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04-11-2008, 16:41
Everybody has things they wish to do with 40k, places they wish to go with their armies. Most people have never actually thought about them enough to get a real goal. This is your place to do just that! Hopefully it will give you something to work towards.

To start this off I will list one of my own.

I aim to eventually have an entire Imperial Crusade, including forces from each of the branches of the Imperial Army. I intend to have the following forces.

-An entire Adepta Sororitas Priory (So far I have around 150 Battle Sister models of around 250 that I want).
-A Company of Marines (this I have, although most of them are still in boxes).
-A detachment from the Ordo Malleus, consisting mainly of radical elements (so far I only have 80 Krieg Grenadiers, and a few Grey Knights, nothing much else).
-As much Guard as possible! Currently sitting on 3,000 points of plastic Cadians, 2,500 points of Vostroyans, 2,000 points of metal Tallarns, and a few squads of Elysians. I will expand the Elysians when the plastic Valakyre comes out. I want to fully mechanise my Vostroyans, and add in another platoon (60 Guardsmen at the moment, I want another full platoon and Armoured Fist squad). Need more battle tanks. Only have 3 Leman Russ, 2 Bombards, 2 Basilisks and a Macharius Vulcan at the moment. I want at least a full Leman Russ company, as well as some more super heavy support.
-An Ad Mech detachment. Most of the way there now (1 Reaver and 1 Warhound), just need another Warhound, since they operate in pairs.

As soon as I am happy with my forces I would love to find somewhere to use it all in a series of linked campaigns against somebody equally as crazy.

So, what are your goals in 40k life?

04-11-2008, 18:05
Good gods, thats a heck of a goal, though a real sight to behold i'm sure.
My only goal with my eldar is to get a revenent titan, but real life keeps getting in the way...

04-11-2008, 18:10
About a year ago, just a small 500 point Guard army would have been quite the reach for me. Hard to imagine that now as I have almost 2500 points! now my goals are:

- Reach 3000 points
- Get a super-heavy tank (Stormblade or Macharius)
- Get 3 full squads of Krieg Engineers, equip them all with Hades Drills
- Thudd Gun Battery
- really far off from now, I would love to get a Warhound titan

04-11-2008, 18:24
hmm, well mine are to:
- Finish painting my Dark Angel Successor Chapter to 2000 points, i'm about halfway there painting wise.
- Finish buying then completing my Ork army, have around 500 of my planned 1500 list.
- Build up my Tau from the battlefore then (after the new codex whenever that may be, to see whats of use in 5th) make a 1500 point list.
And also to buy some city scenery for a gaming table at some point.

But that list is nothing compared to my Fantasy Goals.
Oh and all the Specialist Games stuff i've got going too.

04-11-2008, 18:43
Finish off my Ultramarine 6th, 8th and 10th companies, 2nd and 1st now finished.

Get a load more tanks to finish off my IG regiment, I'm hopeful that the Russ as units rumour turns out to be true.

Help my Son build his Ork army in the new year.

More Eldar Super Heavies

Finish building my Titans and start work on the Thunderhawks.

04-11-2008, 18:50
With my tyranids, I just need three more fexes, a brood of close combat warriors, 2 biovores to make a brood of three and some devilgaunts. And perhaps another tyrant.

04-11-2008, 19:01
Fill out my Chaos Marines to 3000pts by grabbing another Land Raider, two Predators, a Defiler and a Plaguemarine squad, then get 1500pts of Sisters and 1500pts of Grey Knights. Oh, and make enough terrain to be able to use my floor as an Apocalypse board without having any large, open areas.

EDIT: Almost forgot, I'd also like an Apocalypse army consisting entirely of Crisis Battlesuits and led by Farsight with a full retinue, but that might not happen for quite some time...

04-11-2008, 19:07
Well heres what Im going to do.

Finish painting my Orks to 1000 Pts (nearly there!)

Finish painting my Pre Heresy Imperial Fists to 1500 Pts

Make and then paint my Orks to 2000pts then Apocolypse with a Skullhamma.

Start a Ultramarine or Salamanders army mostly in Drop pods while taking the Imperial fists up to 2000pts

And a long way after that once they re release them start some Space Wolves again.

And somewhere in there paint my Delague Necromunda Gang and also paint my Orc Bloodbowl team and my 2000pt Night Goblin Army. And perhaps a chaos warhammer army.


04-11-2008, 19:24
Paint my 2000 point 5th Company of Blood Angels

Finish and paint my 2000 point 1st Company of Blood Angels (Death Wing)

Finish collecting and painting my 2000 point Speed Freeks army.

Start a 2000 point Dark Eldar army

Make terrain specific pieces for each army.

04-11-2008, 19:27
Finish my Crimson Fists army to 1750/2000pts. Still need 20 Sternguard, another Drop Pod, 10 Marines and a Land Raider for 1750pts. After that I'd like to expand it in to a full company but that's for the future.

04-11-2008, 19:34
Finish painting my chaos marines and daemons. I've got a bad habit of staring squads but not finishing them so I'm not buying any more for them until I've done them all.

I also want to start a traitor guard army.

04-11-2008, 19:51
Great idea for a thread!

My immediate goal is to finish base coating my Eldar; so far I've been able to keep up with em. Then move on to finish painting the lot.

Medium range goals include scratch building a Titan for Apoc games and a couple bits of scenery for a campaign I'm working on.

Long range goals include starting an Ork army and completing the painting on my Raven Guard army.

04-11-2008, 22:04
Immediate goal: Paint up four pariahs so that I have a full painted squad of ten, thus giving me at least one full unit of everything in the Necron codex besides tomb spyders and the Deceiver.

Medium range: Finish painting up my EC force

Long range: Build a drop pod-deployed battle company of Soul Drinkers. I've got most of the models for it, now, but they're sitting on the back burner while I work on the other two.

Grim Darkness range: Someday take the orks from my Black Reach set and build up an ork army around them, probably a kult of speed.

04-11-2008, 22:10
Create my own chapter, and make it HUGE! Im brand new to 40k, and Im playin marines (duh :P) I have thought up my color scheme, and a ton of backstory. The chapter really ties into the gothic themes of the imperium, and the chapter is called the Samaritans. Bleached Bone, with secondary color A deep red. Not dark red, but deep. Like red gore, with hard blood red highlights. I thought that to continue with the old timeyness of my chapters "base" (the crusades and ancient world in general) I would name my chapter master Orpheus.

04-11-2008, 22:12
Oh and also Maybe tau and necrons. small armies, but I know Ill end up growing them and blowing money ;)
als I want a huge amount of drop pods for deployment.

Captin Korea!
04-11-2008, 22:21
-200 daemonettes of Slaanesh (1/2 way there :) )
-30 seekers
-1 fw keeper
-2 more rhinos
- 1 necron army
Its not to much of a desire, is it?

04-11-2008, 22:26
Ok, here we go:

1) Build up my 1500pt Mek Ork list, play a few games with and invariably alter a few bits and bobs, paint any extra bits I add through this process
2) Build up a small(ish) Marine army - probably around 1500pts
3) Build a second, Speed Freek Ork List (this may use a few bits form the original list)
4) Build a Deffwing Force
4) Look towards Apocalypse with my Orks - start building towards one of each data sheet.
5) Buy more green paint
6) Start inventing new data sheets, get involved in some huge campaigns involving a vast Waaagh

I may build up some smaller armies in between this just to give myself a break from my Orks

04-11-2008, 22:28
I'm working on my grand company. When I'm done it will include 50K points of IW, 50K points of traitor guard, 50K points of Legio Mortis, 50K points of mutants (Beastmen witih Ork list), and 50K points of DM.

It's taken me years to collect. I'm not even half way there yet. If I ever get it finished, I will start collecting the counterpart to it. I know I'll include AdMech. I think I'll do a knight household since titans would be redundant. I'm leaning towards two DKoK armies (one panzer army and one siege/artillery army). I don't know what the last part of the Imperial army would be, but I have years until I get to it.

04-11-2008, 22:42
My only goal with my eldar is to get a revenent titan, but real life keeps getting in the way...

That would be Real Life (tm), then?

Current: Finish painting my 3.5k point RT Freebooterz FOC. And add the little 'extras' that would be 'nice', but can't fit in the chart.

Later: Repair the 3.5k point RT Space Marine Battle Company (dropped without the benefit of Drop Pods)

Nebulous 'future': Witch Hunters. I just like the way it sounds.

04-11-2008, 22:42
Finish (for now my) CSM army thats only a vindicator, 2 spawn, 10 Possessed and Abadon - that'll get me to 7.5K
Do A Brass Scorpion - Need to get a second defiler for that.
Do my 1.5 Demon in our groups 'tale of 4 gamers'
Do the Scenery for my board, that's the big one really.

04-11-2008, 23:01
To amass an army I like, only 1 army, of 3,000 - 5,000 points. Dark Eldar. Though I'm waiting for the new. Though I do like Chaos. (Chaos Space Marines + Daemons it would be.)

04-11-2008, 23:01
My goals are to get a fully fleshed out DIY chapter with at least 5000 points and several "mini-books" written for it.

3000 to 5000 points of daemonhunters both grey knights and inquisition (no radicals)

3000 to 5000 points of witchhunters SoB and Inquisition.

5000+ of IG with a regiment of my making (related to my DIY chapter).

These armies will be built around a certain theme and my own fan fic.

04-11-2008, 23:01
Short Term
1. Finish painting my new Ork Warboss
2. Finish painting Ork barricades

Medium Term - 2009
1. New Stormboyz boxset (to complement my existing unit(
2. New Nobz boxset
3. New Gretchin boxset
4. 1-2 Battlewagons.

Long term
1. Continue building up City Fight terrain.
2. Fill every FOC slot in my Ork army.
3. Start a small Dark Eldar or Eldar army - something that's more elite.
4. Start a small Imperial Guard army based on either Death Krops or Elysians.

04-11-2008, 23:06
My goal is to finish my Space Wolf Great Company.

04-11-2008, 23:29
Repainting 1850 points of Dark Eldar for tournament use.
Painting the rest of my IG, which isn't that much.
Build up a Khorne army (I just need a few more Berzerkers and the odd Rhino).

05-11-2008, 01:39
I have a few I need to do.

-Tyranids: Need 2-3 more Carnifexes and some Tyrant Guard to finish out my force, and paint the last of my Gaunts.

-Deathwing: Paint everything, get 1-2 more Terminator squads, a Land Raider Crusader and a standard Land Raider to get a Mech force on the table.

-Crimson Fists: Get 'em painted! I have everything for my 1850-2000pt force, but they're still plastic and metal.

-Vostroyans: These guys need a lot of work. Half of what I have needs to be painted, and I still need a bunch more infantry. Not sure if I'll get around to due to price issues, but we'll see.

05-11-2008, 02:13
I want to own pretty much every Codex. I'm caught up on that (in one form or another).

I want to amass the following:

Daemon Prince (have the base, the Artemis model from Inquisitor)
Chaos Lord (check)
Sorcerer (check)
2 or more squads of 8+ Terminators (need two more or so)
A full 10-15 man Possessed squad led by a Lord on foot (need around a dozen more)
Five squads of Chaos Space Marines, up to sixteen men (five of ten so far)
One squad of Berzerkers, also up to fifteen men, led by a Chaplain (ten so far)
Two squads of Raptors (check, maybe need to up them to ten apiece)
One squad of Bikes (got it)
Three or more Vindicators (got two)
Three Obliterators (check)
A Defiler or two (they will look like Dreads with a BFG on one arm)

Also to mount the sixteen-man squads and eight-man squads of Termies, I want nine Land Raider Crusaders. This is for Apocalypse. I don't have one yet.

Overall this comes to about 7500 points. And I want it all painted. It will be disgusting altogether in Apocalypse. :evilgrin:

05-11-2008, 04:35
I have the rather modest goal of finishing up 2000 points of Mentors and resisting the urge to add any more models that need to be painted white. Even a land raider. Even though I really really want one.


05-11-2008, 04:45
My goals are all long term which I plan to be doing over the next 10 years.

1) Construct for viewing pleasure a massive LATD army. This will use not only the Eye of Terror Codex but the 2nd Edition Chaos Codex for its LATD and Daemon World army lists for Chaos Warriors, Knights, Trolls, Minotaurs, Beastmen, etc, etc.
The full plan is to fill the entire floor of a room in my new house. The room is 8x5 metres so this is a lot of room to cover.

2)Though not actual 40K I want to buy an old car and fix it up and "convert" it to look like an Ork Mech has gotten hold of it.

05-11-2008, 04:57
I have a rather small goal considering some of the other projexts mentioned. I want to build up a company of chaos space marines. At the same time I want to build up an army of guard with a bretonnian theme to it.

05-11-2008, 05:29
Hmmm I guess my goal is to paint my emperor's children, my slaaneshie daemons and my new dark elves (i no not 40K but still), this might not seem alot but

12 noise marines
2 doom sirens
2 dreadnoughts
22 basic marines (mix of normal and chosen)
4 icon bearers
18 chaos terminators
1 obliterator
6 raptors
6 chaos bikers
1 rhino
1 vindicator
1 fellblade (using baneblade rules)
1 hell talon (or blade....the one that doesn't drop bombs)
1 lord in terminator armour
1 sorcerer in terminator armour
1 lord on bike
lucius the eternal

chaos daemons:
24 daemonettes
6 fiends
1 daemon prince
1 soul grinder
3 heralds of slaanesh

dark elves:
20 crossbowmen
20 corsairs
5 shades
5 cold one knights
10 harpies
1 hydra
1 master BSB
1 dreadlord
2 sorceress's

after all of that, I might either get some more hellblades, and have a sqiadron of them running amoke and/or a warhound titan.....oh I'll probs get the forge world greater daemon of slaanesh.....she would be fun.

After all of that, work out an army for all my ork models and build/paint them....

05-11-2008, 05:32
My goals and desires are to create a forge-world style company called Flying Polyp to develop completely new and original alien races for war-games (specifically for 40k). Most the miniature ranges will be assymetrical aliens, little to no armies with "legs" or any other boring way of movement in the hope to add some essential diversity and nightmarish lovecraftian imagery to the backround and mythology..unofficial yeah but I dont care :D

The plan is to release ten "main" armies, complete with free PDF codices (88 pages), and secondly release a massive 200+ page PDF codex containing 21 "mini armies" which only have one slot each per unit type. So far I have backround and designs for 17+ armies.

05-11-2008, 05:42
One word: Stompa!

Used Car Salesman
05-11-2008, 05:51
Short Term Goals
-Finish Painting the two squads of guardsmen and chimera I have.
-Complete 1000 pts of Guard.
-Start Dark Eldar army
Medium Term
-Finish painting said guard
-Buy more Dark Eldar
Long Term
-Finish 1000 of DE and Guard

05-11-2008, 06:04
Curses, I forgot my ultimate plan when making my previous post, silly me!

Make a counts-as Tyranid army consisting of scratch-built Zerg models. Zerglings = Hormagaunts, Overlords = Synapse Zoanthropes, Kerrigan = Broodlord, the rest I'll figure out later. Of course, I'll probably never end up doing this, but it'd be awesome.

05-11-2008, 06:24
My long term goals are to finish my DA 3rd company then start on the rest of the chapter.
Build a huge waagh to use for campaigning with a variety of clans.
Build my hive fleet.
Build a chaos marine, daemons and traitor guard legion.
Build some small forces of the other races for future expansion.
Build another marine army.
Also make a DA epic chapter and get back into Bloodbowl.

I'm sure many others will be added to the list ;)

Ubermensch Commander
05-11-2008, 06:46
Wait for Dark Eldar to come out.
Work on Salamanders army.
Play more 40K

Psyker Bearzerker
05-11-2008, 07:00
Get back into the hobby after ages of being broke... (I'm still broke I'm just getting back in now)

Maybe start a hive fleet or WFB... marauder chaos or orcs, or skaven... I'm very indecisive.

05-11-2008, 07:11
To build my Knightly Order (in Spaaaace) of renegade Marines, to build Waaagh! Grubsnik into an unstoppable green machine (with Garganty goodness), to build Da Big Squig (amassing bits as we speak), to build small armies of my favourite SM chapters from my yoof (Red Marines, Blue Marines, Yellow Marines, Green Marines, oh my!) and to have a humungous, ongoing, everlasting, narrative-based campaign...

05-11-2008, 07:21
Good idea for a thread.

Short term goal for me is to get my first army (Necrons) to 2000pts. This'll probably be done within the month, which means I want to have everything painted as soon as possible, before christmas if possible.
After that's done I'd want to expand the necrons for Apocalypse (6000pts+).

Other things I'd like to do, but will have to wait until I have moneys:
-Kroot Mercenary Force, because I loves Kroot. Probably about 2000-3000pts
-Death Korps. Because who doesn't want to do Death Korps? As much as possible.
-Death Guard CSM. Enough to field an army for most games, so 1500-2000pts.
-Khorne Daemons, even though mixed would be better. I just want a big red Soul Grinder really, but I also like bloodletters and juggernauts, so about 1500pts.
-Salamanders Space Marines. 2500pts+.
-Eldar, probably Saim-Hann because of the Jetbike fluff. 1500-2000pts.
-Dark Eldar, because I already have some models, and I likes them. 1500pts.
-I want to build a modular gaming table. I've already done basic designs and stuff for it, so I may try and start this over the christmas holidays.
-Terrain, especially desert terrain and Necron Obelisks/Pyramids.

Wow, that's a lot of stuff. But yeah, chiefly the Necrons and Kroot. Everything else will be a bonus.

05-11-2008, 09:51
Short term goal is two leman russ exterminators. Then I'll have fully painted over 7000pts of guard including:

2 command platoons
3 full infantry platoons
9 of each heavy weapon team (lascannon HW platoon, hehe)
A tank company (vanquisher, LR squadron, Exterminator Squadron, Demolisher Squadron)
Baneblade, Knight Baron (scratch build), Warhound

Long term plans include adding a ton of FW stuff (destroyer and sallie scout for starters) and true scale marines as allies (already have 2 tactical squads, command squad with captain, chaplain, grey knight squad, want deathwatch)

05-11-2008, 10:12
My only goal at the moment is to get around to painting my collection to a level that I'm happy with. I really don't need any more figures, and I may well have to thin out the armies a little (is 12,000pts of IG overkill? Or 10,000pts Marines? :confused:)

05-11-2008, 11:14
To take over the world!!!! BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA!!!!

Oh, wait, pretend you didn't hear that...

05-11-2008, 11:40
My 40k goal is right now to finish my SoB army to 1500 points
Next will be maybe painting the Orks and Marines I have laying around and then maybe after that start an Imperial Guard army if the rumoured new models they will be bringing out are cool enough :)

05-11-2008, 11:42
Short term:

Finish painting and assembling my Reaver titan.
Get my DKOK to a fully painted, playable level (approx 2000 points), not far off!

Longer term:

Knock up a half decent board.
Increase the size of the DKOK army.
Build up at least one other army.
Add a Warhound or two to the Reaver.

05-11-2008, 11:49
Well, let's see; I've got most of the Salamanders Chapter and will like as not complete it at some point.

I have a Priory of Ebon Chalice sisters.

The only army I'm really working hard on is my Panzer Regiment, which at the moment consists of Battlegroup Ta'arna. That one I really want to complete as a whole regiment if I can, before I kick off. LOL I'm using the WWII German structure for both the regiment itself and the tanks and vehicles in it, so a LOT of converting and slow progress.

I thought about a division but figured that's just too much to bite off. So far.

Sister Sin

05-11-2008, 12:03
My goals?

1) Apocalypse-ready RT-era Space Marine army. I'm almost there, but the most expensive piece is still missing. (Armorcast Warhound)
Wouldn't hurt getting a couple more Land Raiders, though.

2) Classic-themed Imperial Army. During RT there was just one "imperial army", with imperial guard, squats, ogryns, ratlings, other abhumans and space marines.
The latest Marine codex makes this possible.
I'm thinking about using those old, metallic IG miniatures as scouts. Lasguns are "counts as" sniper rifles. Fluff-wise lasguns should be pretty powerful, I think. And a constant, slicing beam of laser explains the "rending" rule.
Squat bikers would be used as scout bikes (squat scout biker squad).
And Space Marines would be either Sternguard or Vanguard. An elite strike force, as they should be.
Thudd Gun, of course, as Thunderfire Cannon.
But first I'm getting that Apocalypse-RT-Marines. Then I'm expanding it to full Imperial.

05-11-2008, 12:12
Finish an army. Any army.

05-11-2008, 12:31
Oh, and get my ogryn up to 10 men strong. Only four (48 pounds) to go...sigh

@ Spacker - you can NEVER have too many guard.

The Clairvoyant
05-11-2008, 13:01
1) Replace my 2nd ed Ork army with all new models (cos the new stuff is so awesome). I'm still using old models for nobz for each unit though as a nod to the old days, as well as some other old stuff like battlewagons (of which i have 2) and old freeboter models to be used as flash gitz. After all the money i spent on old bad moon mega-armour nobz, i'm planning to downgrade those to Ard Boyz for the new codex

2) Build up my 2nd ed tyranid army with more 2nd ed models (ebay time!)
Anything which didn't exist back then i'll just convert from other stuff (or at least, thats the plan - i don't know whats changed for tyranids since 2nd ed so hopefully it's do-able. I'm not gonna buy the codex until i've actually gotten most of the way through the ork project.

3) Re-do my old space marine army. It'll mostly be made up of RT/2nd ed stuff, so lots of MkVI marines and metal terminators (which i still think look much better than the current plastics)

05-11-2008, 13:24
For my nids I still want quite a bit. I alreadt have just under 3000pts but I still want:

1) 54 gargoyles to complete 2 full broods.
2) 5 Raveners to have a full brood there
3) A walking hive tyrant with bonesword and venom cannon
4) 12 Warriors with various options
5) 48 more spinegants
6) 40 more termagants
7) 3 More carnifexes
8) 2 more zoanthropes
9) A Malenthrope .....AND
10) A gargantuan creature (harridan, barbed herodule or biotitan)

If you add up the cost in pounds it can make a grown man weep.

Boss Kopstud
05-11-2008, 16:42
Finish my Space Wolves "Great Company" (trying to "shoehorn the current Wolf army choices into a reought approximation of the SM Battle Company datasheet for Apoc, plus a Masters of the Chapter approximation). Then, I've been tempted to do an entire Ultramarines 2nd Company, having been motivated by the nice color spread in the SM 'Dex. Oh, yeah, and finish the bucket load of Orks I've been working on. And I pray every night that the 'Stompa and T-Hawk rumors are true.... Because I want a Stompa for the Boyz and two T-Hawks for the Wolves....

05-11-2008, 16:47
possibly start Guard or SOB , I have tyranids 1500 pts to build as yet , still doing some chaos
but would like a new better codex than the mediocre effort I have now ( atleast they have a new codex :) )

and persuade Jerivis to release 6th Ed ASAP


Gorbad Ironclaw
05-11-2008, 17:40
Have to say I'm pretty much done. My Dark Angels I could use them if I wanted to(but don't want to), and is painted for what I'd want.

My Orks have a few additions I'd want. Need to paint/convert my Kommandos, paint the Deffkopters, get a few more Kans and add a unit of Grots but I'm waiting for those models in plastic.

And my Eldars won't even be taken out of the box until they do a proper Eldar book and I don't have any ambitions about new armies or anything of that sort.

05-11-2008, 18:08
To finish my 2000 points World Eater Force. Still need a Defiler, 2 rhinos and a Land Raider. And I need to give the LR the full court press. I want to make the Land Raider a Chaos version of Calgar's Land Raider. In this I have no choice. My HQ is Lord Zhufor :D

05-11-2008, 18:33
Complete my Tau army
Complete an all Assault Marine army

05-11-2008, 19:08
For 40k its bugs, bugs, bugs! Have about 4k, want about 8k and then 2k of Gargantuan creatures for some real centrepieces.

I was steadily adding 500pts every week and then my Druchii received a new book and a new Hydra model and well, Druch-zilla... Curse you Trish Morrison and Mark Harrison!

I wonder if I could use my Hydras in 40k... Could certainly base some conversions off them... Oh no, its happening again!

05-11-2008, 19:34

Finish the second squad of my Word Bearers, aboult half done now, well more like two thirds

Short Term:

Keep building Word Bearers, accumulating and painting as I go.

Play some games of 40k

Long Term:

Build Word Beaers to where I'm happy

Buy more Tyranids

Start ill-advised Chav Ork army


Iron Warriors
Nurgle Warriors of Chaos

External but affecting:

Buy a house with spare room to be dedicated to hobbing and gaming

Rekated to that:

Build Game table and muchos terrain.

05-11-2008, 19:49
1. Buy models.
2. ???
3. Profit.

05-11-2008, 20:40
I knew you were working with those damn Gnomes...

06-11-2008, 08:06
1 - Finish painting my Blood Angels to 2000pts (1.5 assault squads to go!)
1.5 - Finish assembling 2000pts of my Goff Ork Warband (boyz are done, on to the fun stuff!)
2 - Finish assembling the rest of my Blood Angels (another 4000pts in boxes currently)
2.5 - Paint the 2000pts of Orks
3 - Paint the rest of my Blood Angels once assembled
3.5 -Assemble the rest of the Orks (another 4500pts in boxes)
4 - Assemble and paint my Baneblade to accompany my BAs into battle
4.5 - Scratch build a Gargant (was going to be just a Stompa, but with the kit coming out, may as well aim higher)
5 - Resolve never again to try and build two different armies concurrently, especially when ones a horde army.
6 - Pick two new armies and start all over.... (hmmm, maybe Eldar and Nids...)

Oh, and as a .25 and .75 on each step, assemble and paint some more terrain.

Shark Army
06-11-2008, 08:51
To win the Grand Tournament!!

06-11-2008, 11:21
I desire the new Tyranid codex. The current one is getting outdated and needs to be looked at before the bugs become uncompetitive.

I know DE have also been waiting for a while, but maybe they wouldn't mind waiting a little bit more, till after the new nids codex, since hardly anyone plays DE.

06-11-2008, 11:54
I know DE have also been waiting for a while, but maybe they wouldn't mind waiting a little bit more, till after the new nids codex, since hardly anyone plays DE.

Nice for those happy few.:chrome:

for my part, I want to finish my imperial fist 5th company with all support available. (almost all apocalypse formations)

I'm toying one day to begin a mordian IG army or a pre-heresy world eater army or a blood angel one.


06-11-2008, 12:40
Getting a full Infantry company, armoured company and artillery company for guard ^^.
And a titan, and a flyer, that way I have both imperial navy, imperial guard and titan legion in my army :P.
Thats like:
15 leeman russ
3 hellhounds
2 Hydra flack tanks
2 baneblades
36 heavy weapons
10 basilisks
4 manticores
2 bombards
Marauder bomber

06-11-2008, 13:02
I like this thread - it makes me feel normal with my exhuberant goals:

Short Term Goals:
- Construct BFSP and paint the Ork part of them
- Calculate and play with some Space Marines (Crimson Fists)
- Construct what I have of my Chaos in boxes

Medium Term Goals:
- Complete my Waagh
- Collect and paint the Crimson Fists
- Plan the Company of Chaos and support (all the apocalypse datasheets for Space Marines (Chaos or otherwise)

Long Term Goals:
- Paint all of this stuff

Fantasy is a different matter altogether. A real pain in the anus, so to speak.

06-11-2008, 13:57
HA! This is an easy one...

-Paint everything.

06-11-2008, 14:13
Well at least everyone else as being realistic. ;)

"As wargamers it is our duty to accept that there will always be an unpainted model, board or project in our homes, we take these poor objects into our homes and consider the myriad of possibilities that such an object could become, alas, not one of these shall ever come to pass."

06-11-2008, 17:00
Here's some additional to do items for me:
Finish my 1k sons (2k, just have the hqs finished)
Amass and complete my catachan guard army(waiting for the new codex)
Finish painting my tzeentchi daemons(1750, half way there)
Finish my tomb kings and night goblin hordes(not 40k i know)

06-11-2008, 19:20

Finish aquiring, building, and painting at least 3000 points of Eldar, including the Forgeworld Avatar with spear; along with at least one full squad of every available Eldar unit. Then add from the Forgeworld line at least one superheavy, at least one flyer, and at least one titan.

Aquire a few more of the new Harlequin models, particularly the Death Jesters, and finish converting and painting at least 3000 points of Harlequins; including at least two Venom conversions and two Wraithlord conversions (using one each of the old metal and new plastic Wraithlords).

After those are accomplished:

Complete a minimum of 1500 points of pure Sisters of Battle Witchhunters.

Complete a minimum of 1500 points of Emperor's Children, with the Forgeworld Keeper of Secrets, and at least one full unit each of the Juan Diaz Daemonettes and Seekers.

06-11-2008, 19:33
Having reviewed my plan for my army, I now have 10,000 points of stuff that I plan to build, spread out between C: CSM, C:SM, and C:CD. It's all based around one giant Apocalypse force.

06-11-2008, 19:49
Step 1. Paint my Thousand Sons, finish the army and codex to go with them.

Step 2. ??????

Step 3. Galactic domination.

Shark Army
06-11-2008, 20:19
HA! This is an easy one...

-Paint everything.

You'll die first :p

06-11-2008, 22:10
You'll die first :p

He who dies having most painted stuff wins.:skull:

06-11-2008, 23:39
Get 1500-2000 points of every army painted and ready for gaming. Inquisition excepted. I hope to eventually see plastic Sisters and Grey Knights.

I already have the models for this goal purchased thanks to Apocalypse sets. I have three armies at that point, and my Orks are nearly there.