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19-11-2008, 04:21
"South of Altdorf, within sight of the Grey Mountains lies the third wealtiest town in the Empire: the town of Bogenhafen. This thread will acquaint the visitor with some of the notable places in this prosperous town, as well Ravenswood, it's largest neighboring hamlet and producer of some of the finest wine West of the river Reik."

First stop: Don Giovanzana's Vinyard
I have been growing grapes this week! Some friends are coming over for a battle set in the Town of Ravenswood, a small hamlet to the South West of Bogenhafen. I've been working on building the town over many months in my spare time, but the scenario we cooked up demanded grapes, so I got all fired up to make a vinyard. Here are some sneak peeks of Don Giovanzana's Vinyard (these are pics in progress- the final photos will be posted next week).

These pics are courtesy of Kelnath, a passing warhawk rider from the forest Athel Loren (hence the questionable clarity).


19-11-2008, 06:55
Very nice, doesnt seem to take you much time to produce some fantastic terrain!! do you ever sleep??

Bugbait out.

19-11-2008, 11:42
Very kool I have never seen a model vinyard before :D

Wolf Scout Ewan
19-11-2008, 13:43
Very nice more!!!

19-11-2008, 14:11
"Sleep? Enough time for sleep in the grave!"- Conan

Over the past few months making terrain has been my exercise in staying focused and seeing projects through to completion, a practice which I hope to apply to other creative endeavors and life in general. Gotta start somewhere, figured I'd start small! Hot glue really helps things go faster too.

Too bad this weekend's battle may see the beautiful vineyards burned and rotted to the ground by foul enemies of the Empire! Time permitting I'll post the scenario and Battle Report around here somewhere (in the appropriate WH forum, and mayhaps upon me web site).

19-11-2008, 20:36
Great work. Any chance of some close up detail shots too?

Cant wait to see what you do with Bogenhafen - are you taking any inspiration from Shadows Over Bogenhafen? If so the houses of the main trade families would be in order (Teugen, Ruggbroeder et al.). And the carnival maybe..? (I always thought an abandoned carnival site would make great Mordheim terrain.)

Anyways, looking forward to seeing more.

Ezekiel Celes
19-11-2008, 21:39
farmlands yessss! and a scenario on a vineyard?! YESSS! you have to post that somewhere! I've been trying to convince friends to play in such an environment, but they keep telling me it's not that suited, as the units will get stuck, and they prefer open fields or small city skirmishes...

Also, a few closeups would be greatly appreciated!

19-11-2008, 22:33
Looks good and sounds interesting.

19-11-2008, 22:36
Very nice. I love Bogenhafen, so this'll be interesting.


20-11-2008, 02:15
The Main part of my army are Bogenhafen regulars, and I ran a campaign based in and around the city in 2007.
I will indeed be using Shadows over Bogenhafen for inspiration- the carnival idea sounds cool. Our scenario this weekend involves the Steinhager family (see below)

I'm waiting for the rest of the foliage to show up from Woodland scenics, then I can finish the vines. The Manor should be done by Saturday as well. Other items of note are flame markers and "Wine Vat" Markers which are also in progress for Sat.

Here are some more in progress pics (close ups):


This is the synopsis for our Saturday scenario (written by my friend Chris).
I'll post more on this in the Battle Report section after the game.

Two Cults for Traubensaft Tag
It is almost time for Traubensaft Tag (grapejuice day) - an annual celebration of wine. Bogenhafen's Merchant Guilds will likely earn a great deal of money during the festivities... but these aren't the most prosperous of times.

The Steinhager family has paid The Cult of the Horned Rat (a group humans in league with the Skaven) to sabotage the Haagen winery.... and the Haagen family has paid The Black Meadow (a chaos cabal) to sabotage the Steinhager winery. Unfortunately for the citizens of Bogenhafen - The Black Meadow has little experience with controlling Daemon summoning, and The Cult of the Horned Rat is just a pawn in the Skaven's game.

A Skaven army from Reikwald Forest attacks the Haagen winery... just as a summoned Daemon host causes destruction at the Steinhager winery. The two unleashed forces combine and threaten to destroy the town. Bogenhafen's troops must defeat the invaders. Luckily, a High Elf army has come to participate in the Traubensaft parade.

22-11-2008, 16:49



Theomar Pius
23-11-2008, 01:20
Vineyard is a great idea. looks good too.

23-11-2008, 01:26
I've got many a fond memory of Bogenhafen from my WFRP days. It'll be nice to wander the streets again. :D

29-11-2008, 07:51
Here is a link to the BATTLE REPORT (on my web site): "The Battle of Ravenswood"
aka: "Traubensaft Tag", aka, "BURN THE VINEYARD!"

I will start a thread in the Warseer Battle Reports section for any questions and comments regarding the game, and link from here.
Here is the Warseer Battle Report Thread:


29-11-2008, 08:08
Lovely, both in terms of models and background.

29-11-2008, 20:31
Great work, and great battle report!

30-11-2008, 08:31
I'll agree, that's some very nice work there.

Great job!

08-12-2008, 01:07
Wow. how did you make the vineyard.

08-12-2008, 17:02
Some of the early pics show the armature under the foliage.
I'll have some How To on this in the near future- time allowing!

But in a nutshell it's a small fence, vine, wire mesh, foliage and tiny grapes.
Hot glue for almost all attachments.
Bases are plasticard shaped with a dremel grinder, and textured with sand and gravel. These vines are picture wire- but takes some time to shape them. You could find faster alternatives, like floral wire.

11-03-2009, 20:06

Greetings from Ravenswood,

I have been busy with music, but managed to fit some time in painting the buildings for Ravenswood. Some new pics are up on my site:


More to come!!


11-03-2009, 20:21
Wow the town looks great. :D

11-03-2009, 20:36
Awesome! A red roofed warehouse! Don't suppose there is an odd cult summoning a daemon inside is there? Of course, if you haven't played "Shadows over Bogenhafen" then what I said will make no sense...

EDIT: p.s. The buildings look great.

Wolf Scout Ewan
11-03-2009, 20:46
Wow those buildings look top!

Fantastic work!

11-03-2009, 21:04
Very impressive, each building looks great by itself, as a set they look even better!

Bugbait out

11-03-2009, 21:38
amazing work, those houses are stunning. Fighting in town of those would be very fun.

11-03-2009, 22:02
Now these buildings are worth fighting over! Top stuff!

12-03-2009, 00:34
Looking good.

12-03-2009, 11:14
Very very nice indeed! The warehouse is amazing!

What materials do you use?

12-03-2009, 15:12
It's a Burgundy Roof- and Ravenswood is not nearly as corrupt as Bogenhafen; though there is always a cult where you least expect it...

foam core, balsa wood, card, masonite bases hot glue etc.

Once the painting is finished, I'll add more fine details (like rats, crates, ropes, trash, vines, etc.)

More to come...

12-03-2009, 15:13
Hmmm... I guess it's not quite Burgundy yet... it will be when it's finished.

Tabletop World
14-03-2009, 09:48
Very nice!
Keep up the good work!


14-03-2009, 15:26

Terror stalks the streets of Bogenhafen...

segmentum solar
14-03-2009, 16:39
some cool scenery, i think the warehouse could use a winch for the second floor outside like real warehouses and buisinesses would have used for getting the heavy sacks and barrels up there . i like the last black and white pic aswell, looks good :)

14-03-2009, 22:38
I plan to add a winch or crane, and a ramp for the first floor from the street, once the buildings paint lobs are done, and I get to the detailing stage.

Good suggestion though! Let me know if you come accross any good reference pics.

I had fun making the B&W pic- kind of like an old horror film look.

14-03-2009, 22:55
Wow, these are stunning! Makes me want to dig out all of my warhammer fantasy stuff all over again! I love the buildings. Do you think you'd ever do some ruined ones? One cant but help think about mordheim...

15-03-2009, 02:23
Once I have a bunch of intact buildings I'll think about my ruined city. Mordheim is awesome, but intact cities are so much more unique.
I kanda wanna do a ruined Dwarf Hold (taken over by night goblins of course) before ruined buildings though...
too much to do, not enough arms. :)

19-03-2009, 17:46
Greetings All,
Another one nearly finished!

The Guild House:


19-03-2009, 19:46
Woah I realy like the first floor detail and the second floor balcony adds a lot of playability to the model. :D

Wolf Scout Ewan
19-03-2009, 21:33
Love that building!

20-03-2009, 01:02
Yum yum yum!

20-03-2009, 02:22
The Balcony is fun, in it's first game ever (Warhammer skirmish + LOTR rules fusion) 2 free company were fighting off a horde of zombies at the top of the stone stairs... awesome!! (we did not let zombies climb stuff, so they had to file up the stairs).

Good stuff...

20-03-2009, 17:54
Here is the Clock Tower in progress:

20-03-2009, 18:22
Curious, is that a functioning watch in the clock tower.
Oh and I like the little portch roof on the 3rd floor. :)

Also how are you making these so fast. :eek:

20-03-2009, 18:32
Wow, like all the other pieces in this thread, the clock tower magnificent... the clock itself seems a bit plain compared to the rest of it, but still a very impressive scale. Your terrain is simply amazing and I love the sound of these buildings + zombies in a game :) Cheers and looking forward to more!

20-03-2009, 19:10
The clock will be less plain (hopefully totally sweet) by the time the paint is 100% done. (Right now these are not quite finished with painting and extra details).

Here is the "Tower of the Pigeon Keeper"; this one is pretty much done... though maybe a few more droppings and a base or a few other details could be good... lemme know if y'all have suggestions! :)


segmentum solar
20-03-2009, 19:17
good stuf, i really like the guild house and clock tower, your pieces really remind me of elder scrolls iv oblivion town houses etc with a hint of old fantasy, i really like it

23-03-2009, 13:12
Here is another nearly finished piece from Bogenhafen:
I need to deepen the water at some point, and add some ivy or something along those lines.
Enjoy!! And don't forget to throw in a coin as you pass...


23-03-2009, 13:27
I think this might be my new favorite piece. :D

Wolf Scout Ewan
23-03-2009, 18:50
I love water features generally. You might have noticed hehe.

24-03-2009, 13:24
n810, I just noticed your questions:
the clock is a plastic bit from the warhammer buildings.
As to speed, they have actually been taking forever; some of the longest running projects in my collection. Hopefully in 1-2 more months they will be completely finished (as much as anything ever is).

25-03-2009, 09:39
Those coins in the fountain are sweet!

I really want a fountain too... maybe I should start one.

Hadriel Caine
25-03-2009, 10:51
lovely terrain. I like the guild house and vinyard especially. how did you make the coins? what is the statue on the fountain made from?

25-03-2009, 22:00
Thanks Adam,
The coins are slices of plastic rod, the figure is some old bygone lead mini (Ral Partha perhaps- but no idea really- hunt around on Stuff of Legends, maybe you can find out what it is.)

22-04-2009, 08:25
woah can we get a picture of the whole town on a table?

23-04-2009, 04:14
Can do- need a day or two

static grass
23-04-2009, 09:53
Great thread and some lovely stuff. Where did you get the fountain from btw?

23-04-2009, 13:10
The Fountain is scratch built; using an old lead mini and some plastic Empire shields, wood bits and foam core, tiny slices of plastic rod.

A few days ago I filled it with 5 minute Epoxy Resin as a water effect. I don't recommend it!! too many tiny bubbles and not clear enough. Oh well :( Not ruined, but not as nice as I was hoping for.

27-04-2009, 17:50
As requested: some in progress pics of the whole spread.
Ravenswood Progress Pics 4/23/2009 (http://nikolairuskin.com/miniatures_pages/rav_prog)

These pics are just some rough temporary shots until the town is complete.
I haven't decided if Ravenswood should have a wall, so you might imagine these as Bogenhafen's South Gate, the road leading to Ravenswood.





27-04-2009, 17:57
More pics:







27-04-2009, 17:57






27-04-2009, 18:21
frikkin awesome scenery, i've only seen this kind of high quality fantasy houses two times before: first on forge world(that tavern they produce) and then some wd pics of some storm of chaos terrain(the walls of middenheim, or something akin). that fountain is incredible!

29-04-2009, 13:37
I am amazed!:) This is such a large amount of awesomness!!!

I always dream to realise such cool town but my lack of times and technical ability always discourage me.

Well, I wish you luck for the sequel of your town but it s already astonishing.

29-04-2009, 19:25
looks great I love the orchard rows

01-05-2009, 12:22
Just plain Awesome :D

07-11-2009, 20:07
The Docks of Bogenhafen

As part of my ongoing Bogenhafen / Ravenswood construction I have begun building the docks, the progress of which can be followed on my blog:

I started wth the quay, to get a sense of the land height, and am now moving on to the wooden piers. As is my usual custom, I'll be constructing and painting as I go, adding some final details later on down the road (such as floating rat bodies, fishheads and giant alligators :) )

The quay has basements and a sewer tunnel below the street. The overall frame was made from old scrap wood salvaged from my basement, then textured using heavy card for the cobblestones and a combo of foam insulation / foamcore for the underground stonework. Some of the stonework has been rendered with a balpoint pen, and some has been scribed with a hot wire tool. To enhance the look of the cobble stones I used different thicknesses of card. Talk abot a tedious job. NEVER again.

This stuff is intended for skirmish type games using rules from Mordheim, LOTR and Legends of the High Seas, but set in the Empire.



08-11-2009, 00:52
Woah you have definitely been busy. :D
love the dock and the ship. :)

08-11-2009, 04:22
What company makes that ship? I've been looking into Legends of the High Seas and have been on the hunt for suitably sized ships to use.

The dock looks good so far. The barnacles round the base of each pillar is a great touch.

08-11-2009, 08:52
Using the sand as barnacles is a nice idea.
I'll have to file that away in my brain for future projects.

08-11-2009, 12:29
Wow. Your table and terrain is absolutely beautiful!!

08-11-2009, 14:12
That looks great; it will be a perfect addition.

08-11-2009, 17:24
The ship is one of three I picked up on ebay for 20 -30 USD each, and am using some simple conversion templates for raising the deck heights, altering windows / doors etc.

They are Playmobil pirate galleys (YARRRRRR!). TRUTH BE TOLD laddies, FOR THE LESS AMBITIOUS, NO REAL CONVERTING IS REQUIRED. They are almost perfect as is. Painting is of course, a must. The greatest thing is that they are durable, and have rigid plastic rigging that minis could easily be hooked on to with a pipe cleaner as they climb and swing about. My primary use for them is to decorate the docks of Bogenhafen, but I'll eventually do some naval battles I'm sure. I am very keen on the idea of human vs. human stuff based in Empire territory; thieve's guilds, rival merchants, cults and the like.

I have been busy indeed; there are a number of commission projects I've photographed but have had no time to edit or create pages on my website for. That is one reason I decided to start getting the hang of a blog; it's a bit more immediate and really ideal for the log type stuff; that way I don't have to continuously update web pages with new progress on stuff, and can wait to make the page when projects are finished, but still post to the blog. The whole bogging things is still kind of new to me; I am trying to go see more of them to get ideas about the best approach.

Soon pirates thieve and town militia will be brawling in the streets of Bogenhafen! Yay!


08-11-2009, 21:35
This will certainely be interesting, a full functioning town with a sewer system? Next thing you know it will have street lamps with LED lights and an actually working sewage system. You can even put a tide in the docks :p.

Its all looking amazing and good luck.

08-11-2009, 22:11
Oh my god this is really cool! A very inspirational project! :D

08-11-2009, 23:58
Amazing stuff, any wip's for the buidlings?

09-11-2009, 11:58
I have hardly any wips for the buildings pictutred on the previous pages. I'll likely take more inthe future though, for the next batch.

Thanks for the compliments, glad you like it! No LED lights, tidal shifting or working sewer systems are planned though. Just Skaven incursions, zombie plagues and orc raids.

09-11-2009, 14:20
This stuff is nothing short of wow.

09-11-2009, 16:49
Wow! This is insane, inspirational and incredible! I'll just drop a comment on the Playmobil ship: A smart move. I'd add some ropes tied around certain parts of the masts, but otherwise it's good to go and get painted. You'll have some immense fun with this table, no doubt.

13-11-2009, 02:57
There is a small corner in hell where they send you to cut tiny pieces of card to make the stonework for my quay project. Don't EVER get sent there.

Phase 2 & 3 of the quay involved the addition of masonry to the surface and the sewer. Why did I choose to use card for the flagstones? Durability and speed. I had no desire to get in to casting in plaster, which is the other way I had wanted to do the street, and foam would have been too delicate. I make my stuff as pretty as possible while still being tough and gameable, as that's what it's for.

The big scissors are tin snips, which I also use to make magnetic movement trays. Those two little buildings are a sneak peek at the modern zombie apocalypse stuff I am designing; it's acouple of warehouse pieces. More on that much later... for now, the docks.


13-11-2009, 04:05
Yea that looks maddeningly tedious, :eek:

13-11-2009, 06:47
Are you going to add simulated grouting around the flagstone?
I have done something similar and I used vinyl spackling as a grout.

A paper guillotine might help with the flagstone cutting too, but they can be expensive for a good one.

Ezekiel Celes
13-11-2009, 07:48
Oh MAN! that is one seriously awesome sewer! I haven't seen anything like it yet! - I'm not sure about the aligator though ;)
You know we demand more!

13-11-2009, 11:30
The alligator is a funny story. I was walking late at night w/ my wife and she saw it on the sidewalk and screamed. In the dark I guess it looked kinda scary. i think he's cute.
Now he has 1 leg missing 'cause my dog chewed it off; I am considering giving him a peg leg. Now he is the terror of the sewers of Bogenhafen (and keeps the skaven population down).

13-11-2009, 11:32
The flagstones are done Tommygun, no grout though, but a bit of sand and static grass / green flock in spots and mud painted between the large gaps. I'll be posting the finished pics later so you'll see what I mean.

Wolf Scout Ewan
13-11-2009, 15:56
Wow that must have taken ages... the end result though is always worth it.

13-11-2009, 17:32

The 4th phase of the quay was painting and adding water fx. I also used Apoxie Sculpt to add some final stonework in the sewer and over the tunnel openings on the outside. The water fx is acrylic heavy gloss gel medium. It appears milky upon application, but later dries clear. I mixed a bit of green in to give it some mrukiness. Prior to adding it I painted a dark greenish blue on the water areas.

14-11-2009, 08:11
This looks very nice! Adding a whole new layer of awesome to an already stunning project... This must make for very interesting gaming!

Keep amazing me!

14-11-2009, 23:02
Great looking table, I love the sewer system. the water is very real looking and kinetic. Keep it up!

15-11-2009, 00:19
Gotta love that sewer water. :)

15-11-2009, 00:53
How is the water effects applied, is it laid on like cake frosting?
Do you color it or is the color painted under it?

16-11-2009, 00:03
Use a fan brush, it is alot like frosting. Fun to use! I learned that and some other useful techniques from a Woodland Scenics Water fx dvd. Cool stuff. Water fx can be a wee bit pricey though. :(

MMM, sewer water. I'm gonna buy a box of the new skaven clanrats for this sewer; can't resist!

02-02-2010, 14:09

Greetings from Bogenhafen!

Progress on the docks along the river Bogen has now continues, and with the Spring thaw approaching we forsee increased trade with Altdorf and the Ubersreik.

Here are a couple pics of the whole spread so far...

I acquired a miniature mitre saw which has made dock production much faster, so I expect to have these up and running in no time.

Once the docks are done I'l finally get to finishing the ships properly!! Looking forward...


02-02-2010, 16:40
This is a awesome board! It looks like it would be a blast to play on!

03-02-2010, 08:58
what are the ship originally? They look like a cross between mega blocks and playmobile. They work wonderfully.

03-02-2010, 09:23
Those ships have a lot of potensial.
The scale looks right and so does the style for the time period.

I couldn't live without my mitre saw.
Mitre saws make the world a better place.
I been thinking of getting one with an adjustable angle.
Maybe one with compound angles.

03-02-2010, 12:42
The ships are playmobil (ebay $25 average, USD), and with some converting they will be great. The scale is just about right, and they are very layable (I plan to use pipe cleaners to attach models that climb the rigging). I wanted a quick way to populate the harbor without having to scratch build everything. I plan to finish them up after the docks are done.

This stuff is going to be alot of fun for a "Gangs of New York" style skirmish game, set in Marienburg or the docks of Bogenhafen. If you haven't used Lord oof the Rings rules for skirmnish games yet I highly reccommend them; combined with a few bits from Mordheim and some custom house rules, they are fast and quick to learn.

03-02-2010, 12:59
Yea I thought those lookes like playmobile ships ;)
They yould look right decent with a new paint job.

03-02-2010, 18:46
Amazing work! Must be a real treat to play on that board. Very inspirational stuff, thanks for posting and sharing your project with us.

Will you make any rowing boats for the harbour? Or maybe the old late medieval style cranes etc?

03-02-2010, 20:27
Yes, smaller boats and cranes, plus crates, barrels wagons and the like. Little by little, it will all be added. And of course gull droppings.

12-02-2010, 09:33
O M G !!! That is just tremendous! I love the sewers idea and if I ever get round to doing another table consider that idea well and truly stolen! Exceptional and inspirational log.

13-02-2010, 03:55
Thanks Hastings! I'm in the final phase of the quay now, it has been painted and I am about to start construction of the modular basement wall sections.

Glad ya like!

14-02-2010, 02:56
Bloody hell! Fantastic.......the sad thing was I had a massive playmobile collection as a kid, and sold it off later in life......damn I miss those pirate ships now!

14-02-2010, 16:59

Water table posted to the Valley of Isk blog:

I decide it was silly to continue taking pics of the docks on a green battle mat, so I busted out these two sections of water table by recycling a couple of my old gaming boards.

There is a description of how-to on the blog, for those who are interested.


15-02-2010, 01:13
I think your dock needs a giant squid somewhere on the board.
Maybe silently crawling up the side of a ship for a snack?

15-02-2010, 02:39
I think you are correct sir :)

27-02-2010, 15:48

Here are a few Morheim style ruined buildings I am working on to add to the Bogenhafen Layout.

I have started a few new techniques with my buildings worth noting:

1. Roof Shingles are now made from a thin wood veneer. I cut them in to strips, stack the strips and use a mini-mitre saw to produce them. This gives the shingles a meatier look, plus I can snap them on the fly if I need to fill gaps.

2. Tight Bases: I am now cutting the bases of each building to the exact contour of the footprint (or as close as possible). I noticed in a recent game that we had trouble positioning a model on a corner due to the base sticking out about 1 cm, so I am going to eliminate the excess base material.

3. Banisters / Railings: I have developed a fast technique for railings and banisters. The bottom is foam core, with toothpicks poked in to the foam edge, followed by 2 or three thin strips at the top.

The slums of Bogenhafen are the aftermath of a brutal siege by the Axebite orc tribe. Fierce combat spilled through the North wall of the city and greenskins occupied the neighborhoods on the north side of the river Bogen for nearly three weeks before reinforcements from Altdorf finally arrived to drive the orcs back to their lair in the Grey Mountains.

Efforts to rebuild these devastated areas have been slowed by the expansion of the docklands, leaving the majority of Bogenhafenís peasantry homeless or living in squalid conditions of ruined homes. There have been numerous requests for relief aid sent to Emperor Karl Franz, but so far Altdorf has been slow to respond.

Wolf Scout Ewan
01-03-2010, 15:40
WOnderful stuff!

01-03-2010, 16:48
Thanks Ewan, I have made some more progress since these pics were taken and hope to have this batch finished this week... wishful thinking perhaps!

01-03-2010, 16:51
Looking good I llke the use of wood shingles...
I think you could save a little time making them as
a lot of those models doll house compainies sell pre-cut
wooden shingles. ;)

the design of the buiildings looks quite good, altho the
raw wood could a little stain or an ink wash.
and the browish grey bits could use a drybrush in
a slightly lighter color.

02-03-2010, 00:52
They are a work in progress, the painting has not even begun.
None of the natural wood will remain when I am through.
They will be painted in the style of my other Bogenhafen buildings:

http://nikolairuskin.com/images/terrain/ravenswood/clock_tower_th.jpg (http://nikolairuskin.com/miniatures_pages/clock_tower.htm)


The base coat color you see here is a preliminary measure I use with complex layered pieces; I usually undercoat "hard to reach" areas prior to assembly.

All of what you see now is pre-painting stage :)

The shingles on your link have a couple of problems in my opinion:
1. too large
2. too uniform

I thank you for the tip, however! It's always great to be on the lookout for new time saving methods.

28-04-2010, 17:39
The Docks are complete, and I am moving on to a new wharf design. Check 'em out here:





28-04-2010, 17:53
Wow those docks are prety awesome, :D
(sorry about the confusion before)

What do you have in mind for you next project?

28-04-2010, 17:58
Hey, no problem N810!

I have sooooooo much stuff in the works (I am making this stuff pay the bills) but the one I am most excited about at the moment is the 2nd version of the wharf. I should have some WIP shots of it up here soon. The main difference will be the addition of pilings, a combination of natural rock face and stonework for the bulkheads, and a muddy / sandy landing under a boardwalk. It is about 50% complete right now, just have to make time to shoot pics and post.


29-04-2010, 10:30
Dock looks nice and rustic. The flag stones look good too.
I don't think the link in post #110 is working?

29-04-2010, 12:24
Hey Tommygun,
I believe it is working. Maybe the image size is too large? Let me know if anyone else has a problem viewing it.

> Oh, nevermind, I see you mean the LINK!! :)
I'll fix that now...

30-04-2010, 07:34
Astonishing work, lad! A giant squid might be in order, but if you want to keep it simple, just model its tentacles on separate bases (as GW did with the Watcher in the Water outside Moria's/Khazad-DŻm's western gate). That way you'll be abvle to play some really quirky scenarios, with unpredictable tentacles bursting up from along the harbourside where you least expect it!

Kudos to you for doing a harbour; it always gets a thumbs-up from me. And great use of the Playmobil ship. :D

30-04-2010, 11:51
A squid would rock, it shall be done :)
The Thing in the Sewers would be good too...
Thanks for the comment 3lv3s! And it is true that nothing can beat elves.

10-05-2010, 03:30

Terror stalks the streets of Bogenhafen...

Awesome pic, by the way.

Your talent is really astounding, mate. So kudos to you.

I have a question about the photo, what is that hooded model that is atop the fountain? Which range is it from?

12-05-2010, 23:06
It was lead... and ancient. I got it from a friend in a pile of junk minis. No idea what range, but I would not mind getting another one, so let me know if you ever figure it out. I'll ask around for ya.

Thanks for the comps! Be well.

13-05-2010, 07:20
It was lead... and ancient. I got it from a friend in a pile of junk minis. No idea what range, but I would not mind getting another one, so let me know if you ever figure it out. I'll ask around for ya.

Thanks for the comps! Be well.

No worries, mate. You are seriously talented.

Too bad about that model, I really like it! I might make a thread about it actually...

22-05-2010, 19:50
WOW! This is absolutely georgeous stuff. I would get a fantasy army JUST to play on your table.

24-05-2010, 21:51
Chuffin Nora.

I'm not sure whether the buildings have the option of being atop the wharf or being on the village green, or whether you plan to have them all out at the same time one day, but either way, this stuff is mental.. In a good awe inspiring sort of way!

If you find yourself knocked out, a bag placed on your head and you get bundled into the back of a van, don't worry, I'm just kidnapping you. :)

26-05-2010, 13:44
Dannage, I avoid vans as a general rule :)

My previous buildings have grassy bases. My current buildings (in progress) are all being designed with zero excess base material. This way they will work on any kind of terrain. The grassy ones may possibly get reworked to allow them to have this flexibility as well, time allowing.

In a couple of months I may be ready to start posting pics of the brand new wharf and pier set I am currently working on. They are incorporating many new design elements that I think you will love, and I am excited to finish them.

Meanwhile, I am keeping up with commissions and sorting out some future plans at the moment, so I may not be around Warseer for a short time.

Thanks for the comments! It is always motivating to hear when people appreciate one's work!

Travellers in Ravenswood: en route to the vineyards of Don Giovanzana:

26-05-2010, 14:39
For some reason I am reminded of Little Jon and Friar Tuck... ;)

27-05-2010, 00:56
Love that picture, your camera must have a great macros setup.

27-05-2010, 08:17
Well, if you see an unfamiliar guy with a shopping trolley and a bottle labelled 'chloroform' you'd be advised to cross the road, heh heh.

28-05-2010, 07:04
This sounds promising! Besides, that's a good picture. And yes, as you said, nothing can beat elves. ;)

26-08-2010, 21:19
This is some amazing stuff!

Ghost 1 Actual
27-08-2010, 01:06
Great stuff I have some scale creep ships on order so when the arrive I will be busy in dock making mode as well, so thanks for the inspiring pics and too many ideas

27-08-2010, 09:12
Wow what a fantastic scenery collection you have made for yourself. The docks are just inspired with their multilevel design and the hedgerows would be fun for a game of cat and mouse.


28-08-2010, 19:17
I am completely in awe of your work - love the tea house from your site (I might give something like this a try myself one day) and these other buildings are truly great as well.

01-09-2010, 23:15

Thank you very much for the great feedback! I have more harbor & dock pieces nearly finished, which are even cooler than the first quay.

I am also selling off all of my "first run" scenery pieces in a new Ebay Store, under the Name "Valley of Isk Miniatures".

Here is the link:
Valley of Isk Miniatures (http://stores.ebay.com/Valley-of-Isk-Miniatures?_rdc=1) on Ebay

So far I have all of my buildings up, next to be added (tomorrow) are Wild West / Desert badlands pieces, vineyards and some Orc Tribal stuff.

I'll be making a new batch of buildings asap, and starting to develop my skills with casting multi part kits with the aim to make some products available soon.