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09-11-2008, 00:33
hi all

myself and a group of like minded indviduals are establishing a gaming club in the Petersfield library in hampshire uk and we are looking for members to join our little gang. At this moment in time we have between 15/20 but the more the merrier. our only major stipulation is that you are older than 11 but apart from that all are welcome!


this is the groups basic page with some of the founders, for further details either contact me or our library link rod sharp at


or send your queries to


we are currently planning a small map based campaign over the weekends of the 22nd and 29th of november with the potential for simple drop in games and painting time available.
at present the times for these dates is 10 till 3 but this could change so we would need to be able to contact potential members if this occurs. primarily we are looking at people in the near vicinity but all comers are welcome

hope to see more of you soon