View Full Version : some quick dwarf model questions

05-11-2008, 23:50
hey. need some quick answers for modelling purposes

1) Are dwarf ironbreakers/Queen Helga a 1 piece model? If not would it be possible to remove their shields
2) For dwarf slayers can you remove the weapons (or just the blade of the weapons) or are they attached to hair/head/something?

06-11-2008, 08:33
1) Ironbreakers come in 2 sections, the whole body, and the shield. So you can literally have them with no shields at all, there's a small bump on each of the hands so that'll need filing off. In terms of Queen Helga, I haven't a clue myself mate.
2) The slayers are generally 1 piece models, I think you could remove the weapons, but it may be a tadge of a struggle.

Hope that helps, a wee bit.