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Time of Madness
13-12-2008, 01:17
Went for an "all your eggs in one basket" approach. That being said I think the list is fairly rock solid.


Spellweaver (general)
*Lore of Beasts*
- level 4
- Rhymers harp
- An annoyance of nettlings
= 350pts

Spell Singer
*Lore of Athel Loren*
- Level 2
- Dispel Scroll
- Calaingors Staff
= 175pts

Noble (BSB)
- Oaken armour
= 140pts


12 Glade Guard
= 144pts

11 Glade Guard
*spell singer here*
= 132pts

8 Drayds
= 96pts


28 Eternal Guard
*Spellweaver + BSB here*
- Full command
- Warbanner
= 391pts


= 285pts

= 285pts

TOTAL POINTS = 1998pts

Casting Dice = 8
Dispel Dice = 5 + 1 Scroll

The list is a twist on a stubborn guard tactic. Most people expect to see a highbord, however taking the spellweaver gives me a lot more flexibility in the magic phase. Bears anger and beast cowers can be game winning spells if used correctly.

The noble bsb makes the guard stubborn giving me three nasty stubborn units supported by the re-rolls of the bsb.

The list lacks a little mobility so I'm hoping the archers/dryads can keep things off my flanks.

I debated not taking the nettlings on my weaver and instead taking a bound item (most likely befuddlement). However I think the protection that the nettlings offer combined with the 5+ ward are essential in keeping the weaver alive.

Anyone have any suggestions on making the list better?

Time of Madness

13-12-2008, 04:41
Consider putting the BSB outside the EG unit, and on his or own. I believe that the Oaken Armour is not going to keep it alive versus aimed frontal attacks (the Amber Pendant may be a better choice for that), in which case you want it near, but not in the unit. Consider a steed and just run the BSB through woods near the EG and/or Treemen.

Time of Madness
13-12-2008, 12:43
The bsb makes the eternal guard stubborn though. And the bsb will also benifit from the harp's 5+ ward save. Which makes him pretty tough to get rid of (regeneration and a ward save).
Time of Madness

13-12-2008, 12:48
GEt the spellweaver on a giant eagle. Mor freedom to inspire leadership to your troops and maybe a chance to get a flying bolt thrower. Occasionally good in combat with the beast lores 1th spell

13-12-2008, 12:49
Nice list but the EG is to big for my liking. What formation are you using? I would go 6x4 and drop the extra models and the extra GG to get some more support units, either glade riders or more dryads.

13-12-2008, 13:26
Your list has 3 stubborn units which is always nice. Eternal Gaurd do definately work best as an anvil type of unit, the issue with your list is that the only hammer units you have are two treemen.

The archers will work well for the first 2-3 turns, then they become somewhat useless as they have no combat ability. Usually by that time most units are in combat(turn 3) rendering them useless.

Any army that has high armour i.e. Dwarves will romp over your list, not too mention all their runes with fire/flaming attacks will eat up the treemen if you take them out of the forests they will most likely be surfing in.

Have you given any thoughts as to how you will deal with Monsters? A Dragon would be a serious problem to your army. Your archers would be gone by turn two, leaving only magic (since the treeman, as awesome tough as they are would get eaten/burnt by a dragon) to try to deal with it.

Warmachines are your other problem, with no fast cav, Warhawk Riders, Waywatchers or Great Eagles, Bolt throwers and cannons will shred you quickly.

I've played Wood Elves for a while now and found that MSU is always the best way to go. I do run a LVL4 with Beasts and its quite fun. Especially when Bears Anger is cast on a Alter Noble.

I m not saying your list cannot work, I m just saying against a lot of armies, your gonna have some trouble. If your gonna try the Hammer/Anvil type list, consider other hammers then the Treemen. As 570 pts of Wild Riders and Wardancers packs a pretty serious punch.

I've just recently started to paint up some High Elves(need a break from Wood Elves, but wanted to stay with pointed ears) there are alot of nasty units that would be hitting that Guard block, Dragons, Dragon Princes, Chariots. I would proxy the list first and see how it does.

I hope some of those points help.