View Full Version : Help for my DIY chapter???

07-11-2008, 23:45
My first 40k army is going to be my DIY (not to be confuzd with my DUI)
My army is called The Samaratins, bleached bone with red. They are based on a desert world, with a nomadic chapter monastery (like howels moving castle, but bigger) Ummm, the chap master is supposed to be very young for a marine, with angelic features, and is viewed by his marines as an incarnation of the emporer's might. Kinda like his emissary. Not saying he is, its the superstitious "religion" of the chapter. Hes supposed to be angelic blond, so Im using a bare headed eldar guardien??? havnt glued it yet, but is the face to pinched?? To Xeno?? should I just use Green Stuff for hair?? Oh and the Sisters of battle are kind of supposed to venerate him as kinda a "living saint" like celestine, but you know, not as important... Oh and im gonna glue the iron halo to his head, with out the based, just the arch, so its like a real halo...
Does this sound OK? Or are there major fluff flaws ;)