View Full Version : Tau in Epic Armageddon

24-11-2005, 20:22
I expect this has already been asked but have Tau recieved any rules for Epic Armageddon yet, and if so, where might I find them?

24-11-2005, 20:25
They are there... I think you could find them at the specialists games site. If not, check out www.epic40k.co.uk

The lade wanderer

24-11-2005, 20:42
Army list is here. (http://www.specialist-games.com/epic/Vault.asp)

(I think it's also in IA3 but I don't have a copy to confirm that).

Models are here. (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/acatalog/QUATERMASTERS_STORE_EPIC_40_000_TAU_14.html)

Mad Doc Grotsnik
24-11-2005, 22:19
IA3 does indeed include a full Epic Army list for the Tau. And mighty nasty they are too!

24-11-2005, 22:39
Is it? I have that book and I never noticed! I must be blind...

<Grabs IA3 and searches madly>

Well bugger me sideways as if they aren't. Thanks Mad Doc, that's saved me a lot of trouble...

25-11-2005, 00:19
However it isn't the official list and is missing a lot of the units. Its 4.1 and the epic list is looking at changes to 4.2 at the moment.