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Cpt. Drill
03-01-2009, 12:43
Hi I recently aquires a boxed set of Battle of Five Armies and a few packs of the excillent coppelstone fantasy units (These models are incredible!)

Me and a few friends who are very into warmaster and LotR have been trying to work on a more comprehensive list of units for MEWM, I have seen a few lists out there already and alot of them I feel dont really capture the feel of the armies or are a bit bland. I am worried that this will be a constant problem as in the warmaster setting alot of the units will not be very different to each other and pure blood armies will have quite short unit selections.

Have any Warseers made army lists or have ideas for possible units?

The main armies we are working on at the moment are:

Rohan (War of the ring)
Isengard (War of the Ring)
Mordor (variety of lists)

We were not sure if Mordor should be divided into the various fortifications because with the most potential unit choices from light and heavy infantry to giants trolls all manner of beasts. The army does look a little like a travelling circus.

05-04-2009, 20:13
Try this yahoo group.