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30-11-2005, 20:48

Like some of you, I have noticed that Ork vessels suffer a lot in combat because of their poor shields/turrets ratings. Here is my solution (also on discussion at Gothicomms).


Make the shields random. When you get attacked by BM-causing weapons, roll to see how many shields you get. I suggest the following values:

Escorts: 1 shield (doesn't change)
Kill Krooza/Terror Ships/Roks: D3 shields
Battleships: D6 shields
Space Hulk: 2D3 shields

Apply resulting blast markers and damage to the ship. If the ship is subsequently attacked, roll again, but substract 1 to the dice roll per BM in contact with the base.

If you wish to Brace for Impact, you must try to do so before rolling to see how many shields you get.

The effect of Extra Powerfields woul change from adding one shield to allowing a reroll of the dice.


Make the turrets random. When you get attacked by AC/torps, roll to see how many turrets you get. I suggest the following values:

Escorts: 1 turret (doesn't change)
Kill Krooza/Terror Ships/Roks: D3 turrets
Battleships: D6 turrets
Space Hulk: 2D3 turrets

Fighter suppression rules play out normally. So if your opponent sends too many fighters, they will be useless (you only gain an attack for suppressed turrets, not fighters) and if he sends too few, his bombers will bite it. A small boon to the Orks.

Maniac gunners would allow you to reroll the number of turrets in addition to the number of gunz.

To clarify the way the shields would work, here's an example:

Ex: A kill krooza is fired upon by a Dominator first, then a Lunar, then a Dictator. The Ork player rolls and gets 1 shield. The Imperial player attack and gets 3 hits with his Dom, so one blast marker is placed in base contact with the krooza, and 2 hits are inflicted. Next, the Lunar attacks, so the Ork player rolls again for his shields and gets 2 shields, but must substract 1 due to having a single BM in base contact. The Lunar scores 2 hits. Thus, the krooza gets another BM and another point of damage. Finally the Dictator attacks. This time, seeing that the odds are against him, the Ork player choses to BFI. He succeeds, and then rolls for his shields, and gets 2, which are negated by the two BMs (good thing the Ork player played it safe, eh?). The Dictator then attacks but causes no hits.

Cpt. Drill
30-11-2005, 22:14
TBH anything to make orks better is a good thing!

Rather than making them have more shields I think they should have more hits.. so increase everythings hits by like half...? (sounds ominous but think about them.... slow poor armour...short range weapons) you would have ships that survive more.. butm suffer more crits... I think it would make orks play sooo much better!

01-12-2005, 00:49
That's seems a tad too much. 10 HP for Kroozas is fine, IMHO. I guess battleships sould have been at 14 HP, but for some reason GW decided against it.