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Death Korp
03-12-2008, 14:10
The last month! Dum duh duh!!!!!!

Wow, been a long 5 months hasn't it? I want to say thankyou to all that have kept on painting even though we've had many drop out along the way. And have watched me fail in being a team leader through painting and other bits (getting the thread online late :D )

Next year, i'll start it off again earlier, and this time, i'll be a better organiser! I'll probably do Easterlings as i still have PLENTY of them to do!

I'll get some Easterlings done this month, and i'll finish off with a bang!

Continuing on:

Hello, and welcome to the 5th (Lost Count ) month of the Tale of LotR Painters! This is where the people who joined up to this post their WIPs for August and Julys Finished Models.

Your WIP models are NOT put into one post like the other TOPs, as I don’t want to be restrictive, and I want to have as many posts of piccies in these threads each month as possible.
At the beginning of next month, you will have ONE post showing 3 pictures of models you have done, and 1 picture with the army so far (in the same format as the TOPs threads), but the posts of WIPs after that are unrestrictive like this month. This is to make sure that I can see who has done their models for that month.

Hope you understand that!

Here are all the people who have joined and what army/ies they are doing:

(EDIT: I've taken everyone off of the lsit who hasn't posted in last months thread, leaving us with not alot of people. Well done you guys for keeping up, where others (and me) have failed)

Death Korp: Easterlings
dax: Corsairs of Umbarand Elves
lorelorn: Black Gate and Rohan
Leviro: Mordor
Sniper Kelly: Mordor
sartarius: Fiefdoms

And for all you people who don’t know…


The aim of The Tale of Painters (TOP) is to help motivate those involved to complete a 500 point LotR army in the next six months.

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 100 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 6 months. Starting with the first day of June 2008.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc., they get one 'Joker'. For one month within the six months you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post saying, "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 5 Months they have to come up with (approx) 100 points of painted and based figures. 100 points for 5 out of the next 6 months.

In six months time we will all end up with a finished 500 point army.

All chat, questions, discussion, WIP, painting advice, encouragement, tutorials, etc, etc, should be on this thread.

A new thread will be opened on the first day of each month (and will remain open for a week) for each painter to post one, and only one post with the next 100 point ‘update’ for the army they are painting and a picture of the army to date.
(OR one post for EACH army for those nutters painting more than one army!)

I will just take this opportunity to thank all the painters who have signed up for their interest and enthusiasm and for their ideas that have helped shape this project. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope this project is a big success for everyone involved. I also hope all you Warseers enjoy these results of all the work of the painters involved.

Cheers and have fun!

DK (Alex)

No models agaian from me! Damn GCSE Mocks!

03-12-2008, 19:53
Mmmm Death Korp we're done. We've had 6 months it's final picture time (you've lost a month somewhere) started June - July - August - September - October - November there is no December.

I have no problem doing another month I have 500 points of Corsair painting to do over christmas anyway.

I managed to paint another 113 points last month to bring me up to 812 points.I need to finish the bases so I'll have photos on Saturday.

For next time how about a War of the Ring painting tale at least 1500 points I have a Gondor and Rohan army need painting.

Death Korp
04-12-2008, 07:54
Damn it! :D

Well, since i can't count and i need some more Easterlings painting, i'll stick on another month, gives everyone a chance to paint some more.

The War of the Ring sounds a good idea. When do you think we could start it next year?


04-12-2008, 18:47
No problem.

War of the Ring is released in April but there's nothing to stop us starting earlier most of the minis are already available. Perhaps 1500 pts. starting February for 11 months finishing December - 150 points per month with one Joker but you can earn the joker back by painting more. It really depends on the WoTR rules if 2000 pts is min then 2000 pts it is. Probably a good idea to start a post in the LoTR section.

I'm thinking of doing a Dol Amroth themed army anyway using the Fiefdom and Tower of Ecthelion lists (if they even matter with WoTR) and lots of ebob swan knight heads.

Oh just so there's some pics for now here's some of my work for December:

Corsair Mercanaries (Khandish mercenary proxies):


Corsair Mercanary Chieftain (Khandish mercenary Chieftain proxy):


Converted Hasharin


WIP Captain with shield


Sniper Kelly
04-12-2008, 22:15
War of the Ring sounds good, but I'm not sure if I'd be able to paint more than 1000 points. Taking an existing 1000 point army up to 2000 rather than starting from scratch might be a better option for me (I have plenty of Gondor stuff stashed away, altthough a wood elf / Ent alliance sounds good).

Anyway, my Mordor army is ready, I'll try and get some decent pics at the weekend.

By the way, great work on those corsairs, Dax!

05-12-2008, 19:55
Great sculpting work Dax!

The tale of LotR painters have been great stuff to check out every month so far, good work everyone!

I've been grinding away slowly at my Moria stuff, but I'm way to easily distracted to sign up for a tale of painters unfortunatly.. :p

06-12-2008, 00:14
hey guys sorry bout last month i didnt have the money to finish off my army
but hopefully i shall have the last of it painted this month and i will get pictures for you
and dax what did you use to convert ur merc cheiften it is stunning

06-12-2008, 17:58
The Mercenary chieftian is a converted Arbalester.

I just finished painting him.

Here's a side by side with the orginal Arabalester:


And on his own:


Death Korp
06-12-2008, 23:29
No problem guys, i've been in the same boat as many of you :)

Dax, the Merc Chieften looks awsome! Cool! :)

Well, i must say that i am really looking forwards to WOTR, time to get my Evil and Gondor armies up and running!


07-12-2008, 07:07
guys i have another incentive to finish off my fiefdoms now...the great devourer torunement coming up in march :) 600 points of fun for me
i might see some of you guys there

07-12-2008, 12:38
Ok guys, just finishing of the last two orcs, ill have the photos sometime soon...

Sniper Kelly
08-12-2008, 23:10
Hi all,

Here's my finished army - 500 points Black Gate. Pictures aren't too good, I'm afraid, so I'll have to try and get some better ones when I can.

Army list:
Shadow Lord
Mordor Troll
Morannon Orc captain
23 x Morannon Orcs
6 x Orc Trackers

09-12-2008, 07:39
I've finished my 500 point Rohan force, and I'm just a few models away from finishng the full 1500 ready for the big bash on December 21. The format of that game has now changed slgihtly, so it's 4,000 points per side, the evil army being made up entirely of Harad (5 Mumakil!). Tower of Ecthelion, Dead of Dunharrow, and Grey Company will make up the rest of the points on the good side.

I will post photos of my finished Rohan force heres shortly, and resurrect my project thread for other pics and a game report.

Dax I'm loving your work with those Umbar figures, please keep us updated as you progress.

Sniper Kelly, well done on finishing. Your force looks good, any plans for expansion?

edit: And of course thanks to Death Korp for starting and running this thread over the past few months, it's been a lot of fun.

Death Korp
12-12-2008, 15:07
Sniper Kelly: Great work mate, I love the Shadow Lord and the troll especially!

I still need to knuckle down and get on with some Easterlings. I'll make up for this lack of work for when i strat the ToWotRPs


I've had a think about this, and i think 1500pts or more for others should be good enough. We painters have an advantage already, due to the fact that we have already have painted some!

Lets hear your ideas :)


12-12-2008, 22:05
That's and excellent idea DK - although I'm biased since I wrote a 1500 evil army for War of the Ring a week ago! 92 model Easterling/ Minas Morgul/ Nazgul list.

Death Korp
13-12-2008, 19:20
It'll be good for you, you seem to always play big battles :D

When do you guys think this should start? Actually, i'll put up a Thread in the LoTR Subforum after Xmas...


13-12-2008, 20:35
I think start in February, gives us time to get some new minis before then. WoTR is released in April but so long as you paint multiples of 8 infantry or 2 cavarly you'll be fine for WoTR rules. Anything on a base larger than 40mm remains a single mini.

I think min 1500 points. Paint 150 pts. per month over 11 months with 1 joker until end of December 2009. Anyone that wants to do more than 1500 can but you must post at least 150 pts. a month.

Otherwise run it over 12 months with 2 jokers and start in April.

Now what to paint I have 2800 points of unpainted Harad and Far Harad so no cost but I'm leaning towards 2500 points of Gondor, Fiefdoms and AoTD most of which I'll have to buy. Rohan just doesn't have enough variety to keep me interested for 11 months.

I've decided to post last months painting (it was only a Bo'sun, Captain and Bowman anway) at the end of this month all going to plan I should have another 500points done by then.

13-12-2008, 22:02
150 per month for 11 months sounds good to me.

15-12-2008, 02:39
I would definitely be in on that one...

Sniper Kelly
15-12-2008, 23:08
February sounds good to me too. I'm thinking of 1000 points of wood elves and 500 of Ents.

16-12-2008, 08:21
Hmm, I did hear a rumour of plastic Ents as a possible release alongside War of the Ring. They would make a good allied element for Rohan.

Sniper Kelly
16-12-2008, 10:42
Whoah, there's a picture of new plastic Galadhrim on the Last Alliance:


That's pretty much made my mind up! :)

16-12-2008, 19:45
Yep plastic Ents are pretty much confirmed for WoTR. The Galadhrim look great. Hmmm maybe 1000 pts of Rohan and 500 pts. of Galadhrim lead by Haldir for WoTR too many choices.

The article I wrote on converting the Corsair Ballista is now up on TLA if anyone's interested in a step by step guide to how I made it.


17-12-2008, 20:50
I'd give it another spin! Still making up my mind as for what to do for it though :P

25-12-2008, 22:14
Right, better late than never I say!

Here is my 500 point finshed army, minus Gamling who got left out of the shot!


Thanks again DK for organising the running this thread, it's been a blast!

Death Korp
28-12-2008, 20:46
Looks like the Galadrimm will be helping my Gondor army then! :D

@dax: The guide looks great mate, thank you for that favourited!

@lorelorn: No problem at all mate, hope i'll be better organised in the next one :)

As for the next Tale of Lord of the Rings Painters (or now the Tale of War of the Ring Painters) I have made a thread for it and i have made a link to it that will shortly be in my sig. Sign up if you haven't already!