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02-11-2008, 04:31
This may be a stupid question but, are all the grand tournaments held in the same place every year? If not how do we find out when and where they will be in 2009? Just curious thougth I might go next year but I got to know where it is. Thanks for the advice.

Inquisitor Engel
02-11-2008, 04:41
Generally, yes although they do add things time to time.

I remember when the only US GT was Baltimore, then they added LA then Chicago or Dallas, can't remember which came first. Now, if only they wouldn't require me to stay in the hotel at the Dallas one, I'd love to go.

It's a half hour drive. I do not want to pay extra money.

02-11-2008, 04:46
Yeah I knew they had one in Dallas (I'm from Paris, Texas). I was gonna go one year but didnt because of the hotel thing too. Now I live in Nacogdoches (going to SFA) and might not feel so bad about staying the night (even though my brother lives in dallas :))

Inquisitor Engel
02-11-2008, 05:00
Nacogdoches is a BIT further than Plano. To be honest, if you can afford the time off school I'd wager that the hotel stay is probably a good value for you. I did go and look around last year and I'd prepare, if this is your first GT to be humbled by both the forces painted and the self-esteem crushing generalmanship there.

02-11-2008, 05:28
This woukd be my first grand tourny but Nac is no further than Paris (lol). I dont mind staying at a hotel but it would be nice to have the option. So the grand tourneys next year are gonna be where and when?

02-11-2008, 08:03
Uh, there's also Atlanta and Las Vegas, as I recall...I've been to both GD and GT in Atlanta...

02-11-2008, 15:50
So when will these be held? I looked on GW site but couldnt find anything. Google didint return any results either.

Light of the Emperor
02-11-2008, 15:52
There used to be a lot of GTs. I've been to ones in Dallas, Boston and Baltimore. However, GW has streamlined their tournament organization so there are now only 3 GTs: Las Vegas, Chicago, Baltimore.
Chicago is usually the first and Baltimore is the last so you're looking at a timeframe between July and November.

I myself am heading to Baltimore in 2 weeks.

02-11-2008, 18:56
I have heard they arent coming back to Atlanta and the turnout to Chicago was down 50%.

I really dont understand how they can tell us that they arent interested in tournament play or players but then they have these Grand Tournaments.

Inquisitor Engel
02-11-2008, 19:30
I really dont understand how they can tell us that they arent interested in tournament play or players but then they have these Grand Tournaments.

It's not that they're not interested in tournaments, but that they're emphasizing that the game should be FUN. For some people, competitive gaming IS fun, hence, GT's.

Streamlining things is going to hurt turnout simply because people have less cash to travel just to play games for a weekend.

Light of the Emperor
02-11-2008, 19:34
Perhaps they should rethink GTs. I myself don't go so much for the games, but rather the inspiration as there are a lot of great armies out there. Its fun to hang with everyone for the weekend. If I can actually win some games, even better!

03-11-2008, 01:35
The GT's have typically been held in the same locations each year. However, GW has been holding fewer each year. I think that the main problem has been that they were held in rather expensive venues, which required higher entry fees. This led to lower attendance, and the inability of GW to afford them.

I had attended the Houston GT in 2004. Entry alone cost $85, and we found a nearby hotel for $35 per night. In my opinion, this was a much better option than being forced to pay for a hotel with the entry fee. However, it was still a bit expensive for only being able to participate in the 40K tournament with a little shopping the night before the tournament. I think that if GW could find cheaper spaces for the GTs with longer hours for the tourny players to participate in other activities, then they would have better turnouts.

03-11-2008, 04:07
I will also be heading to Baltimore in two weeks with a group of friends. I went last year also.

I play the game, to play, I enjoy playing the game because it is always different, win or lose. If you face someone with the same list three times and each game change your deployment all your games will be drastically different.

All in all, I plan to go every year if I can. As for where they are located I beleive it will be the same three venues next time also.

03-11-2008, 10:53
do u get many people from the UK over there playing? i would love to go to all of them, i go to the UK GT every year (at the home of GW) and its always fun and ive started going to the eastern european GT in poland now, but going to the U.S. is just so expensive. we always get alot of people from spain, italy, greese etc and they italians always find a winner in both painting and gaming!!!! do u have the same problem? (not that its a problem, there all very nice people)