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Lord 0
04-11-2008, 01:17
If you were making an Empire army, or facing said Empire army, how would you abuse/prepare against the following hypothetical rule:

If your General is a Wizard, all wizards in your army lose the ability to swap any spell rolled for the number 1 spell in their list. Instead, all wizards in your army may swap any one rolled spell for any other spell on their list.

Can it be broken hard? Do you need to do anything special to counter it?

Lord Malorne
04-11-2008, 01:29
Abuse of that is easy, you just pick the spells you like, though I would go for at least one high and low casting value spell on a wizard so he/she always has something to do.

Against? Nothing really, you have to assume when playing a game that the enemy may get the spells they desired, though not always the same spells for every player, plus it is not as if they have more PD so your Magic defense should be able to cope just as if it was randomly rolled...

Why do you ask?

Lord 0
04-11-2008, 01:40
Picking a spell you like isn't really abuse of the rule - that is Working As Intended as far as I am concerned. What I meant by abuse is how unfun can you make things for your opponent. What sort of I-Win combos can you find, if any.

The reason I ask is that I was idly working on some campaign rules and I wanted to see what effect on the game it would have if you captured a territory that allowed this to happen.

Lord Malorne
04-11-2008, 01:42
Not many besides taking things like high level fire spells against Wood elves and things that cause panic on low Ld armies...I guess I misunderstood your thread :cries: the shame!

04-11-2008, 03:32
High Elves used to be able to pick and choose their spells, and they used to create Seer Councils in the 6th Edition to dominate the Magic Phase. Movement phase tended to get bogged down in face of spammed Beast Cowers, with an arcane bolt shot at close range.

Lord 0
04-11-2008, 04:41
Could the elves choose all their spells? Or just one each?

Mad Makz
04-11-2008, 05:20
Elves used to be able to choose all their spells, given a certain points cost upgrade.

I think for a campaign, an area of control that allowed you to pick any spell, instead of the default number 1 spell, as an alternate, would not be particularly broken while still being a sought after commodity.

However, off the top of my head two armies other than Empire that would get SIGNIFICANTLY MORE advantage from this then other forces:

Army number 1
Lizardmen. Slann can roll on multiple Lores. By virtue of this this would allow them to mix and match any spell from any lore, except if they wanted to take multiple spells from the same lore. This is pretty broken and undoubtedly could lead to some pretty obscene combinations. The Slann is already the general so the stipulation that they must be the general is no disadvantage.

Army number 2
Dark Elves. Dark Elves come with an additional spell that allows them to generate more power dice.

As such not having to default to the number 1 spell would allow low level wizards to always have access to much more powerful spells, and they get the power dice to cast them. There may be a disadvantage in having to have a Sorceress as the general