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emperor's champion
27-04-2005, 18:39
i have 5 land raiders and i am getting 1 vetren sargent, 1 biker and a tatical squad.

i have 112 to spend what shall i buy!!!!! :confused: :confused: :confused:

emperor's champion
27-04-2005, 18:40
please post

emperor's champion
27-04-2005, 18:41
what shall i do ????!!!!????

emperor's champion
27-04-2005, 18:41
come on please talk

27-04-2005, 18:54
First I suggest that you wait for at least an hour before doing asking for some one to post. And then don't spam the thread.

I wonder why you have 5 land Raider are you making a mega battle army or some thing like... 5 ffs...

27-04-2005, 19:20
what do you have apart from 5 raiders, that soon to be tac, veteran sarge and biker? that info would be useful...

27-04-2005, 19:27
possibly the rest of the bike squad, another tactical squad, a commader and some paitence.

Inquisitor Engel
27-04-2005, 20:13
Try starting a thread and having some patience. Your punishment is to try again, better. This is your warning.