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07-11-2008, 23:08
Suffice to say that I was very sad to see the Cult of Slaanesh die off. (Well a new Dark Elf book, Demon book and Chaos Warrior book sort of invalidated it to death...)

Secondly, I'm going to talk about trying to play the Cult of Slaanesh within the confines of the new DE book. Playing within a theme is often a difficult thing to do as you have to sacrifice gaming options for what appeals to you personally, but in the end its worth it because you have a special army that no one else could possibly understand!

Well, this is tricky. Basically your trying to "create" a Druchii Anointed using items. I find the Deathmask and a Dark Pegasus can be a good place to start. Convert it to look like a Slaanesh-y flying demon thing and you really shouldn't have to much trouble. Now, obviously you can't take the Lore of Slaanesh anymore and in order to stick to the theme I'd suggest Death as it has two psychological spells.

Not much to say here except for Death Magic. Pearl of Infinate Bleakness makes at least one unit ItP. Its not perfct but I'm trying... No Cauldren obviously enough.

Well no Dragons(Its unlikely a cult would have one...) and no Manticores(representitive of Khaine)

Simple enough, no Harpies(Again, Khaine) and no Corsairs(Its not a raiding army, its your typical tyrannical force of all conquering sadists...)

No Executioners(I wonder why...)
However you could use either Witch Elves or Black Guard as the Devoted of Slaanesh. I personally don't like using Witch Elves because they are Frenzied which really doesn't fit in with Slaanesh. Now, the BG are ItP which is much more appropriate. A few mutations in that unit never hurt!(I'm working on this at the moment, metal models = pain)

Shades were core in the Cult list so go nuts on these guys.

Cold One Chariots: It wasn't allowed in the old cult list but thats because(IIRC) it was a jungle campaign. I'm trying to put a Daemonette(Old style) in with a DE with Steeds of Slaanesh pulling it.(No wonder its stupid, the poor DE is so distracted...)

Cold One Knights: You can use them as they are or go with some strange conversions. Overall I find their 2+ is hard to convert around.(Add deamonette riders and where in heck does that save come from?)

Bolt Throwers: Well, while this was allowed in the old list I don't like the whole "stationary" feel of it. I'm going to mount mine on "boobworms" Or I might just scratch build them. That ones up in the air.

Hydras: I don't think these were in the Cult list(Not that it really mattered with the old rules anyway...) but you could easily take them. A little bit of converting doesn't hurt here either, although the new hydra is very serpentine which fits in with Slaanesh quite nicely.

Well, these are the ideas and conversions that I have in mind for my new Cult Army. It really is as simple as going through your book and saying "Definately" and "How is that possible?!" I hope this has been a somewhat helpful article on playing within the confines of a theme.

*In case your wondering, no, I'm not a fluff bunny, I still plan to kick proverbial **** with my pink Druchii! But the outcome of the battle isn't half as important as looking good whilst battling!

~EDIT: I have most definately put this into the wrong section, this should be in Warhammer General. Woops. Mods if you would do the honours please...