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03-02-2009, 08:37
Evening all, I am actually being organised this time. Honestly. The odd few of you may remember me doing Black Legion blogs before, and failing after a few weeks. This time, I've been bitten by a ravenous squig and have started mustering an Ork Deathskulls horde in addition to the Black Legion.

Here's my boss, bog standard Black Reach boss. Warboss Bob Zog Snik Gorgoroff (sneaky band reference) to give him his full name

Here's my trukk, this is the first model I started painting. I don't want to have it too blue, so I'm trying to stick other colours on it as well to mix it up a bit.


Pictures are rubbish, I know, but I hope they give you an idea of how the models actually look. I'll try and get some proppa ones done today, my learning establishment had been shut because we've had literally 4mm of snow. I love the Isle of Wight. England is the only country in the Northern half of the Northern hemisphere to completely shut down because of a little snow. Comments and criticism most welcome, I need the help. Up next: my battlewagon, stormboyz, grots, and other things

03-02-2009, 08:59
I'd like to comment, but, as you said, the pictures are not the best. The warboss-picture is sharper than the trukk-picture - maybe try it with the trukk again?

The only thing I can comment on are your colours:
I like it, that you didn't go overboard with blue on the trukk - I cannot imagine orks painting everything in one colour ;)
Something I would critisize are your metallics: they are too bright! A wash with badab back should fix that.

03-02-2009, 19:06
The pictures misrepresented the trukk a bit, Dezmord- first thing I did was to dirty up the metalwork. The trukk is about 50% done, I think. The blues need touching up, the crew need painting and I need to neaten up the (unintentional) rough edges and add (intentional) scuffs.

Up next we have some Lootas (what else for Deathskulls?). I took the liberty of only photographing the more interesting fellows, as I have 8 lootas and 2 meks, most of which are bog standard assembled and dull. I started painting one because I was impatient, just basic basecoat so far. I did a few headswaps, started converting a mek a little and added some panzee (eldar) guns to another, as no self respecting lootas mob can ignore the shiny guns of the eldar indefinitely.

Close up on the panzee loota

In terms of Ork skin colour, I'm using a couple of Black Reach models as trials, so I can come up with something I'm happy with before I muck up too many models. Here's a boy with 3 layers on him, Orkhide Shade to Snot Green via Dark Angels Green.http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m206/BobTheZombie/SS101305.jpg
Needs a bit more work, but I'm happy with him so far.

As the thread title mentioned Chaos, here's a pic of my WIP plaguemobile. http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m206/BobTheZombie/SS101293.jpg
I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to go now with it, as the green can't easily be highlighted without looking different to the washed layer, and I need to tie it into the black, which I need for it to fit in with the rest of the Black Legion army. The top isn't glued on yet for those of you who notice that it isn't lined up with the hull properly (that would be all of you, then).

I'll try and stick some pictures of my stormboys and other bits tomorrow, but now I think I shall collapse into a stupor. Goodnight all.

04-02-2009, 17:24
As promised, updates. Here I have the newly finished stormboy squad, excellent kit. Eventually I hope to pick up another box, but I have no more money alas, so I'll see how well I do with 5.
I added the klaw and shoota from the Boys box set to the Nob, as I hope to use these chaps for tankbusting and general irritation, and a big klaw will make my opponent more wary of them, which hopefully will be a good thing.

I also got most of the battlewagon assembled. I didn't try anything fancy in terms of conversion, meaning it's a bit tiny for an AV14, 20 Ork carrying vehicle, but it looks ok. I did chop up the zzap gun and stick it on the grot turret, because it looks ridiculous mounted in the big turret
I also wanted a couple of rokkit launchas for more anti-tank, and as GW don't supply them like the big shootas, I modelled an ork in a cupola, to serve the purpose. I'll need to model another one on the back or something.

In terms of building, I have 3 burnas, a metal PK nob, a few boys and a Big Mek with Shokk Attack gun left. The Mek is by far the most annoying model I have ever tried to build: the gun is ridiculously heavy. I've tried pinning it, but it didn't go to plan so maybe I'll just sellotape it and call it a day.

On the Chaos front, I did some more work on my Soulgrinder, which I use as a second Defiler for in-game purposes. People in the LGS don't mind, they're just relieved it isn't used as a Soulgrinder.

20-02-2009, 15:49
Well, I'm back, and I've done more work (insert as many exclamation marks as you think appropriate here). It's been all about the Orks this month; I'm finding the adjustment from expecting to get armour saves and hit things with shooting extremely fun.

Here's the PIP Warboss, he's not very exciting, plus he hasn't killed anything in 3 games so far. Ah well, at least he has a bloo face.

Moving on, I did a bit of work on my Black Reach nobs to a) make them more effective at krumpin' stuff and b) make them less dull. I looted a beakie lightning claw I had lying around for a power klaw, and added some gobs and shoulder pads to make them look like they deserve a 4+ save.
They are disguised enough to make a know it all snotling down the local game store think they weren't Black Reach models, so I was pleased with that.

Now the Battlewagon, with a killkannon shamelessly looted from Dezmord I believe. Hopefully I can hit with something in the shooting phase now, my own stuff with the Shokk Attack Gun notwithstanding.

As I've run out of money for the moment, I'll be concentrating on painting the two armies up to a standard hopefully I'm happy with. I also have a Snikrot model to enter for a painting compo, so hopefully I can canvass some advice.

If you're browsing through here, please leave a comment, it would mean a lot, thanks

20-02-2009, 18:57
This looks promising!
I'm really digging the little conversions on the Orks. Adds loads of character :)

20-02-2009, 20:26
I like the painting on the soul grinder. I think it would look cool if you weathered the blue on your orks so the metal shows up from behind the paint. Have a good one.

20-02-2009, 21:18
Now the Battlewagon, with a killkannon shamelessly looted from Dezmord I believe.
Just as I said: Who, if not orks, should be allowed to loot anything they can find :D

Great idea with the rokkitlaunchas for the battlewagon. I also like the combination of zapp-gun and grot-turret.

Hideous Loon
20-02-2009, 21:35
I love the new Orks models, especially the new Battlewagon set. They seem to lend easily to conversion and kitbashing.

The rokkitlauncher-in-a-turret is inspired, Orky and fulfills the rules. The Battlewagon is MASSIVE. The Soulgrinder is also MASSIVE, but could use some more layers on the skin.

27-02-2009, 19:54
Thank you for the comments. I now have an update on what I've been doing: not a lot. Still, I have started an unrealistic optimistic conversion, so hopefully it catches some interest.

I'm trying to turn a falcon into a looted wagon, this is where I am thus far...
The gaping chasm will be covered in plasticard as soon as I can get my hands on the mystical stuff. I'm not totally sure how it'll fit on the trukk chassis- here it is balanced on a mouse

On to the painting; yes, I have done some of that as well. Here's my PIP mek, complete with green skin I'm actually happy with. I had a mad scientist moment, and started tipping assorted paint into some pots and it seemed to turn out ok. This picture doesn't quite reflect the actual shade, but I'm not brilliant with a camera, so I try my best.

A PIP Nob is in the works as well

Any C+C is most welcome, thanks

05-03-2009, 20:22
Evening all, here's some more stuff for your perusal. I'm making another battlewagon out of a rubbishly painted Land Raider and a lot of plasticard, my first time using the stuff. I've widened it, because LRs look far too poncy normally as we all know...I reckon it'll end up with the front at the back if you see what I mean- makes it look a bit more distinctive, plus I can use the overhang for a troop gantry.

Also, I have a Snikrot I'm working on for a painting compo, seen in the early stages below
I need more contrast on the skin, and to spent some decent time on him if I'm going to finish anywhere near the top of the pile.

Other stuff I have going include some of the new Nobz, a Stompa, converting shoota boyz from Black Reach sluggas (with a hacksaw, mainly). I'll keep you posted, please keep tuning in, you help me to keep going.

09-03-2009, 18:28
Update time, and work continues at a steady pace. The falcon has progressed a fair bit; I've taken the trukk chassis off the troop bay and stuck it on the bottom of a land raider floor section, which I think works better.
The missing wheel is on the floor somewhere, my desk is covered in junk so I end up keeping what I'm working on on the floor, so I lose stuff all the time.

In terms of weapon loadout, I have spare heavy flamers from the Baneblade kit, so I'll probably use them and some heavy bolters. A deffrolla would be nice, but I have no idea how to make one.

09-03-2009, 18:41
I'm also working on a Stompa, whic prgresses slowly as it's so ******* complex. I have an Apoc game on Sunday, so I'm trying to get it and my other stuff done in time. I picked up the new Nobz box with the Stompa, and it's mightily impressive. I made 5 half decent models in 15 minutes, and am now using the spare bits for making the Black Reach Nobz look less rubbish.

There is Chaos too, believe it or not. Here's Huron (or generic Black Legion Lord, depending on the pointage), who is nearly done. I need to purity seal him eventually, is there any kind of humidity or anything I need to avoid when doing so?
Thanks for looking

09-03-2009, 20:12
Wow good looking thread so far. That converted Falcon is true Orky tek in full effeck(t). For some reason I keep hearing the A-Team theme song in my head, picturing BA and some Orks welding it together :D. Love to see more, cheers!

10-03-2009, 18:41
ha ha so is this where i can find all your sneaky tricks mate

good to see it all coming along and i cant wait to see that stomper

10-03-2009, 22:17
The falcon-trukk is an interesting idea. Should look good when it's done.

11-03-2009, 07:04
Very nice orks, that falcon trukk is gold! Contrary to popular belief, its actually the blue ones that go fasta! :p
The chaos is looking nice also, esp the soul grinder.

24-03-2009, 21:42
Updates, it's about time I guess. I've been extremely busy failing my coursework, but I've had time to continue to tinker. The Looted Falcon has progressed a fair bit, with weapons added. I'm using a skorcha and an underslung big shoota. The skorcha I was going to mount on the top of the falcon body, but I realised it would never be able to actually hit anything. So I compromised and stuck it on one of the front pointy bits. The bottom bit is your common or garden slottabase, with a baneblade wheel on top, then a Chaos vehicle cupola on top of that. I'm trying to make it look built in more, as it looks a bit tacked on still at the moment. The gun itself is a Hellhammer flamer, which looks nasty enough to count as a heavy flamer equivalent at the very least. The grot has a hammer because he's stupid and uses it to fire/aim/polish his gun.

Enough chat, see what you think

24-03-2009, 21:45

In other news, I've been working on the obligatory Stompa, which I haven't really assembled with as much care as the kit deserves. The next one will be better, definitely :D.


Any comments are most welcome, I need some help from you wonderful people, as I'm working at the edge of my abilities with these models.
Thanks, and goodnight those on GMT.

Comrade Wraith
24-03-2009, 21:47
Put giant Power Klaws on the points of that trukk.

The gretchin are a nice touch.

25-03-2009, 10:14
Hahaha that Trukk made me laugh! Really original!

29-03-2009, 22:08
ahhhhhhhh the stompa see's some paint

06-04-2009, 15:12
Hello all, thanks for the replies. I have done some more stuff, as one would expect with an army log. I picked up a Ghazghkull model as I was fed up of my AoBR boss not killing anything, so I thought a counts as Ghazzy should do the trick. I have done a fair few layers on the face, but you can probably see my Achilles heel on him- teef. I can't paint them. Don't know why, but they always turn out horribly or I can't pick them out and the whole mouth gets stained Bleached Bone like the Ork has used too much toofpaste.


More work has been done on the Nobz, not that the picture really shows much.

Grots are also in the works

The Looted Falcon has been undercoated, and it looks ok from a first vehicle conversion perspective, but there's something missing where I've circled, it doesn't look right. Any thoughts?

06-04-2009, 15:20
Wait, there's more!

It's still in progress, but it's getting there
I'll rework the scuffs down the bottom of the ram, as they look a bit silt at the mo.

Another pic of the Stompa, just to remind myself I have one.

And lastly, some Chaos, for those of you fed up of the greenskins. The Plague Marines are progressing extermely slowly, but they're getting there, as I said earlier (seems to be my mantra).

Any comments, criticism or fan mail, feel free to get in touch. Until next time my friends, stay safe, and never talk to strangers unless via the medium of the internet.

06-04-2009, 15:49
The Looted Falcon has been undercoated, and it looks ok from a first vehicle conversion perspective, but there's something missing where I've circled, it doesn't look right. Any thoughts?
Nice falcon so far. Your right, something is missing. How about mounting a big shoota at the marked place? Maybe aone with a "shield" from the battlewagon-kit. You could mount it in a way as if one of the passengers could fire it.

Eater of Small Things
09-04-2009, 16:16
Nice falcon so far. Your right, something is missing. How about mounting a big shoota at the marked place? Maybe aone with a "shield" from the battlewagon-kit. You could mount it in a way as if one of the passengers could fire it.

I see what you mean, and I think the problem may be that the cut-off point for the back of the falcon is too straight. A couple more suggestions to supplement Dezmord's would be to make that line more irregular and jagged, either by cutting away, adding more panels, or a combination of both.

Nice chaos stuff too. I like Huron and the plague marines.

09-04-2009, 17:35
I'd try angling the falcons arms/wings/what ever you want to call them?!? down so they turn into like a plow/claw/ram what ever you want to call it?!? :-) as it looks a bit to front heavy

does that make any sense?

12-04-2009, 12:20
I see what you mean, and I think the problem may be that the cut-off point for the back of the falcon is too straight. A couple more suggestions to supplement Dezmord's would be to make that line more irregular and jagged, either by cutting away, adding more panels, or a combination of both.

Excellent point, shouldn't be too hard to do either. I'll give it a go

I'd try angling the falcons arms/wings/what ever you want to call them?!? down so they turn into like a plow/claw/ram what ever you want to call it?!? :-) as it looks a bit to front heavy

does that make any sense?
I know what you mean, but I think that's an idea for the next looted Falcon, as this one is pretty functional I think, and I want to get some more practice before I attempt something liike that.

I'll keep you appraised on progress, thanks for the input. I should be able to fit in some more painting between late coursework and Fallout 3 today, as I have an apocalypse game tomorrow and I'd really like to use only stuff I have painted to a decent standard.

Happy Easter/Chocolate Egg Day

04-05-2009, 13:34
After about a year, I have some updates. I've been slowly working away at things when I can

I've trying to make some different units with the basic Boyz set, like Tankbustas. I dislike the metal models a lot, and had a few rokkit launchas lying around, so here we have the first 5. I'll need to make a few more eventually, plus some bomb squigs, because they are cool.

I added to my stormboyz unit with this chap, who may or may not proxy as Zagstruk, depending on whether my opponent has a sense of humour.

Whilst I'm on the topic of stormboyz, I've got a bit more painting done on them. None are done yet, but they're progressing. The picture isn't brilliant, but you get the general idea.

Here I have more work on my Shokk Attack Gun Mek, and I had the idea of painting the lootas in the unit he's in with plenty of blue facepaint, because they'll need the extra luck when the Mek's gun goes nuclear and explodes.

I have another Mek, this time with a Kustom Force Field. This chap I assembled for the aforementioned Apoc game, and he gave cover save to an entire flank, wading into a line of vindicators. He was one of the men of the match, behind perhaps the Grots who were completely ignored by my opponents first turn, and they then removes the massive minefield they were hoping to keep me at bay with.

Talking about the Apoc game, we were scheduled for a 3 on 3 2500 each game, but one of my teammates dropped out, so I used 5000 points of stuff, which was crazy. I can remember when I couldn't even make 3000 points not so long ago, so that was a lot of fun.

To be continued...

04-05-2009, 13:47

Here are the first 3 Ard Boyz, who I made because I could. No other reason. http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m206/BobTheZombie/SS101447.jpg

Here's my conversion of a Mega Armoured Nob I've had lying around for years, and decided to finally reassemble it with bits from the Nob box.

And there's more. Here is part of my Nob unit, progressing slowly as ever.

Here a building, because when I have the occasional games round my house I don't want to have to use books and Quality Street tins. I painted it Codex Grey, then washed in Badab Black and Devlan Mud. Quick and easy, and still looks ok.

Here's a non-Ork picture, finally. He only has one set of spikes because I elbowed it and one fell off. I have yet to stick it back on.

Thanks for looking.

04-05-2009, 14:23
Did you use another technique for painting the blue faces? If yes, I'd have to say you should use it for the green skin as well as it looks stunningly vibrant!

04-05-2009, 14:39
Nope, Necron Abyss up to Ice Blue. The finished green is a tad more subtle, but takes longer. As I'm lazy, I have more blue finished.

06-05-2009, 19:12
Today I had to get a load of preparation work for an exam tomorrow. Needless to say, I got up about half 12, spent the day listening to TalkRadar (slight plug, it's really good), killing time, and painting. I experimented a bit with weathering on my vehicles as they looked too neat and clean. Thought I'd get your opinions on progress, as this is a new technique for me.

They're not finished as yet, but the Battlewagon has some mud on it as well.


I've painted the grot on the Zzap gun blue, as he has only ever hit something with it once, and rolled terribly for strength, so I could so with some more luck.

27-06-2009, 21:03
Exams are over thankfully, so I have some time for the things that matter- 40k, of course. Until recently, I'd not really felt like doing anything with my Chaos; they felt boring, really. But I have realised that transporting Orks is a real pain, and as I have to take my stuff on a bus and wander about with it, Chaos are an easier option. Plus I have some shiny new units.

I finally got some Obliterators, to see what all the fuss is about. And I like them. They did a lot of damage in their inaugural game, immobilising a Land Raider, blowing the turret off a Predator and then killing a few of the accursed 3+ invulnerable storm shield terminators. I used 2 heads from the old metal chaos terminators and a Fantasy warrior head for the other. I haven't finished putting all the arms and weapons on yet, because they're very fiddly.

I also got some wings off the GW site for a Daemon Prince, as I've always wanted a winged DP but never got around to it. I had to pin them because they don't quite fit properly, and fell off after the first attempt. He ate through most of a Sternguard squad and made them flee in the aforementioned game, before being cut down by massed biker fire.

Sorry for the rough pictures, but I just wanted to give a general idea of where I'm at. Also in the works are some more Daemons, I think I have about 800pts now. I should get a lot more painting done this week if all goes well, but then life has a way of conspiring against you, so I'll see.

02-07-2009, 12:02
I've just entered a pre-heresy campaign, which means that I shall have to paint up some Space Marines, which is something I vowed never to do. But then, they're Death Guard so it's not too bad. I picked up a Commander box set (2 tiny sprues for 10! And it's increasing to 12! And I dislike using exclamation marks, so the 2 deployed here indicate my strength of feeling), and I shall have a tinker before getting the troop and additional choice. We're re-enacting the end of Galaxy in Flames, with 2 players each for the Emperor's Children, Sons of Horus, World Eaters and Death Guard. Each player will have 500 points each, and we'll play a few games as loyalists before half of the players will be randomly assigned to turn on their allies and try to wipe out their former allies. Sounds very cool, so I'm looking forward to it. I suspect I may go OTT and order a load of Forge World stuff for it, though. Plus I shall have to tinker with white undercoat for the white/green colour scheme.

26-07-2009, 16:30
I managed to get my hands on the new Leman Russ Demolisher kit, and thought I'd share in case anyone was interested in how it goes together. In short, very well. I haven't made any kind of Russ before, but I finished it in a very short space of time. The only problem is that the top hatch bit is moulded on, so your options are limited there. The Defiler head won't stay there, but it'll fill the gap until I get the FW Renegade Militia tank crew set.


I also have the first few of my 500 pts pre-heresy Death Guard. They're pretty much made out of the boz, as I don't have time to go to town with the retro armour and such. I plan to have 2 squads of Tac marines, each with a plasma gun and cannon. The HQ choice will be mad with whatever points I have left. Everyone else that I know of is going for fairly expensive choices, like Sternguard and blinged up Chapter Masters, so my plan is to hang back and shoot them until they die. Should be fun.


Any thoughts, please feel free to share, it's getting like a monologue here.