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04-11-2008, 01:07
so i've been slowly working at this tau army, never thought i'd play tau, after painting so many friends armies, i couldn't stomach the idea of ever doing it again. but i'm giving my marine armies a rest, since i've been playing them for so many years and i can't make a decision what to do with them using the new dex; and i'm waiting on the IG dex before continuing further with them.

anyways, i recently was working on some fluff for a campaign at me FLGS that has yet to go anywhere, and have since adapted the fluff for a tau human auxilia corp army. so a lot of "counts as"

they are supposed to be a recently liberated Penal Legion, made up from worlds that had dealings with the tau on the border of imperial space. farmers, miners, artisans were all rounded up by imperial authorities and forced into penance, while their children were sent to schola progenum for re-education into Imperial society.
they fought for a decade in servitude before they were liberated by their former allied Tau after being abandoned by imperials to die fighting orks on some remote worlds, when they were picked up.
They have since spent the last 6 years fighting to re-establish control over one of their homeworld mining planets, which draws in fresh "re-kroots", and do not have full access to equipment like battlesuits, but the earth caste engineers have been able to at least minimally arm them, or equip them with some maneuvering gear, partially retro-fitted from recovered imperial tech.
now they're off to reclaim their agri-worlds from imperial control...of course this is 40k, and not every story is so happy and good-natured and so they now fight to reclaim their homeworlds for the Greater Good against their own [now-grown, brainwashed] children.

model ideas:
so far i have the idea the standard idea of using converted cadians as FW, catachans as kroot with a few autocannon-toting Ogryns as krootox, re-enforced/armed sentinels as broadsides, and a leftover battlesuit as a tau commander.
i'd like to use some battlesuits but at the moment don't have the financial backing to get 3, i do however have some tau bitz lying around and some unused AoBR nobz [one of which i already converted into a 'krootox'
http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c232/Razrhaghul/Tau/human%20aux%20Corp/og.jpg ] so i was thinking of using jetpack equipped, plasma rifle-toting power-armored Ogryns as my battlesuits.
their stats are similar, and i figure a better save makes up for a lack of a wound, not to mention the shear humor of Armored Flying Ogryns.

sound reasonable or are armoured flying ogryns pushing it a bit much?

04-11-2008, 08:14
I likes it, I do! But then, I'm using Ogryn for 'counts as' Nobs in my Freebooterz army, so I'm biased.

Of course, the aren't -flying- Ogryn, but I can't see a problem if you explain them to your opponent.

Nice conversion, by the way - is the head from the Nob with a 1/35 scale helmet added?

04-11-2008, 09:06
Die you traitorus scum! You should burn in the cleansing fire in the name of the Emperor!
Btw i really like the catachan kroot idea! Good Ogryn conversion. But i think that leadbelchers would be a better model to start with. Better poses and more sluggish look.

Da Beard
04-11-2008, 11:47
Like the story(very sad creis a little)lol,anyway I like the minis.

04-11-2008, 15:19
I would more go for a mix of IG and Tau instead of the count as. like IG with pulse guns thus having a human with a s4 ap4 weapon but AS 5 etc. Ogry'ns could carry rail guns or so. It's a lot of conversion work, but should look great. And ofcourse, you can have ig fighting with their own codex, but in the name of the greater good instead of in the Emperor's name. (I should take an ethereal as a commissar like unit and as hq, together with some veteran fw)


04-11-2008, 17:04
thanks for the replies.

the Ogryn's head is actually a leftover Inq scale guardsmen head i never used, i have a few more about i'll prob use for the others.

Some clarifications i forgot in the first post:
i guess i could have titled the thread differently.
I'm using the Tau Empire codex. the army will mostly be human auxilia (models) troops that represent and are armed as 'counts as' FW or kroot squads, but the squads will be lead by actual Tau leadership.

and i have tau pulse rifles and battlesuit weapons leftovers around, from previous projects for my friends/clients, just not a lot of tau FW/battlesuits bodies. so i'm in the process of arming IG with pulse rifles.

while i appreciate the leadbelcher suggestion, i'm using what i have available to me [disassemble AoBR nobz], as i am at the moment financial lacking. otherwise i'd just buy battlesuits.

true, they wouldn't be 'flying', but jetpacking doesn't roll off the tongue as well.

as mentioned above the FW squads themselves while mostly made up of humans with rifles and improptu carapace armor, but will be lead by an actual Tau shas'ui.
just like the rekroots would be lead by an actual kroot shaper (if i take one, personally i don't see the worth).

i'm still iffy about what to take as an HQ unit
i just can't see the practicality of taking a basically non-combatant figurehead into the fore of a firefight, unless it were Aun'shi, but you know...
i do have one battlesuit, which i was thinking of using for my commander, whether he be a Shas-o or Shas'el. he won't be an ogryn, just the crisis teams will, and maybe his bodyguard...
although i do like the honor guard, i also probably wouldn't address and ethereal as "Commissar". As to a penal legionnaire, Commissar was either the guy waving you forward at gun point, or the bloke detonating the slave collar around the neck of the comrade next to you.

more suggestions are welcome

04-11-2008, 18:17
While I like the idea of ogryns as krootox, the battle-suit thing doesn't sit well.

Ogryns are *******' stupid. That is... unintelligent. They are also quite incapable of 'leading' themselves. They would be simply unable to effectively carry out the type of action that a battle-suit could.

Still, I think you have the basis of a really good force here. Along with the 'broadsides', I would suggest some human 'snipers' for counts-as sniper drones.

While the army will certainly look cool, I think you've got your work cut out for you to turn it into a competitive force. With no tanks and few battle-suits things'll be pretty dicy while you get the hang of it.

If anything, I'd suggest making jump-troop 'guardsmen' and using vespid rules to increase the number of available units.


The Good Doctor.

04-11-2008, 22:45
good points on the ogryn intelligence thing, perhaps i'd be better using them with the actual HQ, that way they're being lead by something with a capacity for rational leadership.

thanks also for the sniper/vespid idea, i hadn't even considered vespids.

i might take tanks...depends how i work myself up to building them. since i have a hammerhead about somewhere, or at least the pieces for one (without engines)...maybe combine it with an industrial grav-tank from the mining planet [just because the admech are reluctant to mess with such things doesn't mean the earth cast isn't]. i also have some chimeras i can slap some scratch-built grav-engines to for 'devilfish'.

are piranhas any good?