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Nephilim of Sin
03-02-2009, 10:00
Well, let's see if I can keep one post short and sweet this time. I have been wanting to do up some terrain for the past six months or so, but never really got into gear. With the new year, I figured it was time to make a few resolutions; first, finish the ToFP (which I really should be doing right now...). Second, paint at least twice as many models as I did last year. Third, make some scenery, which is where this comes into play.

My main armies right now are O&G and Dwarves, so they will be what I am focusing on. Also, I like to do things on the cheap, so saving money always helps. Lastly, because my Plog is not the quickest out there, this might not be updated very frequently, but we shall see how that goes. Enough talk, here are some orc things I am currently working on:

First was something simple I decided to do while bored. The item on the left is a trophy/shrine for my orcs I am painting, while the one on the right is a simple war totem (perhaps used to mark territory).


Very simple and cheap. Plan on doing quite a few of these just for random variation, and their small size means they won't really get in the way of gaming too much.

Now, the 'bigger' project that I am working on is a fightin' pit. I have wanted to do one ever since Ogres came out, but I am horrible at cutting plasticard, and could never think of a good base, until I bought one of these on the cheap:


So, I set to work. Disclaimer: I do not recommend this for anyone....I went through 3 x-acto blades just cutting this hill up, and the saw did not fair much better. These things are annoyingly tough. I figured I would cut out the 'hill' section, saving the top for a later project (and saving money!), place some plasticard underneath for a base, and, well, turn it into this:


The general outline is now in place, so I will be adding some bitz later to flesh it out and make it more 'orcy'. The main issue I had with this was the hill itself (read above), and that I must find a better way to do the dowel rods than sharpening each one by hand. Seriously, this thing is now a weapon in its own right. I plan on making a gate similar to the one shown for the Ogres in the WD, but I am unsure whether to leave the interior mostly 'clean' (just sand), or throw in some wacky blades and such, more like a gladatorial pit you would see in a game. Alright, enough talk.

Comments, critiques, and criticisms are always welcomed, and I appriciate any advice anyone is willing to give. Expect so more updates later in the next few days (in between frantic ToFP painting, that is!)

EDIT: I knew this was too short.... I also forgot to mention that once a few of the projects are out of the way, my main plan is to use the old 6th edition chart for generating terrain to establish what I will work on next (i.e. Orcs list and Dwarves list, respectively), so hopefully that will not only give me a varied amount, but also keep me going.

03-02-2009, 12:20
Electric pencil sharpener for the rods? Not sure how large they actually are, but that might help some. Then you can just "rough" them up some.

Very nice stuff though. I need to work on some "random terrain" like this too. :)

03-02-2009, 13:01
Nice stuff its amazing how a little bit of 'flavour' terrain can make a good battlefield look great.

03-02-2009, 13:52
Yea it does look a little too clean and neat for Orcs,
You are going to have to make it more slopy, improvised, and random. :p

03-02-2009, 15:41
That's a good idea for a fighting pit- it should turn out nice. Sounds like you have a lot of hobby-stuff on your plate; good luck getting some terrain done. I know it can take a back seat to getting some minis painted.

03-02-2009, 20:02
The pit is looking to be off to a good start. I would suggest that maybe all the posts don't need to be pointy like pencils - you could have unevenly cut tops for them, and maybe top them off with metal or plastic sword-y or polearm-y bits, anything to discourage escape. A huge spiky shield hanging on one side would be a nice touch as well... and what is that made of that it ate 3 xacto blades? or is it just thick..

Nephilim of Sin
04-02-2009, 00:49
Thanks for the quick responses guys! First things first:

@NealSmith: I have tried an electric pencil sharpener, but with little success for some reason. I could not remember if the tips just broke off very easily, of something was off with the shape, but I may give it another shot, since this took a long time to do by hand.

@Beef5570: I agree, sometimes just the little things can really help a battlefield, without having to go 'all out'. Eventually I will be doing something for the Dwarves similar to the orc totems, just have a bit more flavor added.

@N810: Oh, there will be bitz. The hill itself will remain unchanged, but I plan on adding things here and there to flesh it out 'orcy' style. Perhaps a few pieces of spare wood holding the rods together (the start will be in the next pic) as well.

@Codsticker: Thank you sir. Hopefully this won't distract me too much, but I will admit the building/converting part is my favorite aspect of the hobby. If I can get my entry done before the 7th, then I know I will be able to balance this out and continue!

@Devillocks: Cutting the hill caused the random x-acto explosion (luckily I was wearing glasses), because it is a very tough plastic. Were I not trying to save the top piece for later, I probably could have saved a few hours and just used the saw to destroy the top, then to cut the interior, but, oh well. I will definitely think about adding some more bitz to the top of the 'spikes' as well.

Thanks everyone for the comments and ideas. Especially at this stage, when it is easier to implement any changes. As I have to go to work (weird shift), I did not have too much time to work on the actual piece, but I tried my hand at some plasticard to make it more 'orcy':


A few bitz fell of during the photo process, especially in the gate itself, which is missing a few pieces of wood. Basically, the gate will be metal, with wooden pieces inbetween (I shaved them down to give them an irregular shape). I am not too sold on the big Orc skull just yet, but that is also because I am horrible with plasticard. Hopefully I will get some more work done on this after work tonight.

Thanks again everyone, and as always, comments, criticisms, and advice are always welcome.

04-02-2009, 03:34
I like the fighting pit....but have a question? Why not just use foamcore, cardboard layers, or mdf and build up a slant rather than butchering the hill and wasting all those blades? Looks nice, but just seems like it could have been easier. Just wondering what advantage there is? The cost compard to a peice of mdf (which any hardware store will cut for you) is pretty cheap if not free as scrap?

04-02-2009, 04:13
I agree with JCOLL, but don't get me wrong I like the out come. As a helpful hit to anyone that might try this a Dremel might save you a lot of time and effort.

Nephilim of Sin
04-02-2009, 06:38
Ah, good questions. Three reasons. First, I bought the hills cheap at the LGS (on sale), and secondly, I had been struggling with getting the correct shape for the pit in my head. The idea just sparked one night, and as it had been sitting on the back-burner, I decided to give it a go. Thirdly, I thought it would be easier this way, and time saving. I had no idea it would be as much of a hassle! However, once I realized how long it was going to take, I had already made a pretty good amount of damage to the hill, so instead of repairing it, I decided to finish it. Basically, it was a lesson learned, but at least I was able to salvage the other piece, so two for one on the terrain isn't that bad. From now on, though, things will be more scratch-made, trust me :D.

05-02-2009, 00:17
Haha, sometimes it's just easier to rumage through the garbage, agreed? lol Still looks awesome. I have to agree with the comment on using a dremmel. I own one myself and have an attachment for any project that might come up. If you plan to scratch build a lot, it's a must have. Cheers!

05-02-2009, 04:16
Yay Orcs!!

05-02-2009, 11:44
I like it. A lot!! Good stuff for sure!

You should go for a small Orc village. The totem things are lovely town square type things, so next some small Orc adobes would be a nice idea. Simple tents made from cloth dabbed in PVA glue will probably do the trick, and it makes for nice battling if you have something worth fighting over.

Good luck, keep up!

Nephilim of Sin
07-02-2009, 12:04
Well, it has been a few days between updates. Work has been killer lately. Which means my ToFP entry has not been finished yet, but hopefully I will be able to work on it tonight since I have the night off. First things first....

@JCOLL: I will have to figure out that dremel one day, I swear. But I agree, trash is always treasure (which will tie in below in a sec)!

@Dalanshin: Welcome aboard, hopefully I will be able to get some more orcy goodness out to keep you interested!

@Daniel36: Thank you sir! I plan on doing something with the orcs, village style, but I think I would have to scale it up a bit. Here's why; way back when the foundation paints came out, I decided to do up some Goblin huts. The pros: Cheap. I was able to do five of them for $20, but that was also getting some supplies (spackle, balsa, etc...), otherwise it would have been about $10. The cons: Well, they are slightly big, so I figured, since I will be having a large army, that perhaps these will be chieftan huts, or shamans, or something. Be kind, these need some definite TLC, which will happen after the pit, perhaps:



And a few more.....

Front (again)

Back (again)

These were made out of bouquet holders from Wal-mart, at $1.99 each. I figure when I do the Orc ones, I will use similar ideas, but more 'fabric' and looking something like on the GW website of old.

But wait, we are not done on updates just yet.....

Nephilim of Sin
07-02-2009, 12:13
Time for a pit update. I will just do the pics, then describe my thoughts.

The finished gate:

The front view so far:

A side view:

And finally a badly done interior shot:

The pinkish-white on the sides is spackle (the expensive kind that goes on pink, then dries white, because I am still a n00b at this). Overall, I am happy with how the gate came out, which again was a slight hassle since it was not measured to incorporate the bitz. I decided to take some advice and really try to make it look orcy, with a few stunted poles surrounding the exterior, some spiked shields, and a general look of disrepair. Also, I added some 'fightin bitz', since honestly, da orcs don't play fair. Dey gots da 'ankle-bytas' (beartraps), da 'stikkas' (the orc mace-pole), and da ' 'Eadtaka' (blades on wheel), plus all da fixins for hurtin'. I didn't want to make anything mechanical, so the wheel, in my mind, is just blades on a wheel stuck to a pole. Figured that would fit in. Also, there is a dead night goblin barely seen, plus a bunch of skulls, not only orcs, since I figured they would take some captives to fight in there for entertainment as well.

The main problem is, I think I need to stop with the bitz, otherwise I will just keep going, and lose some of the focus on the piece itself.

As always, thoughts, criticisms, comments, and advice are welcome. Thanks again!

07-02-2009, 23:42
I would never buy a hill and cut it up like that, but the result looks good all the same.

The huts look good as well, but I don't like the trunks at the back of one of the huts, they don't look natural, too smooth and clean.

09-02-2009, 20:00
Cool stuff!
The pit looks properly orcy now and the huts are great, too.

I should get off my behind and work on some terrain, but somehow the average day seems to be about six hours too short.

13-02-2009, 19:49
Looking good... this is becoming one of my favorite threads on the terrain board. The wheel o' death is a nice touch and i love the keep-em-in factor of the front gate LOL. I for one say you can never have too many bitz, and I look forward to seeing the whole thing painted up.

13-02-2009, 20:42
Excellent stuff! Really orcy (and I know orcy when I see some!)

Advise: don't start holding back on bits. I think orc scenery is supposed to be 'busy', it adds the flavour. Just make sure you leave moving space where you'll be needing it.

14-02-2009, 12:59
The pit would also be a great boar pen! Nice work on the huts- they each have their own personality.
Keep it coming!

The Laughing God
15-02-2009, 02:33
Yea really nice stuff. The pit came out very well, and the I always like orc huts.

More please!

16-02-2009, 02:14
it is this that I adore in Orcs, never a scenery is same the other, the diversity is enormous. Very good job.