View Full Version : Project: Creating an extremely hard fluff quiz for the EoT users?

Sgt John Keel
28-04-2005, 22:36
I was thinking that, as a fun thing, we could create a super hard quiz for the Eye of Terror (GW official) posters/goons/whatever to see what grade of knowledge they have.

I propose a few guidelines:

20 questions
Current fluff (ie, no contradicted)
No BL novel background, Sourcebooks approved
No squats

Anyone with me?


28-04-2005, 23:31
How about only posting questions, and PMing the answers to you?

Makes sense not to have the answers in a readily accessible place.

EDIT: Here should be a difficult enough starting question: Where is the following insrciption found?
War is Peace,
Freedom is Slavery,
Ignorance is Strength.

And for a bonus mark, where is the (real-life) inspiration for this taken from?