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Captain Gerntass
07-11-2008, 22:50
Ok ok, i've actually seen a number of attempts at this but i actualy believe that there should Be a seperate cdex for the blood pact. Hopefuly there are some players out there who will agree with me becouse these guy's are lyk a major player for the chaose forces in the sabbat worlds, so i have taken it upon my-self to create a codex for these little devils becouse we just don't know wot happens to them after the sabbat worlds crusade, hell we don't even know how it ends yet. Just think, there are many possibilities that could happen, chaose could get defeated and a large portion of the Pact could escape OR they could all get killed, or possibly chaose wins,they become the rulers of the sabbat worlds' and the Pact could either be the main armed occupation force ( or one of the main) or possibly even used as a template for a new army( skilled profesionable soldiers working for chaos does sound lyk a huge problem for the Imperiam).

One thing for certain is, were do i sign up:p

ok back on track, basicaly i'l be creating my own Blood Pact codex.
Ofcourse i'l need to balance it out between the resource's available( Gaunt's Ghost novels, tinternet and other sources) and actualy making it playable for the tabletop but keeping it in tne with all the other armies in 40k.
So all the help that's out there will be a HUGE help, any ideas, possible fluff or referances will be welcome.

It will be a while before it is finnished but i'l try an keep every one interested up to date and once it's finnished i'l post it up in its own thread.
Also, anyone else out there who are doin there own Blood Pact codex should pm me an we could thread our ideas to each other and possibly help each other to create a formal Codex.

So there u have it, the start of Codex: Blood Pact, come on people lets get this thing rolling;)

08-11-2008, 00:41
Try the "Seige of Vraks" or whatever (Imperial Armour Vol 6) as they have a pretty nifty Traitor Guard list in there which covers quite a few bases, including Ogryns with hounds. As the song says: "I am the man with the dogs".