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02-01-2009, 13:48
Our gaming group has recently discovered how awesome Gorkamorka is, and after running a campaign for a month or so, I feel I should spread the word about how much of a blast it is.

1. The models are readily available.
The new ork range covers practically everything available in Gorkamorka, save for a couple of weapons that would require little conversion from the plastic sets. And all of the new models, especially the trukk, are stunning :D

2. You can play it at your local GW.
Ok, not officially. But we've been running an 'ork themed skirmish game' on gaming evenings, which has gone down well with the staff.

3. it's cheap to start.
The £50 battleforce contains more than enough models to start a mob. Much cheaper than buying a new 40k army :D

4. It's easy to get a mob painted.
My mob started with 6 orks and 2 vehicles, which, compared to an army, is a mercifully small painting task. Most people could power through it in a week!

5. It's crazy.
The game itself is hilarious. A lot of the game is based on risk, such as using a vehicle's thrusters to boost it further and further, at greater and greater risk, until it flies out of control, probably crashing into another vehicle or running over unfortunately placed victims (from either side). Also the humour, both in the background text, and the out of game parts like sending injured boyz to the docs, is priceless.

6. The new wave of ork models.
This month brings some nobz, who would make great mob leaders, and provide loads of leftover bitz to convert your boyz, grotz, who can be added to ork mobz or for gretchin revolutionary mobz, and battlewagonz, which would be great to cut up and make into trukks and traks. Also, if you fancy picking up some of these models, but don't want to buy a whole ork army, Gorkamorka is a great way to get the on the tabletop.

7. Watching your mob grow.
I started out with a nob, 2 mekboyz, 2 boyz, and a yoof (a young, inexperienced ork). After a month of gaming, several boyz have died and been replaced, my nob managed to make a couple of wrecker balls, and my boyz have learnt some really cool skills, like being able to leap of speeding vehicles and use unfortunate enemy warriors as a soft landing. I've also become a sucker for visiting the doc. One of my boyz got pretty mangled, but was fortunate enough to gain a cybork body and a steel skull. At the other end of the spectrum, one boy went in to get a head wound sorted, but ended up with a peg leg.

8. The rulebooks are free.
You can find them on the GW website, under specialist games resources. Go check the out!

9. Creating a unique mob.
An unofficial rule in my gaming group has been that each mob has to have a silly theme. So far, we have builders, with hard hats and high-vis jackets, who drive around in dumper trucks, Mexicans with ponchos, sombreros and big moustaches who drive around in old Volkswagens, chavs, with Burberry hoodies, and paramedics, who have an ambulance as their ride. I'll try to get some pics up soon!

10. It's one of the most fun games GW has ever made.
As I've mentioned, ramshackle, out of control vehicles, crazy results at the docs, taking huge risks for massive payoffs, and many more fun things, add up to a game that's a lot less serious than the other GW games, but you and your friends will have a great laugh playing.

I hope I've encouraged you to give this under-rated game a second look. I'd love to hear from anyone else who's playing Gorkamorka at the moment, and questions about starting, pictures of mobz, extra points to add to my 10, or anything else! Let's make 2009 the year of Gorkamorka!

Askil the Undecided
02-01-2009, 15:00
Orky Fings! Trukks! Boyz! Xploshuns! Meks and Gubbins!

What could possibly be better?

02-01-2009, 23:20
No powerclaws though :p

03-01-2009, 09:47
There are power klaws! But you can only get them with a fortuate result at the doc's surgery. One of the guys in our campaign has one, lucky git.

Revolushun Gobbo
21-01-2009, 08:07
3. it's cheap to start.

5. It's crazy.

10. It's one of the most fun games GW has ever made.

Couldn't express it better.

GM has a lot of advantages to start over fully tackling WH40k. as morheim is to fantasy I think but plus its

+ all green & orky
+ laughs assured [if you are not the band crushed under the wheels of the other one]
+ going to the dok never was so funny [and risky]
+ "pile' em up until they fall" rule makes all the vehicles double fun.

21-01-2009, 21:37
There couldn't be a better way to describe Gorkamorka!

I already am excited to start playing Gorkamorka, but you make it even worse! :p
Me and a friend of mine are trying to get a good gaming group together to play Gorkamorka. We once tried this with Mordheim, without success. Everyone ended up doing nothing with their warband, no-one even finished their warband! (Including me..) But now, I hope it works out this time!

I'm planning to do a Freebooter theme for my Mob. Just bought a copy of Citadel Journal issue 30, which includes Freebooter mobz! I hope it'll arrive soon, coz I can't wait to make my mob list!

I'm already working on my Nob, made from the new Nobz box. I'm magnetizing his arms, so he can switch from a 'Uge Choppa, to a Choppa + Slugga combo, and maybe if he ever earns a Powerklaw!
I'm also working on Da Mobz vessel. Since it's a freebooter/pirate theme I'm working on a submarine (no no, not a pirate boat, that's too cliché!) making his head look like a Shark (or Squigshark?), his 'ead is almost done. But I've got problems finding the right parts for his body. The idea was that the submarine wasn't using water to get from place to place. It's crossing right through da deserts of Angelis!

I'll keep you guys posted, and probably will start a project log on dis 'un!

(damn, it's been ages since I made such a big post as this 'un!)

Revolushun Gobbo
23-01-2009, 14:45
its similar to playing mordheim, you must pay attention to those minimal details that you don't see in the other games.

and you get to really get involved in the story that comes up every time!

Cirrus the Blue
31-01-2009, 09:32
I had no idea the rules were still up considering what happened to the Specialist site... *sniff* Let's just say the Canadian website is totally useless in comparison to the US one... *grumble*

- Cirrus

13-07-2010, 20:39
hate to be a downer, but i had to run gorkamorka when i started working for gw. the kids were so horrific not even reason 11) megan fox wants a game wouldnt convince me...

14-07-2010, 21:54
What did they do to make it such a nightmare, pringles987?

14-07-2010, 23:10
Kinda related Ramshackle Games' (http://www.ramshacklegames.co.uk/nuclear/index.html) Nuclear Renaissance is a really nice looking set of flexible rules for "post apocalypse vehicle gang warfare."

The most important thing though is the vehicle models they produce for it which would be brilliant for conversions or just using as they come. Very affordable too.

15-07-2010, 01:34
Yeah, we're using them over at The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site to help build the vehicles for one of our new GoMo mobs, the Dust Rats (http://gorkamorka.co.uk/ere-be-stuff/first-dust-rat-vehicles-unveiled/).

All their stuff is really reasonably priced, I actually bought a whole pile of bitz just for use in future builds. I particularly like how affordable their bikes are though, £2.50 each last time I checked.

17-07-2010, 02:14
Just starting to have a read through the unnamed site...the "What does Gorkamorka mean to you?" piece really echoed a lot of my own experiences with the company.

I started off with spacehulk 2nd edition and always loved many of the games which so unceremoniously ended up dumped into "specialist games" or simply vanished. There was a small wargames club at my school where I mostly played necromunda and occationally such gems as Bomberz ovva da sulpha river. Sadly I never got much opportunity to play Gorkamorka.

After some 15 years of bouncing about between Fantasy and 40k (with the occasional specialist game) and moving city, mostly only having a GW store to play in and them steadily clamping down on "specialist games" more and more I finally gave up. I've spent the last year looking at various rules sets and model companies out there in the world of wargaming propper, buying some skirmish games and the odd mini that caught my eye.

The biggest problem just now is that I like every setting, from Fantasy to Scifi, Pulp to Historical...but I've always wanted to make a Rebel Grot warband with mostly kitbash/scratch built vehicles, and maybe some plastic grots to mix with any of my old metal ones I can find. Not to mention my concentration is a bit shot at the moment for various reasons.

My friends though are still mostly GW players and I've not pulled together enough bits and pieces to run games at my own house and there aren't any clubs near where I'm currently stuck in the north east of this bonnie wee country.

I'm actually from Edinburgh originally, though I don't get back nearly as much as I'd like to.

I've only really built a handful of models in the last year and not painted in I don't know how long...Gorkamorka does open up some interesting possiblities as I know at least a few people with Ork armies.

20-07-2010, 20:40
9. Creating a unique mob.
An unofficial rule in my gaming group has been that each mob has to have a silly theme. So far, we have builders, with hard hats and high-vis jackets, who drive around in dumper trucks, Mexicans with ponchos, sombreros and big moustaches who drive around in old Volkswagens, chavs, with Burberry hoodies, and paramedics, who have an ambulance as their ride. I'll try to get some pics up soon!

Angry mexican orks ! You sold me on this one ! I was considering the game, it looked fun but I live in France so it's kinda difficult to play it, but now I really wanna start it :D

And I demand pics !

29-07-2010, 20:10
I'm looking forward to getting my mitts on the new Seekers of Slaanesh:
I reckon they'll be a rather good basis for a mutie mob, and in easy-to-convert plastic too.