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05-01-2009, 10:59
hoy hoy, thought id finally get log of my own started, maybe it will provide me with some motivation to actually finish an army or project for once
thanks to a.....friend...ive recently aquired a good many of the old arbite figures at a good price:

count comes in at 9 bolter armed, 4 shotguns, one sarge, 1 nade launcher. (you may also spot a mole mortar and tarantula, got those as well....well...i got Two tarantulas, but only opened one)
hopefully in the coming weeks, ill be posting shots of these guys with a little paint on them

oh yes, i mentioned traitors, after being insipered, first by dante, then by g.hawke, ive decided to take a crack at a small bloodpact force myself, although im not very good with the greenstuffing as yet, so probably no grotuesges or anything like that for a while, whipped up a few test minis:

first, a sarge test model:

and an at-70 tank (based off of g.hawkes):

and finally, a mystery mini, i have no clue what he is,
i got him with the arbite above, and was told he might be a judge of some sort, but he dosent really look or "feel" very...arbite-ey to me:

and....thats it for now really

quick edit: i am VERY open to suggestions as far as paintschemes, etc, so any advice, pass it on

05-01-2009, 11:07
very intresting, i really like the las-turret, very nice switch around. as for the turret, it might just be the angle, but it looks a bit messy. perhaps something to suggest support on it?

as for the sarge, great test model, though perhaps cutting into the armour with a craft knife to suggest damage/ chaos marks? just a thought.

on the arbite judge: looks like some wierdo genestealer magos or a count of the 41st millenium.

i'm looking forwards to more, especially seeing what you do with the renegades!


Magos Explorator
05-01-2009, 13:05
The last model is an old Imperial Psyker. Look forward to seeing some paint on them!

08-03-2009, 22:50

slight update, finished another cultist, a testbead for my nurgle based cult:

(flash makes him look alight lighter then he really is)

and my Chaos termi lord (same scheme as the cultist really)


and cant forget the chaos spawn:

questions, comments, and critiques are welcome and encouraged :)

08-03-2009, 23:07
Moar stuff:
pact LT wip-ish (nearly done)

still wip pact sarge:

one the left, pact trooper, on the right, one of my loyalist IG officers:


Random sulking servitor:


and the pact tank with sideskirts now:

edit: ya, i know i cut those chaos star parts kinda large and wierd, my plan is to fill in those parts with grey/greenstuff, and then draw the chaos lines in the greenstuff myself

30-03-2009, 10:26
ok, they arent warhammer, but meh, its my log and i can post what i feel :)


battletech, FTW
had some of these guys for 10+years, never painted,
well a local group has recently started up again, with new players, and i decided to join in on the introductory campaign

eventaully going to do all my mechs in this overall theme (supposably is the scheme the "Legion of vega" use, they dont have a set paintjob, but favor grey(gray?) with red, and the pics ive found seem to follow variations of this)

yes i know they arent quite based yet, that will come eventually, ive also got to get some decals made for unit logos and the like

06-08-2009, 19:39
no real pics of the arbites, but i got....something im working on:



Orginally, this was a salamanders chapter landraider of a friends of mine.

Unfortunatly a while ago his car burst into flames....with his army inside,
this raider is the sole survivor, although his dashboard appearly melted all over it

Orginally he was going to chuk it, but then he thought, huh, this looks kind of nurgle-ish, i know someone who does nurgle,
Enter the pablo,
ive made it a goal to resurrect this raider in service to the dark powers.
What you see is pretty much what i got, the sponons, upper guns, etc were all broken off and or tottally destroyed in the fire. As a trade off there raider spots several "warp touched" areas, and a coal new growth on top,

currently my plan is to make some sponsons by scratch, using a combo of a plasticard/tube frame, then greenstuffing around it to try to match the growth on top,

then paint, and enjoy

any ideas or suggestions for this bad boy?

07-08-2009, 01:04
That looks pretty disgusting as is. The sides look rather much like excrement has been raining from the sky.

13-08-2009, 19:36
woohoo progress on the tank:


and progress-ish on the forgotten traitor tank:


13-08-2009, 21:27
The LR is looking promising, nice to see that its being reconstructed.

13-08-2009, 23:46
i just hope i can do it justice, my greenstuffing skills are...well..."basic" at best

14-08-2009, 12:16
Ok, i must have gotten bitten by a conversion bug or something, becuase after reading this, from over in the background board a few days ago,in relation to what chassis orks would loot for using boomguns, ive been digging around my bitz box, and have come up with both a russ turret, and rhino body:

"Leman Russ are popular, but then Orks aren't as limited as da oomies. they could just as easily slap a leman russ turret on a rhino or chimera, driving it backwards on the backs of six-legged squigs and still be about as effective. " - PondaNagura

now im test fitting to see how exactlyto have the rhino backwards, but still "feel" as if "Dis da Front Side 'ight ere"

also trying to decide if i should just make/fake a who pack of 6 legged squigs(or heck, justa pack of normal ones) to be carrying it (or draggin it dogsled style),
or one giant sixlegged squig (houdah style)

my only hesitatnacy is still my (lack) of greenstuff skill, im really just playing everything i do by ear really

anyone got any ideas?

Murphy's law
14-08-2009, 12:41
woohoo progress on the tank:


and progress-ish on the forgotten traitor tank:


Looks like you dropped your dinner sir:D
Cool log and i like your arbites, i have 3 squads of 9 i boughht recently, which have cost me bit of money...
But today i'll start painting them to use them in my NON-Sisters-Witchhunters army.
Good luck with your army!

16-08-2009, 23:45
welp, another (small) update:

mostly just adding more (puss-sacks? nodules? zits?) to various places, in clumps of three, a few Big ones to both hide, and compliment, the deformed engine sections,
and a few of the Large tentacles i have planned

im still puzzling over the sponsons however, the (rear) dont seem quite right to me, thinking of maybe adding a fuel barrel affixed to the rear of each sponson, but with the whole "ooohh the raider is part of it, its part of the raider" with greenstuff if i can (ya, im not good at explaining things am i)

17-08-2009, 10:21
something else ive put a little work into in between curing times on the raider,
my own "truescale" marine:

the head is just kinda sitting there currently, and of course no weapons,
and the picture brings out the areas i need to sand down on that chest of course X_X

(and if the legs look kinda funky, the only spare termi legs i could find were the ones that came on the darkangels upgrade sprue)

29-09-2009, 10:58
some updates, actually including some arbites this time :)
first up, the arbite sargeant,

next, arbite shotgunner,

Did these two first to try to establish how i want to paint the rest of them, both still very wip

and of course, what good are arbites without scum to let loose upon the enemy,
penal legionnair wip:
again, a test mini for me to practice trying to paint orange, (mental note: WHITE basecoat nextime not black X_X )

(contiued in next post, stupid image limits)

29-09-2009, 10:58
nextup, a long in the works inquistor:

a tank/sentil crewman on foot i threw together:

an ork buggy/dragsta i made out of a trukk kit(got inspired by the one over on teh cold-moon 40k blog):

and lastly, a wip of one of my battletech mechs, a Wasp(crap, just noticed the gunbarrel was chipped in transport)

as usual, all are pretty much still WIP's, and any and all advice and creative critiques and comments are much valued

19-04-2010, 13:50
a not update, update,
ive been in a painting mood and have got <redacted> done for once

first up, a penal legionnaire and a observer of some sort:

next a servitor whose design ive *ahem* "borrowed", from another board number, its still WIP, i havent decided on a head or left arm yet:

and lastly, deathguard, nah nah naaaa, na na naaaaah

ive got some more, just got to get this <redacted><redacted><redacted> Donkey <redacted> camera figured out

19-04-2010, 14:33
a few more:
deathguard termis:

another Wip servitor, to standin as a heavy weapons unit, a simple armswap, although im not quite happy with it currently:

and lastly, my trio of traitor guardsmen:

20-04-2010, 11:31
*sigh* ive racked my brains all night, and i just cant come up with a good idea for a loader/whatever to accompany the autocannon servitor, anyone got any ideas i could look into?

03-05-2010, 17:04
finished the servitor except for cables/pipes, and as a bonus whipped up a tech-sarge-person-dude:


(backview of servitor if anyone is interested:

and as a bonus, following an old hat tutorial of hortwerth's, the first of possibly a few free-boota themed orks is assembled:


note: apologies for image quality, taken from a camera phone, hopefully have better pics, and more pics, tomorrow)

03-05-2010, 22:03
I like the Freeboota Ork. He looks dumb, but motivated. My favourite kind.
Pics are okay, just cut them to size. Use MS Paint for that or photoshop or so.


04-05-2010, 00:06
Wow...when i first lurked through this plog and seen that Raider....:eek:

Wasnt sure what was going on except heresy...course I read and then seen what you were doing.
Great job mate!:) Sorry for your freind but a great use for you on a poor mini.

A Burn ward for 40k minis...Dr Nurgle on call.

Seriously a great and original use/conversion. Love to see it done.