View Full Version : Mid Eastern style building

18-11-2008, 02:31
Got the terrain itch today and made this:



19-11-2008, 11:12
Not bad - I've been thinking of doing something extremely similiar recently as they're relatively quick and simple to produce aren't they ;)

One tip I would suggest though is to get a better look for the stairs just use foamboard cut to ever decreasing lengths and pile them up by the side of the building = it looks much more effective that the big wooden slabs (if you don't mind me saying!)

other nice little touches are little gutter drain pipes sticking out the side of the top wall from the rood terrace...

Nice texture you got there on the walls - I presume it's normal polyfiller????

Mal ;)

19-11-2008, 20:27
All done for now.




I'm pretty pleased with how simple the building was to construct. Doing up a small village of these would take no time at all, and I'm half inclined to make that happen. A few bigger, a few smaller, and bam! Instant village. Varying complexity would of course be par the course.

I've left it bare because I wanted it to be viable for multiple games (not that I play multiple games, but you never know!).

Nice, quick, fun, and not too shabby looking if I say so myself!

Malchek, I will definitely take your suggestions into account should I make some more. As for the texture, i think you're dead on.