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01-12-2008, 09:38
Great maker! Another month has gone by, folks!

Please read this post before replying!

Greetings, fellow painters, and welcome to the fourth 2008 Tale of 40K Painters monthly update extravaganza!

For those of you who don’t know what the Tale of Painters is, look here (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=155584). For those of you who are participating, this is the official thread in which you should post the work you have done in the last month (November). Over the next seven days, participants in the Tale should post the work they have done over the last month.

Please don't post anything else in this thread until the 8th of December! Let's have another go at that because I know people can't be bothered reading all this text, I mean it was here last month and some people still got confused. PLEASE DON'T POST ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS THREAD UNTIL THE 8TH OF DECEMBER! Thanks.

Feedback, questions and so on should be posted in the current working thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=169365) until the 8th, when all submissions are due in and this thread morphs into a new working thread. Regarding the deadline: Pretty much everyone who voiced an opinion preferred this deadline to be strict, so this month it is. If you haven't posted by the 7th, then you get a joker. If you have a decent excuse and are a couple of days late I'm sure we can make allowances, but the idea is to get us to paint stuff.

If you don't have pictures yet (because of camera problems or whatever) then it's OK to post to say what you've done and add photos later. The important thing is to get the painting done!

For your official monthly post, please try to follow the following guidelines:

You should include a description of each unit you have painted, including the number and type of models, and any upgrades or equipment they carry, followed by the total points cost of the unit. Please, DO NOT post the points costs of individual upgrades or models, as GW don’t like it and so neither, by extension, do the moderators. If you have painted more than one unit, give the total points cost of your monthly painting endeavours.

Next, please post photos of each unit you have painted, and of the army as a whole. Photos should be cropped or resized to around 1000 by 1000 pixels to avoid scrollbars and ensure the thread doesn’t take too long to load.

Try not to overdo the photos. The Tale is about showing off your work, but do it concisely - if everyone posts 13 different angles of every model they paint, that means the whole thread becomes massive and no one will look at any of it. Try to keep your monthly update to one post (4 pictures) and post links to any additional photos you wish to show - or better still, include a link to your painting log here if you have one, so that anyone viewing the thread who takes an interest can take a look and give you some feedback if they want to.

The rest of your post is up to you. You can say anything you like here, about what you enjoyed or found hard, what you were especially pleased with, etc., etc... Feel free to use this post (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1870139&postcount=11) as a template for your update.

If you have to play a joker, please post saying so, and include a suitably amusing image. If you do not post within the next seven days, then you will automatically count as having jokered October (I mean it this time... well more than last time anyway. :p).

Thanks for reading all that. I look forward to seeing your work!

Sam (McMullet)

SPECIAL NOTE: There are some issues with the server at the moment - so if this persists for a few days then we can extend the deadline a bit.

01-12-2008, 09:39
67 Armies
(of which 58 are 40K, 7 are Epic and 2 are BFG)
136800 points signed up (if everyone who hasn't confirmed paints 1500). So far, we have 43748 points completed, and have used a total of 74 jokers.

This month we painted 9778 points and played 29 jokers.

54 Paint 1 army
5 Paint 2 armies
1 Paint 3 armies
60 Painters in total

By Faction:
5 (7.5%) Chaos Space Marines
1 (1.5%) Chaos Fleet
6 (9.0%) Daemons
1 (1.5%) Eldar
6 (9.0%) Imperial Guard
1 (1.5%) Imperial Navy
2 (3.0%) Inquisition
1 (1.5%) Lost and the Damned
13 (19.4%) Orks
22 (32.8%) Space Marines
1 (1.5%) Squats
4 (6.0%) Tau Empire
4 (6.0%) Tyranids

Badgobbla : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels 835 of 2000 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 235 ; #2: 0JK ; #3: 370 ; #4: 230
aenimosity : 40K Tau Empire - 474 of 1500 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 200 ; #2: 86 ; #3: 188 ; #4: NO SHOW
agio65 : 40K Daemons - (expansion) 864 of 2000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 374 ; #2: 260 ; #3: 230 ; #4: JOKER
agio65 : 40K Orks - 479 of 1000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: NO SHOW ; #2: 235 ; #3: 144 ; #4: 100
Ben : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines 685 of 3000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 0JK ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 685 ; #4: JOKER
BLARGAG!!! : 40K Imperial Guard - 2080 of 5000 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 650 ; #2: 500 ; #3: 260 ; #4: 670
bloodsbane : 40K Orks - 400 of 1500 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 160 ; #2: 240 ; #3: JOKER ; #4: JOKER
Catferret : 40K Space Marines - 840 of 2000 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 200 ; #2: 220 ; #3: 165 ; #4: 255
Chicken_Funk : 40K Orks - 604 of 1500 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 172 ; #2: 152 ; #3: 155 ; #4: 125
Colonel Haizelhoff : 40K Imperial Guard - Mechanised Mordians 373 of 1000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 93 ; #2: 155 ; #3: 125 ; #4: NO SHOW
Danny76 : 40K Orks - 311 of 1000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 0JK ; #2: 181 ; #3: JOKER ; #4: 130
DarkstarSabre : 40K Tyranids - Hive Fleet Nemesis 470 of 2000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 165 ; #2: 305 ; #3: JOKER ; #4: JOKER
darkstonelich : 40K Chaos Space Marines - 665 of 2000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 0JK ; #2: 460 ; #3: 205 ; #4: JOKER
Darnok : 40K Daemons - 302 of 1000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 177 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 125 ; #4: JOKER
Death Korp : 40K Chaos Space Marines - 235 of 1500 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: JOKER ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: 235 ; #4: ???
Discord : BFG Imperial Navy - 640 of 2000 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 180 ; #2: 180 ; #3: 90 ; #4: 190
Discord : BFG Chaos Fleet - 905 of 2000 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 180 ; #2: 90 ; #3: 215 ; #4: 420
Discord : Epic Orks - 1300 of 4000 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 350 ; #2: 250 ; #3: 200 ; #4: 500
Doctor P : 40K Tau Empire - 551 of 1850 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 190 ; #2: 196 ; #3: JOKER ; #4: 165
Drakemaster : Epic Space Marines - Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons 815 of 4000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 415 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW ; #4: 400
Edzard : 40K Inquisition - Witch Hunters 287 of 1500 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: JOKER ; #2: 145 ; #3: 142 ; #4: JOKER
Fredmans : Epic Tyranids - 1550 of 5000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 500 ; #2: 550 ; #3: JOKER ; #4: 500
Fredmans : Epic Imperial Guard - Steel Legion 1150 of 5000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 500 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 650 ; #4: JOKER
give_me_a_d : 40K Daemons - 800 of 2000 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 0JK ; #2: 395 ; #3: 204 ; #4: 201
Hauk : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines 446 of 2000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 216 ; #2: 230 ; #3: JOKER ; #4: JOKER
Häxjägare : 40K Chaos Space Marines - 635 of 2000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 240 ; #2: 150 ; #3: 245 ; #4: JOKER
Jim : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Pre-Heresy World Eaters 733 of 1500 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 210 ; #2: 213 ; #3: 125 ; #4: 185
Jonahmaul : 40K Tau Empire - 300 of 2000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 120 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 180 ; #4: NO SHOW
jpobrich : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels 905 of 1500 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 245 ; #2: 240 ; #3: 120 ; #4: 300
kammek : 40K Orks - 947 of 1750 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 222 ; #2: 320 ; #3: 215 ; #4: 190
kenny3760 : 40K Daemons - 713 of 1500 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 170 ; #2: 195 ; #3: 148 ; #4: 200
Khrangar : 40K Space Marines - The Emperor's Word 427 of 1000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: JOKER ; #2: 120 ; #3: 185 ; #4: 122
Knighta : 40K Inquisition - Daemonhunters 402 of 1500 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 160 ; #2: 150 ; #3: 92 ; #4: JOKER
Lardidar : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Iron Warriors 405 of 2000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: NO SHOW ; #2: 370 ; #3: 35 ; #4: NO SHOW
lonepilgrim : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels 595 of 2000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 190 ; #2: 255 ; #3: 150 ; #4: JOKER
Maalivate : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines 555 of 1500 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 0JK ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 355 ; #4: 200
Magos Explorator : 40K Imperial Guard - 200 of 1000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 100 ; #2: 100 ; #3: NO SHOW ; #4: JOKER
Max Keeren : 40K Eldar - 260 of 1000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 115 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: JOKER ; #4: 145
McMullet : Epic Orks - 1315 of 4000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: JOKER ; #2: 512.5 ; #3: 360 ; #4: 442.5
misterboff : 40K Orks - Deathskulls 696 of 2000 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 167 ; #2: 167 ; #3: 167 ; #4: 195
mrsurgeon : Epic Space Marines - Ultramarines 1150 of 4000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 400 ; #2: 400 ; #3: JOKER ; #4: 350
Norsehawk : 40K Space Marines - 1386 of 4000 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 255 ; #2: 280 ; #3: 375 ; #4: 476
Norsehawk : 40K Daemons - 454 of 2000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 149 ; #2: 205 ; #3: 100 ; #4: JOKER
olean : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels 480 of 1500 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 240 ; #2: 240 ; #3: JOKER ; #4: NO SHOW
Overt_Spy : 40K Tau Empire - 643 of 2000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 210 ; #2: 204 ; #3: 229 ; #4: JOKER
Overt_Spy : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels 245 of 1000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 145 ; #2: 100 ; #3: NO SHOW ; #4: JOKER
penguin663 : 40K Space Marines - Pre-Heresy Night Lords 410 of 1500 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 205 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: JOKER ; #4: 205
Pite : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels 385 of 1200 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 130 ; #2: 130 ; #3: 125 ; #4: NO SHOW
plantagenet : 40K Space Marines - Imperial Fists 440 of 1500 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 130 ; #2: 150 ; #3: 160 ; #4: JOKER
Playwithbob : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels-based 1165 of 2000 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 345 ; #2: 265 ; #3: 185 ; #4: 370
Rabid Monkey : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines, with Imperial Guard allies 654 of 2000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 504 ; #2: 150 ; #3: JOKER ; #4: JOKER
razormasticator : 40K Imperial Guard - 700 of 2000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 215 ; #2: 242.5 ; #3: 242.5 ; #4: JOKER
Romanus : 40K Imperial Guard - Elysian Drop Troopers 286 of 1000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 231 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 55 ; #4: JOKER
Sheena Easton : 40K Orks - Deathskulls 203 of 1000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: JOKER ; #2: 135 ; #3: JOKER ; #4: 68
sigur : 40K Orks - from back when they were "Space Orks" 627 of 2000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 214 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 215 ; #4: 198
Solun Decius : 40K Tyranids - Genestealer infestation 462 of 1500 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 133 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 185 ; #4: 144
spikyjames : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines 1728 of 3000 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 280 ; #2: 190 ; #3: 608 ; #4: 650
ssorck : 40K Lost and the Damned - Slaanesh/Slaaneshi Daemons/Emperor's Children 729 of 2000 ; 0 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 240 ; #2: 137 ; #3: 256 ; #4: 96
susu.exp : 40K Squats - Varyngr 495 of 1500 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 0JK ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 305 ; #4: 190
swifty2 : 40K Space Marines - Imperial or Crimson Fists 855 of 3000 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 450 ; #2: 175 ; #3: NO SHOW ; #4: 230
tehgeist : 40K Orks - 555 of 2000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 235 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: 320 ; #4: JOKER
The boyz : Epic Space Marines - Blood Angels 400 of 4000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 400 ; #2: JOKER ; #3: NO SHOW ; #4: ???
Voltaire : 40K Orks - Speed Freeks 385 of 1500 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: NO SHOW ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: 165 ; #4: 220
warflag : 40K Orks - Mad Max/Heavy Metal theme 520 of 1500 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 140 ; #2: 0JK ; #3: JOKER ; #4: 380
Zanzibarthefirst : 40K Daemons - 240 of 1000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 120 ; #2: 120 ; #3: NO SHOW ; #4: NO SHOW
Zanzibarthefirst : 40K Space Marines - Salamanders 535 of 2000 ; 2 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 200 ; #2: NO SHOW ; #3: NO SHOW ; #4: 335
Zujara : 40K Tyranids - 467 of 1500 ; 1 Joker(s) used. Month #1: 155 ; #2: 155 ; #3: 157 ; #4: JOKER

01-12-2008, 10:06
McMullets Diminutive Greenskins: Month 4

Dreadnoughts to add to Stompamob (3 Dreads) 105 points
Landa: 200 points
Remainder of Big Blitz Brigade: 1 Gunwagon with Soopagun, 1 Flakwagon: 137.5 points


Month 1: Joker
Month 2: 512.5 points (corrected due to changed army list)
Month 3: 360 points

TOTAL PAINTING SO FAR: 1315 points (target: 1200 points)

Background: Orks. Theme: Orks!
I'm trying to stick to the old fashioned, 2nd ed-era look for them, besides that it's just an army.

Dreads are standard, Soopagun is a Spleenrippa, Flakwagon is built from a Gunwagon,half a Battlewagon and various bitz. The Landa is pretty standard apart from the turret on the tail.

White undercoat for everything. The Dreads are painted much as the Stompas were last month - Scrofulous Brown followed by Bald Moon Yellow, then black and boltgun metal for the black and metal bits. Eveything is then inked with Vallejo Smokey Ink.

The Evil Sunz minis are painted blood red and sunburst yellow, for the most part. The back and wings of the Landa have some flashy wet-blending to contrast with the flames. The wash is smokey ink again.

The Dreads are on 1p coins, with sand attached with PVA. The Landa is built up with sprue, ally foil, green stuff and papier maché, then sanded similarly. Both are painted to look like a Mars-scape (terracotta, parasite brown, fiery orange and khaki). There are some areas darkened with devlan mud to suggest scorching or lightened with more khaki to emphasise the raised area. I plonked a couple of bits of wreckage down as Fredmans suggested and I think that turned out well.


The Landa was a joy to paint and I think the base worked out well. The only low was that I hoed to paint some infantry this month but didn't have time.




Dreads and Wagons:


The lot so far:


Don't think they'll all fit on a piece of A4 next month.

01-12-2008, 12:03
TOTAL PAINTING FOR October: 5 Raptors - 185 points
TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 733 points

BACKGROUND/THEME: Pre-Heresy World Eaters

BUILD/CONVERSION: The marines are built using the same components as my previous squads. The banner arm was from an empire knight with an Ogre banner top. The sarge uses one of the Master of the Chapter heads. The jump packs are CSM packs with the nozzles removed. I ordered the turbo fan booster packs from wookiehole.com and think they look really good as pre-heresy jump packs.

PAINTING:Again, pretty similar to previous entries. Although I have taken advice from previous C&C and thinned my paints down. Also washed the blue areas with Asurman Blue GW wash after highlighting, which blends everything together nicely

BASING: Sand and pebbles with a few odds and sods (From 40K basing kit) added on to make them interesting. Drybrushed from Calthan Brown to Dheneb Stone

STILL TO DO: I may add another 3 members to this squad later in the tale as I wanted all my squads to number 8 men...also Legion transfers from BoLS to be added at end.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I think these are the best painted things I've done so far and I'm really happy with my progress

PICTURES: A quick note on pictures - I have taken these over the course of the month as and when I have finished things, so apologies for differing backgrounds/standard of photography!

Group Shot:




Icon Bearer


Special Weapon Marine


Next month will hopefully be a squad of Terminators or possibly a Forgeword dreadnought - depending on what takes my fancy!

Can't wait to see everyone else's entries!


01-12-2008, 12:12
Spikyjames' Ultramarines

Unit 1: Captain Sicarius
Cost: 200

Unit 2: Dreadnought, assault cannon, Drop pod
Cost: 150

Unit 3: tactical Squad, missile launcher, meltagun, powerfist, drop pod.
Cost: 235

Unit 4: additional 2 sternguard, 1 combi melta, 1 heavy flamer.
Cost: 65



All the basic tactical marines have had their bolters converted to look similar to Sterguard bolters, there are also a few leg pose conversions as well as studs and skulls added to different parts of their armour. the Sternguard heavy flamer has been converted from a terminator heavy flamer.

I've stuck to a very rigid recipe with no huge changes, i find this helps with bringing the army together more. It's also alot darker than the normal Ultramarines you see, trying to gothic them up a bit more.

Rocks and Snow, as i feel it helps the minis to stand out a lot more.

Well i've hit my 1500 point mark and gone well past, there are still alot of units i still want to add to the army, i'd imagine it'll get well past Apocalypse size.

Highs: getting the Army finished in more than enough time for the UK GT heat 3, and effectivley qualifying twice, 28th on gaming and 3rd for painting!
Lows: None in particular, but it's good to be able to take a break from painting for a few days.



Tactical Squad

Whole Army(minus Tigurius)

For pics of the other 2 Sternguard and some close ups of the tactical marines go to my 40k log(link in sig)



01-12-2008, 12:40
Whoa! This month it's not just one, but two formations for the greenies!

So I've painted some stormboyz (150 points) and a big blitz formation with two meks and flakwagons (350 points) for a total of 500 points this month and 1300 for the whole lot.

But anyway, on with the pics. Stormboyz:

Blood Axe tanks:

A mekboy's sweet ride: (The yellow fleck was just a stray flake of dried paint.)

And the whole lot together. McMullet, I hear you on the troubles of fitting everything on a piece of paper. You'll not see that from me anymore, heh.

01-12-2008, 12:52
What, I'm the last BFG painter in here? Oh noes! These were a bit last minute additions, I painted them yesterday. Didn't bother to assemble the Emperor either, it's horrible! But still, no jokers for me.

I replaced the Emperor with a Dominator class cruiser instead. That's 190 points, bringing the imperial total to 640. I hope I'll be doing something else next month, all the plastic cruisers are getting...a tad repetitive. I bet I could just copy an old one in here and no one would notice the difference. Err... *cough*


And the rest of them:

For my chaosy fleet, I painted a Repulsive class grand cruiser, with a khornate warmaster along with his faithful (yeah right) space marine crew and chosen terminators on board. And an extra reroll. And the kitchen sink. For 420 points. Making the fleet 905 points in total.


Group shot:

01-12-2008, 13:07
mrsurgeon's Epic Armageddon Ultramarines

BACKGROUND/THEME: Ultramarines. But smaller.


Unit 4: Predators Detachment (Two Annihilators, two Destructors)
Upgraded with one Hunter
Cost: 350 points



BUILD/CONVERSION: I'm not a big converter, and so far everything's been painted as the standard models.

PAINTING/BASING: Same old colour-scheme as previously.

STILL TO DO: Nothing.

Highs - Finishing the detachment two weeks before the November deadline.
Lows - Finishing the detachment two weeks after the October deadline. And discovering that Predators are now officially cheaper in points, meaning I didn't quite reach the 400 point target this month.




Sheena Easton
01-12-2008, 14:12
Sheena Easton's Fabulous Orks

Painting for November:
* 16 Grotz (technically its 21, see below)
* 1 Runtherd with Grot Prod
* Grot Riggerz for Looted Wagon previously painted
Total 68 pts

Total so far: 203 points (/1000 points) + 2 Jokers

Deathskullz stealing stuff.

A mix of different models, some minor conversions.
2nd Ed metal Gretchin (unconverted)
2nd Ed plastic Gretchin (some unconverted, a couple with minor conversions)
Metal Gorkamorka Grotz, unconverted though the back banner was removed from the "boss"
2 Gnoblars with minor conversions (weapons swapped for pistols, added gubbinz)
One 6th Ed plastic Night Goblin with IG Cadian arms & gun and added bitz
Several 6th Ed Fantasy Goblins converted into Handgunners - these were done by Sylass so apologies to him for ruining his conversions with my painting (the one on the square base was painted by him apart from the blue face paint so I haven't included this in the painting total)
The Runtherd is the classic Zodgrod Wortsnagga model without the back banner.
The rigger is a plastic snotling with a dwarf hand and cut-down hammer (the original hand was missing).

Very basic. Goblin green, washed with Orkhide shade. Guns & metals are chaos black drybrushed with Gunmetal and / or Tin Bitz. Clothing Shadow Grey / Mordian Blue / Snakebite Leather over black, furs were Snakebite leather drybrushed with Shadow Grey. Details in Mechandrite Red / Bleached Bone / Chaos Black / Mordian Blue. Face paint Ice Blue over Mordian Blue.
The Runtherds hairsquig is Liche Purple, drybrushed Mechandrite Red, washed with Leviathan Purple.
Also managed to do a bit of repainting on the Looted Wagon, replacing some of the brighter panels with gunmetal / grey.

Will be done in a few months to ensure consistency in basing.

4 of the plastic Grots need repainting as I forgot about them (so they aren't included in the points total), basing (which will be done nearer the end). The Runtherd needs a squig hound from somewhere as well.

High - Zodgrod is a fantastic model and a joy to paint, especially the purple hair. Working on these helped me figure out a few techniques and colours that will make the next few months easier.
Lows - the Gnoblar models are terrible and very difficult (and demotivating) to paint as they have no detail which is a shame as I'd have liked to do the rest that I have ready to go. I've also noticed that my painting isn't anywhere near as good as it used to be (or as good as I thought it was)...


01-12-2008, 14:36
Epic Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons


Tactical Detatchment with Supreme Commander - 400 points

Total Points for the Tale so far - 815 (2 months painting, 2 jokers)

I think the title says it all really - the forces of the Thousand Sons Legion prior to the outbreak of the heresy. The army will avoid using any pre-heresy vehicles (so no razorbacks, predator annhilators etc) and will use Librarians for characters, in particular avoiding chaplains as they were responsible for enforcing the Nicaea Edict regarding use of sorcerous power, which the TS were in the process of ignoring.

For my Supreme Commander I converted the Chaos Sorcerer model slightly to make him look like pre-heresy Arhiman. I also dug out some old Chaos Marines and modified them slightly to use in his Command Squad as their helmets look similar to the Command Squad accompanying Arhiman in the Collected Visions artwork.

Basic painscheme for everything is white undercoat, basecoat blood red, wash with thinned down red gore & black ink with a touch of washing up liquid, then highlighted up again. Details in black, gold, and silver, and markings in white.

Sand, painted scorched brown. Not finished.

Again, haven't finished the bases yet.

Highs: I'm pretty pleased with Arhiman.
Lows: The photos are rubbish, and don't really do the models justice.

I still haven't got the hang of taking pictures of Epic models yet. There are more detailed pictures in my Log for those that are interested - see my sig.

01-12-2008, 15:09
hey all,

it seems to be that time again. here goes nothing...

total points painted: 2100

points painted this month: 670
Colonel Commissar Ibram Gaunt
DKoK Commissar w/ PW and Carapace
Eversor Assassin
6 squads of IG w/ vox and Grenade Launcher + 2 flamers for command section (to come soon)

now on to the pics..... this is going to take 2 post probably... sorry


DKoK Commissar


group shot of what i painted this month

to be continued in next post...

01-12-2008, 15:11
Da Old Boys

.) Warboss Borgut Skagrim on Super Cyboar (Bike, Power Klaw, Shoota-Scorcha, Cybork Body) - 140pts
.)16 Gretchins plus Runtherd - 58pts --> 198pts

TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 628pts (Thanks for keeping track McMullet.;-) )

BACKGROUND/THEME: 1st/2nd edition Space Orks.
Goff Warband got lost in the Warp long ago, remerges, teams up with a Snakebite Warband to go looking for Ghazgkhull.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Not that much converting really. The pose of the Cyboar had to be adjusted, one or two hooves had to be sawn off and reattached and such. Borgut himself was an interesting one. His upper body and the coat are a Snakebites Nob on foot, the lower part is Boarboys legs (that included lots of hacking and shaving). The power klaw basically got all the fingers chopped off and repositioned using a skeleton of wire. In the end, I added the shoulderpads and that's pretty much it.

No coverting on the Gretchins. I originally had planned to make up a squighound but couldn't get hold of jeweler's chain and ran out of time really. Well, the Runtherd's Grabba Stikk is the one from the current Runtherd model, the lower part is from a Dark Elves standard bearer if I remember correctly.

PAINTING: Well, this took quite some time considering I had planned to enter the Gretchins in September and had them half-painted since then. Those little buggers are amazing. Great miniatures.

I took quite some time painting Borgut. For once, he's a great model and he's the general of my army after all so he better look impressive. He could do with some more neatening up but I'm quite pleased how he turned out.

BASING: Straightforward basing on the Gretchins, nothing special, some more rocks on Borgut's base to make it less even and more interesting.

STILL TO DO: As I stated above, some neatening up and sealing. Apart from that, the old problem: Backbanners.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Painting the Super Cyboar was great fun and I tried out some new stuff about metallics and freehands. Can't think of any real lows except for maybe the last fifth of work on the Gretchins which was a bit annoying and the "feathers crisis" a week ago. (Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on how to paint those)





No army shots yet but I promise to do some once I get home in two weeks. For more pictures, have a look at my painting log (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759).

01-12-2008, 15:13
pics continued....

details of some IG squads....



group shot of everything...

i actually managed to take fairly clear pics this month.

hope that everyone did well this month!


*EDIT* damn it sigur! you interrupted my long post of doom!

01-12-2008, 23:12
misterboff's Deathskull Orks: November 2008

30 Shootaz inc. 3 Big Shootaz



'...the Boneheadz family of Death Skulls once overran and plundered an Imperial penal colony, and wore fragments of convict clothing printed with black arrows for generations afterwards.' - Waaargh The Orks!

The Boyz were straight from the sprue. Some of the Big Shootaz are from the Loota/Burna Mekboy to give me a bit of variety.

After getting a new test Boy finished a lot quicker than the first, my new scheme is:
Skin: Knarloc/Thraka/Camo
Face: Enchanted/Asurmen/Ice
Teef: Dheneb/Ogryn/Bone
Eyes: Mechrite
Pants: Chaos/Badab/Adeptus Battlegrey
Top: Astronomican/Badab
Straps: Adeptus/Badab
Metal: Boltgun/Badab/Mithril

The first colour is the basecoat, the second is a wash and the third is a drybrush. They take me about 40-45 minutes each, whereas my original Boyz were taking me 2-2.5 hours each!

Piece of squig-cake. Simply painted Vomit Brown then covered with Citadel Sand straight from the Tub.


Highs: Picking a cool background and colour scheme that's quicker and easier than my old one.
Lows: Having the first three months Boyz look different to this months. I'm thinking that they must have joined up with the Waaagh! after the original Orks escaped from the looted penal colony...

Next month, finish off another 10 Shoota Boyz (to make two mobs of twenty) and then treat myself to 5 Burnaz/Mekboyz...


(Check out the To40kP - Orks WIP thread in my sig)

[Boyz, Big Shootaz, Mob, Army to date]

02-12-2008, 02:13
TOTAL PAINTING FOR NOVEMBER: 7 Tactical Marines - 122pts


BACKGROUND/THEME: The Emperor's Word Space Marines


PAINTING: Menoth White Base armour with Gryphonne Sepia wash, Liche Purple arms.

BASING: sand painted black, with Codex Grey drybrushing.

STILL TO DO: Nothing - Rebase when army is done.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Really easy to paint, no real lows.




02-12-2008, 08:28
I am going to have to use my first joker.

I was so close to finishing for this month but my new son is creating havok and I have found my painting time has been considerably reduced.

I was going to enter 3 tactical marines and a captain this month.

so close just need to finish highlighting the black on the tactical marines. The backpack on the captain and do the chapter icon on there shoulders.

So I should be good for next month. Already have base coats on 3 more tactical marines and on the arms of the dreadnought.

So I should be good for next month anyway. My new Camera came through so will get those photos up of last month entries as well.

02-12-2008, 09:39
I will have to edit in the last photo when I get my camera charged up. This month was pretty productive on the Marines side and now I have a legal army with 2 troops choices (yay!)

Captain - Artificer Armor, Digital Weapons, Relic Blade - 155
Terminator Squad - Assault Cannon, Chainfist - 250
Dreadnought - Multi Melta, Extra Armor - 120
Tactical Squad - 10 men, Flamer, Missile Launcher, Rhino with Extra Armor - 220
Scout Squad - 7 men, melta bomb, bp/combat blade, heavy bolter w/hellfire - 116
Fast Attack:
Assault Squad
Sarge has Power Weapon, Storm Shield, Melta Bombs - 135
Heavy Support:
Predator - Autocannon, Heavy Bolter sponsons, pintle stormbolter, extra armor - 110
Whirlwind - extra armor -100
Vindicator- Extra Armor, Siege Shield - 140

Total Painted this month: 476
Total Army: 1346

This month, I painted:
5 AOBR Terminators with a few extra bits added: Assault cannon, Chainfist
7 scouts with heavy bolter, new plastic scouts mixed with some older metal ones, which I just found a decent sized handful of more metal scouts. Telion and scout snipers incoming from Warstore.

Next month: probably 2 tactical squads with transport for each, unless something shiny comes up, also started to work a little on another terminator squad.

02-12-2008, 20:37
Give_me_a_d's Chaos Daemons (2000pts): November 2008

Unit 1: 6 Bloodletters with an Icon
Cost: 121pts

Unit 2: 5 Nurgling bases
Cost: 65pts

'Unit' 3: A Plaguebearer
Cost: 15pts

Total Painting for November: 201pts

Current Army Size: 800pts

The ever expanding warhost is still largely based around nurgle daemons due to my Death Guard CSM heritage. Any more on detail for theme and background is still to be worked out.

This month is 'straight from the box'.

The Bloodletters are the same as those done previously to complete the unit. The Nurglings are basically the modified Speed Painting technique of Skulliz that I used for the Plaguebearers in September but with a brighter and wider range of base colours used. Of these I like Macharius Solar Orange with a Sunburst Yellow drybrush and the Sunburst Yellow with a Thraka Green heavy wash. This last colour turns out to be something similar to the now defunct Bilious Green.

To be left until the end so I can do all of them the same way. Currently leaning towards a lightish grey/brown with some gooey bits for the Nurgle guys and the odd bit of slate, maybe some snow!

Still To Do:
Nothing other than basing.

Highs And Lows:
Highs: Very happy with the paint scheme for the Bloodletters and the Nurglings have turned out well. Plus getting a good head start on next month, which will see more Nurglings and more Plaguebearers.
Lows: Not really any this month unless you count realising I will have to get more Devlan Mud and Gryphonne Sepia, like a lot more.

Unit 1 -
Unit 2 -
Unit 3 -
Army Shot -
No army shot this month. Sorry!

Next time on TO40KP...
Some more Nurglings (I keep finding the little b...) and more Plaguebearers. It might be a tough month as I'm moving house in a couple of weeks time and of course there's Christmas and New Year. Hopefully there will be much more in my log, including some PIP stuff and more conversion WIP shots.

02-12-2008, 23:39
Playwithbob's DIY Space Marines: November 2008

Unit 1: Whirlwind w/ twin linked bolters (Counts as a Stormbolter.)
The old rhino chassis was a gift from my brother, and as you should always paint gifts first, became the focus of this slow painting month. I had a small hitch with the project though. My old whirlwind bits were from around 1994 and thus were too new for my project. Luckily I have the RT era vehicle book which contained an official GW How-To build a Whirlwind article. Following those directions, I completed a very early Whirlwind.
Cost: 95 points

Unit 2: Space Marine Librarian.
One of 2 IC I managed to finish up this month.
Cost: 100

Unit 3: Chapter Master (Counts as) Pedro Kantor
It is my belief that this fig either inspired the Crimson Fist Master, Prdro Kantor or that Pedro was created after this fig. In the "Book of the Astronomican, on pg 50 this fellow is presented in Crimson Fist colors with the simple caption "Captain" beneath him. I gave "my" Chapter master red fists in honor of Master Kantor.
Cost: 175

TOTAL PAINTING FOR October: 370 POINTS (new codex)

TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 1165 POINTS (new codex)

The chapter symbol is a yellow sun with an inverted Y embossed in black. The sun represents the light that is the Emperor and the inverted Y are 2 hands pressed together in prayer.
*The background I have for these guys is back under development. I need to tie the old armor/equipment, chapter symbol, and color scheme, to the new SM codex.*

These old figs dont require building so much as cleaning. Many were painted and needed stripping before they could be worked. I decided against converting to preserve my collection in their original poses. While I could have chosen any space marines for this project, I limited myself for figures made before 1992. That date was selected so that I could include some terminators that I have in my army.

I plan to select and build figures based on building a legal, field able army list.

I am a LAZY painter. I primed white then quickly brushed on a light coat of white over the entire fig. I blocked on the green then picked out the details on each fig. NO dry brushing, blending, highlighting, lining, or any other civilised technique. Once the color was blocked on and some touch up done where I noticeably went over the lines, every fig got the dip. I dip first in clean water then in water based min-wax wood stain. I have found this method works well for me on everything I paint.

When everything is dry (24 hours) I base the figs then seal with Krylon Matt.

Elmer's glue with a little brownish green paint is slathered onto the base then the base is dipped in sand. I then apply a drop or 2 of super glue and sprinkle a little static grass for effect. The edge of the base is cleaned of any sand or grass then painted black.

Static Grass and Matt Finish.

Highs: Finally getting to these guys. I have been collecting RT era SM for years and finally, they will get to see action.
Lows: Nothing really. I wish I had more time to paint, but slow and steady will get me through.


02-12-2008, 23:41
PWB Cont.


The boyz
03-12-2008, 11:10
The Boyz's Epic 40k Blood Angel's. November update 2008.


My BA's are slowly growing in size, although missing two month's worth of painting did'nt really help.


Straight out of the box build really. The only thing I did was to glue my two Dreadnought's to, two, five pence piece's to act as a base.


Again fairly standard. I just did several layers of Vallejo Bloody red over a grey undercoat. I used Halford's grey car primer, for the undercoat. Then picked out the trim on the shoulder pad's and boltgun's in Chaos black. And the chapter marking's in Golden yellow.


I glued sand flock to the base's, then painted it in Chaos black. Then I drybrushed the base's with various shade's of grey, untill I was happy with the finish.


I have just got to add some chapter marking's to the Dreadnought's and that is about it, I think for now.


It's just nice I find to work in a different scale then the usual 25/30mm. I'm glad, I managed to get something finally finished as well.


I have just been lacking a bit of Inspiration for the last month or two. Its the first time I have really lifted a paint brush and put paint to miniatures in the last six week's.

Here we have November's 400pts of Epic BA's. Apologies for the rubbish photo.


Death Korp
03-12-2008, 14:22
Right then, here we go...


Don't have one yet. The actual army i have painted already though is 3000pts. This is to iron out the last bits i need for the army, to make it truely apocalyptic!


Standard Daemon Prince, except some plastic dragon wings were bought, and an armoured gril was sculpted on his mouth to give it a more Iron Warrior look.


Boltgun metal, badab black, shining gold and delvan mud was used on the armour.

I glued sand flock to the base's, then painted it in Chaos black. Then I drybrushed the base's with various shade's of grey, untill I was happy with the finish.


I have just got to add some chapter marking's to the Dreadnought's and that is about it, I think for now.


It's just nice I find to work in a different scale then the usual 25/30mm. I'm glad, I managed to get something finally finished as well.


Taking forever

Daemon prince w/ MoT, Wings, Wind of Chaos and Warptime


03-12-2008, 15:06

This month I've added a Daemon Prince to my army. He originally was going to be part of a Chaos Marine list but in the end up I decided to use him for my Daemons.

Build: Be'lakor, straight out the box, with all the usual (for me) hassles of pinning the beast together. The Tzeentch icon on his tabbard came from a chaos vehicle sprue if I recall

Painting: Started with a black spray covered in Scab Red. This was then brought up using Blood Red, Fiery Orange, a touch of Vallejo Yellow and white. There was a couple of washes along the way to try and blend things together. The wings were brought up from a deep blue through various stages using Valejo colours (can't remember the names and they have worn off the bottles). Gold was a mix of Tin Bitz, Dwarf Bronze and Burnished Gold to highlight. Bone was based in Snakebite leather, bleached bone and then white.
So that's him, tooled up he ranges from 195 to 225 points, so I'll put him down for 200 for this month, giving me a total of 713 so far.

Highs: The army is progressing well with various other units in the process of being built and painted. Getting a bit ahead as Xmas and New Year will be busy for me this year and I'm hoping to use this list in February in a 1750 point tournament.

Lows: Metal models, this army is going to be full of them and I really prefer building plastics, but not to worry the metals look better.

03-12-2008, 19:29
PAINTER: Danny76

ARMY: Orks

THIS MONTHS PAINTING: 1 Deffkopta, Rokkits 4 Nobs, 1 Big Choppa

BACKGROUND/THEME: Black Boots Klan led by Warboss (Name). They will all have black boots, aside from that, rag tag w/ no uniform.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Added a big choppa arm to the Black Reach Nob, its an arm from the Black Orcs plastics box. I have taken some helmeted heads from that box too for my future nobs.

PAINTING: Browns for clothing, green on skin, all washed with a healthy sample of browns and blacks.

BASING: Unsure on bases yet.

STILL TO DO: Still have lots of washes to do on all my miniatures in the army really.





Bad pics I know, but its all I could manage this time round.




04-12-2008, 11:38
Badgobbla’s Sons of Sanguinius: Month 4

Scout Squad (veteran sergeant with power weapon and plasma pistol)
Furioso Dreadnought (extra armour and heavy flamer)



I’m in the middle of writing up a complete background with origin, organisation, etc. I’m reading some Black Library books to be sure that I can tie everything in with the existing chapters. More to follow on this.

Nothing special except the Scout Sergeant which is based on a plastic scout and has a plasma pistol and power sword added. Really simple, I just cut the hands of at the joints and glued it into place. I’ve also given the sergeant an auspex and the power sword is still in its sheath, because I couldn’t find a decent power sword for him.

Same painting as usual: body, arms and legs in the same way highlighted from dark flesh all the way up to fiery orange After that a wash of Baal Red finishes of the red. Helmet and shoulder pads left black with strong highlights (up till space wolf grey).
The Furioso was painted up quite quickly, but after some feedback I added some scriptures which represents protective writings/prayers (aka extra armour).

Still some details to be finished on the bases (stones, helmets, icons, etc.). I also plan to add some snow to my bases, because I feel they’re a bit ‘empty’ now.

Highs: getting my 230 pts finished by the end of the month
Lows: Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the rest of the Tactical Squad that I had started at the beginning of the month.
Future prospects: I’m leaving for a 3 week trip to South Africa tomorrow morning and I plan to take some models along to be sure and get my quota for the month December. I’m planning on painting a full tactical squad with flamer and missile launcher (AoBR-models) and 5 Assault marines (sergeant has a power fist).




Group Shot:

04-12-2008, 16:47
No Joker! Don´t have any anyway, hagh!

Warflags Heavy Metal Orks: Month 4

Finished ( almost, some is always left to deal with) Böss, Mob 1, Hoova Kopta, Red Baron Kopta.

Makes It
Böss : ~110 p
-comes with all the Gimmicks available, the squighound is not yet modelled. Will be added soon.
Mob 1 : ~140 p
-1 heavy weapon, grenades, nob tooled up
Koptaz : ~130 p
- buzzaws, one time obviously, one is the fist. We know, buzzaw counts as Fist.
Sums up to 380 p. If, IF I get the nobs done by sunday, I´ll be at over 500 p (not over 9000). That would be one third of the points in one third of the time = I´d get my jokers back.


Heavy Metal somehow survived, in form of a transporter full of archeological material about a strange subculture. It got lost in the warp and was found by by a newly spawned tribe on a small planet. Their lack of identity was compensated when the freshly crowned ( he found the hat) Böss found the container, and learned that noise and agression make for a good amount of arguments in any discussion. After watching a selection of antique action movies they knew what to do. Build them fine cars, put on the shirts they found, and teach the galaxy the new religion. Happiness can be enforced. They have a mission!

Build/ Conversion

Too much to take it all down. Certainly a lot of greenstuffing, plasticard on the koptaz and speakers, mad filing, watching inspirational movies all along. Listen to very loud metal music.


A painstaking process of blending and layering. I always refused to mix colours, but these guys just needed it. I am a fan of the skin, which takes a couple of stages. The actual superfun are the shirts. For details see my log.


Not done really. Some reddish desert stuff, some vegitation maybe.

Highs/ Lows

Boss mob not done yet. They are well on the way, but since the server is still down from time to time, I rather put up what I have now, before I get kicked out of the tale. Also the third kopta gives me headaches.
Good thing certainly is that my motivation for such a work-intensive project is contineously pushed by YOU. So thanks for that.
Until now pretty much everything turned out as I wanted, some minor flaws not counted.






A word to the other participants. You are all doing damn well, and I must say I envy the tempo of some of you! The epic stuff really makes me want to spend some money.
Playwithbob has some mighty fine old school stuff, same goes for Sigur and the other old schoolers, whose names are not present atm.

Hopefully those who are still with us stay with us!


05-12-2008, 10:17
Joker from me, been a stressful month:(

05-12-2008, 10:50
Sorry, Joker from me for this month.


05-12-2008, 16:14
7 Sternguard
Power weapon
2 combi weapons

total -410

Build/ Conversion

Mostly just marines mixed with Chaos Marines and pouchs. Lots and lots of pouchs

Still to do
Lighning on a couple of guys and bases.

Not done yet but will be snowy

Highs/ Lows

Getting something painted this month

Paint the wrong things this month until last week :(:D


05-12-2008, 16:33
Ssorck's Slaanesh Lost and the Damned/Daemons/Emporers Children

I'm working on a combined force of 3 armies:
1) Slaanesh based Lost and the Damned (Will use Witchhunter rules since GW canned the LatD ruleset

2) Slaanesh based Daemons

3) Emporers Children CSM

6 War Maidens of Slaanesh (Count as Bloodletters) Cost: 96 points


LatD (Witchhunter rules) - 240 POINTS
Daemons - 489 POINTS

Started this army eons ago - going to try and make some major porgress finally. Theme is to do a very large combined army (Apocalypse anyone?) that can be broken into 3 seperate armies for smaller gameplay.

Theme is basically a Slaaensh based horde from a daemonworld - a mix of Beastmen and Daemons. They have been joined by a Emporers Children warband.

Not a whole lot - just removed the eviscerators and replaced them with swords from Chaos Warriors.

These gals are standing on bits of sprue - the reasoning is they are about a head shorter than the daemonettes. These gals will be standing on mounds of snow to give the illusion of being the same height.

Skin is done from a base color and a lot of successive layers added a little white to each layer. I use very thin layers - use alot of water in my painting.

Pink is basically the same technique - Tentacle Pink base and a couple of lighter shades.

Metals are a dumbed down version of the metal master Jakob Nielson technique.

Gold is a layer of Shining Gold, Shaded with thin purple ink, highlight with layer one Shining Gold, layer 2 Shining Gold mixed with Mithril Silver, layer 3 Mithril Silver. Then I hit glaze Tamiya Clear Yellow and a final highlight of Mithril Silver again.

Silver or Steel is a basecoat of Boltgun Metal, followed by a wash of thinned Chaos Black. Highlight layers Boltgun Metal, Chainmail, Mithril Silver. Next hit with a very thin glaze of Purple and Green ink mixed. Final Highlight Mithril Silver.

Both metals take a bit of time but I'm a big fan of the result. Again, all the credit goes to Jakob Nielson for the technique.

Will eventually be based with snow/winter bases - I like to do my basing at one time so will likely wait until I have a sizeable chunk to base.

Nothing on these models except the bases and varnish.

Highs: Getting the first 6 of these done.
Lows: Still have another 6 to do, and I'm not 100% happy with the blades...



Definatley on a time crunch as I have to paint a large model for a Xmas gift, so HOPING to finish the other 6, but will more than likey do a second Freebooter Minis DP (and hopefully not burn my first joker).

06-12-2008, 00:35
Uh oh.. another joker coming up right here. RL drama, other commitments, blah blah. I better get my ass in gear now tho, no more excuses!

06-12-2008, 06:57
Made it with a day to spare! That'll teach me for making crazy Mordheim models...

Army: Brotherhood of Steel Space Marines
Unit: Landraider w/ pintle stormbolter - "Mariposa"
Painting: Same as last month's Predator
Still to do: Lenses, lights, more weathering
Highs: Tanks are fast to do when you cheat. I love those weathering powders.
Lows: Last minute rush job. Could be neater but at least I submitted on time.
Points: 255
Points Total: 840/2000


No army shot because I'm a muppet and forgot...

06-12-2008, 09:40
Sorry to dissappoint anyone who´s waiting for more madcoulored Deamons from me , but due to real life issues i have had no time for more than 75 pts. So it´s a Joker for them , and as we were asked to post some nice picture or mini when jokering i hope you like this :
Yes It´s this month´s entry for my Ork`s
Unit : Warboss with pole, sync.shoota,klaw and hy armour total 100pts.

And yes i´m aware that the metal on his boots isnt done but with the deadline so close and still no time to spare on my side i decided to put ím up anyway


06-12-2008, 11:05
Well, here's this months Orks plus a little bit extra to try and make up for the three jokers already being played. Apologies about the picture quality.



6 Nobz


Next month I'm going to try and earn a joker back by doing 20 boys and 3 deff koptas before the January stuff gets released for the Orks.

The points cost for this unit in total is about 120 (minus upgrades) for the Nobs and 100 for the Warboss.

06-12-2008, 19:32
Looted Wagon
Boom Gun
Armor Plates
Aard Case
total 125

604 i believe

Imperial Guard Basilisk with a few pieces from the Ork Trukk, nothing too special

Metal painted the same way as the rest of the metal on my orks. A few colours, not too much and thats really it

No basing for the tank

Might go back and touch up a few parts, but happy with it now

Highs: Quite happy with how it turned out
Lows: no lows really...

No group shot this month, but should have one for next month. Been working on the bases for the rest of the army. Next month will be a few more armor Nobz


06-12-2008, 23:44
For my Daemons this month I am going to go ahead and do a Joker for them (sans pic) even though I have some stuff mostly done, I'm going to use the joker to get everything going good. I have several half started/finished items, but nothing solidly done.

07-12-2008, 06:25
Army: Orks 1750

Models done this month:
2 Killa Kans (1 Big Shoota & 1 Rokkit Launcha) (for a total of 4 of 9 that will be in the army) (90pts)
Big Mek (Kustom Force Field, Cybork Body, Eavy Armour) (100pts)

Points done so far: 947/1750

Highs & Lows: I forgot what killa kans I painted the first month when I was taking the Pics. So I just repiced (is this a word?) them. Also forgot to take an army pic will get that up as soon as possible.

Next Months Plan: BOYZ. (Again)

Solun Decius
07-12-2008, 14:45
Solun Decius' Genestealer Infestation: November 2008

These are a bit more expensive than before so only 6 models actually take me across the 450 mark.
Unit 1: 6 Genestealers. Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks, Scuttlers. Cost: 144 points



Straight out of the box. One mass assembly session, pretty much cleaned a bunch of mold lines and then randomly matched limbs to bodies.

Some old dark blue color that I've forgot the name of. Mixed with white in two highlight steps. Purple (Imperial Purple or Worm Purple I think) mixed up with Titilating Pink (or tentacle pink) and white in two highlight steps. Claws and teeth are first 50/50 Bestial Brown/Bad Moon Yellow with a little Chaos Black mixed in, then just the 50/50 BB/BMY and finally Bad Moon Yellow/Skull White. Eyes Blood Red to Yellow.

Just sand, painted with Terracotta, then Bestial Brown, then Tc/BB/SkullWhite mix. Spots of Scorched Grass.

Highs: Well ... basically making this month. I went down to my FLGS for their weekly modelling, painting and hanging out sessions, this Wednesday and the one before. My productivity soared when I didn't have other distractions than the local ***ds talking warhammerish. It really saved this month.
Lows: The fact that I'm getting this done on the last possible day. I always meant to finish each month by the end of the month and not wait until the seventh but hey ... here they are, for what they're worth.


three different angles:

Current army:

07-12-2008, 17:03
Hey everybody, sorry about last month, I couldn't get anything done as a result of work and computer trouble, however here is this months work;
% terminators equalling 230pts, i'll try and post last months stuff aswell . Hopefully i'll be posting a unit of scouts, a predator, a razorback, a unit of scout bikers and some sternguard. I should also be getting a new computer soon so there shouldn't be any problem posting next month.

07-12-2008, 17:40
susus Varyngr are still going and growing.

This month I painted up the two Shield Command sections for my brotherhoods, for a total of 190 points (Sections are 60pts each, two plasma carbines and two fusion carbines add another 50 and one of the Veterans has has power gauntlet). So the army stands at a total of 495 points.


The first shield command section. The mag rifles were converted from lasguns by removing the nozzle and cutting the lower end of the gun at a 45° angle. One half of a grendae launchers drum magazine was added. The plasma carbines were converted again from lasguns, the nozzles were taken from SM plasma pistols. The idea behind leaving the lasgun as a basic design was that the Guild of engineers would create some sort of "industrial norms" for the weapons and that power packs would be interchangeable.


Here´s the second shield command. The fusion carbines again use the lasgun as a base. The melta style nozzles were created from an Ork dreadnaught big shoota, drilled and cut into pieces. The veterans power gauntlet comes from the assaut marine box.

Painting was pretty much as usual, though the Shieldguard were given a Zigzag pattern on their "kilts" and the veterans got dots in the lower half of the pattern.


Here´s the complete force as it stands right now. 495 points filling up just the required force org slots. They just need basing and can enter the fray!

My original plan to expand the clanguard sections this month as well has failed due to time contraints. So decembers painting will be another bunch of them.

07-12-2008, 17:57
Army: Ultramarines, 1500pts
Models in army so far: 11
Months painting: 3

This month entry: Captain Sicarius
Points this month: 200pts
Whole army points count: 555.


The model was painted using transparency blending. I won’t detail the whole painting process (unless asked, of course), as it would take a lot of space and it would be really boring!

Vallejo coarse pumice, with added sand. Basecoated with Bestial Brown, followed by a drybrush of Bubonic Brown, one of Bleached Bone and a wash of Devlan Mud. Regular static grass was added next.


This is perhaps my favourite Space Marine model in the whole range, as it epitomizes all that define the Ultramarines, even more than Calgar in my opinion. Actually i started this army after seeing Sicarius on the rumour section of Warseer.





07-12-2008, 20:15
Just a quick post while I can:

This month for my Dark Angels I painted my company Master and 5 marines with heavy weapons. These include a multimelta, lascannon, plasma cannon and two heavy bolters. For the moment, the multimelta will be assigned to a Tactical squad (swapping out a bolter marine) while the others will be grouped into a Devastator squad (with that bolter marine). That puts this month's total at about 300 points.

Better pics and army shot to come. My wife is writing her comprehensive examinations and it looks like a bomb went off in our place.


07-12-2008, 20:20
Fredmans presents: Epic Tyranids.

Painted this month: 500 points
Total painted: 1550 (3 months and 1 joker).

Models painted:
Harridan: 200 points
Gargoyle Brood: 100 points
Lictor Swarm: 200 points


The tyranids are growing in numbers and start looking like a proper invasion. The theme is still an Anphelion-inspired camouflage pattern. The fluff will probably grow like a tendril as the army progresses.


The Harridan and the gargoyles are normal. The Lictors are quite converted. They have prolonged tails, added tentacles and extended carapace. The catch-arms (?) are re-modelled to look less like wings and more like their 40K counterparts.


The patterns are perhaps growing familiar. One from dark leather to vermin brown, the other from catachan green to camouflage green. On the bigger creatures, I have seen that my green pattern is too light, so on the Harridan I started from a darker green (1:1 Dark Angels Green/Catachan Green) and highlighted to pure Camouflage Green. I also glazed the older models' green parts with a very watery green ink glaze to add contrast.


Scorched brown over sand and stones, drybrushed with bone white and some added static grass.


For once, nothing (who am I kidding?, 3500 points to be exact)


I am glad the darker green pattern worked out fine, and the Lictor factory was a real treat. Expect more Lictors this winter.


I have to joker my Guards. I expected to build some straight-forward Artillery, but failed. I have added crew and stuff (and an optional commissar add-on), so they are not finished, simply modelled. Well, who said life in the Guards was easy. I might have to change my target (5000 points) to something more manageable, but I will keep on struggling for now. After all, we are allowed 2 jokers. If worst comes to worst, I will PM you, McMullet.

PICTURES (what you all have been waiting for, I guess)

Harridan (Tyranid super-heavy flyer)

Gargoyle Brood

Lictors bursting out of the forest


They're all over us. It's all over.

07-12-2008, 20:41
Consider me jokered again. I just can't get my self motivated for anything these days, with painting being no exception.

[include funny pic here]

07-12-2008, 21:44
Have to joker this month, just didn't have the time to paint my Tyranids


07-12-2008, 21:46
Add to posted submission.

Black Metal nobz complete (ok, bases again not finished)

Another 110 p. Burna combi weapon on Abbath is still under construction. Will be added after paint is dry. You might know, Abbath spits fire on stage, what would be more fitting :D


Submission complete!

Now I am at almost 500 p. As much as I should have! Can I have some jokers back? One? Half?


07-12-2008, 22:00
I need to play a joker this month! :cries:


best regards

Doctor P
07-12-2008, 22:25
Doctor P's Mech Tau: November 2008

Unit: 1 Hammerhead
Upgrades: Railgun, Burst Cannons, Multi-tracker and Disruption Pod
Cost: 165 points


I magnetised the main weapon, Multi-Tracker, Disruption Pod and Target Lock (so it could be turned into a Devilfish) using Rare Earth Magnets. From experience I've had the small stems snap off the flying stand, so I cut of the small peg and drilled a large hole in the Hammerhead, so the wide part of the stand can be inserted instead.

I started of with the usual 2 Chaos Black / 3 Regal Blue mix as a base and then applied Regal Blue and Codex Grey in a camouflage like pattern. Certain areas were left black and highlighted with Chaos Black and Codex Grey. The lenses were done as usual Chaos Black / Liche Purple, building up to Liche Purple and then Warlock Purple. Dark Angels Green and Snot Green were added for the accent.

Same as before.

Some of the camo pattern needs tidying up.

Highs: Woo I've finally done my first vehicle...
Lows: ... and it was a complete pain in the ****. I'm not use to painting large area like this, also I choose a fairly complex pattern, which gave me some trouble as I didn't plan it out properly.

Get that Railgun warmed up:


Tank shock POV:


The gang so far:


Not sure, some Troops for sure though, I've not done any of those yet :P

Solun Decius
08-12-2008, 12:16
OK, better get to it ...

@McMullet: I love the sliding Landa! Seriously, you got the sliding effect to work. Dreads'n'stuff very nice, like the rest of your vehicles. Army impressive now!
@Jim: Nice WE's. I think your paint jobs are getting smoother each month. You could start experimenting with thinner paint and more layers and gradients on the white.
@spikyjames: Maaaan ... now you're just mocking us :D the two "big" models are wnough, but you throw in a tac-squad wothout breaking a sweat. Beautiful stuff!
@Discord: Nice selection of minis in scales small through tiny! Love the storm boy horde!
@mrsurgeon: The army certainly looks more intimidating now with all the heavy machinery. Sweet blue tiny tanks this month!
@Sheena Easton: Nice grots and stuff. Can't really make that much out from the small photos. Pink-haired Zogrod stands out quite a bit though :D
@Drakemaster: Good reds on the tinies. Good detail too!
@BLARGAG!!!: MASSIVE submission dude! Lots of infantry man ... Good stuff!
@sigur: Seen them before on your own thread an nothing to add really. Just beautiful minis. Very rich in character!
@misterboff: Not an easy job being an ork painter ... 30 boys for 195 points! Nice blue boys though, as always!
@Khrangar: Very cool paint scheme on the EW. The brownish off-white is coming out really well!
@Norsehawk: Just one army?? Looks nice though man!
@give_me_a_d: Nice daemons. Bloodletters are cool but i really like the Nurglings. You could maybe pick out the grubs and maggots in a different color but very nice and slimy nurglings.
@Playwithbob: Whirlwind is ace! The others seem to have had a White Primer incident :( Always great to see your old-style army though.
@The boyz: Photo difficult to decypher but nice mini-BA's though.
@Death Korp: Cool winged Daemon prince. I like the barbed wire base too.
@kenny3760: Belakor always makes a nice winged daemon prince. Yours looks striking too. Like the blue wings!
@Danny76: The pics aren't that bad, and the models certainly aren't. Very nice deffcopta!
@Badgobbla: Very good paint job on the scouts. Nice bright contrasts and excellent detail. Army looks good, would be cool to see a shot of the furioso itself.
@warflag: I've commented on this before and others will comment on it's awesomeness. Words don't describe the brilliance. The chainblades on the front of the red copta kinda look like you forgot them, the black that is. Now if that isn't nitpicking !!??!?
@penguin663: Kinda blurry photo but I like the thought of mixing chaos parts in to do the stern guard.
@ssorck: Very nice slaanesh theme. I'd like to see the an army shot with this super-pale feel throughout!
@Catferret: Good land raider. I like the weathering and the blue gun chassis workes out well.
@Voltaire: Blurry photos but nice horde nonetheless.
@Chicken_Funk: That boom gun is no joke! Nice take on the looted wagon!
@kammek: Very nice mekkanized orks! Very nice color schemes and good detail. Everything is seperatly colored and sticks out well. Top notch!
@swifty2: Good terminators. Nice and bright highlights and smooth shading on the blue armor! Kinda blurry photo though.
@sus.exp: I'm impressed at all the conversion needed just to do your basic troop. This must be alot of work, keeping up with the tale. Very nice lil'dudes.
@Maalivate. Your Sicarius is really well painted. I really like the banner and the patterns inside the robes are just amazing. <nitpick_mode> The eyes are kind of lifeless, like zombie eyes.</nitpick_mode> ... really really sick cool model though! One of the very best entries this month.
@Fredmans: Excellent harridan. Of course always nice to see your additions to the micro-bugs. The army is shaping up very nicely. Are those the buildings from the original Space marine box? I have that box stuffed full of those buildings ... good stuff!
@Doctor P: That is an excellent and pretty original Hammerhead. I'd have thought it would be too busy, but I really like it. Very sharp camo patterns too!

Oooooo ... I'm done! Amazing! And no one beat me to it :D

Well hope to see a bunch of comments on this whole excellent submission thread. God month, this was, eh?

08-12-2008, 13:33
OK peeps, that's "it" for submissions his month. I'll update the first post in a couple of days, for the moment here's he list of who is (according to my records) subject to deletion this month:

Aenarion : 40K Space Marines - Dark Angels
Almindale : 40K Eldar -
Blagrot Squigbreff : 40K Tyranids -
blazed99 : 40K Necrons -
Captain Ardias : 40K Space Marines - Pre-Heresy World Eaters
Chicken Pig : 40K Space Marines -
Coolhand : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Death Guard
Damokles : 40K Imperial Guard - and Space Wolves
derv : 40K Eldar -
Earthbeard : 40K Lost and the Damned - Death Guard/Nurgle
Enlightened : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines 1st company
Fenriz : 40K Space Marines -
Fle : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels
G.Hawke : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Iron Warriors
jullevi : 40K Eldar -
kris.sherriff : 40K Tau Empire - Kroot heavy
Max Keeren : 40K Eldar -
Metaphorazine : 40K Orks -
Mr Feral : 40K Chaos Space Marines - Alpha Legion
ReaperOfSouls : 40K Tyranids -
Scott : 40K Daemons -
skott4991 : 40K Space Marines - Blood Angels
SonofUltramar : 40K Space Marines - Ultramarines 1st company
Tarsus : 40K Necrons -
Tarsus : 40K Imperial Guard - Mechanised
Zanzibarthefirst : 40K Daemons -
Zanzibarthefirst : 40K Space Marines - Salamanders

If you're on this list I'll give you a couple of days to post anything in case you forgot. Please check carefully as the messed up time/date thing means I may have missed a few posts this month.

08-12-2008, 14:42
I am afraid I am going to have to Joker this month. My stuff is base coated, based and inked but nowhere's near being done. Plus Its been a nightmare for me to get on the last two days and post this.


I can always post the double points for Dec and hopefully earn that joker back.

Sorry, my thesis proposal got in the way. And while I do have the required 3 coats of paint and or wash, my stuff isnt done. Which is the goal of this thing.

08-12-2008, 16:05

@ McMullet – cool looking Orks, seems you’re going to have your target points done far beyond the end of the Tale though!

@ jim – excellent raptors/assault marines, those pre-heresey jump packs look awesome

@ spikyjames – 3rd in painting?!!? Whatever came above you must have been phenomenal because your army is absolutely amazing. It’s somewhat depressing that you can paint so many points in a month at such a high standard! That dreadnought is my favourite this month, awesome stuff

@ discord – excellent specialist games stuff, nice to see some still going strong. My favourite is your Imperial fleet, a really nice colour scheme

@ mrsurgeon – excellent tanks, really well painted for such small miniatures too

@ sheena easton – looking very disorganised & ‘Orky’ but can’t really make the stuff out very well, can we get some slightly closer pictures?

@ Drakemaster – really nice looking BA’s

@ Blargag – nice looking stuff but how come you are rushing ahead on points as well?!

@ sigur – awesome Orks, that Warboss in particular is stunning

@ misterboff – that’s a lot of miniatures this month & very nice too

@ Khrangar – very nice colour scheme & a high standard of painting again

@ Norsehawk – nice terminators and scouts

@ give_me_a_d – ‘unit’ 3 – a model!! Sorry, that just quite amused me! Excellent
looking stuff all the same, I particularly like the bloodletters

@ playwithbob – very cool old school marines again


@ the boyz – nice looking epic stuff again, is nice to see a painting station in as much of a mess as mine too!

@ death korp – a good deamon prince though it would be nice to see some pictures from other angles too

@ kenny3760 – nice Be’lakor

@ Danny76 – very good looking Orks, the painting is very neat but they still look very Orky (if that makes sense?!)

@ badgobble – awesome stuff on both the scouts & the dread

@ warflag – some very characterful stuff, love that boss & the fist in place of the buzzsaw is cool as hell!

@ penguin663 – is good you’ve managed to paint on time but any chance of some better pictures? It’s really hard to make out your work in those ones

@ ssorck – very nice looking stuff, very scary if they turn up on the battlefield as they look so gentle but are really bloodletters!

@ Catferret – may have been made with a day to spare but very nice all the same

@ agio65 – might be a joker but it’s a very nice one!

@ Voltaire – apart from the picture quality the stuff is looking very nice, good luck with earning a joker back

@ Chicken_Funk – very cool looking looted tank

@ Kammek – very nice looking stuff again, looking forward to seeing the army finished with 9 killa kans stomping around!

@ Solun Decius – nice nids again from you

@ swifty2 – lighting in those pictures is not very nice but those terminators look very good all the same

@ susu.exp – very cool looking stunties again


@ Maalivite – it’s good that you saw this miniature & got inspired to do an ultramarine army as it means we get to see some more marines painted too a truly great standard. An excellent miniature for an excellent army. Umm, how do you do transparency blending?

@ jpobrich – nice looking angles

@ fredmans – excellent nids, I really like that Harridan

@ warflag – excellent looking death metal Orks!

@ doctor p – cool looking hammerhead, where do you get your magnets from? Do you magnetize your battle suit weapons too?

@ McMullet - you did say you'd be slightly generous on the posting deadline this month because of server problems although these do seem to have been resolved. Do we still have a couple of days or is it time to bust out joker 2?!

08-12-2008, 17:47
Congrats to everyone who got thier stuff painted this month!

@McMullet: Lander looks great, and I love the old school vehicle, must have been fun paining those little checkerboard patterns!

@Jim: Those packs are great. What kit do those turbofans come from?

@spikyjames: Beautiful as always, and speed to boot!

@Discord: The 'gun' part of the lifta looks great - and love those epic stormies...

@mrsurgeon: The force is coming along nicely - nice detail work.

@Sheena Easton: Would like to see bigger pics - that Zogrod mini looks good from here...

@Drakemaster: Very nice...all this great epic painting is making me want to play too.

@BLARGAG!!!: Thats a lot of infantry! Like that commisar, would love a clearer pic of him.

@ Sigur: Great painting. Always had a soft spot for the old school orks. The power claw looks awesome.

@misterboff: Very cool. The pack of 30 look great together.

@Khrangar: Great color scheme. You're making theose snap togethers look the part!

@Norsehawk: Those metal scouts fit in suprisingly well, wouldn't have thought so.

@give_me_a_d: Nice daemons., particularly the nurglings.

@Playwithbob: Very cool Whirlie - is that turret a scratchbuild? It fits in great with the old school look.

@The boyz: They look good, though maybe a wash would help add some depth.

@Death Korp: Like the IW prince. Mask is GS?

@kenny3760: Good call on the Tzeentch symbol. The red skin made me think Khorne at first...of course the blue wings help too.

@Danny76: Nice stuff, especially the kopta.

@Badgobbla: Looks to be coming along nicely. Nice crisp paintjob. I'll say it again I'm suprised how well the metal and plastic scouts look together.

@warflag: Top notch stuff. Especially like the hover copta, very original. Only critique is not a big fan of the fist - just personal taste. Its certainly orky though!

@penguin663: Seem very dark, the bases will likely help once done though.

@Catferret: Sweet. Nice freehand BTW.

@ Agio65: Too bad on the daemons, nice warboss though.

@Voltaire: They look good, like the contrast of Red.

@Chicken_Funk: Looks pretty good - maybe a bit more Kustomization?

@kammek: Nice Kans! (nuff said, lol)

@ Solun Decius: Look good, prefer the old school models though they do mix better than I figured they would.

@swifty2: Nice posing on the termies! Like the AC guy pose the best.

@sus.exp: Nice squats - are you using Tau rules?

@Maalivate. Very nice painting, the freehand is crazy...

@jpobrich: Those devastators look great. Love the little details like the knee pad badges. good stuff.

@Fredmans: The nids are coming together nicely. IS the harridan body an old school Zoanthorpe?

@ Warflag: Nice. The white faced orks are original...don't see that too often!

@Doctor P: Very nice camo scheme - reminds me of WW 2 Naval camo schemes.

08-12-2008, 19:22
I haven't been able to post my progress pics due to a hectic schedule and the one time I could have posted I couldn't due to server problems. It's ironic because my models were painted weeks ago!

I guess that means I'll need to play a joker this month and earn it back by posting more points in the future.

08-12-2008, 19:42
penguin663: Sternguard look good - is Marge going to be joining the army too?

ssorck: Very nicely done! Great painting and a good choice of counts-as unit. (painting the first few checkers was fun, after that... less so.)

Catferret: Good work, the weathering is very good. Will look great with the lenses and whatnot done.

agio65: Nice, the yellow 'n' black striped power cable is very cool.

Voltaire: Only two jokers so far I think. I have you down for 20 very late boyz last month. ;) Good progress this time though!

Chicken_Funk: I like it a lot! It's obviously a Basilisk but more Orky than a simple "still some armour plates on and paint it rusty". I assume the gantry is so everyone can come stand right next to the gun when it fires?

kammek: Nice! Quite a horde of Kans your going to have, will you take extra Deff Dreads too?

Solun Decius: The patterns look great. They'll really make this army stand out. How long before you start getting sick of painting 'Stealers though? :p Glad you liked my Landa too.

swifty2: The highlights on the blue look great. Is that Pedro's back banner?

susu.exp: Good job on getting a legal force already! Any plans to give them an outing soon?

Maalivate: Wow, amazing painting! And I thought the troops last month were nice. All good stuff but the banner is especially good. I'd agree that the eyes look a bit weird though, I guess you're aiming for a certain effect there but I'm afraid the initial reaction is "There's something up with his eyes..." I'd like to hear about "transparency blending" too.

jpobrich: Nice painting, the banner especially. That came out very clean.

Fredmans: Nids looking class, the Gargoyles are very cute and the Lictor conversions came out very well. Let me know if you want to drop down to 3-4K, that'll be fine.

warflag: You already posted enough to get a joker back - you can save those guys for next month if you like (good job btw).

Doctor P: That camo pattern came out really well - it's very distinctive and really helps the thing to look more detailed and more "Tau-y".

@ McMullet - you did say you'd be slightly generous on the posting deadline this month because of server problems although these do seem to have been resolved. Do we still have a couple of days or is it time to bust out joker 2?!

Time for joker 2 I'm afraid. The leeway was in case people couldn't get online to post what they'd done - if you're online now then you can post now... ;) Of course if the stuff has been ready for days and you couldn;t get online, then feel free to post it now, but the server playing up doesn't actually stop you painting now, does it? :p

lonepilgrim: Same as I said to Jonahmaul - f it was done by the 7th and you were just held up by the server, then go ahead and post for this month. An extra day is OK. Otherwise you can just post double next month and get the joker back.

08-12-2008, 20:24
Thanks but I haven't got time to post tonight as my laptop has died (I'm posting this from my phone!). I'll just use the joker and respect the deadline and try to make back the joker in a later month. Cheers anyway.

08-12-2008, 21:18
Sadly I will have to start by confirming my drop out of the tale. I simply find I have a bit too much to do irl at the moment. Lately painting has become more of a chore than fun and relaxation. I simply have too many "must do"s to be able to handle the looming deadlines of the tale. I will still stick around and follow everyones progress though, and those of you interested in my tyranids can of course check them out in my log at any time :) Below is my impressions of this months painting. Sorry that some of them are a bit short but I just wrote them all down from start to finish so:

Page 1
@McMullet: The orcs are looking great. I especially like the landa. The blending is looking ace.
@Jim: Great marines with lovely jump pack conversions. Keep it up!
@spikyjames: Definately amongst the best ultramarines I've ever seen! Everything is looking great and you have quite a sizable force already.
@Discord: Great to see more progress on the epic and bfg armies. I wish I had some of those to paint myself, though I'd prefer the tyranid kind ;)
@mrsurgeon: Epic smurfs are looking good. The edge highlights arelooking nice and crisp.
@Sheena Easton: Looking good. The grots look a bit too un-uniform (is that a word?) Basing them will really make them pop.
@Drakemaster: Epic pre-heresy marines? Looking good. Would love some close up photos.
@BLARGAG!!!: 670 points of IG in one month is impressive! Looking good aswell.
@Sigur: That warboss on boar is definitely one of the best orks I've ever seen!
@misterboff: thats a lot of orks and they are looking good as well. Keep it up.
@Khrangar: Those marines are looking great. It's amazing what the new washes will do.
@Norsehawk. Good job painting those badges on the terminators. Painting straight lines have always been my bane.
@give_me_a_d: Apart from the obvious lack of basing everythign is looking great.
@Playwithbob: Good looking marines. only complaint is that they are looking kinda grainy. but it might just be the close photo and camera flash that brings out the worst in them.

Page 2:
@The boyz: Epic marines sure seems to be getting some love in the tale. Some close ups would be great.
@Death Korp: That demon prince is looking nasty. I actually didn't think dragon wings would fit so well on a demon prince.
@kenny3760: Another great deamon prince with wings. Two in a row!
@Danny76: Great looking orks. Always liked the death kopta model and the checkers on it is looking good.
@Badgobbla: Scouts are looking good. nice freehand on the shoulder pads. From what I can see the lenses are looking good as well.
@warflag: What can I say. The most characterful orks I've seen. Heavy metal + orks = win
@penguin663: From what I can see the marines are looking good. hard to tell with such a dark picture though. Definately plus points for Marge in the background.
@ssorck: The pale flesh and pink is very well done, and the swords look excellent.
@Catferret: The tank is looking excellent. Great weathering.
@agio65. Great looking ork. Love the skin color.
@Voltaire: Another batch of good looking orks. The green skin-orange clothing combo gives a nice contrast.
@Chicken_Funk: More orks! Nice looted tank. And nice checkers.
@kammek: yet more orks. Nice dynamic killa cans on the move.
@Solun Decius: as usual the stealers are looking great. That carapace pattern really works in numbers.
@swifty2: Terminators are looking good.
@susu.exp: nice conversions.

Page 3:
@Maalivate: Really well painted marine. I envy your skills.
@jpobrich: Nice marines. Nice crisp highlights.
@fredmans: Love your epic tyranids. You're probably gonna cost me a fortune in the end due to inspiring me to ebay my own epic nid army.
@warflag: More of your fantastic orks? Excellent!
@Doctor P: Nice tank. love the camoflage.


And that's all of them! Hope everyone will keep up this quality for the rest of the tale. Some really fantastic models in here.

Magos Explorator
08-12-2008, 22:49
I'm going to have to use my second Joker this month for my Imperial Guard (which may be morphing into an allied contingent for my Mechanicum). Some really good--and really prolifice--painting this month!

09-12-2008, 00:34
Sorry lads. Going to have to use my first Joker this month.

Too much going on atm.

This months not looking too promising either, but i'll see how it turns out

Will comment soon

09-12-2008, 00:46
@Jonahmaul: i am "rushing ahead" because i have about 4000 more points of stuff to paint and i want to get it all done for the ToP.
actually, here is a list of what i need to paint before im "done"
~200 more guardsmen
~50 Sisters of battle
2 Hellhounds
1 Bassie
~40 Hardened vets/Storm Troopers
10 DKoK Grenadiers
Creed and Kell
5 Jr Officers
1 Excorcist
1 Regular Command Squad
3 or 4 Heavy Weapons Teams
2 Commissars
~30 Rough Riders
1 Warhound Titan
Possibly Other Stuff...

@ssorck: thanks, ill try and get a better pic, but its kinda doubtful as i suck at taking pics. if nothing else, ill try and include better pics next month.

@everyone else who commented on/will comment on my stuff: thanks a lot! im trying to get a huge thing done, finishing painting my 15,000 point Imperial Army. im trying to (at the very least) finish all of my IG stuff before the new codex comes out (yeah right). but i am trying very hard to get everything painted by August of '09.

good job to everyone this month! sorry to see all of the jokers and all of the people that dropped out.

ttfn (tata for now)

09-12-2008, 02:23
For the record, in addition to the 200 points I was going to paint for Nov., on my desk for December will be 1 (3) model sentinel squadron plus 1 additional command sentinel.

3 Armed with Heavy Flamers & Armored Crew Compartments... 1 Command Sentinel with Multilaser, HK Missile, Smoke Launcher and Armored Crew Compartment.

So thats a total of 238 for December.

FYI, with these 4 completed.. I can field a full Emperors Talon Recon Formation for Apocalypse. Thats a whopping 10 Sentinels..

09-12-2008, 11:43
Cheers for the comments guys!

@ Drakemaster – really nice looking BA’s
Nooo! They are Thousand Sons. :cries: ;)

Normally the white trims are enough to distinguish them from the Blood Angels, along with my simplified legion symbol on the vehicles. Still, I'll admit the schemes are failry similar, so its an easy mistake to make - particularly if you aren't too familiar with pre-heresy background.

@Drakemaster: Epic pre-heresy marines? Looking good. Would love some close up photos.
There are close ups in my plog of the various units so far (see sig), so have a look there if you want to see them in more detail. Here's an extreme closeup of the command squad as a taster - although I don't think it does my painting many favours :(

Lessee, comments:

McMullet: Great looking orks, the landa in particular looks really nice.
Jim: Loving the World Eaters. The wookiehole jump packs work really well.
Spikyjames: Great painting and a lovely army.
Discord: Orks are looking good. Good sized horde already!
mrsurgeon: Really liking your ultras so far, great attention to detail with all the markings.
sigur: LOVE that boar mounted warboss, great model.
The Boyz: Nice Blood Angels - I see your another of those who are insane enough to paint the iconography on the marines themselves. Didn't dare try that myself. Still, one thing we seem to have in common - finding it difficult to get in focus pictures of epic scale stuff. Gah.
Badgobbla - Really crisp painting on those guys, they look great.
warflag: Really nice characterful orks, and great painting as well. Really like the 'Red Baron' copta.
Fredmans: Love your nids - the highlighting is very well done. Always good to see an OOP army getting some attention!

09-12-2008, 12:20
Well that's me out. I've had a severe lack of motivation until all my friends got sick of computer games and have all just started Warhammer 40k so I may have the inclination to start painting more. That and in 7 weeks I'll graduate from my degree!! So keep an eye out for a thread of my random stuff some time :P

As for everyone in the tale, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on proceedings as I'm thoroughly impressed so far. Great work everyone :D

09-12-2008, 13:44
Another month, another collective great effort. It is a pleasure to see all your armies grow with every passing month. Makes me want to paint up a 40K army. Here are some individual comments based upon this month's work. Just some praise and thoughts.

McMullet: I am glad to have been of help. The Landa is a great centerpiece to your growing army. I ran a 2nd ed 40K Evil Sunz army, so I am glad as long as you paint them red. I also like the bases, they make your models stand out more. So, what is up for next month? More infantry?

Jim: I think this is your best entry so far. Your painting is now matching your conversion and posing skills. Lovely idea for banner and jet packs.

Spikyjames: What can I say? It is a treat to have you in the tale. The whole army looks fantastic and the details on the dread are marvellous.

Discord: Nicely painted stormboyz horde and great conversions for Blood Axe Gunwagonz. A lot of great details there like the Bombard gun and the classic Lifta Droppa. Great army shot.

Discord (BFG): Nice touch to include the kitchen sink. Would not want to lose against the loyalist scumbags because the Chosen could not wash their dinner plates between battles, huh? Then the warmaster would have to clean the kitchen himself while the battle was royally lost. Great colour scheme on both fleets. They look great in the group shots.

mrsurgeon: Another great army shot. We epic builders seem to take pride in them. Lovely dark colour scheme on the tanks. They remind me of Spikyjames marines, only smaller. Are those the new Predators, as in the ones available on the GW store?

Sheena Easton's Fabulous Orks: I could not resist it, it makes me smile every time. A lovely mix of miniatures. Would be nice with a close-up shot of the Grotz mob and the herder. I think the tank turned out for the better, too.

Drakemaster: I think the troops look excellent. Great SC and rhinos. Will check your log again, have not done in a while. I agree with you on the pains of Epic pictures. I usually take 20 pictures before a tale submission, only to find that most of them turn out slightly out of focus. I have to get brighter lights. <Edit> The close-up shot reveals some amazing detail. Very nice use of CSM:s </Edit>

BLARGAG!!!: That is a lot of models. Always fun to see the Baneblade impose its prescense over an advancing IG army. This army will look fantastic when the bases are done.

Sigur: That super cyboar is an old-time favourite of mine. Great metallics and details, especially all those snakebite glyphs. Great conversion of the old power glove as well.

misterboff: Now, that is some serious batch painting. 30 boyz in a month. You are really going for the horde with this one.

Khrangar: I love the colour scheme and I really like the white parts. The wash is really working out well for you. If I would comment on something, it would be that the extreme highlights on the purple look a bit too thick for me. I would either make them thinner by trimming them with a fine detail brush or to mix a thinned-out colour somewhere between the two you are using and paint along the extreme highlights to create thinner lines and hint at a build-up towards the lighter areas. Otherwise, really nice work.

plantagenet: Congratulations on your new son. Looking forward to more fists next month.

Norsehawk: It must feel great to have a legal army already. The new additions look great. Would love to see an army shot next month.

give_me_a_d: The demons are looking great. I admire the results of your speed painting. I think the brighter paints come through better in the photos than the darker ones. I bet the bloodletters look great in real life. The brighter parts look really good, like the tongues and the blood on the icon. Perhaps you need a little more light for your pictures, they look a little bit dark.

playwithbob: It feels like I am fighting my best friend's marines on his kitchen table all over again. My orks were mostly preoccupied malfunctioning themselves to death, but the marines certainly did their best to help me. Great to see them revived, fresh out of a wormhole.

The boyz: Great to see another Epic army back on track, or tiny, tiny feet. Are you using the variant BA list or the regular Adeptus Astartes list?

Death Korp: Nice job on the wings and the base. I second that other fellow who wanted more angles.

kenny3760: Nice to hear that I am not the only one with rubbed-off names on my Vallejo bottles. Some colours are really hard to distinguish, so I have started learning their ISBN numbers, for example Bronzed Flesh and Filth Brown. That model is impressive, and I really like the wings. Nice paint job.

Danny76: The pictures look fine to me. I particularly like the Deff Kopta. Great paint job on that one.

Badgobbla: The army is shaping up very nicely. I am really impressed by your painting skills. Skin, leather, armour, reds, blacks, everything looks great. Keep it up, but do not forget to enjoy South Africa.

Warflag: Pure awesomeness. I have commented on the rockers before, so I will just join in the praise of your conversion and painting skills. I also love the Red Baron and the hoverer. Fantastic painting there. By the way, the nobz make me think of Kiss, is that intentional or are they supposed to be "black" metal boyz.

Häxjägare: I knew something was up when your army was not in the first post. Hope this month is less stressful.

Romanus: Good to see that you are still with us. Hang in there. I need more Elysians.

penguin663: Great to see that you made it and still is in the tale. The sternguard look great. The conversions sure fooled me, so they are excellent.

ssorck: What can I say? This army will look great. I love freebooter minis, own quite a lot of them myself for my wood elf and O&G army.

bloodsbane: What is this? I thought you were painting Bad Moons, not Deff Skullz.

Catferret: Great tank. Is that the Tamiya weathering kit you are referring to? You have a real industrial feel to your army for sure. Would be nice to see them in action in a cityscape.

agio65: Great warboss. Lots of lovely details there. I especially like the Power Klaw.

Voltaire: Nice comeback. Welcome back.

Chicken_Funk: Great looted truck. Brilliant idea and excellent execution.

Kammek: Another great effort. Excellent poses on the Kanz. They look exactly like I would imagine them, stomping and wobbling forward.

Solun Decius: Now that is a genestealer swarm. I really like how the expensive ones stand out from the rest and still retain that classic feel. I am curious as to how this army will "evolve". Great painting, by the way.

swifty2: That is a great terminator squad. You are forgiven in my books.

susu.exp: I am starting to love these little fellas. You must have a very deep bitz-box. What army list are you using? Fan-created, I guess, but it would be fun to check it out.

Maalivate: This is the entry of the month. I would not even dare nit-picking. That model is the epitomy of Ultramarines, when you paint it.

jpobrich: Another great unit and well done on the company master. After all these excellent Ultramarine entries, it is strangely refreshing to see that one of them has bit the dust. Dark Angels to the rescue.

Darnok: I hope you have been good this year, so that Santa brings you motivation. Your conversions are motivating me, so I hope you will recover.

Zujara: Great job on doing both tales. Hope you do not abandon us.

tehgeist: Sometimes, life deals you bats. Clobber that fool and bring us more orks next month.

Doctor P: That is an awesome first vehicle. I will have to wager that the lack of former experience is what drove you to contemplate that crazy camouflage scheme, which someone with experience never would have attempted. Have you ever considered going into the jigzaw business, because this is genius. Loving the gang.

razormasticator: What? No Macarius? Just kidding. Eagerly awaiting your Sentinel squadron.

lonepilgrim: The server has been more down than up lately. Shame, really, because your models are worth waiting for.

ReaperOfSouls: Shame to see you go. Be sure to pop in once in a while.

Magos Explorator: Your entries so far have all been full of character and would fit in nice in an Ad Mechanicus army, I think.

Knighta: Hope to see more Grey Knight goodness.

Almindale: Shame to lose you. Hope you regain your motivation.

Good luck everyone on this month's work. Merry Christmas, over and out.

09-12-2008, 14:05
Now for some replies to questions and comments.

@Fredmans: Excellent harridan. Of course always nice to see your additions to the micro-bugs. The army is shaping up very nicely. Are those the buildings from the original Space marine box? I have that box stuffed full of those buildings ... good stuff!

Thank you. Yes, they are the old cardboard buildings with plastic roofs. I have them in two different sizes. If I remember correctly, they came with two different boxes, but I may be wrong.

@ fredmans – excellent nids, I really like that Harridan

Thank you. I think the colours turned out well. It stands out, yet blends in with the army.

@Fredmans: The nids are coming together nicely. IS the harridan body an old school Zoanthorpe?

No, but I understand where you are coming from. There is a striking resemblance, and probably intended design-wise.

Fredmans: Nids looking class, the Gargoyles are very cute and the Lictor conversions came out very well. Let me know if you want to drop down to 3-4K, that'll be fine.

Thank you for your kind words. I will think about your offer and depending on how much I can paint this month, I will let you know.

@fredmans: Love your epic tyranids. You're probably gonna cost me a fortune in the end due to inspiring me to ebay my own epic nid army.

Succumb to the power of Epic Tyranids.

Fredmans: Love your nids - the highlighting is very well done. Always good to see an OOP army getting some attention!

Thank you. I think of them as vintage.


09-12-2008, 15:11
@ McMullet :( nah, that's cool, i understand. count me as jokering for the second time this month then but I will try to submit 500 points at the start of january in order to buy back a joker plus get me back on track for 200 points a month rather than 150.

@ Blargag - that's some hardcore painting dude, good luck with all that, i hope you manage it because that will be one phenomenal army shot (well shots actually, that's never gonna fit in one piccy!)

Captain Ardias
09-12-2008, 15:41
Sadly I think I'll have to resign from this project, I've had way to much to do at work (and home) lately. So good luck to those of you that's still a part of the TO40KG.

09-12-2008, 16:14
Ack! Apologies for being late, for some reason my ISP and Warseer were disagreeing. I shall endeavour for photos by this weekend at the latest so consider this a post just to state what I have done.

Actually, that will come with a proper post later on, probably tomorrow night if my camera behaves.

For this month I have...

Hive Tyrant - Adrenal Glands (WS & I), Toxin Sacs, Extended Carapace, Scything Talons, Lash Whip & Bonesword, Psychic Scream - 164 pts.

4 Spinegaunts- Without Number - 32 pts.

Only a total of 196 pts for this month but I can compensate over time for it. Another busy month.

Apologies again for being late, my ISP has been a pain with Warseer. Expect a more 'proper' post tomorrow...

09-12-2008, 20:33
Another month and a few more have unfortunately not kept up. But for everyone still in I should say its good to see such a great collective effort. As there are fewer this month I thought it was high time I started to comment on everyone's efforts so here goes...

@McMullet: The Landa is a great centerpiece to your army. Maybe a bigger base would have let the skid landing work a bit better but I can understand why you didn't go any bigger.

@Jim: I really think your army will be one of the best and this last months stuff is great. The converted jet packs are cool.

@Spikyjames: The whole army looks excellent and the details on the dread are, well frankly annoying is the politest way I can put it.

@Discord (EPIC): A great set of conversions for the Blood Axe tanks. (BFG): Nice colour scheme on both fleets. They are looking good in the group shots.

@mrsurgeon: Another great EPIC army. The markings on the rhinos etc are lovely. Really makes me want to get my Howling Griffins out and dust them off.

@Sheena Easton's Fabulous Orks: A great mix of miniatures. Would like to see some bigger pictures.

@Drakemaster: I think this will be in there for my favourite EPIC army come the end of the Tale. The troops look good, nice and sharp. The latest photo shows them off very well.

@BLARGAG!!!: Its rather unfortunate the shot of the DKoK Commissar wasn't more in focus as it looks a nice job and I like the assassin.

@Sigur: That super cyboar is a great model and you'e painted it well. Nice conversion of the old power glove.

@misterboff: Respect due: 30 boyz in a month.

@Khrangar: I know I've said this before but I think the colour scheme you've gone for is very good, very distinctive. If I had to be critical I would say the highlights on the purple could be a little finer but that said a really nice job.

@plantagenet: Shame, hope you get more time next month.

@Norsehawk: I'd like to see an army shot next month, but this months work looks good.

Then its me!

@playwithbob: I'm back in 1991 playing, or should that be dying against my friend's Squats on my dining room table. I bought some Harlequins and never looked back. Really nice to see the converted Whirlwind, I think I've got the old WD with the Modelling Workshop for making that somewhere.

@The boyz: Yet another great looking EPIC army. You EPIC guys are really starting to show up us larger scale comrades.

@Death Korp: Your Daemon Prince looks good. The red is a bit over powering for my liking, but then that's just me.

@kenny3760: Nice paint job. Interesting the difference in the photos.

@Danny76: Nothing to worry about with those pictures if you ask me. The Deff Kopta is very nice.

@Badgobbla: The reds and blacks are looking great. I'm sure you'll enjoy South Africa, its a good time of year to be going.

@Warflag: As I said on your log this is just inspired. The Red Baron and the hoverer are cool. The painting is fantastic painting there.

@Häxjägare: Better luck next month

@Romanus: Ditto

@penguin663: Looking great if a little dark. How many points for Marge?

@ssorck: I wasn't a fan of your daemonettes last month but these look great. I'm surprised there is that much size difference.

@bloodsbane: That's a creepy looking fellow for your joker.

@Catferret: Great Landy. The extra armour looks good.

@agio65: Really nice warboss. Good lots of details on him.

@Voltaire: Welcome back. Sounds like you've got your work cut out over Christmas.

@Chicken_Funk: Great looted tank. No lows, that's what we like to hear.

@Norsehawk: I can sympathise, at least you've been painting and keeping going is the main thing.

@Kammek: The good poses on the Kanz really convey their character.

@Solun Decius: Great looking Nids, or should I say Genestealers. Do you have plans for any variations?

@swifty2: That is a nice terminator squad. I like the basing.

@susu.exp: I must confess that I'm not really getting these little fellas. I guess I'm just one of those guys who was glad to see the back of the Squats after getting wiped out on many occasions by my friend's brotherhood.

@Maalivate: Holy Smoke Batman! The detail on this guy is ridiculously good.

@jpobrich: I must say it is refreshing to see a good looking Dark Angels force. I like the Devs.

@Fredmans: Some great looking little Nids there. The Harridan is lovely as are the Gargoyles. In years gone by I played a lot of EPIC but never played against Nids. I'd imagine their pretty scary to fight.

@Darnok: I hope the motivation comes back soon, I'm just glad I've managed to keep going as long as I have.

@Zujara: Shame, better luck next month.

@Warflag: Sneaking in again. I'll let you off as they're such nice models.

@tehgeist: Shame, better luck next month.

@Doctor P: Great tank. I hear you on the flying bases (one of my other armies is a jetbike heavy Eldar force)

@razormasticator: Hope you do get enough time to get that joker back, I can tell you it feels good.

Gets difficult here as others are posting coments if I've missed anyone I sorry, its nothing personal.

@lonepilgrim: Better luck next month

@ReaperOfSouls: Sad to see you go. I hope you pop in every now and then.

@Magos Explorator: I'm sure your stuff would fit in very nicely in an AdMech army.

@Knighta: Hope to see more Grey Knight goodness soon.

@Almindale: Shame to lose you. Hope you get your motivation back.

@Captain Ardias: As with Almindale it'll be a shame to loose you.

@DarkstarSabre: Hope you get some luck with your posting.

And I think that's it. I'll have to post again to respond to comments but they seem pretty positive from a quick scan over. As always please have a look at my log. There should be some new stuff soon.

09-12-2008, 21:44
I've completed an assault squad and servitor squad to go with my Black reach marines set and scout squad. I had a friend of mine take pictures, as my camera is shockingl bad. I will put up a more detailed post when I get them in the email.

09-12-2008, 21:44
Hey folks,

I've got my command squad finished and painted, and I painted a AOBR Terminator that I got with WD that I painted as well to bring me to 200+ points.

No camera at the moment, because I am not at home. But I'll get them in the next 2/3 days. I'm still in this :P


10-12-2008, 00:42
I have comments!

@McMullets: I really like that Lander. Also the red/yellow squares on the wagon look great. Making those square would drive me nuts.

@Jim: Your army is one of the ones I look forward too each month. They look really good. Are you going to blood spatter these guys?

@Spikyjames: How long have you been painting? Your work is exceptional. You have almost inspired me to slow down and relearn how to paint correctly.

@Discord: I always wanted to play epic. Question, does the silver and off white visually run together when the figs are on the table top?

@ Mrsurgeon: They look good.

@Sheena Easton: Who is that pirate looking fellow? I like that fig.

@Drakemaster: Nice looking figs.

@Blargag: 6 SQUADS!! My god! My IG is waiting for me still…calling my name…

@sigur: Another RT era army. I have some old orks to trade for old marines…give me a PM and let me know what’s in your bits box!

@Misterboff: Love the blue faces.

@Khrangar: I really like the way these guys look. Your white is terrific. The figures feel top heavy to me for some reason though. Maybe a splash of purple below the waist?

@Norsehawk: They look good. I might have went with a different color base to make the figs stand out abit more. Termies are not bad but the scouts blend in to me.

@Give_me_a_d: I like em.

@The Boyz: I wish painting full sized Marines went that fast!

@Death Korp: I like the conversion. Big wings make a figure much scarier. I remember my brothering bringing winged Carnifex to the table long ago…

@Kenny3760: Nice looking Prince.

@Danny76: Very clean looking orks. I think the washes will really make them stand out.

@Badgobbla: I like the way the scouts look. The red and brown work well together.

@warflag: I love that Boss! The boys and kopters look nice as well.

@penguin663: I like the way those guys look. I may have to open some Chaos for bits for my “new school” Marines.

@ssorck: More work that makes me want to slow down and learn to paint. Love em!

@Catferret: That’s one mean looking Land Raider.

@Voltaire: Nice looking orcs. Good luck with next months project.

@Chicken_Funk: Nice looking Basilisk. Glue some 32 rounds (bullets) to the back to finish it off.

@Kammek: 9 Kans? That would be fun to see. Your doing a great job on em.

@Solun Decius: I really dig the poison frog scheam your using. Again, more inspiration to learn to paint.

@swifty2: Good looking Fists.

@sus.exp: I love the squat conversions. They just look right.

@Maalivate: Awe inspiring. Can you pm me with a link to or instructions for “Transparency Blending”?

@jpobrich: Good looking Angels.

@Fredmans: Looks like you got a lot of detail crammed onto those little guys. Good job.

@Doctor P: Love the camo.

I think thats everyone. Good job to everybody this month.

Next month if it gets warm enough outside to prime anything, I have a squad of Terminators in the works. While I wait for the temp to rise, I've been working on a campaign SM army. One Marine from every chapter I can find colors for. Thus far, Aurora Chapter, White Consules, Genesis Chapter, Black Consuls, White Panthers, and Eagle Warriors are complete.

Merry Christmas to all.


10-12-2008, 04:23
Sorry, a joker this month. I'm too busy, but next month I'll bring something HUGE back here.

10-12-2008, 10:21
@Discord: I always wanted to play epic. Question, does the silver and off white visually run together when the figs are on the table top?

Nope, the silver is way darker. And the blacklining/shading separates them even further.

10-12-2008, 14:09

Oy, I've really dropped the ball. I ran out out of Tau things to paint, and just haven't really touched anything.

Fear not, as holiday breaks approach, wherein I'll be resupplied and have the means with which to paint again.

10-12-2008, 15:51
lonepilgrim: Fair enough mate, look forward to a double helping of Blood Angels next month.

ReaperOfSouls: Sorry to lose you, I liked the subtle colours on your nids. Cheers for the comment on my Orks. :)

razormasticator: 10 Sentinels... :eek: That'll be quite a sight when they're done.

Drakemaster: I thought the symbols were enough to mark them out as TSons. That's a lot closer than I'd put my camera next to my Ork infantry...

Almindale: Sorry to lose you, best of luck with the painting when you get around to it (and with the degree).

Fredmans: Thanks! December will indeed be the month of infantry for me. I have a 20 stands of Goffs to paint up while I don't have much else to do. How about you?

Jonahmaul: Jolly good, look forward to seeing a big update in January!

DarkstarSabre: You missed the boat for December I'm afraid - I've gotta be strict or we'll just keep getting later and later... You've got a few points in hand so it'l be easy to get the joker back.

give_me_a_d: Thanks man, I would've liked a bigger base from the point of view of presentation but even this one will probably be a bit awkward for gaming...

Ben: Same as I said to DarkstarSabre - You're too late for this month I'm afraid. You don't have to post the pictures on the 7th if you don't have them - I'm happy to take your word for it - but the idea is that you "finish" the models by then.

Hauk: Again, the command squad'll have to wait for next month now.

Playwithbob: Thanks, though if you look really close the "squares" aren't even close to being square. :p

@everyone: Are you still happy with the hard deadline? Obviously a few people are wanting to post stuff now, and my view is as it was before: A stricter deadline acts as a motivation to really get stuff done on time. My approach for the moment is to enforce the 7th as joker-time, unless doing so would mean kicking someone out for playing 3 jokers - but please chip in if you have any thoughts on the matter.

10-12-2008, 15:54
I respond to the hard deadline of the 7th myself. I didnt have stuff FINISHED so I went with the joker.

I think its only fair. A week after the end of the month is ample time.

Oh and yeah, 6 of the sentinels are already painted. So I just need to get the last 4 done.

10-12-2008, 16:31
I too am happy with it. And even though the deadline is technically the first week of the month, if I haven't managed to paint something during the month I'm supposed to, it doesn't get posted. Simple. And there's always jokers if real life gets too hectic (or one feels lazy :p ).

10-12-2008, 17:56
I´d second razor and Discord. Allthough last month was bigtime bug-time on warseer, and some folks can only post on weekends, and it´s christmas ;)
We´re only a few left, so I´d let those two or three slip through.

I must say I love the effort everybody puts into this. It´s definately motivating me to keep going. Otherwise I probably never would have started my Orks, as I have three other, no wait, four 40k armies already going unfinished.

Therefore now a few words on everybodys works after the first third of the tale:


Mcmullet: Simply Epic! The landa is the highligh, no doubt. Beatiful attention to detail aswell on the small units.

Jim: Pre Heresy greatness. Your jump-packs are just perfect. Again great attention to detail.

Spikyjames: Smurfs of pure awesome. This teaches me to respect the vanilla. The painting is flawless, and conversions so well implemented, they look as they were cast as they are.

Discord: My favourite is the mekboys (sweet) ride. Well done!
Your BFG stuff is very well done aswell, though I don´t know nothing about this game and cannot say more.

Mrsurgeon: Lovely epic ultras. Works very well, the dark shade of blue!

Sheena Easton: Total orky chaos! That LR humilation is pure win.

Drakemaster: Unbelievable they have been mistaken for BA :p I was not aware Epic had so many fans, and also dedicated painters! The detailing again is sick for that scale!

Blagarg: It´d require a spikey club to make me paint so many guards men in one month! Gaunt looks good, would like a better pic of the commissar aswell.

Sigur: Seriously, does this need be commented? Blast from the past, of the best sort. I´ve said this before, I love the oldschool! And yours are just... well.. they kick a$$.

Misterboff: Bluefaced insanity. I am proud painter of four Orks, you made 30! I´d go nuts, really. Well done.

Khrangar: Very well painted! Scheme goes well together, seems to be a perfect match in colour theory.

Norsehawk: I like the colour scheme. Nice to see some old scouts. I actually prefer them to the new ones, which have odd looking faces.

give-me-a-d: Love the bloodletters. Their swords seem to suck up light. Cool effect. Show me someone who does not love nurglings. Very good painting.

Playwithbob: For me one of the entries of the moth. Oldschool, cool painting, grand atmosphere. Perfect!


The boys: Those dreads look so cool. Strange somehow, with those tiny legs, but cool. Well done.

Death korp: Batwing DP´s rule! period. Good basing too.

Kenny 3760: Belakor is probably the only DP mini GW did not mess up. Therefore extra points for minichoice. Good painting too!

Danny76: Those washes really do the magic. I think I should get myself some. Very nice clean painting.

Badgobbla: The painting is just awesome. You actually manage to highlight black very well. Not often seen! Again the new scout has this look of oddness, while his bros are the definition of cool. Also fast growing for this painting level!

Warflag: Oh, come on, do the goddam bases, that´s half-a$$ed. And orks should be green, what were you thinking. The buzzaws aren´t done, whom do you try to trick?

Penguin663: Why, Marge seems a bit pale in this pic. Your painting and modelling looks neat, though the pic kills it a bit. Looks like some cool converting.

SSorck: Great painting and good use of minis. The colours are just a gayfest of pinkness, but that´s not meant to be rude! Surely an eyecatcher.

Catferret: Cool LR. I hate painting tanks They´re too big for my style. You managed a good job. Well done damage aswell. What is mariposa again?

agio65: Cool joker, but why is he so serious?

Voltaire: More Orks for a grand waaagh! Red is a classic and works well. Pics a bit blurry, but well done as far as I am able to judge.

Kammek: Damn well painted kanz and mek! Their poses rock!
That was three ork entries in a row...

Chickenfunk: Looted Basilisk ftw! Well painted, could have some graffiti maybe? Like "the emporor zucks"?

Solun decius: That scheme is the s**t! really, nids tend to have lame colours, no matter how well painted, but these are great. Although I know your trick ;) Plus: Parenting and modelling the always same genestealers deserves extra points!

Swifty: The pic puts your great painting to shame. I can see some awesome work behind that pink veil! Also I am a fan of CF! So win!

susu.exp: Dude, I had to laugh. Well done, and cool to have a stunties army here. The modelling works well, colours too. But I can´t help it: Their arms are LONG. Sorry dude, cool army, great effort!


Maalivate: Another entry of the month candidate. The freehand´s killer! Great blending, simply stunning. Puts some official stuff to shame, really!

jpobrich: Great Da´s! I like the white trims on the soulder pads. Real good painting.

Fredmans: Some insane detailing on these mininids! Very cool colour choice, for nids especially. Great all in all!

Doctorp: It was tactically maybe not the smartest idea to paint the cool stuff first? (kidding) However, I am sure your troops choices will turn out just as cool as the stuff you already have! I am a fan of the camo. Good job!

And now I am able to really appreciate the efforts of those who comment on the months entries all the way through! I would like to thank all of you who took the time!

The tale shrunk to size, but there´s hope people might find time over the holidays to catch up and earn back jokers, so that many many of us stay in til summer.

Great sport, love to be in.


10-12-2008, 19:40
So time to respond to some of the comments...

@Solun Decius: Thanks. I think I will file your suggestion about the maggots etc and see if I think its needed nearer the end.

@Jonahmaul: I'm glad I'm providing some entertainment. I'm well pleased with the Bloodletters so I'm glad you like them.

@ssorck: Thank you. There will be enough of the little mites for 2 sizeable units once I'm finished. More to come next month.

@ReaperOfSouls: Thanks. I'm beginning to wonder if leaving the bases was such a great idea as it will be a lot of work if I leave it much longer. Maybe I should use a joker but spend the month doing the bases.

@Fredmans: Thank you. I really feel the technique is working well for me. The thanks should go to Skulliz. They are turning out quite dark but I think you're right about getting more light on them.

@Playwithbob: Nice to hear.

@warflag: Thank you, it means a lot to me to get praise from you as you have been a great source of inspiration for me. You're right, if you don't love Nurglings there is something wrong with you. Saying that I've got so many to paint I might not feel the same way by the end of the tale.

And a gratuitous plug for my log – there really is something new there now so go take a look!

Well done everyone!

Jan Polder
10-12-2008, 19:55
Sorry McMuffet, hope I am not disqualified but I had forgotten about the date. Hereby my november entry.


Month 1: Autarch
Month 2: Joker
Month 3: Joker
Month 4: Falcon

TOTAL PAINTING SO FAR: 260 points (target: 200 points)



White undercoat for the outside and black undercoat for the underside and weapons. The hull is washed with several layers of thinned yellow ink. Weapons and underside was drybrushed with grey followed by fortress grey. Then several layers of badab black were used to blacken them again.

Simple sand with darkflesh and vomit overbrush with a bleached bone drybrush.


The blue turned out okay but the yellow started to flow again with the varnish and it puddled into brownyellowish puddles. Big shame shame there.


With kind regards,


10-12-2008, 20:04
I'm game with the deadline even though it means i've used my two jokers already! you've given us the option of buying them back after we've used two anyway so that option is available to people (and i hope to use it this month after a hectic 6 weeks where i've hardly had any painting time!)

Magos Explorator
10-12-2008, 20:27
That's a really nice, clean yellow Max!

10-12-2008, 20:47
That's a really nice, clean yellow Max!

Indeed. that tank is looking very, very nice :)

10-12-2008, 20:51
Sorry McMuffet, hope I am not disqualified but I had forgotten about the date. Hereby my november entry.

Like I was saying on the last page, I'd much rather have a late entry than kick you out for playing a third joker - so I'll let you get away with it this time. ;)

However, you are SO disqualified for calling me McMuffet. :mad:

10-12-2008, 21:30
However, you are SO disqualified for calling me McMuffet. :mad:

McMuffin it is, right? :D Sorry, couldn't resist.

10-12-2008, 23:08
Another late entry because i've been a bit busy at as of late with uni assignments but i've had a good month with my Salamanders weighing with with a healthy 335pts coming from a tactical squad and a sternguard squad:



Daemons haven't been so good, have a play a joker here although i'm well on target since i'm only doing 1000pts.

Also for Month 3, i just posted a link to month 3 because i posted everything i had done
Next month im hoping to add either a dreadnaught and another tactical squad although my FW shgoulder pads have come and ive got some close combat terminators as an early christmas present.

I woudl like to get both my Epidemus and Great Unclean One painted but im starting to dislike Epidemus, its a pain to put together.

Also for Month 3, i just posted a link to month 3 because i had alreadyposted everything i had done

Rabid Monkey
10-12-2008, 23:17
I hate to play two jokers in a row but I didnt have time to work on anything last month. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze something out this month, I certainly dont want to drop out. The holidays are such a busy time and I'm smack in the middle of moving too..


11-12-2008, 00:05
McMuffin it is, right? :D Sorry, couldn't resist.


Zanzibarthefirst: OK, same again: I'd rather take a late entry than kick you out. :) The Sallies are looking great by the way, the contrast between the lava bases and the green is very nice.

Rabid Monkey: Hope you manage to find some time this month. :)

I'm still waiting on points values from The Boyz and Death Korp. I need it for my spreadsheet o' doom, which currently has question marks in it. If this persists for much longer the Universe may well collapse around us!

11-12-2008, 12:22
hey McMullet, im not sure how many extra points i am going to paint for the rest of the ToP. can you just put me down for "a lot" and call it good, since i have already met my original pledge?


11-12-2008, 12:52
I've put 5K as a placeholder - You can always change that if you end up doing more or less.

I've updated the first post with this month's work - can everyone please check I've not deleted them by accident or something.

I was looking over the threads from last year. Currently we have a bout 60 painters, this time last year we had 30. We started out with twice as many this time too, so it looks like the pattern is about the same. Here's update #4 from 2007: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=110551

12-12-2008, 05:47
Thanks everyone for the comments, and as for the highlights being a bit thick, I agree. These were actually the first models for the army I painted so they are a bit messier than the others, I think. I built up a surplus of points for the TO40kP since I new I'd be busy when the time came to paint. I wish I had the time to comment on everyone's posts, but they are all looking great.


12-12-2008, 06:57
I have forgotten to comment on peopl'e work again. :rolleyes:

Here are a few quick comments.

Jim: Those jump-packs are awesome! Great work there.
Spikyjames: Sicarius is nice, although your highlights don't look as crisp as usual. Thye venerable dread looks superb.
Sigur: It's like being a kid again seeing ye olde Space Orks.
Playwithbob: I still love that style of Whirlwind. I made a few of them back in the old days. I just wish they were still as effective as the used to be.
Warflag: Love the hat on the Warboss. Wish I could sculpt hats that well.
Solun Decius: Great patterning on the 'Stealers.
Maalivate: Stunning work on Sicarius, the blue is beautiful.

12-12-2008, 07:10

@everyone: Are you still happy with the hard deadline? Obviously a few people are wanting to post stuff now, and my view is as it was before: A stricter deadline acts as a motivation to really get stuff done on time. My approach for the moment is to enforce the 7th as joker-time, unless doing so would mean kicking someone out for playing 3 jokers - but please chip in if you have any thoughts on the matter.

Well, at first I thought it'd be better to have a 'soft' deadline (as in you can be a couple of days late), but then I read some of the comments of other people and I feel that a hard 'deadline' would be better. It forces people to manage their time and painting schedules more clearly and this way you (as the guy who runs the whole show) have something to fall back on when people don't adhere to the timeframe.

13-12-2008, 14:07
Thanks to everyone for the comments on Be'lakor, he was the only model I ever really considered for my DP. I am really pleased with the way he came out in the end up.
The red skin and blue wings gives a nice contrast and makes for a pretty striking model in my opinion.
The difference in the photographs was switching the flash from auto to off, I prefer the 2 with the flash off personally.

15-12-2008, 17:24
So, no photos. Sorry folks, throat infection killed my weekend. Right now it hurts to breathe...

15-12-2008, 17:36
I'll start with a big thank you to everyone for all the comments and appreciations.

@Solun Decius & McMullet: i wanted my Sicarius to have light blue eyes so, instead of the usual black spot, i painted his irides with a mix of Ultramarines Blue (:D doh!) and Space Wolf Grey.
While the overall eye contrast is obviously reduced, in real life the effect works well. On the other hand in my pictures (which suck BTW) the contrast is reduced and therefore you get the weird-looking eyes.

Let the comments begin:

Page 1

McMullet: The orks look very nice indeed, especially the landa (the sliding effect works well). I like the 2nd edition style, with flashy colours and all!

Jim: the jump packs conversion is wonderful and perfectly in theme for a pre-heresy army. The dirt and the totem make them appear more brutal than regular loyalist marines, but not yet the mindless berserkers they will become later, after their betrayal.
I would lighten the linings a bit if i were you...

spikyjames: I'm amazed by the quantity of quality painting you're able to produce each month...

Discord: i've never really paid much attention to Battlefleet Gothic before, but your Chaos fleet opened my eyes. The paint scheme makes them rather menacingly-looking ships.

mrsurgeon: while scrolling down the thread, when i saw your first pic i've mistaken the Epic Predators for their 40K counterparts. Nice details for such small models!

Sheena Easton: they look like a very orkish horde, but i can't see the models well enough to properly judge the painting.

Drakemaster: classy. The tiny Arhiman is cute (!!!), but how do you convert such small models?!?

BLARGAG!!!: Some of the pics could be clearer, but I like Gaunt, very expressive!
The group shot reminds me that at this moment my whole army consists of a grand total of 12 models...

sigur: how cool is that Warboss? I've never seen a super cyboar before, so this is a (well painted) suprise for me.

misterboff: i feel for you with so many models to paint, but the blue facepaint really stands out and the models look good.

Khrangar: nice and original colour scheme. The bone colour is especially convincing.

Norsehawk: Nice Termies, the red makes them stand out as they should. The metal scouts mix well with the platic ones.

give_me_a_d: on the Khorne stuff the white details are both original and effective, improving the contrast and separation of the dark areas of the models. The Nurgle models are even better in my opinion.

Playwithbob: i'm a newbie when it comes to WH40K, but I've never seen before any of your models. Is that a Land Raider in the last picture?

Page 2

The boyz: i can't make out all the details, but the overall effect is good. The bases provide a nice contrast to the red coloured models.

Death Korp: i like the mask as it achieves what you were aiming for and the barbed wire on the base is very appropriate too. Personally i would have shaded the red coloured parts a little more with a blue/purple wash, but maybe it's the picture that takes away the contrast.

kenny3760: nice Be'lakor. A little suggestion: you can easily obtain a more striking weapon (at least for a Tzenntch Daemon Prince!) with a few washes over the metallic paint. I find the new Citadel washes an excellent investment for this kind of effect.

Danny76: that Deffkopta is really good looking!

Badgobbla: good work. I can't see the Dreadnought well enough to pass judgement on its painting, but it seems alright to me! The scouts are even nicer with little colour touches i like (the turquoise respirators)

warflag: What can i say? They are all superb models, but my preference goes to the guy with the denim jacket on the first row. Amazing! A special mention for the black metal guys modeled after Immortal: the shin guards of the nob in the back are exactly as those on the cover of Sons of Northern Darkness, aren't they?

penguin663: the models seem properly painted but i think you should paint some details with a contrasting color, like the usual red lenses on the helmets, just to make them stand out more but (as ssorck said) the snowy bases will help achieve that.

ssorck: kudos to you for the army choice and its backgorund/theme: it's very original and unique (just like my Ultramarines, right?!?). The colour scheme is tricky as it obviously forces you to be subtle with shadows and highlights. I'm not a fan of blacklining, preferring painting shadows so that they naturally separate the various zones, but in your case it's unavoidable i think...

Catferret: excellent. The left side is my favourite as the metal on the door is really life-like.

agio65: a nice warboss, but where are the crazy daemons? :D

Voltaire: The colour scheme you've chosen remains the best IMO, as it captures the elements that for me defines the 40K orks: black leather, heavy metal, violent red. Should i decide to paint an ork army, it would be like yours.

Chicken_Funk: good tank. The rusted is metal especially convincing.

kammek: nice Kans! The poses are very amusing.

Solun Decius: with the frog skin scheme you're achieving a realistic, natural look. After seeing a few of your minis, I feared the whole army could be a little monotonous, but your last picture proves me wrong as the two painting styles compliment each other really well.

swifty2: good looking terminators. The blue parts are the best in my opinion, even if i can't see all the details. Is there some kind of effect on the largest flat parts of the armours (Shoulder pads, shin guards)?

susu.exp: i'm in awe when every model of an army is a conversion... I don't know much of the 40K universe so i've never even heard of the Varyngr, but i'm looking forward to seeing your future entries.

Page 3

jpobrich: excellent models, all of them. I like the bone coloured trim on the shoulder pads.

Fredmans: an impressive army. The detailing on the gargoyles is astounding for such small models.

Doctor P: i'm sorry for all your troubles with the camo pattern, but IMO the result is well worth it!

Max Keeren: Good job! The yellow parts are very smooth ad clean.

Zanzibarthefirst: Nice salamanders.

I'll get back soon to explain how i painted my Sicarius to those who asked.

15-12-2008, 19:22
@ Max Keeran - beautiful falcon with some really smooth colours. are you using GW yellow ink? The old style ink or the new sepia one? Have you used anything as a highlight?

@ Nanzibarthefirst - cool looking stuff & am impressive looking army already. i like the idea of the lava on the bases but I would say that you shouldn't paint it over the sand, just leave some gaps when you PVA the bases & then paint the lava in the gaps as I think that would look better

15-12-2008, 22:41
warflag: What can i say? They are all superb models, but my preference goes to the guy with the denim jacket on the first row. Amazing! A special mention for the black metal guys modeled after Immortal: the shin guards of the nob in the back are exactly as those on the cover of Sons of Northern Darkness, aren't they?

I'll get back soon to explain how i painted my Sicarius to those who asked.

Thanks, and:

Yes they are! Wondered if anybody would notice ;) So, well spotted!

Have you seen the back patch of the denim jacket guy? Got a pic in my log.
My jaw dropped when Solun Decius had the reference within minutes pointed out!
It shows a Dio cover.

Looking forward to your next months entry

16-12-2008, 03:35
i couldnt resist posting this (cuz i just finished her, and i think that i did a great job on the mini)

let me know what you think, or wait to comment, i dont really care, i just want to post these...

so, without further ado, i present, Celestine, the Living Saint



later! and keep up the great work all of you guys!

16-12-2008, 08:26
OK, time for a little update about my progress so far:




I've started on 10 tactical marines from the AoBR boxed set. Six are almost finished (just need to do their boltguns), while four more are being prepared. For the rest I've got 5 Assault marines waiting as well.

I have to say that I'm having a difficult time painting here, since it's so hot here and my paint dries quicker than an egg on a hot plate. Off course I forgot my paint retarder at home and all I have to remedy the quick dry times is water, which means a lot of wasted time remixing my paints. I plan to finish the 15 models before I get home and then still try to paint up 2 vindicators before the deadline. Luckily the temperatures at home are a lot lower than here.

Someone mentioned more up close pictures of my dreadnought, but unfortunately I forgot to take some after I finished the markings and prayer texts. So I'll do that when I get home in about 10 days.

16-12-2008, 10:57
@ Blargag - miniature looks pretty good but it is hard to make out properly as pictures are slightly blurry, any chance of slightly better pics so we can get a proper look at the bad girl?!

@ badgobbla - excellent stuff, can't wait to see them finished, from those assault marines it looks like you paint all the white bits first, is that correct?

16-12-2008, 11:45
Actually no, I just happened to have a mix of white-grey paint leftover and I tried to paint some markings on the jumppacks to see how they'd look. Actually I start with the armor first and then work my way up to the smaller details. You'll notice that I also painted some details on the assault marines and the remaining four tactical marines, which I also did for the above mentioned reason. I hate to throw paint away (or let it dry out without using it), so while I was busy on the first six marines I just took the others along with it.

Currently I'm not happy with them and I might change them to arrows, but that's for later.

Doctor P
16-12-2008, 14:07
I meant to comment earlier alas, Warseer seemed to be playing up most of last week when I tried :(.

Here goes:
@ McMullet - Nice colour scheme, nice detail.
@ Jim - Wow nice jump pack conversions, cool paint job.
@ spikyjames - Ohh very nice painting there :).
@ Discord - More sweet Epic goodness and nice job on the BFG.
@ mrsurgeon - Looks like a great job.
@ Sheena Easton - Looks very orky there.
@ Drakemaster - Nice Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons
@ BLARGAG!!! - Wow that's a lot of guard you've painted, looks nice.
@ sigur - That's some finely painted Orks there, look awesome.
@ misterboff - Nice work, love the heads.
@ Khrangar - Looking good, the purple arms look great.
@ Norsehawk - Nice painting, although I would have drilled the guns out on the Terminators.
@ give_me_a_d - Some nice Chaos gribblies.
@ Playwithbob - Great old school models, nicely painted.
@ The boyz - Nice set of Epic BA's
@ Death Korp - Ahrrg more Chaos nightmares, nice wings!
@ kenny3760 - Wow that's a striking Demon Prince, excellent.
@ Danny76 - Nice set of Orks there.
@ Badgobbla - A cool set of marines you have.
@ warflag - Wow what an awesome boss, seem like a great idea for a clan.
@ penguin663 - Looks nice, picture is quite dark though.
@ ssorck - Very pink! Nice job.
@ Catferret _ Smart looking Land Raider, looks suitably distressed.
@ agio65 - Nice Warboss, some nice details
@ Voltaire - Looks good, orktacular!
@ Chicken_Funk - A fine looking wagon 'o Doom.
@ kammek - Cool Mek Boy and nice cans.
@ Solun Decius _ Love the 'stelers, wouldn't want to be in there way :P.
@ swifty2 - Excellent Termies there, Crimson Fists always look good I think.
@ susu.exp - Good work on those vets.
@ Maalivate - An excellent Sicarus, great detail.
@ jpobrich - Sweet looking DA, great looking chapter master.
@ Fredmans -I've not seem much Epic 'nids, these look awesome.
@ warflag - Nice job on those Orkz.
@ Max Keeren - Nice falcon, not much Eldar around, looks good.
@ Zanzibarthefirst - Great Salies, reminds me to start painting mine.

@ doctor p – cool looking hammerhead, where do you get your magnets from? Do you magnetize your battle suit weapons too?

Hey I get my magnets from Power Magnet Store (http://www.powermagnetstore.com/index.html). The suits I've painted so far aren't magnetised as they were glued together before I'd discovered Rare Earth Magnets, all the ones in the future will be though.

Doctor P: That is an awesome first vehicle. I will have to wager that the lack of former experience is what drove you to contemplate that crazy camouflage scheme, which someone with experience never would have attempted. Have you ever considered going into the jigzaw business, because this is genius. Loving the gang.

Thanks, you are correct in your assumptions, I though that couldn't be too hard and once I'd started, it was difficult to change later.

I presumed that one of the Earth Caste went a bit crazy on paint fumes! :D.

Doctorp: It was tactically maybe not the smartest idea to paint the cool stuff first? (kidding) However, I am sure your troops choices will turn out just as cool as the stuff you already have! I am a fan of the camo. Good job!

Yeah perhaps not the best idea :D, but I'd painted a fair few Firewarrors during my first attempt to paint this army, so I was out for some different things to paint. Hopefully my prior experience will make the Firewarriors easier this time around.

16-12-2008, 14:35
On short question to Badgobbla: how do you do that amazing red? Any chances for a step-by-step guide with pictures?

17-12-2008, 16:33
To answer Darnok's question:

It's very simple really, I go about it in 5 steps:
1) black basecoat.
2) 3 parts of GW's Dark Flesh with 1 part of GW's Blood Red. Here I try to be as neat as possible, meaning that I try to leave the recesses black. I guess you can paint all over it and blackline it at the end as well.
3) 3 parts of GW's Blood Red with 1 part of Vallejo's Hot Orange (but I guess GW's Fiery Orange might do as well). Very quick layer, doesn't have to be so neat as the first one but I keep in mind the black recesses.
4) 3 parts of Vallejo's Hot Orange with 1 part of GW's Blood Red. Highlight the edges only and for me the old adaggio 'less is more applies'.
5) 1 undiluted wash of GW's Baal Red.

Here's a pic with the order 1 to 4 from left to right:

17-12-2008, 21:05
Awesome, thanks a lot! That might come in handy for my khornate Daemons - even though they are a few months down the path.

17-12-2008, 21:14
Looks awesome Badgobbla :)

I have painted a little these last few days, but not on a SoB.. instead I give you: http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z199/Edzard1986/Blood%20Angels/DSC01669.jpg


and my example:


Mind you, he is not finished yet. I am having a little trouble deciding on the remaining colours.
The sword, I'm thinking green here.. but I might just aswell make it red like the rest of this angry angry man, thoughts?
Next up, the sidethingies of his backpack, I'm thinking white or grey?

17-12-2008, 22:35
Actually, I'd run with the classic yellow/black hazard stripes on that chainsword. More red would be excessive I think.

I concur with white for the backpack sidethingies though.

18-12-2008, 07:10
Just a small update from me. I've got my last 10 Shoota Boyz finished, and present my first Burna Boy.

He'll be joined this month by another Burna Boy and 3 Mekboyz with KMB's.


[Burna Boy]

18-12-2008, 10:45
@ Badgobbla - that does seem like quite an easy way to paint red but it's damn effective because they are some really nice marines. How many highlights do you use on the black & is it pure white you are using as the final highlight or just a light grey (black highlights are so hard to make out in pictures!). I want to paint another blood angels army now after seeing yours (I sold my last one!). Got a load of marine stuff but can't decide what flavour to do them (brazen claws or imperial fists had been winning at the moment!)!

@ Edzard - i'd definately go with white on the side of the backpacks & for the chainsword i'd go with white as well or green

@ misterboff - looking good, i'm looking forward to seeing him finished with his mates!

18-12-2008, 11:06
Actually the black highlights aren't very difficult as well, but I noticed that you really need to know where to put the highlights.

My colours for highlighting black:
1) 3 parts of GW's Shadow Grey and 1 part of GW's Chaos Black. Chances are that you won't notice this highlight, unless you look real close.
2) pure Shadow Grey as middle highlight. Again highlighting less and less.
3) Then either 3 parts GW's Skull White and 1 part Shadow Grey, or you can go straight to Space Wolf Grey (Whatever you prefer, I've tried with both colours and it always comes out nice). Remember that this highlight will only have to be the very edges or dots.

18-12-2008, 11:34
I assume that the shadow grey middle highlight is the one most visible in the pictures then (for example the lines on the shoulder pad & the trim)?

18-12-2008, 12:00
Yes, that is correct.

Solun Decius
22-12-2008, 23:18
OK, I've kept a low profile in the Tale lately ...
I'd like to just thank everyone for nice comments and answer some questions, hoping that the commenters are still interested in them ;)
I'm not answering all comments but i did read them and appreciate them!

How long before you start getting sick of painting 'Stealers though?
Haha, well, not quite yet, at least. I've also always been pushing this stuff to the end of the month and finishing in a few crunch sessions, so I get the rest of the month more or less staeler-free!

Do you have plans for any variations?
Actually very little. They'll just be like that, except for the Broodlord and his brood. I'm hoping to spend some time on each of those models, do some nice slimy mutant conversions. Before I can do that I still have to get a big load of mostly unvaried stealers out of the way.

Plus: Parenting and modelling the always same genestealers deserves extra points!
Haha, thanks for the bonus points :D ... and well, parenting has it's off hours, once is a while ... and this is to me exactly what the Tale is for ... getting through "the always same genestealers" on an appropriate deadline. Otherwise these stealers would probably still be sitting in unopened boxes.

Solun Decius: with the frog skin scheme you're achieving a realistic, natural look. After seeing a few of your minis, I feared the whole army could be a little monotonous, but your last picture proves me wrong as the two painting styles compliment each other really well.
Thanks man, I appreciate the comment. I actually still think it may turn out pretty monotonous, but in a nice swarmy way, like a sea of patterns <drifts off dreaming>
I'm impressed by the whole eye thing too. Getting a dot close to the center of the eye is still my limit :D

So ... to show that I've not abandoned the tale here are assembled genestealers (yes, more genestealers!).


I've been occupied more with terrain and Plague Marines lately but I'm hoping to take this to the assembly line during the holidays.
So, happy holidays everyone, hope to see a good months work in the new year!

24-12-2008, 11:48
McMullet: The orks look very nice indeed, especially the landa (the sliding effect works well). I like the 2nd edition style, with flashy colours and all!

Thanks! I really enjoyed the Landa so I'm glad it turned out well.

@ McMullet - Nice colour scheme, nice detail.


Well, at first I thought it'd be better to have a 'soft' deadline (as in you can be a couple of days late), but then I read some of the comments of other people and I feel that a hard 'deadline' would be better. It forces people to manage their time and painting schedules more clearly and this way you (as the guy who runs the whole show) have something to fall back on when people don't adhere to the timeframe.

Good good. :) I think it does help to motivate people so as long as the majority is happy with it I think we can safely stick with it. You Blood Angels look great so far by the way, especially the chest eagles! Look forward to the pics of your Dread.

BLARGAG!!!: Looking nice so far! The gold and the red both look very smooth. Would love to see a less blurry photo though.. :angel:

Edzard: Nice job on that - the stubble effect is really nicely done. I'd agree on the yello/black for the sword, wither that or just plain black I think.

Solun Decius: Good job getting those guys finished. From my own experience putting Stealers together I know how tedious it is (so many arms! :eek: ).

For my own stuff, I'm half way through painting the 20 stands of Orks I have on the bench for this month. Fun fun fun fun fun. There are some pics in my log and photo gallery if you're interested (I'm not, I've been having much more fun with Lizardmen this month).

Merry Christmas everyone!

24-12-2008, 18:18
Hi gang!

I've managed to finish my December mobs before Christmas so I can now relax until the new year - woohoo!

I tried to post a pic of one of my Mekboyz, but it kept saying failed. I'll just have to try again later. [EDIT - pic should now work]

Merry Christ-Mork everybody!


24-12-2008, 22:54
Still no decent camera, but librarian almost done, and he's 150 points on his own.

And its almost Christmas.

25-12-2008, 08:19
And now it is Christmas! Happy Christmas folks, hope you all got the gifts you wanted & find plenty of painting time

27-12-2008, 21:32
I hope everybody has had a great X-mass! (and got some painting done)

On the painting side.. I have not touched my SoB for weeks, but tomorrow I will paint 5-6 Seraphim :) Or at least that is the plan. That would nearly give me my monthly quota *yay*


28-12-2008, 01:36
Looks like a joker for me. I've been lazy, procrastinated and been on holiday. We shall see if christmas miracles can happen...

28-12-2008, 09:18
Looks like a joker for me. I've been lazy, procrastinated and been on holiday. We shall see if christmas miracles can happen...

Full of turkey and can't get off the sofa by the sounds of things...:p

28-12-2008, 15:15
I'm struggling to get my stuff painted even though i started it at the beginning of last month! I've got no jokers left & was hoping to buy one back this month too but think i'm just gonna try & get the 300 points done (which would put me back online for 200 points a month rather than 150) & buy the joker back at a time when i'm more motivated.

28-12-2008, 17:29
Full of turkey and can't get off the sofa by the sounds of things...:p

I was away visiting family for christmas so my paints were far away. There's a chance I could still get stuff done on time but the booze gods would be disappointed if I did not partake over this time of year...

28-12-2008, 17:53
Hey guys, I thought since its nearing the end of the month i'd post some sort of update, sadly there aren't any pictures, it seems as though i've been cursed with camera trouble since I started the tale. So far this month i've finished a predator, i'm almost finished a scout squad and I may try and paint my sternguard and razorback in the next few days.

To answer questions from this month;
McMullet: That is indeed pedro’s banner, I decided i’d rather use that superbly slulpter banner rather than painstakingly doing the freehand.
Maalivate: Thanks, the armoure plates are all painted the same, I used a technique I got from a friend for crimson fists, starting with necron abyss working your way through brighter shades until you reach white, overhighlight everything and then wash the entire model with badab black.

I'm hoping I should be able to get my first game with the crimson fists any day now, however the 1500 pts of black templars I need to assemble and paint by the end of the month might slow me down.

Good luck to everyone and keep up the great work.

Death Korp
28-12-2008, 20:35
Unfortunatly, nothing from me again. All my spare time has gone to my Warriors of Chaos and the amount of parties coming up is unbelivable. Damn real life...

I have used my 2 Jokers too, so what does this mean? I have to paint a Tank next month...


Rabid Monkey
29-12-2008, 18:12
So I'm actually getting some work done this month. I think I'll have enough to stick around for December's submission. The problem is I just moved into an appartment by myself and I no longer have easy access to a camera. (curses!)

30-12-2008, 05:25
No pictures but my Tyrant is going pretty well despite the busy holidays, looking forward to seeing what everyone has gotten done!

Sheena Easton
30-12-2008, 14:07
Not a WIP as such, but here is what I was working on this month:


30-12-2008, 18:41
Well, some people asked me for a close up of my Furioso, here he is:


31-12-2008, 16:34
December has been quite hectic due to work problems. My company has went under and the last weeks at work were incredibly hectic. I have almost finished my IG entry in order to avoid a 3rd joker, but my Tyranids have remained in a primed state the entire month.

I wish you all a happy new year, and see you all in next month's thread.

01-01-2009, 12:45
@ Sheena Easton - old school Orks - hurrah!

@ Badgobbla - looks as good close up as I imagined, a very nice Furioso

@ Fredmans - sorry once again (see TOFP!)

I've managed to find a way to come up with some motivation which was to take my piranha to work to paint as I'm on nights at the moment so there's nothing like getting paid to do some painting while it's quiet! I hope to mostly finish my Piranha today/tonight & then just got a battlesuit commander to paint which I will take with me tommorrow for my final night shift to do all the boring stuff on, should be able to post 300 points by the 7th ready for comments :)

01-01-2009, 14:25
I hope you all had a good new year's eve, I should be able to post a new thread later today...

07-01-2009, 13:35
Firstly, an ANNOUNCEMENT: Given the fact that Warseer was playing up yesterday, and that you probably all lost some painting time over Christmas, I'm extending the deadline for an extra week to the 14th.

* * *

Now back to business...

I'm struggling to get my stuff painted even though i started it at the beginning of last month!

I know that feeling... :p Glad you managed to find a way to make yourself paint in the end.

Zujara: Looking forward to seeing your Tyrant too!

Comments on the other thread:

misterboff: Good stuff on those burnas! Have you thought about adding some scorching to the end of the weapons? I find some really thin coats of scorched brown and then black give a good effect.

- Orks: Great Warboss. I've completely given up on my plastic one now, seeing your properly huge one made me realise that my own was far too small. (No quoting that out of context by the way.) Nice work on the flying stuff too!
-Imperial Navy: Really like the way the army is shaping up. Somehow the colour makes the ships look even more archaic than they were to begin with. Looking forward to the big fellah next month.
-Chaos Fleet: Nice bone detailing, and the little yellow windows really set the model off.

Spikyjames: Quite a force you're going to have soon! Look forward to seeing mroe of them. One thing for this model, do you think it's worth adding something more to the banner? The white circle is a bit start as it is, maybe just a border or something?

Plantagenet: Lovely fists. The Chaplain's helmet is really nicely done.

Jim: Love it! Great model, nice clean painting and excellent blood splatter/weathering.

Sheena Easton: looking like a properly motley collection of Orks you're assembling!

- Daemons: The psychedelic 'Nettes are a bit bright for my tastes but they are the perfect counterpoint to those dirty Plaguebearers (which are very much to my liking)
- Marines: Nice job on the Captain and the Tac squad looks good - especially the stubble on the sarge.

BLARGAG!!!: Looks like a good job on Celestine - shame about the photo. Have you got access to a tripod? That and an aperture priority (Av) mode are usually helpful for taking photos of minis.

Solun Decius: Hooray! Stealers. Nice terrain as well.

Death Korp: Sorry to lose you mate, hope the ToFP and exams go according to plan.

lonepilgrim: Shame about how the photos came out, looking good though. Nice to see tat hand flamer!

Badgobbla: Good stuff, especially the Assault sarge.Nice freehands on the Furioso too!

Khrangar: Nice work, especially the black tabard.

Catferret: Nice joker at least...

Drakemaster: The white on the missiles is a good contrast with the white, those tanks will really stand out. Good speeders too!

Häxjägare: Fair enough, see you next month!

Chicken_Funk: I do like those Black Orc Nobz. Works really well. Nice checkes too!

kammek: Nobz are looking excellent, though I must say this talk of a fighta-bomba has me somewhat distracted...

give_me_a_d: Nurglings are so CUTE. Nice Nurgle colours.

olean: Good job on the Assault Marines, and well done for staying on track!

kenny3760: Sounds like you've been busy - look forward to the pictures.

Fredmans: Sorry to hear about the work troubles. Best of luck finding a new job and fitting in some painting if possible. The Guard are looking good again - I like the Manticore missiles, the colour is very striking without being gaudy.

The boyz: Good job getting another bunch of beakies done. Might be a bit late now you've started, but have you tried white unercoat instead of black? I find it's much easier for bright colours like red - you need less coats to get an even colour and you can be more careless. It also makes shading with washes easier as you've got a brighter colour to begin with.

07-01-2009, 14:59
Hurray! Thanks for the extension. To be fair I should actually finish my entry today but gives me that extra day to take pictures. Can we still start to post comments in the new thread from tomorrow, should we wait until 14th or should we just start posting in here & then we can all start showing WIP/chatting in the new thread after the 14th?

07-01-2009, 15:00
Comments on the other thread:

misterboff: Keep up the good work, really like how your army is begining to shape up.

- Orks: As has already been said love the warboss. That is a fair better scale than the standard one.
-Imperial Navy/Chaos Fleet: Looks nice this and your chaos fleet plus the boyz on Worlds end radio have had me dusting off my Gothic stuff. Great game and two very nice fleets you have shaping up there.

Spikyjames: I checked out the links to your other stuff and am really in awe of the wonderful stuff you have put out. Thanks for your white recipe look forward to putting it into use.

Jim: Chaos scum shown at there best.

Sheena Easton: Coming along nicely.

Norsehawk: Nice Demons and nice marines and the new Realm of battle table I am very jealous.

BLARGAG!!!: I agree takign photos of mini's are a pain in the wassit. Nice job on the Celestine.

Solun Decius: Nice Stealers.

lonepilgrim: The group photos give a great impression think this army will be fantastic when it is finsihed.

Badgobbla: Another great looking Marine army. Fantastic effort

Khrangar: One of my favourite models. You have done a good job on this.

Drakemaster: The look of this epic army is really inspiring. Love the icons you have painted amazing freehand.

Chicken_Funk:Yep nice use of the great looking fantasy Black Orcs.

kammek: These guys look realyl meanacing very nice stuff.

give_me_a_d: Those guys looking disgusting, great paint job.

olean: They look good but like me you need to do the bases they will look even better then.

Fredmans: Love the way those imperial guard are coming along. Been realyl fantastci to see all the suppor the specialist games have been getting in this paintathon.

The boyz: More Epic. Very nice. Perhaps might be worth giving the Rhinos a red wash. But good job.

McMullet: Wow thats a lot of orks. Please tell me you have a gargant as well.

Sigur: These guys look so good. Love the cigar that came out so well. To job that shows the old models still have there place.

07-01-2009, 16:25
First of all, thanks for the supportive comments (Jonahmaul, sigur, McMullet). The timing was quite a bummer, and it is simply amazing how time-consuming it is to quit a job. It is more work involved in losing a job than it is to keep it. All those tasks you pile up for a rainy day... well, let us just say that december was rainy.

I think extending the deadline for the first month is a nice gesture, too. I was quite worried by the low number of entries this month. Seems someone had nice holidays ;)

@McMullet: Thank you for your kind comments. I think the army shot shows that the colour schemes are working well, and I am glad you liked the rockets. I am going for the infantry record this month. Hopefully I will paint 39 stands, so I feel your pain. But it is amazing what you endure to get to the good parts.

@plantagenet: Thank you, too. Epic is quite rewarding to paint. I am simply astounded by you people doing the same thing in 28mm. Some of the armies are growing really big by now. By the way, I would love an army shot of your fists.

More comments will follow, but I am not sure in what thread to post them, so I will wait a little longer.


07-01-2009, 16:38
The extended deadline is indeed a nice thing. I finished my stuff last night, but yet have to take proper pictures. This way they can be shot tomorrow, with daylight, instead of now, without it. :)

07-01-2009, 17:55
(No quoting that out of context by the way.)

Spoilsport. :p Your army is starting to look proper now, with all the extra boots. Should get some more in there, although I hear you on painting them being a tad annoying. I've got another big warband coming up this month, and then a third in a few months. Ugh. Started basing them today, but couldn't finish more than a third of them. But I did some other minis, so it wasn't time wasted.

Looks nice this and your chaos fleet plus the boyz on Worlds end radio have had me dusting off my Gothic stuff. Great game and two very nice fleets you have shaping up there.

That's good to hear, BFG should be played more! Speaking of which, I don't know a single player for it over here. :cries:

07-01-2009, 18:32
where is over here?!?!

07-01-2009, 21:34
In Cardiff, I suppose. Unless you're not at home, in which case I'm not sure where you are. Why, are you lost? :p

Oh fine, Finland. I just like being a pain.

08-01-2009, 14:11
Hah! I must be the happiest of gits!
I just though I´d have to use my hard earned back joker again, only to find out that I have one more week! Grand. Christmas came in the way, also parts missing, but that should be resolved by next weekend. So my deffdread will see light of day in this month. Maybe even the Alice Cooper Nob.


08-01-2009, 14:17
I too am pleased for the extra time and I am working furiously to earn my first joker back as well.