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04-02-2009, 14:05
Hi, just a quick question.
I'm looking for a setting/scenario of some sort in the warhammer world. I can't remember the name, something with Chaos.
I think you just start with a Chaos Lord of some sort, and maybe a few other miniatures. You'll give the lord different powers and perks, and then in small warbands, you'll fight other Chaos Lords. After the battle, you'll get experience that you can use on more perks'n'units. A little Mordheimer-ish without all the terrain... and only chaos.
I have tried googling it up, and checked the specialist gamer, but find nada.
Plenty of thanks if you know what I'm talking about (even more if you reply;p).

(sorry 'bout the language btw)


06-02-2009, 19:29
Path to Glory? A skirmish campaign for WFB.

The rules were listed in a WD (it was a campaign Paul Sawyer was taking part in). They re-released it as a mini-booklet.

Really it's a condensed version of how Chaos Champions worked in WFB 3rd Ed - Slaves to Darkness and Lost & the Damned.

Edit: Here's the main rules (http://ca.games-workshop.com/news/cn/articles/PTG_CA/home.htm)

And here's the rules for the different armies (http://ca.games-workshop.com/news/cn/articles/PTG_CA/assets/PathToGlory.pdf).

09-02-2009, 22:11
Thank you thank you thank you.