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24-12-2008, 05:28
well i've decided to host a =I= char contest (since i'm waiting for me =I= models), basically you can PM or post your char on this thread. two weeks is the deadline so after, it's up to me and the judges who will judge until a result is final, (who will be my friends bothered to death to do this) and if anyone else wants to be a judge, PM me or post before new years and i will answer (most likely yes), day or night. here are some rules

1. only one char, whats more to say
2. story must be included (at least a paragraph)
3. critism on the contest is duly noted
4. there is no reward except your self esteem

your chars will be judged on the following factors

spelling? (no, what is this a spelling test!)

24-12-2008, 10:18
I'll let you into a little secret, if you keep an eye on The Conclave over the next week or so I'll be announcing an Inquisitor competition where people will have to design, build, paint and write background and stats for an original* Inquisitor model/character.

All being well, there should be prizes too...

* i.e. one that hasn't previously appeared online or in print.

24-12-2008, 11:18
Nooo! You've let the cat out of the bag, Dave. You'll probably have to announce it on the 'Clave now.

24-12-2008, 12:09
Thanks for the heads-up, guys - I was going to actually post pics of my latest project on the 'clave today but I'll hold off now :)

24-12-2008, 12:30
Don't worry, you'll see an announcement in the next few days - I've just got a few things to sort out first...

EDIT: BTW, 'BAD*(%NESS' is really not a good criteria to judge an Inquisitor character, even the humblest scribe could make the most interesting character.

Ghost Rain
30-12-2008, 03:46
Hello everyone, I like playing the game Inquisitor and I was just wondering what is this Conclave that you all speak of?

30-12-2008, 09:58

The world's best Inquisitor forum. IMO.


Ghost Rain
30-12-2008, 19:22
Thanks for the response, sounds interesting.