View Full Version : Road to Games Day 40K unit entry plog - Hive Tyrant & 3 Guard

20-01-2009, 13:36
Hello and welcome!

So after seeing the winners of last years painting competitions, my friends finally bugged me enough to enter. So I have begun work on my unit entry for the 40K section.

Since I have not taken part in such a competition before I do not kwo if it will be allowed, but I don't see a problem since it will be a unit of 4 models.

So the basis of my entry is the Tiger Beetle

Link: http://www.dpughphoto.com/images/green%20tiger%20beetle%20no%20spots%20ion%20swamp% 2032906.JPG

I love how it looks so I hope I can match it for the most part.

Here is what I have done on the building aspect of the Tyrant so far.


Since you need to have a fancier base to win I jazzed his up a bit, but still practical for future game play.

The vents on his back have had green stuff around them to make them look like they are sprouting through the carapce and not just on it.

More to come soon.

- Lavi

20-01-2009, 14:43
Looking good. Really can't wait to see how you work this out.
Any ideas for colourings? Maybe something reflective, with a nice wet finish?
Just my ideas, simply looking at this i'm fairly sure it'll turn out good.

Good luck with the GD entry!

26-01-2009, 01:29

So the green is coming along very nicely. And teh flesh is .. well in teh basecoat stage.


- Lavi


The Laughing God
26-01-2009, 03:10
Nice green! I really like beetle scheme tyranids. The metalic colors are always a nice change for them.

Just curious, what Gamesday are you going to?

26-01-2009, 10:20
Thanks. I will be goign to the one in Toronto