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02-11-2008, 21:46
I am new to 40k and is really only picking it up due to my son playing. My main goal is to play him and to join him when he goes somewhere to play. So therefore I am looking to start a 40k army. He is playing orcs and the other likely main opponents plays SM (no big surprise there).

I am looking for an army that doesnt cost that much when it comes to financial investment and that can give good games against these opponents. My goal is to win maybe 1 in 3 games which probably means that a the optimal outcome in a game with avarage dice on both sides would be a minor loss. I need to accomplish this without using obviously stupid tactics. Any input is welcome.

02-11-2008, 22:11
I say SM. Get the Blackreach box set, you got marines, give the orks to your son. Marines don't usually have many modells, so maybe 2 box sets should give you all you need. Extra orks for your son never hurt.

I love DA so have a bias for them. Tyranids and orks would cost alot of money since you need many mini's for them. Not shure about Tau, or Necrons, not shure what the model count is for them.

Maybe Chaos, or DA I say. SM can get expesnive if you want the new toys they get, so I stay away from them.

A pure GK is a low model count, but they can get expensive money wise unless you use the blackreach set and do a bit of converting. But they have awsome mini's though. Will you win with them? Guess not, since I keep reading they are fun to play but hard to win with, so since you want to win, guess they are out.

02-11-2008, 22:15
yeah, need to win sometimes to make it interesting. Not so often though..... and SM seems a bit boring since a lot of people already have them.

02-11-2008, 22:21
Chaos then - they seem the most natural allies to Orks, if Orks even DO have allies any more. I say this seeing you say you want to play games with your son against SM opponents.

Though Imperial Guard could be a more appealing choice for you and they could concievably ally with Orks.

02-11-2008, 22:31
What interests you? You like shooty or Close combat? You want a low model count with a low cost, correct?

03-11-2008, 01:25
Go either space marines(stay away from black templars,expensive) with a cool chapter so your army can stand out or maybe chaos,if you choose the rignt army they can be cheap.Another option is imperial guard they have heaps of models but can be cheap.

03-11-2008, 03:30
How about Necrons? They can be quick to paint, and you can make a legal army with a battleforce and a Lord. A second battleforce gives you a good sized army with lots of Troops and Destroyers. And if your son's Orks hit them in close combat you are likely to quickly phase out.

03-11-2008, 04:45
Marines of any flavor can be picked up very cheaply. Even better, the Assault on Black Reach set gives you marines and Orks at huge savings so you and your lil' 'un can both get good sized armies for small-time investment.

Necrons, Tau, and Chaos also deserve a mention. You can build a solid Necron army (about 1000 points) out of a Lord and a Battleforce and expand it with other plastic kits. If you're creative you can even convert the specialist units like Immortals and Flayed Ones from plastic Warriors. Tau can also be made cheaply from all their plastic kits (Battleforces and Apocalypse deals are very handy for this). Chaos comes cheap too provided you stick with plastics and/or convert them.

All of these armies are more elite, with lower model count and greater individual power as compared to the hordey Orks who put a greater emphasis on quantity than quality (expect to be outnumbered 2:1, 3:1 or even 4:1 regularly).

Any particular style of play or model range catch your fancy? You can do any army cheaply (eBay and barter sites make life much easier for the frugal gamer), some are just easier than others.

03-11-2008, 22:39
Dont know much about 40k although I have read the sticky about strength-weaknesses etc. From what I have seen so far I think SM seems a bit boring both in the model range and also due to that so many people play them. I dont want a gunline but an army that requires some thinking and build on movement and close combat with some shooting for support.

03-11-2008, 22:57
Sounds like Ravenwing or Blood Angels both rely on proper maneuvering to be effective, BA being the more combat oriented of the two. Both are non-codex chapters and have their own rules which make them play differently than normal marines. DA are far more common than BA from my experience though.

Or certain Eldar builds. A Daemon army is an option, but they are mostly metal which means mostly $$. Then there is khorne oriented Chaos SM.

04-11-2008, 05:38
Eldar and Tau are big on mobility, often at the expense of heavier armor. Light and quick is how they roll. Eldar are more balanced with an army comprised of specialists working together, while Tau are shooting oriented with a "shoot and scoot" style of play.

04-11-2008, 08:10
I would suggest Tyranids. They have a really good box deal coming out(or is it already out?) for about $180. They also have many other box sets and you can usually find good deals on ebay or other online sites like thewarstore.com. You do not have to go horde and buy tons of minis. You could do Nidzilla, witch is all big monsters, but I do not reccommend it(cheesy, boring). I believe nids fit the style you suggested amd are the most adaptable army out there with many combinations. I would look on the gamesworkshop website for box sets and to get a price referance then check out thewarstore and ebay for deals. i would get the codex to any army you are thinking of trying before any minis so you can check out everything first.

04-11-2008, 08:43
I'd avoid Tau for what you want. Their 1500 point apoc set comes in at $100 over most of the others, mainly due to their high dependance on tanks and transports. Despite the high tank counts, they still end up with very high model counts, due to the relatively cheap point cost of firewarriors and kroot. It's not as bad as painting as an IG army, but it's pretty damn close.

Sounds like you want necrons. $200 for a 1500 point army that includes your HQ and a monolith. A days worth of time with plasticard and a razor blade and you can convert warriors into two full squads of elites as well. Not to mention they are the fastest painting army in the entire game.

Tyranids are the other good choice. $180 for the army deal, with the option to pick up a broodlord, it will come in a little over the cost of necrons, but not by a whole lot. With 3 carnifexes, this keeps your model count down as well, and you can crank tons of nids out quickly with basic foundation and wash painting techniques.

Orks vs nids can make for fun games, tons of close combat, and less having whole troops get pie plated to death and one sided routes in melee.

Chaos might look cheap, but their more interesting units start driving the price up fast. Nids or Necrons are the way to go.

Da Beard
04-11-2008, 12:06
SM would be good to start,but Eldar or Tau are good to.Eldar.Tau can be abit tricky to play with though.I myself am IG and love them ,but they can require large amounts of troops.I would say go for chaos if your gina be playing doubles with your son the Fluff is easily explained and they do not need that many troops to make a good force.Yet it would be sad to see yet another turn from the Emperor,go guard for the sake of the Imperuim of man.

04-11-2008, 12:59
If you're not looking for a big financial investment I would say buy the Necron Warrior Phalanx. You could use 1 Lord, 40 Warriors, 6 Destroyers, 1 Monolith in a 1500 point game.(and you will have scarabs and extra warriors left over to expand to 2000)

Captain Gerntass
04-11-2008, 16:44
i would say go with the Tau cos they use aliens as allies, yes orks do constantly fight agaianst the tau but wen the first encounted the orks they did try to subsume them into the empire, so that my tourt on the matter but realy its up2 u on ur decision

04-11-2008, 18:47
As Yautja said, the Necron Phalanx is a great deal. You can usually pick one up on an online stockist cheaper (normally 110, i got mine for 80). Its a great army straight from the box, Loads of warriors, a Heavy Support Monolith which is awesome, and plenty of destroyers, all being led by a Lord with a Ressurection Orb (the best thing to give it game wise IMO).

Otherwise maybe a variant SM or chaos army perhaps?

04-11-2008, 21:57
you want your son to win right??? Thats why you want 1 of 3 games??
well if you want an army that is kinda flexible, and requires maneuvering, tactics, then eldar might be good. You said SM are boring, were eldar are exotic, different, and never look the same. It depends on how you play moneywise. A biel tan army could be bought quickly, but kinda pricy. Kinda, mind you. Saim Hann is VERY different, but is probably waayyyy expensive (all vehicles.) ulthwe? well, necrons, tau, SM, and maybe eldar are some good bets. tau might work well, cuz if your son's orks get in close BAM, SMAK, CRUNCH.