View Full Version : Any gaming stores in Prague, CZ carrying GW product?

Sons of Russ
31-01-2009, 16:37
So far I have heard of "Ogri Doupe"

Their website had two bogus addresses...

Anyone else find their GW fix in the old city?

Directions of at least a street intersection fix would be much appreciated...

01-02-2009, 12:28
Just trying to be helpful:

In the WD there is a list of stores. As you mentioned Ogri Doupe already, there also is Cerny Rytir in Prague.

Others in Czech are in Brno, Ceske Budejovice, Haradec Kralove, Koprivnice, Liberec, Ostrava and Vsetin.* I don't know if these towns are close by, I'm no Czech. ;) But if you want I can give you the names of these stores.

Good luck.

* From WD349, January 2009

Sons of Russ
01-02-2009, 14:06
any phone numbers on those guys? their website are rather hard to find current data....

01-02-2009, 15:34
Cerny Rytir:

I believe (only been to the Czech Republic once) that of the others, Hradec Kralove and Liberec are the two closest to Prague, and they're not exactly 'close', but I'll post their numbers too:

Haradec Kralove:
(they have the same number listed for the Koprivnice store though, so it might not be correct)