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21-01-2009, 23:25
so i was looking at my 13th company warband with whitch i haven't played for a while and i thought to myself, are they a viable army.

meaning are they any good in comparison with other armies.
what is the general experience amongst other players with this force of ancient wolves.

i wonder how you fare against certain armies like heavy infantry orks or very mobile eldar etc.

i'm asking this as i wan't to restart the reign of terror once caused by these might lords of battle.

comments are more than welcome ofcourse!

21-01-2009, 23:30
No matter what you do the 13th co. is a flawed force since it is so heavily skewed around CC but without the support to well, support it.

They are still very cool to use and can be very powerful in missions where dawn of war is used, but ultimately even with outflanking they just do not stack up like they should.

Then again, GW has only ever done proper playtesting on 1 campaign list to my knowledge and it isn't even a 40k one.

22-01-2009, 02:22
I thought about doing 13th Company when I was trying to choose my first army. The main things which attracted me were the light infantry aspect, the modeling possibilities for the troops and the fact that they were Space Marines with werewolves. I thought they were kind of funky. I wound up going with Orks instead, but had I known how much I enjoy the modeling and painting end of the hobby, I may well have made a different choice.

That being said, lots of folks don't like the idea of Wulfen or see them as too pricey. In practice, they strike me as much like Possessed Chaos Space Marines; good in hand to hand combat, but sacrificing that key Marine ability to stand and shoot.

The rest of the list is interesting in terms of modeling (if not the cheapest list out there to build), but lacking in the areas of heavy support, hard units and transports. This is partially offset by the scout move available to the army, but it still means that you're going to have to really stretch your Grey Slayers and Long Fangs across multiple roles. The exclusion of Terminators and all vehicles with the exception of bikes definitely makes them play differently than most Marine armies. At a glance, I'd say that units like Wulfen and bikes are pretty critical to a successful 13th Company Warband since you'll need them for early game distraction and hits even with the scout move. You're basically looking to use those units to tie the enemy up and deny them some shooting while the remainder of your army moves into position. I'm sure folks can make it work, but it's definitely going to be more challenging than standard Marines.

22-01-2009, 09:35
Fenrisian Wolves are a massive pain in the ****, being nigh on Socuting hormagaunts :wtf: I saw Wulfen as pretty good too, and all your troops are pretty badass, and can now outflank... :D