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02-11-2008, 01:51
i was just wondering whether or not characters like burlok damminson and drong the hard can still be used if i find legitimate rules for them. also like 40k characters do they have to be in an army of a certain size? thanks. also a link of rules for all the exotic lords and heroes for dwarves would help very much. i am most interested in kragg the grimm, drong the hard, king kazador, burlok damminson, and any others excluding the ironfists and the white dwarf as i got rules for them.

02-11-2008, 02:00
There are currently no 'official' rules for the characters you've mentioned. As such they'll not likely be welcome in official tournament settings. The New Zealand GW site used to have all the special characters but I think even it has been lobotomized recently so you'll be hard pressed to find rules for any of them. They're really 5th edition mostly and some managed to get updates for 6th (though not all).

As to limitation to armies of a certain size, alas the answer is no. Any special character can be used at any point limit in which his required slots are available (no lords below 2k). It would make much more sense for certain monstrosities to be restricted to larger games. It is often mentioned, for example, that THE grand theogonist of sigmar and the emperor of the empire manage to show up in every stinking border skirmish around.

02-11-2008, 02:18
ok thanks a lot

02-11-2008, 22:54
i think one of the wd just after the re release of the dwarfs had rules for fielding the older dwarf characters