character I may try some freehand (probably a bad idea!). Either way I'll do this towards the end of the Tale

HIGHS AND LOWS: Pleased with how he looks overall, but I know I can do better and I am still rushing my painting - I have no patience!





Looking forward to seeing everyones efforts this month!


31-10-2008, 20:28
Playwithbob's DIY Space Marines: October 2008

Unit 1: 5 additional men for a SM Tactical Squad Upgraded with:
Needle Gun (counts as a Bolter), Melta Gun, Conversion Beamer (Counts as Plasma Cannon for now, but can "convert" to a Lascannon, Multi-melta, Heavy Bolter, etc when needed.)
Cost: 90 points

Unit 2: 5 additional men for a SM Tactical Squad Upgraded with:
Conversion Beamer (Counts as Plasma Cannon for now, but can "convert" to a Lascannon, Multi-melta, Heavy Bolter, etc when needed.)
, and a hand held Plasma Cannon (counts as Plasma gun)
*One of the new troopers is an Apothecary. He is slated for promotion to a command squad as soon as there is an opening for him.
Cost: 95 points

TOTAL PAINTING FOR October: 185 POINTS (new codex)

TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 795 POINTS (new codex)

The chapter symbol is a yellow sun with an inverted Y embossed in black. The sun represents the light that is the Emperor and the inverted Y are 2 hands pressed together in prayer.
*The background I have for these guys is back under devlopment. I need to tie the old armor/equipment, chapter symble, and color scheem, to the new SM codex.*

These old figs dont require building so much as cleaning. Many were painted and needed stripping before they could be worked. I decided against converting to preserve my collection in their original poses. While I could have chosen any space marines for this project, I limited myself for figures made before 1992. That date was selected so that I could include some terminators that I have in my army.

I plan to select and build figures based on building a legal, field able army list.

This month saw the 2 existing Tactical Squads filled out to 10 men each with equipment.

I am a LAZY painter. I primed white then quickly brushed on a light coat of white over the entire fig. I blocked on the green then picked out the details on each fig. NO dry brushing, blending, highlighting, lining, or any other civilised technique. Once the color was blocked on and some touch up done where I noticably went over the lines, every fig got the dip. I dip first in clean water then in water based min-wax wood stain. I have found this method works well for me on everything I paint.

When everything is dry (24 hours) I base the figs then seal with Krylon Matt.

Elmer's glue with a little brownish green paint is slathered onto the base then the base is dipped in sand. I then apply a drop or 2 of super glue and sprinkle a little static grass for effect. The edge of the base is cleaned of any sand or grass then painted black.

Nada, this batch is table ready.

Highs: Finally getting to these guys. I have been collecting RT era SM for years and finally, they will get to see action.
Lows: Nothing really. I wish I had more time to paint, but slow and steady will get me through.



31-10-2008, 20:35
@ McMullet - Sorry, i jokered last month, thought i did say but i was around commeting on people's stuff so definately not a no show!

UNIT: 6 Stealth Suits

BUILD/CONVERSION: Old (and better IMO) stealth suits straight from blisters

PAINTING: regal blue/black base, regal blue highlight & enchanted blue highlight on very edges. black is highlighted a mix of black & hawk turquoise. tau symbols & shoulder pad circle done in denheb stone to tie in with rest of army

BASING: black ink over sand, drybrushed bestial brown then bleached bone & then patches of static grass. bestial brown around side of bases


HIGHS AND LOWS: really like these models & been planning the colour scheme since i first bought them (which was about 5 years ago!). more importantly it's just really good to actually see some of my tau getting paint on them after years of just being grey! no lows

POINTS: 180 which makes up the 30 short i was in month one bringing my total up to 300

PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH: not entirely sure yet but i've basecoated a hammerhead, crisis commander & 2 piranhas with my airbrush so some combination of them. Planning on going for 300 points for next month if i can as i'd really like to paint a 2000 point army rather than 1500 & that would put me back on track (McMullet - i'm hoping this is ok?)

31-10-2008, 20:46
TOTAL PAINTING FOR SEPTEMBER: 245 - 10 CSM with Flamer and Lascannon. The strange weapon config is due to me making the lascannon for the first squad and moving their flamer to this squad, which was the plan all along.. just didn't have the parts for the Lascannon fella when I started!


Recently fallen Chapter with so far no name or symbol that have taken up Khorne as their patron god. A bit more sneakier then regular khorne crazed killers and they actually try to use tactics to win. Doing mercernary work and employing modified equipment to get the job done. The first squad is supposed to represent a more ranged like unit with extended barrels, this second squad is a more melee get stuck in, khornelike unit.

Kits used: Cadian/Beastmen/Berzerker/Space Wolf/SM/CSM/Marauder with a bit of greenstuff here and there, so yeah, a bit of work. Trying to get an unqie feeling for each squad and these guys are the skulltakers of my army.

Was really fun, keeping the same gold/red dirty look and I think my army is coming along nicely!

Sand - Chaos Black - Earth - Bleached Bone - Wolfs Gray - White - Grass and snow!

Once I figure out a chapter icon and or name, It will be added. Got no clue when that will be tho and will probably the last thing I do for my whole army. Same as last month, no progess yet. Thinking about changing the AC:s helmets with a gold stripe, but haven't done a test yet to confirm it will look good.

Got stuck a bit with the second half of the unit, but still finished with plenty of time to spare and manged to start working on the third squad. Not sure if that or my HQ will be the entry for next month!


Front line:

Second line:

Army with the right weapons in the right places:

The lonley marine represents my special weapon unit, which will be a few extra marine I use to change around the list when I feel like it. I signed up for 2000p and I plan to do them, but since I hardly ever will play with that much the extra guys will be a part of thoes points.

31-10-2008, 21:04
This month my painting went pretty well. I finished 20 Varyngr Clanguards and my Hold Warden, which brings me to well over 300 points (305 to be precise: 20 Clanguards with 2 Flamers and Combat armor are 210 points and a Hold warden with Power Hammer and Conversion field is 95). - which if we can earn back Jokers would do so *g*.

The clanguard have been previewed in the last WIP thread, and the conversion still contains taking out the legs of a cadian, removing the belt and modeling a beard, a removal of all imperial insignia and the shortening of the lasguns.

Here (http://www.post-neo.com/Varyngr/BACKSIDE.JPG) is a view from the back.

The flamer-wielding models have had their Flamers shortened as well for a single handed pose (the handle wouldn´t fit) and the second arm changed so that it won´t look out of place.

See here (http://www.post-neo.com/Varyngr/Flamer.JPG)

The paintjob was rather simple, dark angels green with a baal red wash makes up most of the model. The boots are thinned down chaos black over Khemri Brown (KB is used as an undercoat for this army). The orange is generally Macharius Solar and all metal parts are Dwarf Bronze washed with Asurmen Blue. AB was also used to give the flesh its initial shading, it was highlighted with kehmri brown mixed with Skull White in several steps. The idea is that most of them spend a lot of times underground in the holds and therefore wouldn´t tan that much.
Beards got Fortress grey drybrush highlights.

The Hold warden was pretty much the same conversion as the rest of the army. Instead of a Cadians an Esher models (Juve with stub gun and pick - one of my all time favorite models) head was used in this case and only half a beard skulpted.
Having only half a beard and that hairpiece over the left eye has nothing to do with how I (http://www.post-neo.com/Varyngr/ich.JPG) look of course...

The power hammer was built using plastirod and green stuff. The Varyngr Pistol was done by shavin off the top part of the lasgun, keeping the style of the Varyngr Rifles on the Clanguard.

Here are a couple more views (http://www.post-neo.com/Varyngr/HEAD.JPG).

The complete army as it stands now (on a river section of my ongoing terrain project, which may get a log):

Since my universtiy work is pushing me to a very tight schedule now, I sadly have to abandon the Knight household project. Priorities are getting my thesis finished and the Varyngr on the tabletop (which includes building said new tabletop...)

Next month I will build the two Shield Command sections it takes to fill up my troop choices (You need 2 brotherhoods each containing 2 5+ clanguard sections - which I´ve finished and a 5 model shield command) and bulk out the Clanguard a bit, 4 Oathkeepers (Unit Champs), some more special weapons and the occassional grunt. That should bring the army to 500 point 2 Troop+HQ glory.

The plan for December is to get a unit of Embittered in, possibly a gunship as well.

31-10-2008, 22:25
This month I painted a landa. For the freebooters, so I tried to go with a similar colourscheme. Yes, the jolly orks are of a different size, I think it adds to the ramshackle appearance.



That's 200 more points, bringing my orky total so far to 800. And here's a shot of the whole lot, with the freebooters swarming around their landed landa. Detachable flying bases are great (although a pain to do). It's kinda hard to photograph them already. ;) You'll also see my new hightech photo background - a piece of paper.


31-10-2008, 22:32
And three armies just won't fit in one post anymore. So I'll split BFG and Epic from now on.

Here's the new chaosy devastation, with chaos lord on board. 215 points, for a total of 485 points so far.


And his mates.


Then some escorts for the imperial navy, cobras to be precise. 90 points for the squadron, bringing the navy to a total of 450 points. I cleaned up those white sidepanels after taking the picture, they were a bit smudgey.


Pictured here.


Whew. Next month it's time for something big and points-intensive, to make up for the cheapo escorts.

31-10-2008, 23:23
Alas this month I must play...


A lousy month at work with really retarded shifts pretty much did over my painting progress for the month. However, I suspect I shall earn this back next month considering I have the second week of the month off...

Solun Decius
01-11-2008, 02:51
Solun Decius' Genestealer Infestation: October 2008

As before these aren't really whole units, just filling in the army, model by model.
Unit 1: 5 Genestealers. No upgrades. Cost: 80 points
Unit 2: 5 Genestealers. Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks. Cost: 105 points

Now I actually have enough new-style stealers to make a unit of 6 so they're all viable codex entries.



Very minor conversions on two of the stealers, just to pose them a bit. I'll be doing more of that in the future as I'll grow more tired of the "straight off the sprue" possibilities.

Same old same old with the old-style Space Hulk stealers.
I think I'm getting better at the other ones. The highlights are getting smoother and the frog-patterns are getting to a place where I can nail them pretty quickly without any comprimise in quality. Actually, the quicker I manage them, the sharper and better they usually are.

I'm going for real world inspiration here too. I wanted red gravel so I found a photo from a place here in the country to see if I could get the highlights fairly accurate. Like the patterns, it's not exactly like the original, but I think I got the right feel across.
The red gravel and scorched grass add a nice contrast to all the blue, I think.

Highs: I was concerned that the patterns would grow tedious and that I'd rush them and they'd suffer for it. I'm doing them rather quickly now but they don't suffer for it at all, and they're also, still, rather fun to do.
Lows: Basecoats on those old-style stealers. Those models were not designed with painting in mind!


5 old-style stealers:

5 new-style patterned ones:

Current army:

Next month I think I'll have to do the remaining 8 old-style stealers. I just need them out of my system. Then I'll need one or two of the other ones to fill the month's quota.

01-11-2008, 04:56
Army: Orks 1750

Models done this month:
2 Killa Kans (1 Big Shoota & 1 Scorcha) (2 of 9 that will be in the army) (80pts)
7 Kommandos (Big Shoota, Burna, Nob, Power Klaw, ‘Eavy Armour, Bosspole) (135pts)

Points done so far: 757/1750

Highs & Lows: I like to paint Killa Kans, I think they turned out very well.
I really need to get some boyz done. (well there is always next month)

Next Months Plan: To get the 22 Boyz done for the Trukk Units. (Again)

Doctor P
01-11-2008, 09:14
I'm playing my first Joker this month too :(.
A combination of work, illness and shiny new games means I've only got as far as putting the base coat on my Hammerhead. I've some holiday coming up in November, so I hope to make it back. I'll be adding a Firewarror squad with a Devilfish.

01-11-2008, 09:42
misterboff's Deathskull Orks: October 2008

12 Sluggaz inc. Nob w/PK and Bosspole, Rokkit
Truk w/Rokkit+Ram

TOTAL PAINTING FOR AUGUST: 167 POINTS (if I spread my 2000 points over 12 months with no Jokers then I need to do 167 points per month - how lucky is that?)


No good thievin' Deathskull gits - plain and simple. Lots of blue faces and the occasional sign of something looted from another clan or race...

The Boyz were pretty much straight from the sprue. The Nob uses some parts from the Warbiker Nob, and the Truk's Big Shoota has rather crudely been replaced with a spare Rokkit.

After getting a test Boy finished earlier on, I settled on the following:
Skin: Orkhide/Goblin/Camo
Face: Necron/Enchanted/Ice
Black: Chaos/Adeptus Battlegrey
L.Brown: Tau Sept/Bubonic
D.Brown: Calthan/Snakebite
Metal: Boltgun/Black Ink/Mithril

The clothes are a mix of black, light brown and dark brown to give them a rag-tag look, but the Nob has managed to loot a few bits (and a Truk!) from some Goffs.

Piece of squig-cake. Simply painted Vomit Brown then covered with Citadel Sand straight from the Tub.

Nothing. My Truk is actually Varnished on time this month!

Highs: Having half of my Troops choices finished.
Lows: Realising that I'm going to have to change my colour scheme if I want to finish 30 Boyz next month! I've had a play with the new washes and drybrushing, and next months Mob will have a slightly different (but still Deathskull) look...

Next month, a big mob of 30 Shoota Boyz...


(Check out the To40kP - Orks WIP thread in my sig)

[Boyz, Truk, Mob, Army to date]

01-11-2008, 09:51
Agio65 Deamonic Horde

just one Unit this month : KoS , upgraded with " lähmender Blick und einlullender Duft ( sorry i have only the German ´Dex ;)) "

Points : 230

Army total painted : 634 + 230 = 864

Build : right out of the box ,with a lot of pinning and GS to fill the gaps.

Painting : just the same coulors i use for all my Slaanesh stuff really .

Basing : also nothing really new . Exept that I used some smaller bases glued to the main base to get the impression that this is a greater deamon , because i fear the upcoming plastic Deamonprince is basicly the same size.

High and Low´s : the amount of GS needed is a clear low as is the size of the model. High , definatly that i have a painted greater Deamon.

so Pictures :

from behind:
and a closeup:

Coming next : this list is growing : Seekers , some more PB´s , Bluescribes, Skulltaker , Thirster , Krusher´s , Herold on Jugger , ...
you have to wait and see !

ceers Uwe

01-11-2008, 11:13
Agio65 Ork Horde

Unit 1 : Truukk , red paint and reinf. ram total pts.: 45
Unit 2 :9 Ballaboyz with big shoota , nob , pole , klaw total pts.: 99

painted for Nov. : 144
Army Total : 379 / 1000

Build : more or less everything as it comes right out of the box .

as i did paint everything as i did last month i skip painting and basing and go to
Still to do : finish the nob ( 1 wash and a couple of highlights really ) and the big shoota Backpack .

High and Low´s : having finished the trukk in no time is the High this time .As for the low : this month is gone by so fast....

so Pictures :
the trukk:

5 shoota boyz:
and the rest :

ceers uwe

01-11-2008, 12:21
TOTAL PAINTING FOR October: Only two models 160 pts though. Chaplain and Terminator with Cyclone Missile Launcher. 160 ish points

TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 440 points

BACKGROUND/THEME: Imperial Fists 5th Company or Pre Heresy Imp Fists

BUILD/CONVERSION:Took the free marine off the fonr off white dwarf and added all the left over bits I had from the Terminator boxset to build a Cyclone Missile Launcher Terminator. The Chaplain is the old Blood Angel one which cane with the Death Company boxset I stripped him (ooo aah) and repainted.

PAINTING:More Yellow, More Red some Green and a lot of Black.

BASING: Still have to decide.

STILL TO DO: Finished

HIGHS AND LOWS: Well my first month with my boy at home has really cut into my painting time. To make matters worse both him and my daughter came down with the flu so as you can imagine been stressful here. Low point was when I tried to get a folder down from shelf and it squashed my Terminator. I managed to fix him but as his leg broke I thought I would add battle damage to it so I could remember. Other low point was when I left paint desk for a few minutes to come back and find my daughter was slapping Goblin green over my nearly finished chaplain and another marine I had started painitng. Manage to fix them all up. Up side htis month was simply by chance the two models I had finished were worth a shed load of points so I didnt need to use a Joker.

Oh and one other low my camera finally gave up the ghost so no pictures for the minute. Hopefully can pick a new one up in a few hours.(Failed new camera ordered and should be with me in a week or so.)

Next Month I want to try and get 5 more tactical marines done and maybe another Terminator to help finish that squad. Although that may be a mission impossible (queue music)

01-11-2008, 16:33
Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun -95 pts
2 Nobs with Eavy Armor and Big Choppas -60 pts

Points : 155

Army total painted : 479

Conversions : Big Mek is right out of the blister. Nobs are Fantasy Black Orcs with some 40k bits

Painting : same as the rest of my orks

Basing : should be getting my basing done this month for most of my orks, so hopefully next month they will be done

High's: another month down and still going good
Lows: not looking forward to painting a lot of boyz!



01-11-2008, 17:40
Army :- Orks
Total This Month :- 70 points
Total Overall :- 355 points

BUILD/CONVERSION :- AOBR deffkopta with added buzzsaw. Handle bars taken from the ork bikes, left arm is off a big shoota with the barrel replaced off a slugga. Buzzsaw is made from the front forks off a bike with choppa blades added.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Took a lot longer than I expected. I could of done the blood a bit better on the buzzsaw, but was a bit rushed for time. Really pleased with the heat discolouration on the exhausts, it changes from purple to blue.

No time for an army shot sorry.


01-11-2008, 17:46
Give_me_a_d's Chaos Daemons (2000pts): October 2008

Unit 1: 4 Bloodletters with Fury of Khorne and an Instrument of Chaos
Cost: 79 points

Unit 2: 1/2 Bloodthirster
Cost: 125 points

Total Painting for October: 204pts

Current Army Size: 599pts

The ever expanding warhost is/will be largely based around nurgle daemons due to Death Guard CSM heritage. Any more on detail for theme and background is still to be worked out.

All are 'straight from the box' with no conversion work.

For the Bloodletters I have largely stuck to the scheme I worked out a while ago. Full details in my log. The Bloodthirster is mostly a scaled up Bloodletter although the armour and axe will be getting some extra care and attention when I finish him.

To be left until the end so I can do all of them the same way.

Still To Do:
Nothing on the Bloodletters other than basing. The Bloodthirster is about half way done. I didn't have as much time as I would have liked towards the end of the month and so instead of finishing the Bloodthirster, which was the plan, I've got half way and finished the 4 Bloodletters that I started at the beginning of the month.

Highs And Lows:
Highs: Very happy with the paint scheme for the Bloodletters
Lows: Realising I wouldn't have enough time for my original plan or even my back up plan.


Unit 1 -

Unit 2 -

Army Shot -

Next time on TO40KP...
It's likely to be a mix of stuff. I've got quite a few things undercoated or base colours done for. Expect to see more Bloodletters, maybe some Nurglings, Plaguebearers, possibly even some Daemonettes if I like how the latest test scheme turns out.

In my log will be some further pics, some PIP pics and a very early WIP of some conversions.

02-11-2008, 12:58
lone pilgrim's Blood Angels: October 2008

Unit 1: 5 Tactical Marines
Cost: 150 points



The Veteran Sergeant is from one of the Veterans metal sets. I modeled some battle damage to his bolt pistol to go with his facial scars. The rest of the squad were regular plastic Tactical marines.

I was getting into my stride with the red armour and got a decent quality in much less time than my previous marines.

See below.

Highs: Taking the Blood Angels to their first Tournament (won one lost one drew one).
Lows: Varnishing. As you can probably see from the photos I varnished the models (and a few of my older ones) just before the tournament. The varnish frosted. Aaaaargghhh!






Chaplain and 5 Death Company.

Rabid Monkey
02-11-2008, 14:48
I'm afraid this month has been very hectic for me and it doesnt look like its slowing down through the holiday season. So.....


Good thing I got a head start on month one, I knew I'd need it.

02-11-2008, 18:48
Overt_spy's D'yanoi sept Tau: October 2008

Unit 1: Commander Shas O'Rekra w/ Bodyguard Shas'vre (1 of 2 guards)
Cost: 150 for Commander, 79 for bodyguard


TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 643 / 2,000 Pts

Both models are straight out of the box, no extra doo-dads added from other kits. The bodyguard's leg has been repositioned to make it look more dynamic, I would've done some similar minor alterations to the commander, but I just kind of put it together without thinking about it, and I'm not going to tear the model apart right now just to change it from a standing pose.

They have shield drones, and I originally was going to just model the drones resting on the shoulders, but decided to play it safe and paint up some proper drone models, just to avoid any headaches.

Still keeping with the D'Yanoi sept scheme. I was contemplating blinging them up some more, but I figure the Tau are a really practical force, and unlike SM's for example, they don't want their commanders running around with large neon signs saying "I'm the most important guy here!"

Oh, and the 'head' colours vary according to rank. Shas'O's get white, 'Vre's get light brown, and the basic Shas'ui's get medium brown.

For the unit as a whole, there will be another bodyguard, but for these two, everything is done.

Highs: I really enjoy painting battlesuits, except for the large flat areas, but I think the end up looking really sweet. These suits are the whole reason I decided to do Tau in the first place.
Lows: Posing, I didn't think about posing when I made the commander, and as a result she has a rather boring pose. Although I kinda like, it makes it look like she's surveying the battlefield before taking off to go blast some enemies.


The commander and one bodyguard
Commander O'Rekra by herself
Shas'vre bodyguard and his drone, chillin.
My army in it's total, strongly contesting the giant fan objective. Imperative for ensuring the army is cool and comfortable during warm months.

Next Month: Stealth suits, and perhaps the third Shas'vre bodyguard for the HQ slot.

02-11-2008, 19:08
Another month gone and this one was a though one. I really didn´t have any motivation to get seated at my paintingtable at all. After the Dread last month I had plans to get this month entry done quickly and get a head start on novembers entry but it was not to be. Instead I had to force myself to paint and that is usually not a very good way to get things done but once I got started I made some really good progress and the got me motivated. Anyho...over to the report for october:

Pite:s 3:d Company Dark Angels
Unit: Librarian
Cost: 125 pts without any upgrades.
Total for october: 125 pts
Total army size: Haven´t really calculated the total army-size but I would figure that I have about 1200 pts painted and ready for battle.
Build/Conversion: It´s an old model that I got from a friend. I have added a DA-angel and a scroll on his backpack, other than that it´s out of the blister. It was a bit strange to paint on a metalmodel, all the rest of my army is plastic.
Painting: Started with a green basecoat (Foundation colour), later painted over with DA-Green. The bonewhite is brown highlighted with bonewhite for a pure bonewhite for the last highlight. The sword is a little experiment with the new washes but the base is Glorious Gold with Natural Steel for highlights. The scrolls is Scrofulous Brown with Bonewhite as highlights with some black "text" added.
Still to do: The base isn´t done yet but I will wait untill I have some more modells to base and do them at the same time.
Highs: Making the deadline even though I didn´t have any motivation at all (was considering the Joker-alternativ and it was tempting).
Lows: Don´t having any motivation at all. It sucks!!!




I must say that all the entrys so far has been very nice to see, the painting is very good. Keep the good work up and may your brushes never run dry.

Oh, I almost forgot. I did play around some with the new washes and painted som Nids for a friend:


02-11-2008, 20:15
TOTAL PAINTING FOR October: Dreadnought and 2 Terminators - 185


[b]BACKGROUND/THEME: The Emperor's Word Space Marines

BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversions, AoBR Termies and Dread.

PAINTING: Bleached Bone with Gryphonne Sepia wash, and Liche Purple.

BASING: Sand painted black, and drybrushed codex grey.

STILL TO DO: Nothing, except maybe squad markings.

HIGHS AND LOWS: AoBR is a breeze to paint and the scheme I have chosen is simple, but effective.




Next month I hope to paint an HQ choice.


02-11-2008, 21:03
McMullets Diminutive Greenskins: Month 3

1 Stompamob (3 Stompas): 225 points
1 Gunfortress: 135 points


Month 1: Joker
Month 2: 475 points

TOTAL PAINTING SO FAR: 865 points (target: 800 points)

Background: Orks. Theme: Orks!
I'm trying to stick to the old fashioned, 2nd ed-era look for them, besides that it's just an army.

BUILD/CONVERSION: The Stompas are converted quite a bit. I don't like the old plastic models much, didn't want three the same and they don;t reflect the modern Stompa's weapons very well. So they all have a belly gun added, and all but one has both arms changed. The guns are from these models, just moved around, or from other Epic Orks; the hammer is made from some Epic bits and a Middenheimer hammer. The Gunfortress is straight out of the box. Well, blister. Actually I bought it assembled from eBay. You get the idea.

PAINTING: White undercoat for everything. The stompas are Scrofulous Brown followed by Bald Moon Yellow, then black and boltgun metal for the black and metal bits. Eveything is then inked with Vallejo Smokey Ink.

The red on the Gunfortress is Scar Red followed by Blood Red. The whole model is also washed with Smokey Ink.


STILL TO DO: Nothing!

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs were finishing them. Lows were the getting beaten by mrsurgeon's Ultramarines again.







The lot so far:


03-11-2008, 01:02
hey all,

i have completed another 260 points for the month of October.

painted this month: commissar with power weapon and carapace armour - 90
LRBT w/ hull lascannon, sponson HBs, and extra armour - 170

total points painted: 1360

pics (ill put up a group shot next month):

commissar (sorry for the crappy pics)


LRBT (FINALLY!!! i managed to take a good pic!)

hope everyone else had a good a month as i did!

03-11-2008, 23:08
Ssorck's Slaanesh Lost and the Damned/Daemons/Emporers Children

I'm working on a combined force of 3 armies:
1) Slaanesh based Lost and the Damned (Will use Witchhunter rules since GW canned the LatD ruleset

2) Slaanesh based Daemons

3) Emporers Children CSM

Unit 1: 4 daemonettes, bringing my 1st squad up to 12 daemonettes
Cost: 56 points

Unit 2: Daemon Princess w/Daemonic Flight, Mark of Slaanesh, Soporific Musk, Boon of Mutation
Cost: 200 points


LatD (Witchhunter rules) - 240 POINTS
Daemons - 393 POINTS

Started this army eons ago - going to try and make some major porgress finally. Theme is to do a very large combined army (Apocalypse anyone?) that can be broken into 3 seperate armies for smaller gameplay.

Theme is basically a Slaaensh based horde from a daemonworld - a mix of Beastmen and Daemons. They have been joined by a Emporers Children warband.

Nothing on these beauties, stock models. There will be a significant conversions in the coming months.

Skin is done from a base color and a lot of successive layers added a little white to each layer. I use very thin layers - use alot of water in my painting.

Blue is basically the same technique.

Gems are standard GW style.

Metals are a dumbed down version of the metal master Jakob Nielson technique.

Gold is a layer of Shining Gold, Shaded with thin purple ink, highlight with layer one Shining Gold, layer 2 Shining Gold mixed with Mithril Silver, layer 3 Mithril Silver. Then I hit glaze Tamiya Clear Yellow and a final highlight of Mithril Silver again.

Silver or Steel is a basecoat of Boltgun Metal, followed by a wash of thinned Chaos Black. Highlight layers Boltgun Metal, Chainmail, Mithril Silver. Next hit with a very thin glaze of Purple and Green ink mixed. Final Highlight Mithril Silver.

Both metals take a bit of time but I'm a big fan of the result. Again, all the credit goes to Jakob Nielson for the technique.

Will eventually be based with snow/winter bases - I like to do my basing at one time so will likely wait until I have a sizeable chunk to base.

Nothing on these models except the basesand varnish.

Highs: Finishing the 1st troop, painting the princess, shes been on my shelf for a couple of years and was a joy to paint.
Lows: Had difficulty getting her wings satisfactory. Still not 100% satisfied with the wings but thems the ropes...


The last 4 Daemonettes:


Daemon Princess:


The Whole Group so far:


And top view (blurry)


Likely going to be on a time crunch again, so expect more than likely another DP, and maybe a start on another troop choice.

04-11-2008, 02:01
It was a pretty rough month for me this time around.

First thing I will address is my Tau, I am having a crisis in the paint scheme on them currently, and having a real pain in coming up with a scheme that works, is easy to paint (relatively) and that I like for my fire warriors. I had planned on banging out 17 of them this month but they just did not come together at all, and the new 'easy to paint scheme' I am finding that I just don't like it all that much. I spoke with McMullet a bit, and I think what we discussed earlier this month I will go ahead and do. Which is to transfer the points for the Tau army to my Marine army, so instead of 2500 marines, 2000 tau and 1500 daemons, I would like to move the points to the following:
4000 Marines (which would be 400 per month) and 2000 Daemons (up 500 from the old total) If you want to work out some Jokers or some other method for penalizing me for this change, I will accept them.

This Month, I have a 10 man tactical squad with flamer, missile launcher, and a Rhino transport, as well as a Space Marine Captain with artificer armor, relic blade and digital weapons.

Captain - Artificer Armor, Digital Weapons, Relic Blade - 155
Dreadnought - Multi Melta, Extra Armor - 120
Tactical Squad - 10 men, Flamer, Missile Launcher, Rhino with Extra Armor - 220
Fast Attack:
Assault Squad
Sarge has Power Weapon, Storm Shield, Melta Bombs - 135
Heavy Support:
Whirlwind - extra armor -100
Vindicator- Extra Armor, Siege Shield - 140

Total This Month: 375
Total Army: 865


04-11-2008, 02:08
For my Daemons, I was pressed for time this month as well, school has been a rough month this time. my offering this month is a single model that I finished up over the last few days so that I could show off something.

I present to you a Herald of Slaanesh. I still need to put the sand on her base and do a few tiny details, dot the eyes, do her teeth and some badab black on the chainmail and she is 100% done.

Herald of Slaanesh - Soporific Musk, Pavane of Slaanesh, Daemonic Gaze - 100
5 Flamers of Tzeenttch - Bolt of Tzeentch - 205
9 Bloodletters + Instrument of Chaos - 149
Fast Attack:
Heavy Support:

Total This Month: 100
Total Army: 454


04-11-2008, 11:44
Yea, I'm gonna have to pull my first joker this month

05-11-2008, 05:11
Aenimosity's gribblies.



THIS MONTH: 1 Carnifex

BASING: Not till the army is finished.

STILL TO DO: That damn bit of carapace on his right shoulder.

HIGHS: I'm back on target with my points for the tale.

LOWS: After taking the photos of this guy, I've realized that I've missed a spot of his carapace.


NEXT MONTH: Gaunts (sigh) and a Zoanthrope.

05-11-2008, 06:48
Ok, I've managed to haul myself away from fallout 3 long enough to take some bad pictures. :D

Army: Brotherhood of Steel Space Marines
Unit: Predator Annihilator w/ Lascannon sponsons
Painting: Same as the Marines but with some added weathering. Tamiya Weathering Master set with various shades of sand coloured powders.
Still to do: Squadron/Chapter badges
Highs: Got the tank done a lot faster than expected. The powders really speed things up as you don't have to do much work on the paint job.
Lows: None really.
Points: 165
Points Total: 585/2000

So still on target. The short points will be made up at the end of this month by another Tactical Squad being over 200.

Time for the pics.


Army shot.

05-11-2008, 13:08
jpobrich's Dark Angels



THIS MONTH: 5 Scouts, with sniper rifles and a missile launcher

BASING: The usual, a mixture of medium and small slate with some sand and static grass for contrast

STILL TO DO: Chapter badge and squad designation on two of the models; clear coat and dull cote

HIGHS: It was fun painting something other than power armour for a change. I also tested out a new way of doing the armour with Orkhide Shade as a basecoat. It works really well!

LOWS: I attempted a camo pattern on the cloaks, but it looked so bad that I had to paint over it. Also, Scouts use so many colours (more than 20 compared to about 15 for a Tactical marine) that solo painting as opposed to assembly line painting becomes a bit annoying and time-consuming

NEXT MONTH: Finish the Master I have started and get going on some Devastators


Colonel Haizelhoff
05-11-2008, 18:38
Ok so here is my submission for this month.

I'll be adding picks of all the tanks so far soon.

Salamander scout vehicle:
w/ hunterkiller missile and track guards (wheels are harder to hit in my logic)

Still to do: A heavy stubber into the front to count as a HB

06-11-2008, 08:29
Rom's Elysian Drop Troop Company

Fast Attack: Drop Sentinal Squadron, Multi Meltas - 55 pts
(No Photos as yet, Camera difficulies, will add when sorted out)

Joker :(

HQ: Heroic Captain with power fist, Veteran Sergent, medic, master vox, frag and krak grenades - 146 pts
EliteS: Hardened Vetern Squad, Veteran Sergent, Vox, 2 x Sniper Rifles, frag and krak grenades - 85 pts



Company part of a larger force combating tendrils of Tyranid hive fleets on the eastern fringe. Overall command lies with that of an Inquistor, with other units in the force consisting of Tallarn Light Infantry, Death Korp Mechanised and Armoured and Strike Detachment of Red Scorpions Marines.

Captain Vesilli Orlov, Company Commander

All units are as they come from forgeworld. Aerials are however made from brass wire purchased seperately from models.


Armour: Denab Stone, washed with Devlan mub then Highlighted back to Denab Stone. Legs and other areas washed with Desert Yellow, Chipe in armour first painted with Catachan Green then Boltgun Metal.

HUD: Red Gore followed by Blood Red highlighted with Sunburst Yellow then inked with Red Ink

Weapons: Chaos Black with Codex Grey highlights. Boltgun metal used in places.

Painted with Desert Yellow, highlighted eith Bleached Bone over Bestial Brown base coat, with codex grey rocks, highlited fortress grey and

2nd Sentinal to finish

Highs: Watching the force come together and being confident enough with my paint skills to be able to do these models justice.
Lows: Not having the time to paint more on these

Cheers, Rom

Finally got apicture to go with this, sorry if its not too good.

Death Korp
06-11-2008, 19:11

TOTAL PAINTING FOR October: 235pts

TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 235pts (yep, i'm that bad :D )

The Iron Warriors of Warsmith Zarkisz have been sent on a Crusade along with the Word Bearers and other legions to Ammoriss (A campagin I'm taking part in on another forum (ammobunker)) and they are out to take as much Technology from the palnet and exact revenge on the WB's Apostle, Agamoth.

Squad 'Steel Malice'


All of tem are made from a mix of marine, black templar, chaos and havoc bits.


Basic iron Warrior colours, Boltgun Metal, Shining Gold, Enchanted blue, merchite red and lots of badab black and delvan mub wash. Basing was snad, bronw ink, drybrush bleached bone then scorched grass, erm....grass....


Highs: Adding more and more stuff to my Iron Warriors! Making it into a Apocalypse army (I already have 3000pts painted!) and more CSMs will help. They're easy to paint too.

LOWS: Taking forever to post and having tests.

Hopefully, next month I'll have a Daemon Prince to show you!



06-11-2008, 19:26

LOWS: Not being able to finish the regular assault squad I was working on, because I've been taking care of our two boys and almost all the work around the house...

HIGHS: ...due to my lovely wife being 11 weeks pregnant with our third baby! w00t!

So, with a happy heart, I give you:


yours, olean

06-11-2008, 22:05
Hi Guys

Been an industrious month for me this month.

Painitng done- Scout Squad Including Telion, Assault Squad and a Sternguard squad

total points- 608

army total so far- 1038ish


and everything so far apart from Tigurius(forgot to take him with me)

I will have everything else done for my initial 1500 point by next months update, i'll then be taking a month off of the Tale to do some other stuff then i've decided to get some orks done, so hopefully McMullet will add 1500 points of them to my list aswell.



p.s.- for close ups check out my 40k log(in sig)

07-11-2008, 01:21

TOTAL PAINTING FOR October: 2 Grey Knight Terminators (92 points)


Bodyguard for brother captain stern. These lads have helped him smite many a deamon.

Nothing special really.


Armour: Black, boltgun, blue ink, mithril silver

Weapons: Ultramarines, blue ink and run white through it while it's still wet

Waiting on bases :(

Base them. And i just realised i need to glue thier heraldry on

Highs: Getting something done this month (exams)
Lows: Bases, and short on points. Will make it up later.
Also, how the pictures turned out. The gold is a lot 'golder' than it appears in the pics





Next month: Three more of these blokes.

07-11-2008, 12:12
*sigh* another joker. Couldn't get my fire prism done in time due to laziness. Sorry ladies and gents. I'll try my best next month. Comments to follow shortly...


07-11-2008, 13:02
TOTAL PAINTING FOR October: 35 (plus upgrades)

Nothing special here, just built as a basic Rhino, doors glued shut

The armor is the same as month one, I tried to add hazard stripes to all the doors

Highs: Getting anything done at all, this has been a rough month personally and I am chuffed that I got anything done at all.
Lows: Only getting a Rhino done, but hey it finishes up the unit from last month nicely.

Some undead ghouls, that will be used as generic daemons ... I got the idea from a mate who said in one of the novels Iron Warriors are experimenting on people and turn them into the unfleshed. How accurate that is I don't know as I have not read it but it works for me.

Coming Sunday when I get home and take them.

07-11-2008, 13:30
Fredmans' Steel Legion presents 2nd company of 41st Steel Legion Armoured Regiment

Painted this month: Tank Company (9 Leeman Russes, 1 Vanquisher Command Tank + Commissar)

Points this month: 650
Points total: 1150

Building: The turrets are somewhat raised with greenstuff. The tanks have barrels/san*******/boxes add-ons to show long-range capacity, fitting their fluff. The commissar and command tanks have antennas added and a commissar is looking out the top hatch of his tank.

Painting: Used a Steel Legion tank scheme. Adeptus Grey to Fortress Grey and a mixture of grey/rotten flesh to rotten flesh. Tracks painted in Tin bitz and drybrushed with Boltgun Metal. The Commissar Tank is darker, from black to shadow grey.

Still to do: Barrels, boxes, tents etc will be painted, but I ran out of time. Company markings are there (blue stripes for 2nd company), but platoon markings are still to do, and also a pennant for the commissar tank.

Background: The army will be built of troops from a mixture of regiments, in Imperial Guard fashion. There will be a mechanized/infantry regiment, an armoured regiment, and an artillery regiment. This tank company is the 2nd company of the 41st Steel Legion Armoured Regiment - The Styx Raiders.

Fluff: The 2nd company is led by Colonel Henz and the Dread Commissar Roberts. The company is known for its unorthodox methods and is put to best use when given free reigns. If Henz is the strategist, Roberts is a savage cutthroat with little regard for other lives - neither ork nor human. Their successful combat patrols across the wastelands of Armageddon have earned the company its nickname - The Styx Raiders.

Commissar Roberts is under investigation for using xeno-technology and causing the recent destruction of an entire Elysian Drop Troop Company in the attack on Big Mek Nielz Baaahr's Pulsa Factory. Baaaahr was an ingenious big mek who managed to combine two of the Orks' most feared innovations - the pulsa technology and the tellyporta. In a catastrophic battle, three Warlord Titans were lost to tellyporting pulsa rockets fired from Great Gargants. Intelligence tracked the invention to Baaahr's Mekshop and a joint operation was called for. The Styx Raiders spearheaded their way towards the Factory in order to engage the Factory's defences. In the battle that ensued after the Drop Troops' arrival, Commissar Roberts gave false orders to the Elysian commander to activate the Pulsa Warheads within the factory. A cataclysmic pulsa wave destroyed everything within a 2 mile radius. The Supreme Command has delayed the investigation, however, since Roberts company keep tallying up victories, and ignore the rumours that the coffin on Roberts' tank contains a Kustom Force Field Generator.

The Styx Raiders, advancing over white paper.

Close-up on camo scheme

Command tank with Command Vehicle add-on:

Commissar Roberts (with rumoured force field generator):

@McMullet: I have to joker my tyranids, but they are in progress for next month.


07-11-2008, 15:36
TOTAL PAINTING FOR October: 4 Nobz riding Cyboars (count as Bikernobz) - 215pts

TOTAL ARMY SIZE: Uuuhm, must be around 430 now?

BACKGROUND/THEME: 1st/2nd edition Space Orks.
Goff Warband got lost in the Warp long ago, remerges, teams up with a Snakebite Warband to go looking for Ghazgkhull.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Well, my biggest conversion spree since 1999 to be honest. Not so much on the Nobz (just the usual hacking and replacing to make the boarboys in the army look all quite different, converting the powerfist and the 'uge choppas) but more on the boars themselves. And all that with a very, very, very limited choice of bitz since I didn't bring my bitzbox with me to the UK, just a small bag of stuff. But I'm happy with how the Cyboars turned out and they make the Nobz really stand out quite a bit more.

PAINTING: Nothing really special here. A bit more freehands than on the other boarboys, learned quite a bit from painting those shoulderpads.

BASING: The usual. Home-made "slate", 2 kinds of sand, drybrushed, rocks painted.

STILL TO DO: well, add backbanners, I guess. I'm also not happy with the hooves on the Cyboars (I really, really can't stand painting hooves) and the metallics on the axes could need some work.

HIGHS AND LOWS: None really, pretty straightforward working.

Please note that the battle damage on the armour plate on the Cyboar's face is just painted on. Another new thing i tried out while painting those.



The pictures aren't too good; I still need to tune my UK photo-taking setup a bit i guess (having no tripod hurts). The pictures of them back when they were 99% finished were probably better. You can find them in my photobucket account http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/Orks/.

07-11-2008, 16:13

Sorry a joker from me this month.

07-11-2008, 17:06
I've managed to complete The Masque and a unit of 3 screamers this month for 148 points, making my running total so far 513 points and now gives me a legal army at least.
I've been away all week working and got back this afternoon to find that my camera batteries are flat, but I've popped them on charge and wil post piccies later tonight, if I'm still sober, or more likely tomorow morning when I may be hungover but will at least know one end of a battery from another.

I'll post a couple of notes about how I slapped the colour on a s well.

07-11-2008, 19:37
Army: Ultramarines, 1500pts
Models in army so far: 0
Months painting: 2

This month entry 1/2: Ultramarines Predator Annihilator with sponson-mounted lascannons and storm bolter
Points this month: 175pts
Whole army points count: 175pts.


The hull was basecoated with a 1:1 mix of Regal Blue and Ultramarines Blue, shaded with Regal Blue and highlighted with Ultramarines Blue. An extreme highlighting of Space

Wolves Grey was added.
The metal was done with a Boltgun Metal basecoat, heavily washed with Badad Black and highlighted with Boltgun Metal and then Chainmail.
The gold details received a 1:1 Shining Gold and Scorched Brown basecoat, washed with Devlan Mud and highlighted with pure Shining Gold, gradually adding Mithril Silver.

Err... none.


This is my first tank, so it's been a new experience for me.
I enjoyed painting the freehand on this model, especially the Ultramarines symbol done in a "trompe-l'oeil" style!

My lack of skill with a camera is astonishing! The colors are really different from their real life couterpart, but i've done my best! Here they come:



This one is a WIP shot with a flash. Some of the colors are somewhat more accurate...

07-11-2008, 19:38
Army: Ultramarines, 1500pts
Models in army so far: 1
Months painting: 2

This month entry 2/2: 10 men Tactical Squad, with Heavy Bolter and Plasmagun
Points this month: 180pts
Whole army points count: 355pts.


Exactly as the 'Eavy Metal tutorial i found on Games Workshop publications.

Vallejo coarse pumice, with added sand. Basecoated with Bestial Brown, followed by a drybrush of Bubonic Brown, one of Bleached Bone and a wash ofDevlan Mud. Regular static

grass was added next.

I only painted the Ultramarines symbol on the sergeant shoulder pad. I need to do it on the other pads

This was actually the first unit i painted for the army. To be honest this is the first Space Marines unit i painted.
I'm only partially satisfied with the banner, but i didn't want it to catch too much attention. Probably i'll get back to it sooner or later, when i will be more attuned with

the style of the army.





07-11-2008, 19:50
So, sadly I will have to joker as well (again :(). Real life has been taking it's toll once more. But at least I'm quite close to finishing this months work so I will be able to put it up in November. Which means I will be able to paint in my own pace instead of feeling the looming deadline. The plan is to get close to 400 points to post by the end of the month. We'll see how´it goes...


07-11-2008, 20:41
Army: Tyranids

Units: Dakkafex and 4 Hormaguants with Adrenal Glands

Points so Far: 467/1500

Techincal difficulties with the camera, Gaunts should be up tonight or tomorrow but I have the Dakkafex picture


07-11-2008, 20:56
TOTAL PAINTING FOR October: 4 Nobz, one Warboss - 320 Points

CONVERSIONS: Well, first a poorly done painboy;). Second the Waaaghbanner made of biker bitz the grot too.

PAINTING: Just my standard paint scheme, nothing special.

BASING: The basing is on my to do list, will be done in the next days

WHAT ELSE: Highlighting the brown parts on all Nobz


5 Nobz:


painboy, bosspole, powerklaw:

Warseer does not allow me to post one more pic, saying 5 pics are included in my post, thou it is only four. Mh...

07-11-2008, 22:09
Warseer does that because it counts a smiley as a picture :(

07-11-2008, 22:43
My little update, with old pictures :)

I haven't finished that much for this month, but did get a good deal of work done on other things (like uni)
Anyways, I had 1 Seraphim 100% done and my Canoness 100% done. That gives me 142 points for this month, I have a few other Seraphim nearly done but those will be ready for next month =-)

Picture of my Canoness:

And an old picture of my Seraphim:


A sidenote, tomorrow (or actually today, as it is Saturday here already) I have a 2v2 tournament and today we had a little game (and a little drink, which is why I didn't get to painting much!) He will be playing marines and I will attend with my B*tches of Battle, but I also took a picture of our total forces (1000pts total)


Good work on everybody else that completed something this last month, I must say it really passed quickly. I will comment in dept when the submissions are over, don't you worry!

08-11-2008, 03:55
My photos are forthcoming. I dont know what the time difference is but its still the 7th here in the states.

I need a few minutes. Hope you like this bad boy. I toiled long and hard.

08-11-2008, 04:18
Okay Guys here we go. MY VMB In all its glory.

Macharius Vulcan Mega Bolter Variant of the 163rd Logres Prime Arctic Wyrms Armored Corps.
1 Macharius VMB, 1 Commissar
Cost: 405 points + 80 points for the Commissar


1 Regimental Command Squad
1 Hardened Veteran Squad
1 Fire Support Autocannon Team
1 Superheavy Macharius VMB
1 Commissar

I pinned the heavy flamers and heavy stubbers for more durability.


For the Macharius, I followed the GW tutorial for the Snow Camo approach.
I like how it kept alot of the shading and blacklining in place.

So its a Chaos Black Prime, Scorched Earth Drybrush, heavy. Then You dry Brush white with a Blister foam insert. It works great. Tighten up add details and your set. The tracks, heavy flamer and the like were done with a dry brush of Vallejo Hammered Copper, then GW boltgun metal and a 50/50 wash of Ogryn Flesh. Go over the barrells of the flamers and stubber with a black really dry and chalky dry brush for carbon build up. Same with the Exhausts and Barrells of the Guns.


Weathering: LOVE the Tamiya weathering kits. I used a weathering kit for the mud. I used some Mud powder with water for the light mud look.

None, its a tank.
Commissar, same basing as the other infantry. Graveyard Earth, then Commando Khaki, then Skull white, Static grass and Boom. Based.

Minor blacklining touch ups maybe a decal or two. For all intensive purposes its done.

Highs: The Turret really looks kick ass if I do say so myself.
Lows: Blacklining

Whats Next: 1st Platoon

1st Platoon: Command Squad (Junior Officer with Chain Sword & Bolt Pistol, 2 Melta guns, 1 vox, 1 Standard Trooper = Base is 85 + 5 fof Iron Discipline,
90 points total

Squad Alpha:1x Veteran Sergeant; Autocannon, 1 with Melta Gun, Vox , + Light Infantry & Sharpshooters = 116

Nov Total: 206


Left Side:

Right Side:


08-11-2008, 04:20
Frontal 2:


Frontal Top:

Commissar Based:

08-11-2008, 04:48
Sorry it's a little late, hope not too late...

darkstonelich's Chaos Space Marine: October 2008

Unit 1: 5 Chaos Space Marines Terminators, Upgrade with:
1 Power Fist, 1 Chain Fist, 1 Heavy Flamer, 1 Reaper Autocannon
Cost: 205
It's not legal, but I will add more terminators to them in the future. Besides, I used magnets to make these terminators' weapon interchangeable, so if I don't want a huge terminator unit, I can change their weapon.



Nothing to say this month......or just the same as last month, because I'm very busy this month and just have little time for paint.

Magnetized arms. Sorry no photos this month, I'm show the interchangeable parts when I finish paint all extra arms next month.

Same as last month.


Zerks and the second Rhino!

Highs: Make conversion on their arms.
Lows: Need more time and sleep.....

So it's photos......


Unit 1, Terminators:




08-11-2008, 06:42
Badgobbla's Son of sanguinius: october 2008

Unit 1: Corbulo (sanguinary priest/apothecary)
cost: 100 pts

Unit 2: Combat Squad Blood Angels (all with bolters)
cost: 145 pts

Unit 3: Dreadnought (with multi-melta and close combat weapon with built-in storm bolter)
cost: 125 pts



The army is centered around some named characters up till now, but I'm planning on giving those new names and using them witht the named character rules. The background would be that this army is a very traditional BA army. I'm still reading up on the Horus Heresy right now, which I hope will give me some ideas and later I'll be reading the BA books.

Nothing really. The marines are in basic "marine-poses", if you want to call it that. Corbulo is completely in metal and such a nice looking model, that I couldn’t get over it to cut him up.

This month I started by painting the freehand skull on the top hatch of the Death Company-rhino. It took me quite a while to get the general shape right (and I’m still not too happy with it) and that made me lose a bit of painting-drive this month. Overall the freehand looks allright, but I learned some good lessons again by doing it.

The Marines’ torsos, legs, arms, codpieces and feet were painted starting from Dark Flesh up to a highlight of Blood Red and Blazing Orange. After that a few washes of Baal Red were used to blend the layers together and give it a nice smooth and matte effect. The backpacks, helmets and shoulderguards were left black with the same highlights as the Death Company marines. The metal parts were painted with Chainmail Silver and given a wash of Badab Black.
Some extra detail went into Corbulo, but nothing really special.
The dreadnought got the same treatment as the marines.

Again some resin pieces were glued to the bases, along with some small rocks and then drybrushed with Graveyard Earth and highlighted with Dheneb Stone.
Some small details on the bases again: stones, skulls, helmets, etc.

Highs: Getting some good painting done again, it seems I’ve got my drive back.
Lows: Being a little late again, but as they say: better late than never.

Of course, everything couldn’t go right this month and my batteries of the camera died when I wanted to take the finished pics (I hate rechargeable batteries). All I have is a pic of the finished top hatch of the rhino. I’ll post three more pics of corbulo, the marines and the dreadnought tonight.





08-11-2008, 11:26
Well, it's the eighth today. So, here's what's on my desk for this month.
Only progress so far has been assembling the chaos ship. I don't really feel like painting right now. Probably will force myself to pick up a brush again, starting is always the hardest part. Oh, and that imperial ship has 27 parts. That's right, 27. Plus the flight stick. And about half of those parts require pinning, unless I want the thing to be really fragile afterwards. Just cleaning the mold lines of the monstrosity makes me want to scream. Luckily, I have one assembled imperial cruiser lying around, so I can paint it up at the last minute and do this later. Although it is over 500 points, so I could have the assembly alone count as 1½ months of pain. :p

lonepilgrim, such a shame about the varnish. :( They look really nice otherwise.

ssorck, I love the pastels. A great oldschool look, everyone seems to paint their slaaneshi followers with dark shades nowadays.

McMullet, I wish my stompas would look that good when they're done. I really don't have any suitable leftover bits to convert them with. I'll just have to let the paintscheme speak for itself, I suppose. Not that they're on my list for the tale though, so it'll probably be at least nine months before I get around to doing them. :angel:

sigur, them orks are looking mighty fine to me. A well-balanced colour scheme that doesn't look cartoony even with the bright colours. Good to see some snakebites, they're seem to be pretty rare nowadays.

08-11-2008, 12:18
I'm almost ashamed to put these up after looking at the rest of the work in here, but here goes.

Nothing special about the build of these, straight out the box with no changes.

Paint: The screamers were done with a black primer then progressively lighter colours of blue as overbrushes then drybrushes. I then washed them with the GW blue wash to tie the coats together. The horns were black then grey then white to finish, whilst the veiny things were purple with a slight white highlight.
The Masque was again primed black. Her flesh was brought up through codex then fortress grey with white highlight. The hair was drybrushed with 2 layers of blue with the 2nd coat a lot lighter than the first. Her robe was based with liche purple and then highlighted with warlock purple.

Bases: these are coated with a watered down postbox red masonary paint to match the basecoat of my board. It's not really that bright as you can see. The covered in sand and coloured with the masonary paint then drybrushed with a couple of vallejo paints to lighten them up a bit.

Next month it'll be The Keeper of Secrets or 10 Horrors, maybe both. I might be trying to pick up the pace on these as I am hoping to go to a 1500 point tournament in February and would like to take Daemons, so we'll see how it goes.

Solun Decius
08-11-2008, 12:24
It's monday ... time for headlines!
Actually it's neither monday nor time for headlines but it's the 8th ... time for comments.

First I'd like to say to everyone that's posting that it's an amazing amount of painting that we've collectively done and the people that are still in the tale now should be proud of their work. That said, I've put a little bit more of hopefully helpful pointers in some of the comments, just to say something more meaningful than just "good job". I hope they're not ill received and I'm willing myself to take all and any critisism and pointers you have and am glad to be improving all the time.

But to all of you, first and foremost: Good Job!

So here goes:

@Jim: I like the style of the captain and the conversion is very nice, excellent chain axe.
You should maby spend a little time taking turns with a black wash and very watered down white paint (and very little in the brush) to both deepen the recesses (with black) and smooth out the whites a bit. The white studs on the blue shoulder also look a bit rushed. Alltogether very nice mini though!
@Playwithbob: I love that you are painting these models and the paint scheme looks good on them. I guess the fases and whites could be smoother, but I'm not sure that would be the right style for these models. Your shading is rather "sharp" but it looks good on these models as they are rather less refined the newer stuff.
@Johanmaul: Yes, those metal Stealth suits do look cool. Interesting poses and stuff! Very clean and nice painting on dark and stealthy suits.
@Häxjägare: Good progress there and nice conversions. I'd recommend brighter edge highlights just in a few places to bring a little "ding" to the whole look. They are a bit dark which, when looking at the whole army, makes it a bit "indistinct".
@susu.exp: Love that army. You could maybe spend a little more time smoothing out the faces but all in all brilliant stuff. Love the kilt!
@Discord: The Landa loks proppa. Very colorful and orky. Like the freehand skull'n'bones.
BFG stuff is excellent, especially the chaos one. Fitting for a lord on board!
@DarkstarSabre: Sorry about the Joker dude. We've got to keep the Bug ratio up here :D
@kammek: I love your army and the new additions, kans and commandos. The commandos especially look really tough and they might benefit from a clearer photo.
Now do those boyz! Can't have a horde without them.
@misterboff: Nice deffskullz, good scheme too. That's the third trukk'o'boyz you do? This will make for a simple, yet effective game strategy.
@agoi65: Keeper of secrets is very nice. Properly colorful and swedish fingernails :D I like the effect on the sword.
The trukk's drivers look a bit rushed. The boyz' faces are better and of course it's natural to spend less time on individual orks than a Greater Daemon. All in all nice scheme and nice looking old-school new-school mixed ork horde.
@plantagent: Hope you can get those photos up for us to enjoy.
@Chicken_Funk: Excellent orks. The Big Mek is an awesome model and you seem to have done it justice and Black orks are always so cool for variation in 40K ork armies. Very nice, deffskullz, are they?
@fluffystuff: Your paint jobs really shine man. The skin on the ork, the hat and jacket. Very smooth and bright highlights. The metals are excellent too. Maybe the whole blood spatter thing on the wheel is a bit too strong.
@give_me_a_d: Good progress on the daemon army. I might go for an extra highlight with a much brighter color to make the reds "pop" a bit. Just on some edges and raised areas,v ery thin lines. The Bloodthirster in particular might benefit from this and get some added depth.
@lonepilgrim: Very nice, very smooth paint jobs on the blood angels. They really stick out. I love the sergeant's face. Horrible accident with the varnish though, that's bad luck man!
@Overt_Spy: Nice tau! Nice and smooth paint job and a nice earthy scheme that is not too monotone, since you put in the different colored areas here and there. I rather like your head style.
@Pite: Nice Librarian! Will there be many old models like this in your DA army? The green scheme is nice but are there no eyes or anything that could make the face/helmet stand out a bit more?
As for the Gaunt, the washes are really working out for you there. Excellent outcome!
@Khrangar: Very nice paint scheme. It's great to see both sides making use of the Black Reach set! The dread is very cool!
@McMullet: As usual, excellent tiny-waaagh! Varied and cool color schemes on the stompas.
You must also be looking forward to getting rid of between 90 and 100 entries in the list in the first post, from now on! :eek:
@BLARGAG!!!: Commisar is a bit blurry but looks nice nonetheless. Leman Russ is sharper and looks nice too. Good weathering as well.
@ssorck: Very nice style on the whola army. The white skin is very smooth and well done. Is the shine from the paint job or from varnish? It looks very good!
@Norsehawk: Whether or not you've switched from Tau you're still doing almost 500 pts this months and planning to do 600 each. That's no small feat so I think we're all still impressed. Marines are looking excellent, the herald colorful and slaaneshi!
@aenimosity: Very nice fex. The carapace is very nice but for the red I'd recommend a little bit of a brighter highlight. Just little edges here and there, to get better contrast and depth. The paintjob is very smooth and nice but could maybe use that extra shine on the red.
@Catferret: Nice pred. i know you've still got the badges left but you might also consider painting in the headlights, if you overlooked them!
@jpobrich: Very nice Dark Angel sniper scouts. Smooth and bright painting. Very striking!
@Colonel Haizelhoff: I don't get it. I really don't.
@Romanus: No photos?
@Death Corp: Well, first submission but at least good progress this month. The photo is a bit blurry and also insanly shiny so it's hard to make out the paint job. As I said, good progress though!
@spikyjames: Completely outstanding work. You really raise the bar for the rest of us!
@Knighta: Fair progress on the DH. Hard to make out details but they seem to stand very nicely out on the tabletop. Good scheme overall.
@Lardidar: We look forward to those photos!
@Fredmans: Very nice mini-guard, no Bugs? :(
@Sigur: Ace conversions, bright and popping paint scheme and smooth paint jobs. You too raise the bar for us. Inspiring stuff!
@Zujara: Excellent fex in your nice paint scheme. Hope to see those gaunts as well!
@tehgeist: The painboy isn't bad at all. I think it's cool! The paint jobs on the rest look excellent although the photos are a bit hazy so they don't shine as much.
@Edzard: The canoness looks great now. Still seems to me that you need some troops fast to get the points up. I hope to see more of your army in that bright and cool paint scheme.
@razormasticator: So you've finished the Macahrius. I feel the transition between white and the black recesses could be a little smoother, but that's small stuff compared to just having finished that big piece. The commissar looks very good, good color scheme and very nice base too. So it's infantry for a change now, eh?
@Badgobbla: Very good progress you seem to have made. I hope to see the rest of the photos soon! The rhino looks mighty fine though. Freehand on the top hatch is excellent!
@kenny3760: Almost missed you. Good jon on getting the points done. You could benefit from mixing colors. Use greys in between the white and black for more gradient blends. it get's a kind of dirty look as it is now. Good stuff though!

So ... back to the old painting desk!

08-11-2008, 13:30
Apologies first, for being late. The models are done for days, I just had an incredibly busy week, with night shifts last weekend, uni during week, and more work during week due to others being sick. Varnishing and taking photos took me until today, sorry for that. But at last, here we go:

Darnoks 40K Chaos Daemons - Painting of October 2008

Unit 1: 5 Plaguebearers, including a model with "Noxious Touch", and a musician - 90 points
Unit 2: Beast of Nurgle - 35 points

This Months Painting: 125 points

Total Army Size: 302 points (+X)

Background and Theme

More Nurgle stuff this months. With the Plaguebearers now ten "men" strong, and the added Beast, I think the current army is a suitable following for one Herald.

I wanted to do something else next month, but due to a special person I stay with Nurgle. "Project Rolf" is in the works...


See post #3 for details of how the Plaguebearers were done.

The Beast of Nurgle is an older GW Chaos Spawn, with a proper "sludgy" tail, which is simply a shell I found at the beach. Too much glue was used on the joints of claws and body, as well as on the base, to give the impression of slime bursting from its inside and dripping on the path it takes.


Nothing different than from the first few models, Different greens and browns, sepia washes, black for the horns and claws, greens and blues for the slime. I tried some source lighting for the glowing eyes of the Beast, but I don't think it turned out that great, I need more practice for that...

Still To Do

They need gloss varnish on certain areas (horns, eyes and slime). And I have to deal with the light snow effect the matt varnish has left on some areas...






08-11-2008, 13:34
Solun: Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I know the blacklining is dark. But I really wanted the recesses to stand out. Plus I think the flash on my camera isnt doing me justice here. The tank looks much better in the real world.

The flash seems to find every little minor thing and blows it up and put a flood light on it.

08-11-2008, 13:48
Hi Everyone,
Time for some comments. I'm not going to comment on everyone cos I'm lazy and this is valuable painting time! If I haven't commented on your work I'm sorry, please don't take it personally and accept a generic 'Well done'. Anyway here goes -

@Jim – I like your style, the dirt is a nice touch. That is an axe and a half!
@Playwithbob – RT to the max! If I was doing the same thing I'd have to go with a glossy black Dark Angels theme but yours is still very cool.
@Discord – I don't know how you manage to get so much done! I like the Landa a lot.
@agio65 – The shoota boyz have come out really nice.
@lonepilgrim – Love your blood angels. Excellent work.
@Overt_Spy – Your Tau are looking good as always. The light blue really make the colour scheme work for me.
@Khranger – Good and unusual colour scheme you have there. Its giving me some inspiration for my Daemonettes.
@ssork – Personally I would say your colour scheme is too light but its an absolutely fantastic paint job.
@Spikyjames – Really inspiring work from you again. Maybe the bases are a little plain?
@Fredmans – Epic Guard, very nice.
@sigur – Suddenly I'm back in 1994. You've captured the feel of early 2nd ed perfectly.
@Badgobbla – The skull on the rhino is great, very much looking forward to the rest.
@Solun Decius – I would agree with you on the 'thirster but not for the 'letters. I want them to be quite dark and subtle. Unfortunately the pictures don't really do them justice. I'm a bit stuck with the 'thirster at the moment so anyone else with some advice, its always appreciated.
@Darnok – Love that Beast of Nurgle.

A quick plug for my log – You'll get a few more WIP shots soon including the prototype fury conversion!

08-11-2008, 14:46
Yes indeed, it's the 8th now and must be so pretty much everywhere in the world. So submissions for the month are closed. I do have one more entrant: The last painter to join in is Maalivate who PM'd me last week. He's having trouble posting in the thread but sent me a link to pictures of a tactical squad (180 points) and a Predator (175 points) today, so he's just in (and already got a joker back). Here's the link: http://s408.photobucket.com/albums/pp166/Maalivate/

Let's see now, I was up to BLARGAG!!! last time I posted in the other thread...

@ssorck: Very nice indeed - the smooth painting and otherworldy shading/colours really suit the models and the Slaaneshi feel.

@Norsehawk: Good painting mate, must say I'm not 100% taken with the yellow on the marines though; it looks a bit cartoony somehow. Maybe a bit of black/brown lining would be an idea, or even just a wash?

@aenimosity: Good smooth red, I think Solun Decius has a point about the carapace though: A deeper shade or sharper highlights would just make it pop that last little bit.

@Catferret: Very nice grimdark look on that predator. The weathering is very nice and did I mention I LOVE the source lighting on the lascannon sights?

@jpobrich: Nice clean painting. I like that the night vision goggles that double as 3D glasses...

@Colonel Haizelhoff: That's a pretty cool kitbash. I think the gunner mght be a bit close to the gun though... he's going to get a whack in the stomach fromt he recoil like that. ;)

@Romanus: Look forward to the pictures.

@Death Korp: Nice job on the IW. They're looking good but I must make one small complaint: The guy in a Mk 6 helmet in the front row, he's got a purity seal on his left greave. I'm sure purity seals aren't the sort of thng a Chaos marine would leave on his stolen armour...

@spikyjames: Fantastic work as ever!

@Knighta: Good job on those two, you're not too far behind overall and it's easy to catch up with Grey Knights!

@Lardidar: Look forward to the pic.

@Fredmans: Cracking job on the tanks - nice background as well! (Not to mention an excellent choice of name for the Commissar). Looking forward to more Nids next month.

@Sigur: Love those old models, and the freehand is amazing. You've really got this slightly updated 90s look (AKA Zygurztyle) down to a tee! What'll you do for the back banners? Paper, plasticard or greenstuff?

@Zujara: I'm all for this style of natural Tyranids. Look forward to the finished pictures.

@tehgeist: Nic epainting, the yellow is nicely done. The painboy conversion looks good to me, any chance of a closer look?

@Edzard: Good work - hw did the tournament go? I think you win the prize for first ToP tournament entry this year anyway!

@razormasticator: Great to see these done mate.

@Badgobbla: Good job on the freehand, looking good.

@kenny3760: They look fine mate. You could neaten them up with a spot of washing or glazing to bring those layers together, but to be honest from arm's length they're good as they are.

@Darnok: Good work - nice selection of alternate models there, and the beast conversion is very clever!

Now... an

We're now done with Month #3 so some people are out of Jokers. Mostly people who never turned up int he first place. The following is a list of everyone who is, according to my records, out of the tale. Please check it to see if you're on and shouldn't be, because I maye have made a mistake, or indeed several for that matter.

[Glory]Jelmie : 40K Imperial Guard
AdmiralGrave : 40K Tau Empire
Anodyr : 40K Lost and the Damned
Arcane_Blade : 40K Chaos Space Marines
Azarkhel : 40K Chaos Space Marines
azhagmorglum : 40K Tyranids
Baron_Konrad : 40K Space Marines
bassmasterliam : 40K Imperial Guard
Ben : 40K Space Marines
burtnernie : 40K Chaos Space Marines
Caelas : 40K Space Marines
Caelas : 40K Chaos Space Marines
Captain Ardias : 40K Space Marines
chrismisterx : 40K Space Marines
Copella : 40K Inquisition
Copella : 40K Eldar
Cypher, the Emperor : 40K Space Marines
dave is the best : 40K Space Marines
Dazed and Confused : 40K Inquisition
Dead orc : 40K Inquisition
devolutionary : 40K Eldar
Eckshale : 40K Chaos Space Marines
Ethriel : 40K Imperial Guard
Extension : 40K Eldar
fengor : 40K Eldar
frahill : 40K Space Marines
G.Hawke : 40K Chaos Space Marines
Geratsu : 40K Daemons
Gralph!?! : 40K Space Marines
Green Grot : 40K Orks
greyseer : 40K Eldar
Hawkmoon : 40K Chaos Space Marines
Hena : Epic Lost and the Damned
Hespithe : 40K Necrons
Hollopoint : 40K Tau Empire
IceWind : 40K Imperial Guard
Imus : 40K Space Marines
jme : 40K Eldar
Keadaen : 40K Space Marines
Keofoxglove : 40K Tau Empire
Kroot Lord : 40K Inquisition
Krootman : 40K Orks
Laurela : 40K Necrons
Lavieth : 40K Inquisition
LemonPotato : 40K Daemons
liamrob : 40K Space Marines
LionoftheBegs : 40K Imperial Guard
lord marcus : 40K Tau Empire
LordKhaine : 40K Space Marines
loyalist42 : 40K Space Marines
loyalist42 : 40K Imperial Guard
malkkis : Epic Eldar
meneptah : 40K Chaos Space Marines
meta-ridley : 40K Space Marines
MIGHTYPanhead : 40K Space Marines
Mikari : 40K Tyranids
MistaGav : 40K Tau Empire
MistaGav : 40K Space Marines
mochi-kun : 40K Eldar
Mr. Shine : 40K Inquisition
nkicik : 40K Space Marines
Ocid : 40K Space Marines
Parthon : BFG Tau Empire
Radish : 40K Space Marines
Raka : 40K Space Marines
Rasmus81 : 40K Chaos Space Marines
red/winter : 40K Chaos Space Marines
sainthale1988 : 40K Imperial Guard
Shaman Monk : 40K Space Marines
ShotAtDawn : 40K Inquisition
sir.spamalot : 40K Inquisition
skidrow : 40K Chaos Space Marines
Slaaaaaanesh : 40K Space Marines
Somnicide : 40K Daemons
syrme : 40K Chaos Space Marines
Tatanka : 40K Space Marines
Tatanka : 40K Chaos Space Marines
TeldurUK : 40K Imperial Guard
Temozarela : 40K Lost and the Damned
tortoise : 40K Chaos Space Marines
TwoKingMick : 40K Chaos Space Marines
Verfallen : 40K Daemons
Verfallen : 40K Eldar
Vimes : 40K Space Marines
VoicelessFlu : 40K Tau Empire
Voltaire : 40K Chaos Space Marines
Voltaire : 40K Orks
Waddle Dee : 40K Orks
WickedClown : 40K Space Marines
Wise Guy Sam : 40K Space Marines
wotsnik : BFG Imperial Navy

08-11-2008, 15:02
@Jim - more blood sounds promising!
@ playwithbob - RT marines bring a lot of fond memories to the fore , exellent.
@Jonahmaul - i really like these darker ones.
@Häxjägare - i agree with Solun on the highlights.
@susu.exe - coming along nicely.
@Discord - that lander looks a bit to clean to me to be propper orkie .
@ Solun Decius - looking good ( more frog-pattern ones please ).
@Kammek- some nice Kans there.
@misterboff - good luck with your upcoming 30 Boyz !
@fluffystuff - now that Kopta is ace.
@give_me_a_d - sweet, nuff said.
@ lonepilgrim - frosted varnish is a pain , execialy on such beautiful mini´s.
@ Overt_Spy - I´m still not sure if i like the heads !
@ pete - that Nid look´s good , the Libby too.
@Khrangar - the Dread looks fine , a shame the line inside the CCW is still there.
@spikyjames - masterful
@Knighta - nice , but the paint looks a bit thick on the swords.
@Fredmans - exellent stuff.
@Sigur - lovely, the freehand stuff is ace.
@ Edzard - sweet , even if these seals are a but to pure for my liking , nice bunker there .
@razormasticator - imressive.
@ Badgobbla - kool freehand .
@Darnok - best ever Beast of Nurgle.
@ McMullet - good conversions there , hammerboy is my favorite.
@ Blargag - the Emperer protect got a whole new meaning it seems.
@ssorck - that princess is outstanding .
@norsehawk - love the Herold.
@ animosity - sweet.
@catferret - the weathering is nice
@Jpobrich - really nice
@ Colonel Haizelhoff - cool
@Death Korp - that´s a lot of Iron Warriors you got there.


08-11-2008, 15:42
So coments are starting:

@Jim: I like the general scheme and the conversion. Paint could be thinned down a bit more though (not that I´m doing much better right now...)
@playwithbob: Old school. Warseer resized the pics a bit so they look a bit worse in the thread than on the full size photos. But by C&P of the link I could look at the original ones and they look great. Nice work on the faces.
@Jonahmaul: Me like. I can´t really say anything more.
@Häxjägare: Red and Black CSM, what´s not to like (especially since I´ve got my own in these colors).
@Discord: I tried not to look at the pictures. I failed. And want another Epic army now. And some BFG models.
@Solun Decius: Old school goodness.
@kammek: I like the overall scheme and the effect on the Kommando burna muzzle. I´m not that fond of the differently colored details.
@misterboff: Pretty much the same here. I was a teenage Deffskull, so I always liked that Clan, but the number of detail colors seems too high for my taste.
@agio65: Nice going, though also pretty bold in color choice. 3rd of the Ork players with a good scheme and too many pots of paints in the household *g*
@Chicken_Funk: Just when you think all the Ork painters have decided to go overboard with supplementary colors you get a more restrained scheme. I love it. The conversions work really well and it´s Orky without going overboard with differently colored bits.
@fluffystuff: Wow. Great paintjob. Again, a well restrained palette. And a cool conversion to boot.
@give_me_a_d: I really like the bone details on the 'letters. Great scheme.
@lonepilgrim: Sorry to see a great paintjob reduced by frosting.
@Overt_Spy: Another army that seems to go very well. Do the suits have areas that are not large and flat?
@Pite: Oh, a pretty old school librarian. And a nice Nid.
@Khrangar: Looking good. Though the brass could use a wash.
@McMullet: Great Stompa Conversions. And amazing detail for Epic models.
@BLARGAG!!!: Hmm... The Russ could take a wash or two (especially the tracks). The commisar... Bad pic is the word.
@ssorck: Great colors, both the pastels and the metals.
@Norsehawk: The captain could be tied in a bit more with the Tacs IMHO. Nice job on the Herald.
@aenimosity: Red and grey are a nice combo (see above). But the scheme could benefit from a secondary color, especially on big models like the carnifex.
@Catferret: Nice lighting effect on the Predator.
@jpobrich: What is it about green armies and adding lots of additional colors? The paintjob is good, but I´m not too fond of the yellow, blue and red details.
@Colonel Haizelhoff: Cool conversion!
@Death Korp: Could take even more washes. And do I spot a purity seal? But good going.
@spikyjames: Wow. Just wow. I didn´t realize we were painting for GD... Stunning painting AND great photography. The again, you are one of the masters of paint.
@Knighta: Seems going quite well for now.
@Fredmans: Another great Epic efford.
@sigur: With my comments on some of the other armies you know what´s coming. No you don´t. For some strange reason - perhaps nostaligia - the "overloaded" scheme really works on the boarboys. Back in the mid 90s red was a neutral color after all.
@Maalivate: Neat. Very well executed Ultras. The freehand on the Predator is great as well.
@Zujara: Very organic looking. The browns and the pink seem to work pretty well.
@tehgeist: Cool Orks. Another scheme that doesn´t go overboard.
@Edzard: The sisters are coming along nicely.
@razormasticator: Cool Tank. I´ve always liked the FW models and the scheme makes it stand out.
@darkstonelich: Very clean. I did mention the Red/grey thing, didn´t I?
@Badgobbla: Impressive skull. I love the semi-transparent thing.
@kenny3760: Looking OK. If you thin your paints a bit more, they´ll look even better.

08-11-2008, 17:33
So coments are starting:
@Norsehawk: The captain could be tied in a bit more with the Tacs IMHO. Nice job on the Herald.

The reason he is different is that the tacticals are from a different company. I am doing the colors as laid out in how to paint space marines as to what the colors will be for them. The yellow shoulder pad rims and helmet are for 2nd company, when I do some terminators, (this month) they are first company so they will have white helmets. From what I have I can do at least 2 full battle companies, the only part that might be a squeak would be the assault marines.

08-11-2008, 19:38
Thanks for the kind comments and tips guys. I struggle with the technical aspects of painting like blending, but have found that the new washes are hepling to disguise a lot of my failings. Thinning down paints and mixing is something that I've never done. I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

I'm not going to comment on other peoples work, other than to say, what I see on here is what I aspire to be capable of someday.


08-11-2008, 22:59
Fellow talepainters!

Sorry for showing up late. Extremely busy on new job (at court, hell, people are dorks :D ), and then it happened! I poured coffee on my laptop :wtf: (speaking of dorks)

However, I couldn´t post pics the last days. Thankfully McMullet pulled the joker for me.
But I am as confident as I was at the beginning of the tale. I will post some wip of whats going on with my green rockers as soon as I get this problem fixed.

I finished two coptas painting, got the jet copta in progress, and the big guys are coming too. The big badass blackmetal guys I mean. Boss mob, five orks.
The böss is done as well.

Right, will update asap.

@ razormasticator: Great Macharius! The turret is my favourite turret of all available. A shame FW is so expensive.

@ Edzard: Love your ladies! Good colour choice, and a good way to paint the masses effectively!

More comments next time


09-11-2008, 13:58
Right then, comment time...

@Jim: Like the axe, echoing others comments try thinning the paints a bit more

@playwithbob: Old school Models - Love the nostalgia there. The scheme reminds me of one of the SM minis fron the RT book - was that intended?

@Jonahmaul: Good stuff - I prefer the older stealts to the newer ones.

@Häxjägare: Interesting color scheme, looks good. Is the lascannon guy converted or a stock older model?
@ Susa.exp: Chaos squats with kilts, nice. I think the hammer on the unit leader perhaps could use a thinner hilt IMHO.

@Discord: Nice stuff, especially the ork lander.

@Solun Decius: Nice classic scheme on the classic stealers.

@kammek: Probably just the pic but it looks like the flat black sections of the Kans aren't highlighted. OTher than that nice.

@misterboff: Good painting, though not a huge fan of the blue faces. I prefer orks mean and green.

@agio65: Out of curiosity why so much color on the KoS? Are you tying in colors of the different units?

@Chicken_Funk: Looks good though I feel like the Nobs need a bit more 40k'ing...

@Fluffystuff. Very nice. Crisp painting and love the blade. Tough to land with that in front:D

@give_me_a_d: Think maybe a bit brighter of a highlight might help. Thats a nice deep red though.

@lonepilgrim: Varnish frosting sucks. Still a very nice paintjob. And good progress on the overall army.

@Overt_Spy: Great idea on the sensor pod heads. If I ever do a Tau army consider that nicked...

@Pite: Very cool old school nid. I've held out on the washes but that gaunt makes me think I might go get some. Very nice. How long did the gaunt take?

@Khrangar: Nice color scheme. I've got to say the AOBR temies and dread look good. I couldn't tell on the termies off the pics.

@McMullet: The stompas turned out great - and I love the gunfortress. Gotta love the old school epic stuff. You're spot on for the look.

@BLARGAG!!!: Would like to see more details on the russ (squad markings, etc...) And would like to see the barrels drilled...

@Norsehawk: Herald looks good - would like to see a further highlight on the yellow on the tac marines (might just be the pic - I know my photography is lacking).

@aenimosity: Like the scheme. Bright and definately alien. I do wonder if the hooves and horns would look better as bone then black.

@Catferret: I think the pred will really come together once squad markings are added. The lighting is very cool, One day I might try source lighting.

@jpobrich: The scouts look good although the power cables are a bit bright for my taste.

@Colonel Haizelhoff: Good conversion. Don't know why but this screams Vietnam to me.

@Death Korp: Nice start to the army.

@spikyjames: Fantastic. I'm curious to how long it takes you approx to finish a unit?

@Knighta: Maybe a brighter highlight on the poer weapons?

@Fredmans: More Epic, awesome. Would like to see a group shot.

@sigur: I like 'em. Old school snakebites for the win.

@Maalivate: Very nice, great clean style. Especially like the U on the back. Keep the quality work coming. Oh, an the tac marines look grat as well. You've got the armor down pat. Very nice.

@Zujara: Turned out good - will look good as a horde scheme.

@tehgeist: Looking good, the scheme is great.

@Edzard: Nice ladies! Blue & Red are pretty cool colors for SOB.

@razormasticator: The turret on that tank is awesome. Very cool model.

@darkstonelich: Like 'em. You've reproduced the astral claw scheme nicely.
again would like to see a group shot of the whole army.

@Badgobbla: Looking forward th the rest of the pics, though the rhino is coming along nicely.

@kenny3760: Maybe a wash and thinner paints, though I think they look pretty good, especially the screamers.

@Darnok: Those plaguebearers are great, and original. Love the big eye idea.

09-11-2008, 14:41
@agio65: Out of curiosity why so much color on the KoS? Are you tying in colors of the different units?

Interesting thing is that the only coulor i have not use´d previosly is the dark blue on the fingernails, but yes it´s to ty most of my slaanesh unites as you can see:

@ McMullet this little PIP update is for you :

:D uwe

09-11-2008, 14:58
@ Jim: Good looking Captain, the Chainaxe looks really nice.

@ Playwithbob: Those old marines look good, I don't know if I like the black rim bases though, eye of the beholder and all that.

@ Jonahmaul: The older stealthsuits look pretty good, my Tau playing friend only has the new ones and I must say these kinda fit the Tau theme better.

@ Häxjägare: Marines look good, cool bases too.

@ Susu.exp: Uni can be a b*tch I know, keep up painting the little guys they look funny when you put them all together.

@ Discord: Nice landa, Chaos also looks good as do the Imperials

@ Solun Decius: nice stealers, the camouflage ones look really cool!

@ Kammek: Kommando's look good, really nice models aren't they? Killakans look nice too, you can tell they are a little old models, lacking some of the nifty detail the newer stuff has. Your painting really fits the vehicles together with the infantry, good work.

@ Misterboff: wow, respect on painting the same for 3 months in a row! I think the Trukk could have used a little bit less metalic colour and maybe a little more blue/brown/grey stuff on it, but it looks good nontheless.

@ Agio65: Nice deamon, no real comment, but why did you use the old Ork Trukk?Looks good, as do the boyz and basing too.

@ Plantagenet: good work finishing, looking forward to some pictures.

@ Chicken_Funk: good looking Orks, the skin looks good from what I can see.

@ Fluffystuff: Amazing Dethkopta, the blood looks really cool even though you rushed it. Skinn looks good too!

@ Give_me_a_d: Army looks cool, very deamony.

@ Lonepilgrim: very good looking Marines, sucks that your varnish screwed it up. Will you keep them like they are or .. shock .. repaint?

@ Overt_Spy: Tau looks great as usual, very well done.

@ Pite: that is a funny model, it looks pretty good though, your painting also looks good. the Gaunt (is it a terma or a horma?) looks kinda nice too, white basecoat & washes?

@ Khrangar: Looks good, I have AoBR lying around here.. good to know it is 'easy painting'

@ McMullet: good painting as usual, too bad you didn't beat the ultramarines.

@ Blargag: Commisar looks good from what I can see, the tank looks awesome too, maybe a wash on the metals to make them pop a little more?

@ Ssorck: Good light colours on the deamonettes, same with the Demaon princess. Remember if you do all your highpoint models early you can strugle later on with getting enough points. Do what I do, paint a high point model and start working on other stuff for later on!

@ Norsehawk: 6000 points in the Tale? Good grief, I think my total collection is around 6000 points.
The marines look good, it may not win golden deamon, but anything is better then naked tin/plastic. And practice makes perfect.
The Herald of slanesh lookts cool, really eyecatching colours.

@ Aenimosity: funky colours for 'nids but they seem to work. BTW how many coats of red to you use?

@ Catferret: Hehe, yes Fallout 3 is also another factor of my slow painting, finished the main quest already?
The metal looks kinda weird up close but on the 3rd picture I clearly see what you are aiming for and it looks very good.

@ Jpobrich: Scouts look good, nice highlighting and bases a fully painted army to that standard would look amazing.

@ Colonel Haizelhoff: Scout vehicle looks cool, good conversions and painting.

@ Romanus: Too bad no pictures, but it sounds like you have been busy.

@ Death Korp: Oldskool Iron Warriors, they look good. Nice bases too.

@ Spikyjames: as usual things look awesome, and you get so much done in a single month.. it is inspiring :)

@ Knighta: Fellow Inquisition (be it the manly side of the organization) it is good to see they are also represented.

@ Fredmans: Those tiny tanks look very good, I have never painted 6mm but am familiar with 15mm and know it takes a whole different style of painting, well done :)

@ Sigur: Oldskool but painted up to a very high standard, keep it up!

@ Maalivate: Good looking tank, the blue is nice and the subtle weather is also good. Marines look very good too, not much I can comment on really.

@ Zujara: Big bug you have there, it looks good but next time you should try and take a picture in daylight it shows the colours how they really look IRL

@ Tehgeist: Warboss looks good as do the nobz and painboy, good ork skin too.

@ Edzard: hey thats me :)

@ Razormasticator: Very spiffy looking tank sir, Channel 4 News would be proud. Same with the Commisar

@ Darkstonelich: Again very neatly painted, keep it up and you will have a very cool army.

@ Badgobbla: Amazing freehand, looking forward to the other pictures.

@ Kenny3760: Looks nice, the flying fish things are kinda funny too.

@ Darnok: Good getting stuff done this month, and it looks great too! The bright green and blue especially.

Thanks everybody for the comments on my work and for keeping the Tale of Painters organised.

The tournament was a little dissapointing to be honest. We did have a LOT of fun, but we might aswell have had that fun on an afternoon playing in the LFGS..

First game our Marines & Sisters VS Tau & Chaos, we were unlucky with our dierolls.. Tau commander survives an entire volley of Sororitas fire and a few missile launcher shots, 1 lone Skull Champion makes all of the remaining marines run away (it sucks when powerfists do not hit rmblr.) Ended in us getting massacred, sadly our opponents where a little nitpicky with rules.

Second game was a blast, we faced Imperial Guard & Space Marines, they had a good start but my seraphim turned the tide by charghing multiple Imperial Guard units and breaking them. We ended massacre-ing our opponents, but it could have gone both ways.

Third game we faced 2x 'nids, we had the first turn and they didn't have anything on the table, on their second turn they where in combat and on their third turn it was game over for us. My seraphim scattered horribly while deepstriking, and a 1 on the mishap table cost me the entire unit, if they survived it could have gone different because I had a clear shot on the Synapse warriors.

PS Not passing your faith leadership test for an invunerable save sucks when you are in this position: http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z199/Edzard1986/Sisters%20of%20Battle%20Tale%20of%2040k%20Painters/DSC01562.jpg

09-11-2008, 16:43
@Jim- very nice weathering on the captain
@playwithbob- Loving the old marines :D
@johnamaul- A great looking stealthteam
@Chicken_Funk- Very interesting idea for Nobs with Eavy armour
@Fluffystuff-Wow thats all I can say
@lonepilgrim- Some of the best looking BA I have seen
@pite- A brilliant Librarian
@McMullet- Epic Orks FTW:p
@BLARGAG!!!-Pics are a bit blurry but the Commisar is looking awesome
@Catferret- Like I said in your looking great work
@Spikeyjames- You paint too good and very quickly:D
@Sigur- Love your painting style
@Maalivate- That is some very impressive freehan
@Edzard- very sweet army shot
@razormasticator- Impressive weathering on the Macharius
@Badgobbla- very impressive Rhino
@Darnok- Very nice idea for plaguebearers may have to "steal" it:p
@agio65- Great stuff also the cold ones look good
@Everone else- Great work

09-11-2008, 17:11
Some comments:

@Jonahmaul: Great scheme and great bases.
@kammek: I love the bases for the kans, but with that green background they look washed out.
@agio65: I like the sword.
@fluffystuff: Super addition to the deffkopta! That looks like it could to some serious damage!
@lonepilgrim: Great stuff. The frosty marines might not be lost. Try clearcoating with 'ardcoat and then another layer of dullcote (or whatever your final coat is). This has saved in the past, even from frosting.
@Overt_spy: Great scheme.
@Pite: That gaunt is very impressive.
@Khrangar: That bleached bone came out very well. Am I correct in assuming that you used white primer?
@McMullet: Love the stompa colours.
@ssorck: That daemon princess is awesome.
@spikyjames: You inspire me to work harder.
@Fredmans: Great unit! I haven't played Epic, but I am constantly impressed with the detail possible.
@sigur: I love these guys! Question: where is the big red button?
@Maalivate: Excellent paint scheme. It looks airbrushed!
@Badgobbla: Wow, that skull is impressive. I'm not sure why you aren't happy, but I can never get my freehand to look that good.
@susu.exp: Yeah, I can see what you're saying. I usually use a much smaller palette, but I wanted to try a few things. That said, you're probably aren't going to like my WIP Master. Detail overload!

Sorry if I didn't comment on someone's work this month. All around, it was a great month!


09-11-2008, 17:17
Hi everyone

Must say it's great to see so many people keeping up the work flow.

Stellar work everyone.

Just to answer a few questions, currently it takes my roughly a week per unit, it's purely due to the fact i need to get the army done for the GT on the 21st Nov. once the initial 1500 points are done i'll be slowing down a fair bit.(already done sicarius for next month, pics in my log later).

i may have mentioned it earlier but i may just end up doing a whole company but there will be terminators and a few vehicles and more cool stuff.

i may take a break next month as i've agreed it with McMullet but i have to get a standard company commander done for a campaign we're playing at spikyclub.

I will eventually start commenting on everyone's work individually but as you can imagine, with a week and a half to go until my heat i'm a bit under the cosh.



09-11-2008, 18:01
Oki, time for some comments. I will admit that I am far to lazy to comment on everyones work but you have all done a great job with your painting.

@Jonahmaul: Your Stealths look very stealthy and your painting is good, but I would like some more highlights to really make them go pop.

@Solun Decis: It's nice to see some oldschool painted Stealers but I would like some more highlights on their claws. Other than that it´s a very good paintjob.

@Agio65: It's refreshing to see so many colours on the same model, very Slaneeshi-looking. Thanks for the comment.

@Fluffystuff: Your copter is so cool, your painting is superb...I wish that I could paint metal like you. It may be alittle to clean for an Orc-machine though...

@Lonepilgrim: Your BA are very nice, to bad about the frosting...I feel with you.

@McMullet: Nice Stompas, the yellow really make them stand out.

@ssorck: Your painting is topnotch. Mayby it´s the background but I really would like to see some more bright contrasting colour to the pale skin on your Netts. The Gaunt takes about 5-10 minutes to complete if you don´t take the dryingtime into account.

@Spikyjames: I love your Ultras, your painting is very, very good.

@Sigur: Some oldschool orcs. I love your conversions on the boars.

@Maalivate: Your highlights on your Ultras really pops out, almost make them glow, very good work.

@Zujara: Nice Fex. I would like to see an other colour on the weapons as they seem to disapear with the rest of the model right now.

@Edzard: The Gaunt is basecoated white than "painted" with the new washes yes.

For this month I have some Scouts planned but I have a hard time getting seated at my paintingtable, we will see if I take a break away from painting this month or not. All of the nice entries for this month got me somewhat motivated so I have at least got 2 of the Scouts glued together.


Captain Ardias
09-11-2008, 20:19
TOTAL PAINTING FOR October: 6 Berserker veterans (vanguard veterans)

TOTAL ARMY SIZE: About 250 pts

BACKGROUND/THEME: Pre-Heresy World eaters force
Part of the 88th. expedition. 6. company commanded by Captain Brutus Sairhak. Currently undertakeing the compliance of the Bruvan Theocracy.

BUILD/CONVERSION: I've assembled a drop pod for the squad, but that's about it.

PAINTING: Almost completed the six man squad, freehanding the legio badge is a bit tricky but I feel I'm getting better at it.

BASING: Pretty basic, 2 types of sand, some larger stones, sandbags etc.

STILL TO DO: Need to paint the gore on the lads, no WE with respect for himself would be without:D
Also need to paint the bases, but I'm not sure on how to do them.

HIGHS AND LOWS: There were no spesific highs or lows actually, but I'm looking forward to paint the gore:)

Pictures: No pictures atm:(, but I will get my hands on a camera by next weekend. So I'll post some pics then.

10-11-2008, 00:23
My submission for his month can be seen in last months working thread as it was finished mid October


One thing that might be changing is my Salamander army. I'm quite tempted to do an crusader army with untis form laods of different chapters but im not too suire if im wanting to do that.

10-11-2008, 10:04
Hi guys,

Unfortunately I have to joker this month. I was painting my command squad and the extra love I gave it meant I only got two mini's out of the whole squad painted which wasn't enough to fulfill this months points.

So next month I'll have a huge amount of work done so I can earn back that joker.

Because I screwed up on this months painting, I'll try to post comments on most other peoples work here.

Thanks, and sorry again.


10-11-2008, 14:53
Alright Gang here goes... I will try to get everyone

@Jim: The chainaxe is bad asses. I love the color scheme. The blood is pretty convincing.

@Playwithbob: Hell yes its nice to see some RT era marines still getting some love. Nice Scheme and your doing well with the white. Great work!

@Johanmaul: The black highlights are great. I think they really do look good.
The color accents the TAU shapes very well. I love the New Stealths, but these old guys look tight as well.

@Häxjägare: This color scheme is really, really nice. I think it works well with the Chaos marines you have arrayed before us. That red/organish is really nice.

@susu.exp:The Kilt is crazy, and I bet your converting your butt off huh? Your faces could benefit from a flesh wash and a highlight. They look a little corpse like right at the moment. Cool models though.

@Discord: Those stinkin humies wot know what it em....
Great BFG stuff, especially the imperials. I love that color scheme.

@kammek: YES... more boyz -n- kanz to battle da humies... is dey bad moonz or some over clanz?

@solun decius: I love the original Genestealers, they have always been my fave. I really love the original paint scheme your using as well. Your a really good painter man.

@misterboff: MORE BOYZ... sa-weet work dere dood. Kill da umies, mash em up, grind em up... (nice paint jobs too. love the blue!)

@agoi65: The keeper is dead nasty. Very good and disturbing flesh colors. More Orks, kills for da gork and mork! They could benefit from a light highlight drybrush I think.

@Chicken_Funk: Shokk Attack... RUN!!! Nice orks, and in a popular scheme it seems.

@fluffystuff: Phenominal paint work, really. The bases are very nice too. Great, Great work. I wish I could paint like that. Honestly.

@give_me_a_d: Good scheme, the colors are a bit dark but they are painted well and look evil. Sounds good to me man!

@lonepilgrim: You have a good, good red working there man. Nice looking Blood Angels you have there.

@Overt_Spy: Really nice paint work, there is some real talent in this thread. I like the scheme and that highlight turqoise or hawks blue your using. Looks like the army is building up nicely.

@Pite: Sweet, I play Dark Angels.. .nice one there. Love the Old Skool model. The washes really add some stellar depth to the gaunt.

@Khrangar: Man I love that scheme. Its really, really well done. Nice paint work as well.

@McMullet: As always McMullet your stuff is good brother. Keep plugging away.

@BLARGAG!!!:Need some better photos man. It looks like a solid job. The russ has a cool color scheme, but could really benefit from a wash to add some depth and pick out some details.

@ssorck: oooh... deadly sinners... love it. thats a really nice shade you have for the flesh there.

@Norsehawk: Marines are looking good, a different color scheme. Change is good! (keep working on the tau, I love painted Tau)
The Daemon is damned Sexy!

@aenimosity: I love the Fex... nice work. Great colors as well.

@Catferret: Thats a good scheme and its basic but your pulling it off pretty well.

@jpobrich: The Dark Angel Scouts are sweet. Great Faces man, and the painting is clean and very effective.

@Colonel Haizelhoff: Cool conversion, it looks like it could use some more paint work though.

@Death Corp: Photos arent working for me right now. I dont know whats up. Maybe I can see them later and then I will revise my comments.

@spikyjames: Your work is awesome man. So many of you guys can really, really paint well. Some of the nicest Ultras I have ever seen. Your doing them proud.

@Knighta: Good work on the Defenders of the Faith. I like the blue swords, the could really benefit from a light blue highlight on the edges I think. What do you think?

@Fredmans: Great Scheme... and some really good detail there for tiny tanks.

@Sigur: Great conversions, a very good color scheme and I love the old skool models.

@ Maaalavite: You and Spikyjames really, really do great work. Love the ULtras... those are some excellent paint jobs. The infantry especially.

@Zujara: Great Dakka there man. I dig the scheme.

@tehgeist: Photos bad, painting good. Nice orks man.

@Edzard: Good stuf, she is looking good. I like the obj markers and the fencing. Thats stuff is really well done.

@Badgobbla: That Rhino is rocking!

@darkstonelich : Good chaos stuff there bro. Nice colors and clean and crisp painting

@kenny3760 Dont be ashamed man. Your trying, alot of us are just average painters, some of these cats are way above average. Looks like your scheme is pretty decent though.

@darnock: Those be some good looking demons man. Love the greens.

10-11-2008, 17:06

The keeper looks great in the group shot, ties in the units well.

Those cold ones look good too - is that just washes over a white unercoat?

10-11-2008, 18:03
Those cold ones look good too - is that just washes over a white unercoat?

thank you - yes and no , the skaly part is just several purple washes , the rest is one red wash over pink .;)

@ susu.exp - I grew up with a lot boldly coloured minitures and imo Deamons are an ideal playground .

@ Edzard - well i had this Trukk flying around for ages and the new one will be assigned to my Nobz ; when i get around to buy the kit

10-11-2008, 20:30
ok folks, comments:


@ Jim – nice conversion & some more great painting from you

@ playwithbob – is great to see these old school marines & very well painted too

@ Haxjagare – nice theme for the army & nicely painted minis, looking forward to seeing how you develop the story and mix & match further units

@ susu.exp – cool stuff & some funky conversions

@ discord – meh, the bigger the better as far as an Ork is concerned! Good stuff! Really liking your BFG stuff too

@ Solun Decius – excellent genestealers, i prefer the older ones, the newer ones look a little too cartooney

@ kammek – excellent Orks, i particularly like the Killa Kans

@ misterboff – great stuff, i really like deathskull Orks so looking forward to seeing the army come together

@ agio65 – great stuff for both your armies

@ chickenfunk – very nice painting & some excellent conversions for the Nobs

@ fluffystuff – phenomenal deathkopter, very nice conversion & sublime painting

@ give_me_a_d – very nice looking Khorne stuff but definately needs some basing to make the miniatures stand out a little more, any ideas what you’re going to do?


@ lonepilgrim – excellent looking blood angels, sorry to hear about the varnish frosting, i had a similar problem recently with my fantasy stuff & it’s so annoying

@ Overt_Spy – excellent looking stuff again

@ Pite – excellent librarian and a very nice nid too, have you just used washes over white to get those effects?

@ Khrangar – very nice colour scheme & very well painted too

@ McMullet – great epic stuff

@ Blargag – tank looks good but really need to see better pictures of that commisar!!

@ ssorck – very nice slaanesh stuff, where are the princesses from?

@ norsehawk – i vote not to penalise you! Lovely stuff for both your armies but the herald is particularly nice, a very vibrant colour scheme & very well done

@ aenimosity – very nice looking carnifex

@ Catferret – very nice looking marines but damn you for mentioning fallout 3, my 360 has just died a death (again) so can’t play it until i can get it replaced/repaired

@ jpobrich – excellent scouts

@ colonel hiazelhoff – cool conversion & nice painting to boot

@ romanus – sounds very good but where the pictures?!

@ Death Korp – very nice looking marines, 235 points in 3 months is not going to get that 3000 points expanded in a hurry so chop chop!

@ spikyjames – beautiful marines but aren’t you getting a bit far ahead of yourself in the points total?!?!

@ knighta – nice looking stuff & good to see you doing an army with not so many miniatures!!


@ Fredmans – very nice looking tanks

@ sigur – awesome cyboars

@ Maalivate – absolutely gorgeous razorback, between you & spikyjames we’re seeing some of the most amazing ultramarines

@ zukara – excellent ‘fix

@ tehgeist – very nice Orks

@ Edzard – once again I dig this colourscheme big time & very nice painting again

@ razormasticator – very nice looking dank

@ darkstonelich – terminators are looking pretty good but hard to make them out properly in picture, any chance of a close up?

@ badgobbla – cool looking tank, i really like the freehand on the top

@ kenny3760 – nice masque & screamers


@ Darnok – cool looking stuff

Not sure what i'm going to submit yet although i'm hoping to do 300 points. I was getting really distracted by my 360 but as my reply to Catferret indicates my bloody 360 has died the dreaded three red rings death for the second time (second xbox actually as last time i had it replaced) so i might have a bit of painting time on my hands for a little while until i can get it replaced/repaired!

11-11-2008, 00:14
@Jim: Looks great, like the conversion work, the axe is awesome. I like the dirt and mud on his legs/cape, looks great, good job.

@Playwithbob: Nice marines, the red and the green works well, as does the white.

@Jonahmaul: Great stealth suits. They look amazing, are they dark blue? cause it works very well, good job.

@Häxjägare: Sneaky Khorne? that never gets old :). Great paint job, the red really compliments the armour.

@susu.exp: The clanguard look awesome!! How long did it take to convert them all?

@Discord: Nice looking spaceships. Armies are coming along well, keep it up mate

@Solun Decius: genestealers look great again, yellow and blue works so well together.

@kammek: Awesome killa kans!! simply beautiful. Coming together nicely, keep it up

@misterboff: Great orks, boyz are coming along good. The blue is different, but it works. Good job.

@agio65: Sweet model, awesome paintjob. The blue spikey-things are nicely done, and skin texture is well defined. good work.
The ork truck looks sweet, good work on the boyz

@Chiken_Funk: Nice work on the orks, the shock attck gun looks intimidating. Black orc models are great, arn't they?

@Fluffystuff: Bloody hell, that's a great paintjob. How do you get the skin like that? :confused: The metal looks great too!! Good job.

@Give_me_a_d: The bloodletters look fantastic, as does the greater deamon. Coming along well. Like the white on the swords, nice contrast.

@lonepilgrim: Great looking marines. The battle damage on the vets. face and pistol look great. Looking forward to your chaplain.

@Pite: Awesome librarian. the green is great, nicely highlighted and such. Also, the nid is good, was that done purely from the washes?

@Khrangar: Sweet terminators, and i like how the dred has the same pattern on him. Purple and bone is well painted, good work.

@Mcmullet: love the little dudes, nicely painted. Great looking army so far, whats next on the adgenda?

@BLARGAG!!!: Commisar pics a bit blurry, but from what i can see, looks to be pretty well painted. The Russ looks snazzy, nicely painted well done.

@ssorck: WOW!! great deamons, love the skin texture, and color. the hair works well with the skin, Nicely painted, good job.

@Norsehawk: Great marines, looking good, keep it up.
The herald looks fantastic! very slanneshy,

@Aenimosity: Sweet carnifex, love the red, and the carapace is painted very nicely, good work

@Catferret: The predator looks great! Think ill have to get me some tamiya weathering part, seem to to a great job. Good stuff, keep it up.

@jpobrich: Scouts are awesome. What have you used for thier khiki? Looking great, keep at it.

@Death Korp: Sweet iron warriors. That's a fair whack of painting done, good job.

@Spikyjames: Bloody spectacular. Great paintjobs. What are you using for snow?

@Fredmans: Great work on those little 'uns. Must be a pain to paint that camo scheme on models so small, right? Looks great, well done!

@Sigur: Sweet orks. Not a big fan of the boars, but you seem to have done a great job on them. The battle damage is painted on? Great job!

@Maalivate: Sweet predator, very shiney and new looking. Well, apart from the mud... Good work. THe marines are quite impressive too, Looking great, keep it up

@Zujara: Hehe, Quad weilding carnifex, looking awesome.

@Tehgeist: Nobs look great, like the little grot thingo on the pole :) Nice textures

@Edzard: Nice sisters. The red and the blue go so well together, keep it up, good work.

@razormasticator: Nice tank! Turrent does indeed look 'kickass'. the whole tank looks kickass actually :). Good work.

@darkstonelich: Sweet terminators, red nicely done, grey awesome too. Great work.

@Badgobbla: The top of the rhino looks sweet, cant wait to see what else you've done.

Well, that should be all of them, Good work all

11-11-2008, 00:24
@Knighta: Fair progress on the DH. Hard to make out details but they seem to stand very nicely out on the tabletop. Good scheme overall

Thanks mate. The photos aren't very good, thats why some of the details are a bit fuzzy. Still have to figur out how to work the dang camera!

@Knighta: Maybe a brighter highlight on the power weapons?

@Knighta: Good work on the Defenders of the Faith. I like the blue swords, the could really benefit from a light blue highlight on the edges I think. What do you think?

Think that seems to be the verdict then. I'll try and highlight the blades a bit more, see how it turns out. Thanks for the help lads.

11-11-2008, 00:36
Haven't had a camera or internet all week so i'll be posting mine on wednesday.
i do have them done though fear not!

Have to get them posted by sat as i'm off to Florida! :)

11-11-2008, 15:44
A few more comments...

Maalivate: Good to see your post got here in the end. The blending on those Marines is phenomenal, and the big U on the back door is very cleverly done. It's all painting yeah, no 3D stuff at all?

darkstonelich: Looks like you had the same trouble as Maalivate - your post didn't show up earlier. Termies are looking good; one thing though, will you be painting the sand? I think it makes a big improvement myself.

susu.exp, ssorck, penguin663, jpobrich, Pite, razormasticator, Jonahmaul, Knighta: Thanks for all your kind words on my Orks.

warflag: These things happen... hope the laptop recovers OK from the coffee and look forward to seeing all the Koptas!

agio65: Thanks for the comments on my Orks. The Technicolor Cold Ones rock! By the way, where'd you get them? Did you by the Knights box or did you find somewhere to buy the Cold Ones on their own?

Edzard: Cheers, looks like you had as much luck as I did! Of course, that's how it always happens when you take newly painted minis for their first outing. :p

Captain Ardias: Everything was supposed to be submitted by the 7th this month. Since you've already used your jokers (and you were only a day over) I'll let you off this time. ;)

Zanzibarthefirst: Can you let me know the points costs of your two armies so I can update my records please? (also, it's better to link to a post than a page - you've sent me to page 10 there and I'm set to 40 posts/page, meaning there are only 7 pages in the thread ;)).

Hauk: No worries, look forward to the command squad.

Danny76: We're working to a strict deadline now, I'm afraid. I might let you get away with a couple of days but 5 is pushing it a bit. I'm afraid it'll have to be a joker this time.

For myself this month, I'm painting a Landa, another Spleenrippa (Supagun), a Flakwagon and a few stands of Goff infantry - probably enough to go in the Gunfortress I painted last time. I've started building some stuff but no progress on painting so far.

11-11-2008, 18:02
Hi Guys,
I'm pleased that my efforts are going down well. Thank you all for your comments.

To answer Jonahmaul's question about basing I would say I'm thinking of going for a light grey wasteland type thing with some gooey bits for the Nurgle guys. I don't know if its the time of year but I'm also thinking about a bit of snow!

By way of an update I can tell you that I've got the remaining Bloodletters finished. This second lot includes the icon which I'm rather pleased with. Here's a taster -


Theres a bit more on painting progress in my log along with some WIP on a couple of conversions. Go take a look, you know you want to!

Jan Polder
11-11-2008, 19:17
Hoi Guys,

I'm afraid I'll have to joker this month. Next time i'll post a pic again. Good luck with everybody's army. It's looking sharp! a true inspiration.


11-11-2008, 20:23
@ McMullet - "The Technicolor Cold Ones" i like that phrase , and it´s the Box because i find it easier to use the legs from the knights than sculpture them .

@ give_me_a_d - strange thing is i´m also toying with the snow idea , but i´m still testing to get it right first.


Sheena Easton
12-11-2008, 00:37
I forgot to post before going away so I shall have to play a late joker.


12-11-2008, 10:46
I'm indeed out of the tale since I used my 2 jokers and didn't post anything this month. I'm sorry guys, but work and a new girlfriend have turned to be time consuming.
I may come back...one day...but that's another tale :-)

Anyway, good job to all of you who continue the tale, and good luck to finish your armies.

12-11-2008, 12:31
Firstly, excellent work everyone. It's great to see all these armies coming together with different painting styles.

Secondly, I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop the 40K tale due to various reasons. The main reason is that my work situation is now very bad and I need money, so the orks are going on ebay this weekend ( except for Ghazkull ). my ebay user name is munkyf, so good luck to anyone bidding on my stuff ( including 3 other un-painted and converted deffkoptas).

Times are hard, but I need to pay for xmas. I'll still pop in and enjoy everyones painting, so good luck and keep up the good work.

12-11-2008, 13:59
Firstly, excellent work everyone. It's great to see all these armies coming together with different painting styles.

Secondly, I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop the 40K tale due to various reasons. The main reason is that my work situation is now very bad and I need money, so the orks are going on ebay this weekend ( except for Ghazkull ). my ebay user name is munkyf, so good luck to anyone bidding on my stuff ( including 3 other un-painted and converted deffkoptas).

Times are hard, but I need to pay for xmas. I'll still pop in and enjoy everyones painting, so good luck and keep up the good work.

Give Orks for Xmas?

Captain Ardias
12-11-2008, 16:21
Captain Ardias: Everything was supposed to be submitted by the 7th this month. Since you've already used your jokers (and you were only a day over) I'll let you off this time. ;)

Thanks sir:)

I've just had too much to do lately, and haven't had the time to borrow a camera from anyone.

12-11-2008, 19:35
OK guys,

my pics are up: go here (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3064462&postcount=58)

Then for an update on what is in store for this month:

A Furioso Dreadnought

The rest of the tactical squad: veteran sergeant with power weapon, marine with plasma cannon and 2 normal marines

As special weapon guy, I'm going for a plasma gun armed marine, which I've converted from a marine biker. I've cut up the legs to make it look like he's kneeling. then just some GS to cover up the cuts.

And last but not least, some scouts with close combat weapons.

13-11-2008, 07:23
Badgobla your marines look stunning! My next 40k army will probably be Blood Angels so I am keen to see how other people have done theirs :)

13-11-2008, 11:51
I feel like I should comment a bit.

Jim: Good subtle conversion, and the axe is great. The blood/dirt looks good, but overall the painting looks quite rushed. It is looking good anyway.

Playwithbob: What wonderful models. Every month you make me to get my own RT Marines out and think about doing them... damn you! Maybe for the next Tale...

Jonahmaul: I like the dark parts. It doesn't look black, but nightish dark, very well done. The contrasts from the symbols and the lenses work very well too. Good job!

Häxjägare: The colour scheme you use in combination with dust/snow bases works great. The little conversions here and there add to an overall excellent impression. Keep it coming!

sus.exp: Ah, Squats. No wait, it's Varyngr now! Anyway, you're well on track. The colour scheme works well (maybe not so much on a red table - too much contrast), and the "Schottenrock"-stuff should be used more. I toyed around with that approach to Squats ("Mini-Me" guardsmen) as well, but chose another way. I'm interested how your army turns out in the long run.

Discord: Some really crazy painting for the fact of them only being Epic models. Ace! The BFG ships are nice too, but the Ork Landa really stands out.

Solun Decius: Nice oldschool Stealers, and an interesting pattern on the new models. Any chances of a close-up?

kammek: Love the Kommandos. And your overall painting is very "orky", without looking rushed. Well done so far!

misterboff: Some other nice Orks. Even though I think they need some more shading on certain areas (leather etc.). Other than that they look good.

agio65: Can't say I like every decision you made about the colours you used, but the overall result is excellent! Your colourful Deamons keep me motivated to do my own, and there is quite some inspiration coming from your stuff. Thanks for that! The Orks are well done too.


13-11-2008, 13:35
Thanks for all the comments guys! I wish I could try and make comments this month but I have hardly time to paint as it is now:(. The high lighting probably looks screwed up due to my poor poor lightsource and camera skills. But I will overlook the models, I love getting both good and bad feedback so that I can improve and the coming months I vow that I will comment!

Solun Decius
13-11-2008, 14:01
Well, almost 2 weeks into the month now, a bunch of commenting and some WIP going on. I myself have not done a thing for the stealers this month, been doing plague marines instead (and RL but who cares) but I'm getting into a stealer constructing mood :)

@McMullet: thanks for the comment in the other thread and yes, the subtle repositioning is worth it, just for diversity.

@Old-style enthusiasts, susu.exp, ssorck, Pite, razormasticator, Johanmaul:
I've got a few of those left for later in the tale but I'll have to strip them first. Fingers crossed I wont melt them in the process!
Thanks razormasticator for high praise and Pite, I'll totally consider adding more white to the last claw highlight to bring it even more forward.
Johanmaul, you might be right! I have been slipping into a kind of comic/cartoony style in the hobby lately.

@The ones that like the frog pattern, agio65, Edzard, Darnok:
Those will happily be my main focus now, as I like painting them. There's a little more diversity involved.
agio65, your cold ones are coming along nicely now!
Darnok, those are very interesting plaguebearer conversions and I really like the army shot.

- About the closeups, if you follow the genestealer link in my signature the last few updates have some closer images of the patterned ones and views from all sides.

@Knighta: Thanks man. Yes, the yellow/blue contrast really brings out the claws as "dangerous".

@Badgobbla: Rest of the army looks real nice, now that you have all the photos uploaded!

And mandatory pep-talk for the second half of the month: Let's keep this tale going! We're down a hundred people, but the rest of us will keep on truckin' !! :skull:

13-11-2008, 14:06
Another month has passed, another great collective effort. First, I would like to thank everyone who has commented on my work for last month. Thank you, much appreciated. I would also like to thank those who have taken their time to comment on everyone's work. If it was not a bit late, I would do it myself, but I feel that this thread should turn into a WIP thread, so here follows...

Last month, my bugs were not finished in time, mostly because when it came down to painting, the miniatures did not please me enough. I intended to paint some Lictors, but was disappointed in the current Epic version. The catch-arms look more like wings (see picture below), and instead of a tail, there is a short stump. The tentacles are also replaced by a tongue. So, with my own 40K Lictors as an inspiration, I started working on them.

Original vs modified Lictor:

Lictor factory:

I have little experience in using green or brownstuff, but I am pretty pleased with the results so far. I will return to them and do some touch-ups here and there before I paint them. I have changed the pose of the catch-arms, added tails, tentacles and extended the carapace somewhat.


13-11-2008, 14:57
The Epic stuff is looking really good Fredmans.

13-11-2008, 19:13
@ Badgobbla - those marines & dreadnought are awesome, an excellent colour scheme & extremely well painted, looking forward to seeing your stuff for this month

@ souln decius - make sure you don't use paint stripper & you'll be ok!

@ fredmans - converting epic stuff - that's hardcore!!

14-11-2008, 09:59
Hello everybody, I didn't have enough time yet to look at all your fantastic contributions, but I wanted to apologise for not posting anything as of now, which, unfortunately, will be the second JOKER for me as there has been a fatality in my familiy which, as you can imagine was more important than painting in the last weeks, but I hereby want to show, that I'm still enlisted and going to get the forges working again


14-11-2008, 10:28
Damokles: Sorry for your loss. It's always tough when a family member dies. You have my condolences.

14-11-2008, 12:53
Agreed. We understand, and hope you can post something for this month.

14-11-2008, 14:44
Damokles: Condolences on your loss. :( It's quite understandable that painting should fall by the wayside at such a time.

agio65: Ah well. I guess I'll keep looking...

azhagmorglum: Thanks for checking in all the same, best of luck with the painting.

fluffystuff: Sorry to hear that. You should get a good price for them anyway!

Badgobbla: Good to see the rest of your work mate, I really like the way you're highlighting these minis.

Fredmans: Really impressed with those Lictors - that must be some seriously fiddly converting!

14-11-2008, 23:45
@Solun Decius: Yea, the faces aren´t that smooth, but I have a tendency to go overboard with blending sometimes and sticking to very few highlights will hopefully allow me to get the army done...

@ssorck: Well, not chaos Squats, but just plain old Squats. Survived the Nids and won´t back down. The hilt size was mainly down to having only that particular strength of plastirod around, it may well be replaced at some point.

@jpobrich: I actually like the master. Red, green, yellow isn´t too much. The scouts had blue as well and if you don´t add that to the master I´ll keep digging him.

@razormasticator: I actually wanted them to look that pale. They wouldn´t see that much sunlight dug up in the strongholds holding back the Nids, or digging in the mines... One thing that always bothers me about fantasy Dwarfs is that they are miners and yet have that rosy complexion. So to get away from the Fantasy stereotype a bit, I thought of keeping them pale (it´s basically bealched bone and skull white with blue washes).

@agio65: I just think that restrained schemes work better. Then again, there´s no arguing about taste.

@Knighta: I think about 5-10 hours in total. Getting the legs right takes the most time, you shave to shave through pretty thick plastic there. The guns are fairly easy and the beards don´t even take a minute with the acrylic paste.

@Darnok: Yea, the red table doesn´t do them justice, but a lot of it will get static grass, so it´ll be less harsh. Nice to know another german is building Sqatus/Varyngr. The homeworlds will be reclaimed :D

@Edzard, Jonahmaul, McMullet (and anybody I may have overlooked encouraging me): Thanks.

@Fredmans: Amazing work on those lictors. Epic Nids were my entry into the hobby way back and all these cool Epic armies make me want to have another go at one. If only there were any players around...

@Damokles: I know condolences from posters on an internet forum can´t do a lot to soothe the pain, but I hope we can do a little and our best wishes get your mood up a bit.

15-11-2008, 03:34
@Solun Decius: Yea, the faces aren´t that smooth, but I have a tendency to go overboard with blending sometimes and sticking to very few highlights will hopefully allow me to get the army done...

@ssorck: Well, not chaos Squats, but just plain old Squats. Survived the Nids and won´t back down. The hilt size was mainly down to having only that particular strength of plastirod around, it may well be replaced at some point.

@jpobrich: I actually like the master. Red, green, yellow isn´t too much. The scouts had blue as well and if you don´t add that to the master I´ll keep digging him.

@razormasticator: I actually wanted them to look that pale. They wouldn´t see that much sunlight dug up in the strongholds holding back the Nids, or digging in the mines... One thing that always bothers me about fantasy Dwarfs is that they are miners and yet have that rosy complexion. So to get away from the Fantasy stereotype a bit, I thought of keeping them pale (it´s basically bealched bone and skull white with blue washes).

@agio65: I just think that restrained schemes work better. Then again, there´s no arguing about taste.

@Knighta: I think about 5-10 hours in total. Getting the legs right takes the most time, you shave to shave through pretty thick plastic there. The guns are fairly easy and the beards don´t even take a minute with the acrylic paste.

@Darnok: Yea, the red table doesn´t do them justice, but a lot of it will get static grass, so it´ll be less harsh. Nice to know another german is building Sqatus/Varyngr. The homeworlds will be reclaimed :D

@Edzard, Jonahmaul, McMullet (and anybody I may have overlooked encouraging me): Thanks.

@Fredmans: Amazing work on those lictors. Epic Nids were my entry into the hobby way back and all these cool Epic armies make me want to have another go at one. If only there were any players around...

@Damokles: I know condolences from posters on an internet forum can´t do a lot to soothe the pain, but I hope we can do a little and our best wishes get your mood up a bit.

Fair enough then, your look is successful!

15-11-2008, 16:11
OK peeps, I've edited the first post including everything posted this month and trimmed all the 3 joker-painters. I've probably also trimmed some people who are meant to still be in so please double check you're still there.

It's looking a bit leaner now - we're down to 81 painters and I don't doubt we could lose another 20 or so next time. Still, progress is looking pretty steady now: The first month we posted 16773 points, then 10932.5 in month 2 and for October, 9847.5 (Total: 37553 so far). We're levelling out now, which is good.

Watch out though, we've used 92 jokers so far: Slightly more than 1 per army, on average. So a lot of us are teetering on the brink already! On which note, I just undercoated 600 points of Orks.

Keep up the good work everyone.

15-11-2008, 18:01
On which note, I just undercoated 600 points of Orks.

That's great, now actually paint them. ;) I painted 500 points of mine yesterday, but I've yet to assemble (or even clean mold lines from) the imperial battleship I complained about earlier.

And speaking of painting orks, here's one of them I posted on my painting thread earlier. I doubt most have seen it though:
Fixed that smudge on the roller, too.

15-11-2008, 18:23
@Darnok: Nice to know another german is building Sqatus/Varyngr. The homeworlds will be reclaimed :D

Keep me inspired. My Squats are in for "possible next Tales army". Contesters are oldschool Necrons and Exodite Eldar... tough choice. :cool:

15-11-2008, 18:53
Exodites have been on my army whishlist for quite a while. So that´s possibly two Exodite armies next time around... I hope I can keep being an inspiration, I´ve got some ideas on how to build termites and gunships...

15-11-2008, 21:20
Make that 3 possible Exodite armies... I've been considering one since I converted an Inquisitor scale one a couple of years back. All the new plastic cold ones and forthcoming stegadon are making the army quite viable.

15-11-2008, 23:02
Discord: Good idea on that Rhino. I've got Bloodaxe warband to paint and they'll likely be getting Orked-up Rhinos to count as battlewagons.

Now I've made a start on the bases for this month so here're some pics. The Landa I'm a bit worried about. It's meant to look like it's skidded sideways as it "Landed" but I'm not sure it's worked right.



And the remainder of my work for the month: Bitz-bashed Flak Wagon, Spleenrippa and 3 Dreads:


15-11-2008, 23:39
Well, it looks like an orky landing, all right. :D The question is if it can take off. And your converted flakwagon looks almost like my converted flakwagons, only better. You'll see mine in the next thread. I have nine of the official ones, but I thought I'd convert a couple anyway, to make the army look less organized.

16-11-2008, 12:14
@razormasticator, Jonahmaul, susu.exp and McMullet: Thank you. Strangely enough, apart from the fiddlyness, Epic conversions are not that difficult. The small scale lets you get away with things that look disastrous in 28mm.

@fluffystuff: Shame to see you leave the tale. Your painting is top-notch and an inspiration to all of us. Guess we'll have to settle for your VC.

@Damokles. Regrets on your loss. Painting is not that important, really.

@Discord: Great conversion. Your painting is really sharp, as always.

@McMullet: Great idea on the landa crash site. Will you hold to your intention of littering it with debris and bodies?

@everybody: Keep posting WIP:s.


16-11-2008, 15:39
@ McMullet: Great start on the Landa. I think the idea would work better on a larger base, with a trace of burnt earth, maybe in a nonstraight line, to make clear it is not a crash.

Exodites have been on my army whishlist for quite a while. So that´s possibly two Exodite armies next time around...

Make that 3 possible Exodite armies...

That would be a great variety of ideas then, I'm sure. So Exodites it will be. But I really want to do Necrons and Squats as well... damn. I could just do three armies of 1000 points each, that sounds like a plan.

All the new plastic cold ones and forthcoming stegadon are making the army quite viable.

Spot on. I just built a Dragonrider, as soon as the GS work is done I might post a picture in my plog.

16-11-2008, 19:14
Right, a combination of crappy camera and crappy internet has prevented me posting a proper update before, but I've been painting the models, and I'l hit 1000 points by the end of the month.
Picture are still crappy, but at least you can sort of make out what they are. I'll do a WIP post after this one.

First three months have been Black Reach marines and a scout squad.

Total points 685.

Black Reach Captain


Black Reach Terminator squad with extra model and cyclone. I magnetised the arm on on of them so I can swap it from storm bolter to assault cannon.


Black Reach Dreadnought (some minor bling added)


I've got to double post to include all the images.

16-11-2008, 19:15
Black Reach Tactical squad


16-11-2008, 19:15
Scout Squad


16-11-2008, 19:19
WIP Assault Squad


These are almost finished and come to 245 points.

16-11-2008, 19:22
And the new unit I've used most from the new codex, the thunderfire cannon. I'm also working on a servitor squad, but they aren't a priority as I doubt I'll use them that often. I'm painting the techmarine as separate parts and then assembling it.


And thats my WIP. That represents another 400 odd points. After that I'll either do more terminators (2nd black reach squad) or 2 metal scout squads with Telion.

17-11-2008, 22:13
mrsurgeon's Epic Armageddon Ultramarines

First, an apology. I've been painting at light speed (for me) for the past few months, but living in hospital accommodation has prevented me accessing Warseer, as it's in the banned 'games' category. So, now I've moved into a new flat, I can finally post pics of my monthly painting prowess!

I can now reveal all (so to speak)...


After faffing around with 40k Blood Angels for the past decade without really collecting a proper army, I thought I'd try a different colour-scheme. Looking through the Chapters involved in the 3rd War for Armageddon, I couldn't find any I particularly fancied painting, so I thought, "What could be more perfect for a Codex Space Marine army, than the vanilla-marines themselves?" I'm aiming for a 4000 point army as a decent Tournament sized force.

BUILD/CONVERSION: I'm not a big converter, and so far everything's been painted as the standard models.

PAINTING/BASING: After cleaning and gluing the models, all those with bases were based with Citadel Sand. I would have preferred a finer basing material, but was unable to find any in time. All models were then undercoated Chaos Black, base-coated Regal Blue, then dry-brushed Ultramarines Blue (naturally), and Shadow Grey.

Bases were base-coated Bestial Brown, and dry-brushed Bubonic Brown, then Bleached Bone, and edged in Graveyard Earth. This basing scheme was inspired by Jim Reaper's 40k guard army, although I've left off the static grass, as I'm worried it might look out-of-scale.

I went for the new-school black weapons and equipment, picked out in Chaos Black and Boltgun Metal, instead of the old-school red. The eyes (yes, 6mm scale eyes) were picked out in Blood Red. In hindsight, the eye-lense painting may have been a tad unnecessary.

I've chosen the Second Company, supported by elements of the Eighth Company, so the shoulder pads/jump packs were picked out in either Coat d'arms' Bright Gold (as my old-school Citadel Shining Gold has long-since run out after painting so many Necrons), or Codex Grey.

Finally, the various shoulder-pad, banner and vehicle insignia were hand-painted in Skull White. There were other miscellaneous colours used too, but I won't bore you with the details.

STILL TO DO: I missed off the red skulls on the Assault Detachents Veteran Sergeant shoulder pads. By "red skulls", I actually mean "red dots". I might consider putting a little bit of flock on the bases if I can pluck up the courage. There's also the small matter of some unpainted Predators for October...


Unit 1: Tactical Detachment plus transport
Upgraded with Supreme Commander
Cost: 400 points



Highs - Finally painting a whole unit in one month! I'm very pleased with the insignia on the Rhinos, particularly the skull on the Supreme Commander's Rhino.
Lows - Some of the shoulder pad insignia are a bit wonky, but at 6mm scale, I'm going to repress the perfectionist in me. I'm a little upset that the 5th Ed Space Marine Codex says you don't get ten-man Command Squads any more, which means that the Supreme Commanders' squad is painted 'illegally', but I'm adhering to the Insignium Astartes.



Unit 2: Assault Detachment
Upgraded with Chaplain
Cost: 225 points

Unit 3: Assault Detachment
Cost: 175 points



Highs - The army is starting to look a bit more impressive now. These marines weren't particularly exciting to paint, but I did enjoy doing the halved insignia on the shoulder pads.
Lows - Nowt.




Undercoated and based some Predators and a Hunter, but didn't get anywhere near finishing them. I blame moving house (giving me access to Warseer again!).



Highs - Won a Tournament Scenario against McMullet, using "tactical acumen". Two Tactical Detachments and a Devastator Detachment were trapped and massacred inside their Rhinos by an unfortunate Ork Lander assault, but a single surviving stand from each unit went on the claim objectives to win the game! Don't forget the objectives, McMullet!
Lows - Not finishing any painted units, and having to play a JOKER this month.


18-11-2008, 18:45
Small update: finished the Furioso Dread (save for the base and the parchment).






18-11-2008, 20:29
Dread looks tight Badgobbla.

18-11-2008, 21:24
Discord: It can take off, with a bit of Orky logic. This will probably involve huge booster rokkits or something. And no, I won't be building them.

Look forward to seeing your flakwagons as well - I have another one built, completely different to the first, so it'll be interesting to see (i.e., steal) your approach. :p

Fredmans: Debris and bodies eh? I'm not sure if I can pull off the bodies, but some random bits of metal scattered among the boulders would be an idea. That said, I don't want it to look wrecked: Just landed in a casual fashion.

Darnok: Nice idea, but I do want to play with the thing! The base is pretty big already (I'm worried it's going to get int he way of the gaming). Maybe I'll make a scenic display base or something. ;)

Ben: Well you're in after the whistle but I suppose we can let you get away with it since you've had technical difficulties. Piece of advice for the photos: They're quite blurry so the camrea's obviously nmot coping with being that close. You'd do better to photograph a whole squad at a time really, small sharp pictures are better than big blurry ones. It also saves on the need for quintuple posts... :eek::)

mrsurgeon: Glad to see you finally made it! The marines are looking nice. I look forward to pounding them into the ground (tabletop) at some point.

Badgobbie: Good work on that Dread, highlighting all that black must've been a right pain! All the flat areas are a bit featureless though: How about some scripty writing, icons and suchlike to break it up?

I'm painting away quite well (while I should be working). I'll post some more WIPs tomorrow. How's everyone else progressing?

Captain Ardias
18-11-2008, 22:05
As promised here's the pictures of my berserker unit. I intended to post them on sunday, but a falt battery and friends put a stop to that. Well better late than never isn't that what people say? The unit is not all done, I still ned to do some details and figure out how to do the bases.


19-11-2008, 06:18
McM: Right, that's a good suggestion. Although I was happy to have finished highlighting all that black and the dread in general, I wasn't planning on touching the damn thing anymore. Seems like I might have to go back at it again :mad:
I also put a deadline on my army here: I need 1500-1750 pts painted by february next year, as I plan to attend Winter War VI in Norway. So that means that I'll be painting a bit more than 200 pts per month now and I hope that won't be a problem. Considering the fact that I want to bring this army up to about 2-3K worth of points, so I can play Apocalypse battles with it.

19-11-2008, 07:24
so far this month i have painted-

FW Venerable Dreadnought
Tactical squad
2x Drop Pods

so pretty good start, i'll be doing another couple of sternguard to take the squad up to 10 aswell, may also do a couple more assault marines too.


19-11-2008, 16:04
I'm going really slowly this month, not looking so good so far.

I haven't touched anything Tau since I'm quickly running out of things to paint, I only have 3 suits and however many Kroot you get in the batallion box, and then I'm all out! :eek:

I'm working on some Space Puppies, I think I'll get the terminator squad done, and thusly erase my joker from last month.

Onward ho!

19-11-2008, 16:33
I have yet to start painting anything this month. I've been distracted by Fallout 3 and converting some models for Mordheim.

Before I can undercoat a Tactical Squad I need to add the GS cloth bits to them. If I don't procrastinate I may even do that tomorrow.

19-11-2008, 16:40
On a positive note: formally I'm done for this month. A Slaanesh Herald on mount is painted, with added bling on the base (optional icon), which could be pumped up easily to 100+ points. But I'm working on some Deamonettes as well, mainly to regain my Joker, so it isn't over yet.

19-11-2008, 18:59
I've been distracted by Fallout 3

QFT, this game owns me right now. I'm powerless to resist.

19-11-2008, 20:41
QFT, this game owns me right now. I'm powerless to resist.

It owned me for 70 hours of my life, and now I have done all quests and explored like 90% of the game.

I don't really have the need to start it again, in F1 & F2 I did have this because I missed a lot of quests.. (and you actually had to make real choices on how to do stuff and that influenced what sequel quests you had)

Honestly I have to start painting this month, I maybe painted for 1 hour total and have quite a load of work to do on my Seraphim :D

19-11-2008, 23:11
Evening folks,

No pics, but progress continues in an effort to win back my joker.

2 and a half models out of a 5 man command squad nearly done, so I'll use that to give me Novembers 200 points. And then I'll be painting 5 terminators to give me the other 200+ needed to win back the joker. I'll be batch painting the Termies so I can get them done fast enough.

Good luck everyone!


19-11-2008, 23:38
Small update.

The Rockers proceed!

I posted more in my log, next updates now more regularly again.


@ Captain Ardias: There is something about Norway that scares the crap out of me ;)
Badgobbla, got to love the dread! Very classic. Well done!


19-11-2008, 23:41
@ Captain Ardias: There is something about Norway that scares the crap out of me ;)

It's Norwegian alcohol prices that scare me! About £8 a pint last time I checked.

20-11-2008, 00:48
Greetings all,

First off let me say that I am truly enjoying this tale. There is some wonderful work being done.

I wanted to do a complete comment thread on everybody this month, but I have failed in that task. That said, everyone is doing very well.

My own painting has been slow.I was gone for a week, FO3 has me in its grips, and work has been busy. I should have something done this month. Not my desired lot, but enough to turn in.


@Playwithbob: I love that you are painting these models and the paint scheme looks good on them. I guess the fases and whites could be smoother, but I'm not sure that would be the right style for these models. Your shading is rather "sharp" but it looks good on these models as they are rather less refined the newer stuff.

Thanks, They could be smoother everywhere. Its all speed painting an the dip. I kinda feel guilty at the lack of effort, but at least they are getting done. I still have 60+ of the little guys to go counting Termies, speeders, and bulldogs.

@Playwithbob – RT to the max! If I was doing the same thing I'd have to go with a glossy black Dark Angels theme but yours is still very cool.

I thought about that really hard. But I wanted just a little more then spray, dry brush, and done.

@ playwithbob - RT marines bring a lot of fond memories to the fore , exellent.


@playwithbob: Old school. Warseer resized the pics a bit so they look a bit worse in the thread than on the full size photos. But by C&P of the link I could look at the original ones and they look great. Nice work on the faces.

I had not realized that warseer was resizing my resized images. Perhaps next month I'll host the "big" pictures and see if they are any clearer on warseer. Thanks for the kind words about the faces.

@playwithbob: Old school Models - Love the nostalgia there. The scheme reminds me of one of the SM minis fron the RT book - was that intended?

I have looked at my scans of the RT book. They do look like the Mentor legion abit. The scheme...It's the world eaters pattern with the legs colored to match. I went with green instead of blue as I didn't want to do world eaters. I did 3 test figs of different colors in the same pattern. I almost went with red over yellow. I thought they looked sweet until my son asked me if I was doing McDonald Marines.

@ Playwithbob: Those old marines look good, I don't know if I like the black rim bases though, eye of the beholder and all that.

Thanks, Its just they way I have always done it. I guess I could flock the entire base.

@playwithbob- Loving the old marines


@Playwithbob: Hell yes its nice to see some RT era marines still getting some love. Nice Scheme and your doing well with the white. Great work!

@ playwithbob – is great to see these old school marines & very well painted too

@Playwithbob: Nice marines, the red and the green works well, as does the white.

Thank you.

Playwithbob: What wonderful models. Every month you make me to get my own RT Marines out and think about doing them... damn you! Maybe for the next Tale...

You should. The old timers deserve the love.

20-11-2008, 12:28
It's Norwegian alcohol prices that scare me! About £8 a pint last time I checked.

And what it leads to is even scarier. You should see them when they come to German festivals. Totally absolutely beyond reason drunk to the max does not begin to describe the condition they fuel themselves up to. But great people all the more :D!
The scandinavian laws about alcohol taxes are ridiculous. And they don´t help it either. The result is alcohol smuggling and home destilling. Ask yourself how that harms the GDP .

BTW your gritty steel marines are great. A welcome change for the usual shiny colour blast of glory! And a good way to get a force done for the tale ;)


20-11-2008, 22:55
Captain Ardias: Impressively gory as ever... Good work!

Badgobbla: Always a pleasure. :) The tale should give you a good core of models to make a tournament army by February.

spikyjames: Well, you're certainly doing well this month (as usual).

Overt_Spy: Sounds good, look forward to the Wolvies.

Catferret, Overt_Spy, Edzard: Less fallout, more painting. :p

Darnok: Sounds good, best of luck with the Daemonettes too!

Hauk: Sounds like you're getting a long well, good stuff.

warflag: all-round awesome work on those Orks. The face on the Rokkit is so cute!

Playwithbob: Glad to hear you're enjoying the tale.

Now in an attempt to distract attention from Norwegian beer prices (however the hell we got onto that...), here's a Landa:


Keep posting everyone!

21-11-2008, 14:05
Looks quite like a dismembered Norwegian beer can to me :p

No, seriously, looks great. The transition in the red is very nice, and the flames are just top. The windows look great too.

I just played epic once, in the nineties, in England (great trip back then). Awesome game! I wish I could play another one, but no one round here plays, let alone myself having no army. But if I had to choose I´d take Orks aswell.

Keep going McMullet

P.s.: Regarding your User-name, have you ever visited this page www.mulletsgalore.com ?

21-11-2008, 18:15
Move to the Rheinland and I´ll dust off my Epic 'Nids warflag (~7000 points)... Seriously, Epic doesn´t get a lot of respect in germany, mainly because the first version released here was E40k, the weakest edition IMHO. The current ruleset is probably the best game GW puts out, but the number of players seems wanting everywhere.

21-11-2008, 19:17
@ ben - very nice looking marine stuff, would've been easier to add a few pictures as thumbnails though to save the multiple posts!!

@ mrsurgeon - nice looking epic marines, the tanks are paricularly nice

@ badgobbla - awesome looking dreadnought

@ Captain Ardias - really like your pre-heresy army & those berzerkers are looking suitably bloody

@ warflag - nice looking Orks, looking forward to seeing them finished

@ McMullet - nice distraction, looking very good indeed

My own stuff isn't going to well so far because i too have been distracted by the delights of fallout 3 eating most of my spare time, i did finish a piranha yesterday which has taken me about a week but that seems to have motivated me a bit more so i hope to get finished in time (although i am painting WFB stuff for the other Tale atm!)

21-11-2008, 20:17
Nice Landa there McMullet, a typcal Orc landing.

I haven´t done any painting at all...and I dont even have Fallout 3 to blame...I just don´t have any motivation at all to get painting at the time. I don´t really know what's the reason behind this drop in inspiration, hopefully it will just be a temporary setback.


23-11-2008, 14:08
Gah, I knew there was something I had to do. To save myself from having my head squashed by McMullet for being so fail, I present some awful pictures of my Orks so far - 20 boyz. I'l be trying to earn back a few jokers next month as I'm working on some expensive stuff for my Orks...



For next month, I'll have painted some Ork Nobs and a Warboss. Here are the Nobs WIP - Sorry again for the picture quality...


I am going to have to admit defeat on the Chaos Marines as it stands as I am trying to paint 5 different armies. Its a daunting task but this week I've got to paint 5 Chaos knights and a Keeper of Secrets for next Saturday.

23-11-2008, 14:26
warflag: Cheers man. I'm a big fan of that site! I think you can even get a "McMullet" T shirt from somewhere. Like susu.exp says, you should get into Epic. It's not as big as 40K (see what I did there?) but it's a great game, and you canpick up the models dirt cheap on eBay.

Jonahmaul: Thanks a lot!

Pite: Cheers, glad it worked out!

Voltaire: Right, I'll let you off for being so late since you've no Jokers left. No leeway next month though. ;) Looking good so far.

25-11-2008, 11:00
Hey all,

well everything finnaly came togeather and I have a picture of my lone sentinal from last months efforts. Have attached it to the post on page two and I will drop it in here as well. The qulaity of the pic is a bit poor though. Hopefully I will have a squad of heavy bolter guys painted up for this months efforts.

Everyones ainting seems to be coming along well, keep up the good work.

Cheers, Rom

25-11-2008, 12:21
A quick update on my Master. He's done, well, except for a few minor touch-ups. Now I just need to bang out a few Devastators to make this month's quota.


01-12-2008, 07:12
I haven't posted on this thread yet because I've been really busy with non-gaming stuff and then I've had trouble using Warseer.

Thanks to everyone who sympathised with my frosting issues. I've since looked into the phenomenon and I'm hoping to write an article on it for my blog so that I might be able to help others in the same boat as me.

Anyway, on to the comments.

@ fluffystuff - Simply stunning work on snap fit models. You'd never know.
@ Pite - Love the old school Librarian and the Nid is so crisp it's untrue.
@ spikyjames - Superb Marines. The standard to aspire to. I just can't believe your speed.
@ Maalivate - impressive pred and that Tac marine in particular has stellar highlighting.
@ Badgobbla - That is looking like one mean army.

My Death Company is done and ready for the next update. I just need to decide on the following month.

01-12-2008, 10:12
Romanus: Cheers for the pic.
jpobrich: Good work!
lonepilgrim: New thread is all ready for the DC! Did you sort out the frosting issue?

Now folks, it's the end of the month so the new thread is up: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=173055

The server seems to be having some problems at the moment, so if people end up a bit late then fairly doos.

I look forward to seeing all your work!

Magos Explorator
01-12-2008, 16:57
A bit late, but: I have to Joker for Month 3, and probably Month 4 as well. I've got some Sentinels waiting for weather sufficient to prime them, so have been painting other stuff...

04-12-2008, 21:17
Magos Explorator: Cheers for checking in. Hope the weather improves for you!

4 days into this month's thread and I think we're doing pretty well. 20 updates (total of 6378 points), and only 3 jokers played. Keep 'em coming guys!

Some comments on everything so far...

Jim: Another great unit, the converted jump packs are very well done. The white looks very smooth when it's not splattered with blood. ;)

spikyjames: Great stuff, the detail on that dread is awesome.

Discord: The Stormboyz look very neat (as they should, of course!). Proper job on the Blood Axe tanks, I need to get hold of some of the older and more exotic Ork vehicles to use as Zzzap guns.

BFG stuff looks good too, though I'm afraid that Chaos ship is not WYSIWYG (the kitchen sink is not modelled).

mrsurgeon: Congrats on finally posting here yourself! The tanks are looking good though the photos could use some more light. In any case, I look forward to obliterating them sometime.

Sheena Easton: Impressive mix of models in the Grot unit! I must say the (40K) Ork painters are being very dedicated with their Grots this month. I look forward to seeing them based up.

Drakemaster: Looking very nice, the white insignia look excellent (I'm sure I've seen 40K Rhinos with shakier freehands than that).

BLARGAG!!!: I think I need to put you down for more than 2000 points... :p

sigur: Great work on the Warbooss, the colours are really well done (especially the glyphs and dags). Thoug I must confess I'm not sure about the stuff ont he Boar's forehead...

misterboff: What happened! You didn't paint exactly 167 points this month. Looking good, and nice idea to vary the big shootaz like that.

Khrangar: Nice work. Seems like a pretty simple scheme but it looks great.

Norsehawk: Looking good! I like the shoulder guards on the termies. Some of those gun barrels need drilling though. ;)

give_me_a_d: I think I mentioned before how much I liked that Icon. The Nurglings are very cute as well, and the old dried-up blood ont he Plaguebearer knife is very convincing.

Playwithbob: I think I remember reading that how-to-make-a-whirlwind-with-bits-of-base article! Nice job sir. By the way, regarding Pedro's origin: If you look through the acknowledgements of the RT book, one of the people mentioned is one "Pete Kantor". Bearing in mind that "Pedro" is the hispanic form of "Peter"...

The boyz: Good job on the Blangels. I'd never thought of using a grey undercoat before, that's an interesting idea (though I've been using Halford's white primer for a couple of years now). By the way, how many points is that formation?

Death Korp: Good work on the stripy shoulderpads, and the razorwire on the base is a nice touch. How many points for him?

kenny3760: Good work mate, the base is very good (he really looks like he's about to leap over that rock) and the gold is very well done. If I were you I'd take the highlights down on the front of the wings though; they're a bit harsh. If you go over them with watered down some regal or enchanted blue that would blend them in a bit more I reckon.
Danny76: Good stuff on that Kopta, I really like the hodgepodge of metals on the rotors.

Badgobbla: Great painting on the scouts, very smooth indeed! Though, I think the helmets on the beses might be a bit much. One for the unit, perhaps, but it seems a little strange that two guys in the same squad happen to be standing over a helmet (and each one over a different helmet...). Oh, and nice to see all that stuff you have ready to go in the bacground!

warflag: The warboss is looking abso-frakkin-lutely sweet. There are so many awesome little details in your minis you will win many games simply through your opponent being completely distracted... The beer-swilling boy and red shoes jumped out at me. Oh, and the Red Baron Kopta made me chuckle too. (Oh, and you've got your joker back with that lot too.)

It's great to see these armies growing, a lot of you have decent sized forces already. Keep 'em coming!

04-12-2008, 23:21
Discord: The Stormboyz look very neat (as they should, of course!). Proper job on the Blood Axe tanks, I need to get hold of some of the older and more exotic Ork vehicles to use as Zzzap guns.

Thanks. :) And yeah, they definitely add that something extra, I've got some bubblechuck speedstas and weirdboy towers ready for my goff and bad moon blitz mobs. Of course, they won't be featured in this tale, maybe someone talks me into doing another ork army next year? :p (Yes, this is what happens when you have too many miniatures. But one day my waagh will be glorious, oh yes. And take an hour to deploy. But it'll be worth it!)

BFG stuff looks good too, though I'm afraid that Chaos ship is not WYSIWYG (the kitchen sink is not modelled).

Sure is, on deck 45, sub-sector theta eight. Since it's inside the ship, you'll just have to take my word for it though.

In other news, this month's stuff is almost assembled! Wowzers! Of course, after cutting and drilling all that metal (stupid flight sticks) my fingertips have felt awfully sore the last day or so. Owie. :( And that's still without touching the battleship I didn't manage to assemble last month, ugh.

04-12-2008, 23:57
@McMullet: im just getting started man. i have another ~200 guardsmen, 45 sisters, and a couple of tanks to paint before im done (not to mention the 40 odd stormtroopers/hardened vets that i have). i just gave you the 2k number because i wanted a bare minimum to do. ill probably do (at least) another 2-3k before this whole thing is done (and if i get a job, more than that even :p)

on that note, ill probably have another 6-800 points done for December (yay for christmas break!)