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Victor Romeo
06-11-2008, 22:59
Is it possible to bring a game back from the dead?
I played my first game of Warmaster for approximately four years last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. During the game I borrowed a mate's BOFA eagles. After a trawl through the GW site and a shopping trip to Copplsetone Castings I am keen to get this going. Thus, a few questions:

Does anyone, anywhere still stock the lead blisters or am I reduced to trying my luck on e-bay?

Are there any other good suppliers of proxy models to the quality of Copplestone?

Are there active forums out there or is it really just a handful of die hard lunatics?

Cheers for any assistance

05-04-2009, 20:32
Right, GW blisters are like unicorn turds on ebay. GW may one day bring them back, but you may be in fo a long wait depending on what happens with Specialist Games and the Hobbit (a re-release to cash in might happen).

For a yahoo group with variant lists, try this group


Try here for Mumaks http://eurekamin.com.au/index.php?cPath=87_100
They also do beastmen and some LotR suitable bits.


Do a 10mm fantasy range with some nifty bits.

And copplestone which you know about.