View Full Version : The recent annoying bouts of downtime.

Captain Brown
01-12-2008, 21:24
This was posted in The Future of WarSeer Forum, but as it is only viewable by members when they have logged in I thought you should hear it here.

I've got in touch with our isps about a rehost of the web server which is causing a number of the problems we have been seeing recently. It also seems that the server rack we were in had a faulty power supply which might not have helped the server's situation.

Today I've had to restore part of the database as it became corrupt after it was turned back on after the physical move. Some parts of the site might still not work but generally we should be back to business as usual.

I'm expecting a quote tomorrow for the next server upgrade so that we can tidy up some of our issues.


06-12-2008, 01:23
The quote never arrived so I've taken more steps to resolve the problems we have been experiencing. Let me know if you find anything out of the ordinary on the site over the weekend...

Thanks for your patience,