View Full Version : the death of a LGS...

28-04-2005, 06:22
I'd figure I'd post this for the heck of it.

the only gaming store in my little one-horse town is probobly going under. Though the process is mostly likely going to be slow.

I've already had to suffer the loss of a beloved LGS a while ago. But, at least then I had it's crappy competitor to rebound off of.

So, have any of you had to cope with the loss of your favorite LGS in the past? How did you deal with it? and, what can you do?

me, I'll have to start on building a table and get some phone numbers.

28-04-2005, 07:08
me, I'll have to start on building a table and get some phone numbers.

That's actually a pretty good idea. I'm an ex-coowner of an LGS, and when we finally had to close our doors, we made sure that we stayed in touch with all the regulars (or atleast the ones we wanted to keep in touch with). One of our devoted regulars even set up a Yahoo group for everybody so we could keep in touch and started organizing games at various people's houses. And since we had to close down our RT account, we started placing big group orders on-line so we wouldn't have to pay shipping. That was mainly because we hated the only other game store in town and didn't want to resort to shopping there...

But, yeah, as long as everybody keeps in touch and you keep up that feeling of comraderie, you'll be fine. As great as having a store to hang out in and play is, it's the players that make the game.

And you can't go wrong with volunteering to help out the owners with closing the store, packing and moving and such. Well, that's if you actually like the owner....