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27-12-2008, 18:28
Well, I'm back. Hopefully this time I'll get something finished. After having spent most of my time and money on this (http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a330/cookiescrumble/car3.jpg) , I've finally got the urge to paint something again.

I'm not going to bother with any to do lists, I'll try my best to keep this log updated with anything I do.

Anyways, this will do for starters. These were done as a test of dipping. These look brilliant for the time spent on them. The picture is crap, I'll get a better one as soon as we get some sunlight ;).


and been working on these aswell. This is my planned Carnage 09 army, so far this is all that I have finished :rolleyes:. These are part of a large unit so not the best paint job.


27-12-2008, 20:56
Zombies! Perfect choice for dipping. They do look good (if you say so yourself... :p)

The Plaguebearers look good so far. And well ahead of schedule by your standards! Are you going to dip them too?

Good luck getting them done mate, hopefully I'll be facing them come the end of March. ;)

28-12-2008, 18:02
The plaguebearers won't be dipped, I've almost got 2 more of them done :eek:.

The Zombies are great for dipping, these will probably be part of a larger army ;).

Death Korp
28-12-2008, 20:33
Great work so far, I love the zombies, very disgusting! (In a good way!) :D


04-01-2009, 12:42
Another possible change of carnage army, bet no-one saw that coming :rolleyes:.

Anyways, thinking of a Nurgle Chaos army. Army will be mainly warriors and knights. An army that hits hard and fast followed by waves of warriors.

Heres a mock up of a unit champion, all units will have halberds and shields. Here he is:



I'm so determined to get all the marks this year, well apart from the gaming ones ;).