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01-05-2005, 21:24
250 Pts. Grand Master Orion 1st Company Hand of the Emperor (HQ): May be taken in any Hand of the Emperor army if special characters are allowed. Stubborn. Psyker.

WS:5 BS:4 St: 4 To:4 Wo: 4 In: 5 At: 4 Ld: 10 Save: 2+/5+ Invuln

Wargear: Hand of the Emperor, Power Fist with wrist mounted storm bolter, Terminator Armor, Psychic Hood. All taken account in the profile above.
-Hand of the Emperor-(+2 str. to demons, +1 otherwise, (In profile.) Force weapon.

Special Rules for Orion :
Stubborn: If Grand Master Orion is the HQ of your army, the entire army is considered stubborn and takes no moral checks, but takes pinning as regular.

Footslogger : Not allowed to be transported in any vehicle or ride any kind of creature or bike. Not allowed to have Jump Pack Wargear. May not take a command squad of any kind.

Regrets of Past Lives: May be accompanied by two body-guards, who are veteran marines. Each of these marines are 60 Pts apiece the first having the True Grit trait, so he carries a bolter and a power weapon, the second being a more close combat type carried a Storm Sheild and a single lightning claw. These are the only members of his original Scout squad that are still alive, and therefore if either dies, he must take a moral check over-ridding his stubborn trait. (Optional to take the two marines.)

Fight Like A Devil : When in counter-assault you may make +1 attacks. Caught in the fray so many times by ambushes, he learned quickly to strike back as many times as you can.

Chaos Hunter: Since he has the rule stated for the Chaos hunter, he also carries a psychic hood upon his head to counter-act many of the psychic attacks on his mind.
(Yes I know its an Ultra.)

01-05-2005, 22:01
Dude, try scrolling down on the main page and look at the RULES DEVELOPMENT FORUM.

For the 'Fight Like A Devil' rule, just add another attack, dammit.

50 pts for veterans with MC plasma pistols and powefists?! they should be more like 70pts!

-Hand of the Emperor-(Power fist, +2 str. to demons, +1 otherwise, (In profile.) Force weapon.

What?! How can it be a powerfist if it only adds 1 strength normally and 2 strength for daemons? And how can he be a marine if he only has the regular strength of an imperial guardsman?

I think 250pts is WAAAAYYYYY too much! After all, if he fails that 5+ inv. save then a krak missile could instantly kill him!

01-05-2005, 22:05
1st) Dont bash all over me, I am trying to fill him out, this isnt a final copy.
2nd) The Hand, adds that to base strength, and its a power fist, its a force weapon,the fist was just the basis for the weapon.)

Lord Icklebum
01-05-2005, 23:32
Pretty cool idea overall. I'm not a big Space Marine fan, but I won't hold that against you. Heh. Honestly though, I want to hear more about his history rather just some rules. Throw in some context for all of his abilities and such.

As far as the bonus strength on the fist. Is it he can either A.) Choose to attack with it as a powerfist or B.)Choose to attack as a power weapon/force weapon with +1/+2 strength depending on enemy? Or is it just to give him a bonus to his base strength and then double it? I'm guessing on B. for the simple fact you can't get higher than a strength 10. Otherwise that's cool too.

I like the idea of the bodyguard as well, give them some names and a little bit of history as well to try and flesh them out. Hell, give them different load out, each one carrying/specializing in a certain type of weapon, rather than just giving them both power mittens and vaporizers. Maybe give them power weapons, so they can strike first and put a dent in whoever you're fighting before the big boss man comes in swinging. I do really like the whole morale check if one of them dies, a nice weakness that's not too overpowering.

Just some thoughts. Great idea though, I'll give props to anybody willing to put enough effort into trying to develop a whole new set of rules.

01-05-2005, 23:41
You made some good points, and I had planned on naming them when I got done writing the first chapter of his fluff, I am doing an entire chapter, based on him and two other marines, his bodyguards, baised off me and my friends. Just something fun to do, and I like the idea of giving them power weapons as well. I plan on going back over this because of you... And on the Hand, It was selection B.

He Who Laughs
02-05-2005, 13:41
Interesting take - a very complex set of advantages and disadvantages though, maybe too complex.

Here's a tip when making special characters (that your opponents won't complain about when you field it against them) - combine the effects of normal wargear, and give it a funky name - that way it's perfectly legal, you'll have a exact points cost as well. Examples:

I have a Master-Sergeant Tokomak in my DIY Space Marine Chapter. He has decided to lead his squad down the path of plasma technology and he himself wields high-tech plasma weapons and uses them in all situations (shooting and hth) (represented as a pair of plasma pistols with sights and tubes running to his backpack). Now, so I can use them in both shooting and hth I've given him a mastercrafted plasma pistol and a powersword (to represent the AP value of the pistols used in hth) - thus perfectly legal.

Another example:
My Captain wields a Bush'ydo Longsword, made for him by the master-artisans of the agri-world of Sham'Uray, that he helped liberate from the Iron Warriors. It is a large two handed blade. Normally he can use it a power weapon, and such is his skill with it - that he can re-roll one miss per turn. However, if he focusses and concentrates on his training, he can make all his attacks at Strength 8 allowing no armour saves - and decapitating (insta-killing) anyone wounded with a Toughness of 4 or less. But to do this, he must strike last in that round of combat, such is the concentration required.

So whats he got? A master-crafted power sword and has also paid the points for a powerfist. Simple as that. And again, perfectly legal.

The idea behind special characters isn't uber-wargear and re-configured army compositions - it's about background, and memorable battles that they turned the tide in. Think about it.