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04-02-2009, 15:30
Hello everyone and welcome to my humble Plog for my various 40k projects!

A recent move caused me to really take a look at the states of my current armies and re-motivated me to get all that bare metal and plastic covered in paint. A log I had here previously (lost somewhere in the archives) really helped me achieve some progress, so here I am again.

Well, with all that out of the way, lets give you all a look at the models, since that's why you're here anyway.

First, the tau.
The finished:
24 Pulse rifle firewarriors, 7 Pathfinders, 6 Stealthsuits, a Hammerhead with all the weapon options, and a smattering of drones.

The WIP:
2 Hammerhead/Skyrays, 3 Devilfish, 3 Crisis suits, and a metric ton of miscellaneous options for them all.

Finally, the Untouched:
32 Kroot, 12 Firewarriors, 10 Vespid, 2 Sniper Drone teams, 6 Pirahna, 4 Crisis, a Broadside, and an Etherial. Plus another metric ton of options. And the pile of drones all this comes with. :eyebrows:

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me.

The Tau are a basic tabletop scheme using the cheap Apple Barrel acrylic paints, because that's how they started, I like the scheme, and they're my first army close to being fieldable in a fully painted state. They're unhighlighted, but blacklined, and I have dabbled a bit in lens/gem effects on the larger models.

I also need to sort out their basing into something final. If you look you can see where I've done some minor experiments on the three WIP Crisis.

Up next: the Daemonhunters!

04-02-2009, 15:53
I started these Daemonhunters for an escalation league at my FLGS, aiming toward a (nearly) pure GK force. I made it up to the 500 point combat patrol level before life and work pulled me away from the area, and since then they've been untouched. I do have a few GK termies and some servitor models (to run with my Psycannon Inquisitor) still to assemble and paint when I get the opportunity.

These pics are old WIP/Completed pics from the previous plog. I haven't had a chance to re-take pics of them in the same manner as my tau.

Group shot:

The Inquisitor (WIP):

The first model I painted for this force, with a WIP brother:

As you can see, I CAN paint a bit better than the color inside the lines style of the tau. The psycannon brother has much more blended highlights than the rest of the force, as I rushed the highlight stage on them in order to meet the league deadline. I intend to have the rest of the force at this standard (or better) :chrome:.

I do want to do a bit more with the cobblestone bases they're on. I don't think the brown's working that well, but I wanted something to contrast against the grey of the power armor. I thought perhaps a minor rework of the brown to lighten it followed by some green static grass in places between/over the cobblestones. Once I come up with a naming convention for the squads, I'll fill in the Knights names on the shoulder scrolls as well.

I'll post some more detailed pics of the finished models when I get some daylight to help light the pictures.

05-02-2009, 11:18
Looks real good mate. I like the GREY Knights lol.

08-02-2009, 03:48
Thanks for the reply; I'm not fond of the standard gunmetal knights myself. The grey armor at least lets the metallic embellisments stand out a bit more.

Anyway, I mentioned in the title a Lamenter force.

This army is still mostly in the planning stage for me. I have some old marine models I've had for years before I actually started playing the game with any regularity. I'd like to incorporate them into an army eventually, and the WD blood angel codex update inspired me to go looking for a successor chapter.

I chose the Lamenters because I've always been intrigued by the cursed founding chapters, I want to challenge myself working with yellow, and their chapter symbol looks simple enough to me that I think I can pull it off while simultaneously improving my freehand skills.

Anyway, I have these models: (sorry for the bad pic, I made this post sort of spur-of-the-moment)
1 Rhino, 1 Predator, 1 Tac Squad, 1 Landspeeder, 3 bikes, the old part-metal devastators, the old part-metal command squad, a scout squad, and 15 or so of the old 2-part snap together starter marines (who will probably wind up as test platforms for painting). The boxes on the right are the plastic command squad, 2 plastic assault squads, and a metal techmarine box (the servitors will run with the DH army's inquisitor).

The idea I have running around my head is to build up to a 2000 point force around the core of:

Honor guard w/ jump packs
2x power weapon vets
Sanguinary priest
Tech adept w/ power weapon
Company champion w/ power weapon and combat shield

Chaplain w/ jump pack
Honor guard as above

If my theoryhammer is correct, these squads should average 9 MEQ kills each on a charge. The honor guard is a bit pricy at 260 points (counting death company jump pack), but this being a third army, I'm mostly after something diffferent when I pull these guys out of the case. The rest of my list is still very undefined, however, so I'm open to suggestions. I'd like to keep it relatively take-all-comer, but I'm not really into the touranment scene so less-than-super-competative list ideas are welcome too.

Anyway, as a treat for reading that wall of text, and because a single shot of the unpainted marine force is a bit underwhelming, I managed to dig up a slightly dated, but up-close pic of one of my hammerheads.

Enjoy, and thanks for looking!

08-02-2009, 19:06
One thing I love about the Tau model kits is the modularity. It's easy to incorporate list variety with some magnets and ingenuity, without having to buy a ton of models. Of course, this means most of the bits included in the kit need to be painted at some point.

With that in mind, I actually achieved some progress this weekend, although most of it was preparatory:

My job has me roving around the state at the moment, so I've decided to prime a bunch of the smaller vehicle bits so I can work on them in my hotel rooms each evening.

They look like bare plastic, but that's because I use Krylon's grey primer. Painting these bits will actually allow me to have the bulk of my tau force in a finished state.

I also dug the Daemonhunters out of their case to take some actual finished shots:

Two squads of Grey Knights advance around a ruin, under the watch of an Inquisitor.

Close-up shot of the Inquisitor w/ psycannon. It's poorly lit but I haven't had a chance to dig my lighting setup out of the boxes from my move. I'll try and get some better lit closeups posted later today. The Inquisitor is my first shot at converting minis beyond extremely simple bit-swaps. You can see the cobblestone base better here. I'm not really happy with the brown cobbles, any suggestions for better stone colors (other than more grey)?

I'll do my best to post painting progress shots from the roadway, so be prepared for a series of badly lit photos featuring a variety of hotel interiors. You have been warned!

08-02-2009, 20:38
Ook ook! These armies make Monkey Steiner happier than a bunch of bananas! :) Keep up the travelogue, Morph, and enjoy those hotel rooms. ;)

What've you armed your Inquistor with? Looks like a Heavy Bolter t'me. Your Tau look superb, the self-highlighting style really suits them I think.

09-02-2009, 03:49
Looking forward to how those Tau come out looking. A nice scheme, though a bit gaudy for my taste. I personally really like how the Inquisitor looks. Great work with the Grey Knights, most of the time they end up as more of Silver/chrome knights.

09-02-2009, 04:00
Your painting on the tau is nice and crisp, but it appears to need highlighting. Other than that, nice. Look forward to the inquisitor having a face; clearly he means business carting around that heavy bolter.

10-02-2009, 02:48
@Gen.Steiner -- Yep, it's a space marine scout heavy bolter. He started out as these bits:
That's a Techpriest and the aforementioned scout heavy bolter.

I'm using it as a "counts as" psycannon, since he's an elite slot =I=. The heavy bolter isn't a valid option, but a psycannon is. Unfortunately the only psycannon I know of that's not half molded into the torso of a metal mini is on the GK termies, and I didn't want to buy this guy termie armor. I can't sculpt for crap either (I lucked out in the fact the joins between the hands and arms looked a bit like long leather gloves on this mini), so sculpting one was a last resort option. Besides, a psycannon is basically a heavy bolter with psycannon bolts, right? ;)

@angron88 -- Thanks for the complements! The green is pretty olive drab under normal lighting, and the blue pretty dark, so the minis are a touch on the dark side, overall. I'm pretty pleased with the way the Inquisitor conversion came out, myself.

@deviceheretic -- Yep, not a touch of highlighting, save an attempt at drybrushing on one firewarrior that didn't turn out well. When I said basic tabletop standard, I really meant it. Fortunately for me, the Tau at least can pull off the unhighlighed look reasonably well. The Inquisitor's face has been shaded and highlighted; I just haven't been able to take a shot that shows it well. I'll try to get a better shot when I go home for the weekend. He does mean buisness; I intend to field him with 3 heavy bolter toting retinue once I get a higher points value all painted up.

Anyway, on to the update:

Tonight's makeshift workstation:

The lighting got bad once the sun started going down because of the east-facing window in the room, but I did manage to get some painting done.

Tonight's progress:
That's 2 Devilfish engine pods finished except the iridescent engine glow and metallic bits, and 6 Smart Missile System pods, with still-wet red paint.

Tomorrow I'll finish off the engine pods and start on the second set I have primed. They're probably the second most complicated piece I brough with me. The most complicated piece is a skyray turret I primed and threw in at the last minute friday afternoon. Other than that it's pretty much burst cannons, sms/burst mounts, and tank cupolas to finish what I have with me.

Again, thanks everyone for looking and for the feedback!

10-02-2009, 04:15
One thing I love about the Tau model kits is the modularity. It's easy to incorporate list variety with some magnets and ingenuity, without having to buy a ton of models. Of course, this means most of the bits included in the kit need to be painted at some point.

With that in mind, I actually achieved some progress this weekend, although most of it was preparatory:

My job has me roving around the state at the moment, so I've decided to prime a bunch of the smaller vehicle bits so I can work on them in my hotel rooms each evening.

They look like bare plastic, but that's because I use Krylon's grey primer. Painting these bits will actually allow me to have the bulk of my tau force in a finished state.

I also dug the Daemonhunters out of their case to take some actual finished shots:

Two squads of Grey Knights advance around a ruin, under the watch of an Inquisitor.

Close-up shot of the Inquisitor w/ psycannon. It's poorly lit but I haven't had a chance to dig my lighting setup out of the boxes from my move. I'll try and get some better lit closeups posted later today. The Inquisitor is my first shot at converting minis beyond extremely simple bit-swaps. You can see the cobblestone base better here. I'm not really happy with the brown cobbles, any suggestions for better stone colors (other than more grey)?

I'll do my best to post painting progress shots from the roadway, so be prepared for a series of badly lit photos featuring a variety of hotel interiors. You have been warned!

Great log. I especially like the GK's.

Where did you get the Ruin from? It looks fantastic!



10-02-2009, 18:21
The ruin is actually a pair of pieces from a 1/32nd scale WWII playset I found in the toy section of my local Wal-Mart. The piece in back is basically the lone standing corner of a multi story house, and the piece in front more like a bombed out shop. They came in separate sets.

I also picked up a pair of Normandy landing syle pillboxes frome the same company. Sadly, after picking up the sets I did get, they seemed to go out of stock, and I haven't found quite the same thing again.

When I get home this weekend I'll post some pics of the terrain pieces and the box they came in. The boxes were also a great source for sandbag fortifications and 55 gallon barrels.

11-02-2009, 01:53
Ok, so here's tonight's painting progress:
That's 6 SMS/Burst Cannon mounts completed except for any touchups some better lighting may reveal.

And what's left in the box:
I have just a touch over half the box left, it seems. So I am pretty close to on track for having it all finished by the time I head home for the weekend.

We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

14-02-2009, 00:27
Well the last couple of days I've been in areas where there was no real internet to speak of, so sorry for the lack of updates. One of those nights I was also at work so long that I didn't get any painting done, but the next night I made up for it. I haven't quite finished the box, but I've made good headway in my opinion:
The stuff I've gotten mostly painted.

What didn't get completed on the road.

I'll go through them when I have daylight tomorrow and do what touch-ups are needed and seal them like the tanks.

Fluffy06 asked about the ruin in the pic with the Grey Knights. It came in a box similar to this one, from the toy section of my local giant discount store corporation.

The company info is here:
If you can't read it, the website is www.21stcenturytoys.com .
It looks like they have several scales available, although I don't see the specific playsets I have on the website.

The 1/32 scale is a touch big for 40k, but still seems to work.

More pics in the next post:

14-02-2009, 00:39
Here is one of the bunkers from that box, along with the ruined building corner hiding in back of that GK photo, and a brick corner from a similar, smaller playset.

As you can see, the bunker is separate pieces.

And two with a generic space marine for scale:


All in all, the toy section of the local supermart has been a great source for 40k stuff. The large sets have had good terrain, the small sets are full of sandbags and 55 gallon barrels, and I've used the assorted crates and ammo boxes to make an excellent ammo dump strategem/objective. The jerry cans and drums will most likely end up used similarly for a fuel dump/depot.

14-02-2009, 01:13
looking good mate, and great use of down time on the road :)



16-02-2009, 01:20
Thanks Sheep! I'm a fan of your work.

Anyway, I seem to be out of fashion, by not showing pics of my pets, so here are the three monsters:



And Beast

In addition to the three danes, I also have a chihuahua named Jenny, but she's on semi-permanent loan to my grandmother.

Anyway, on to the shots of this weekend's progress.

This whole weeek has been pretty productive for the tau. I've managed to finish most of the options for 2 tanks and a devilfish, seen here:

That leaves just a couple of ion cannons and a third railgun left to complete most of the options for the tanks in the heavy slot, unless I for some reason decide to build and paint a second skyray turret. One devilfish is also done, with the SMS pods too, leaving 2 devilfish engine pods and cupolas and misc details to complete my tanks. I'll also need to bits order or convert a pair of SMS pods for those two to have the option available.

I had intended to build one of the GK termies to paint up this weekend, but I seem to be out of the cobblestone card I use on the base, so I guess a trip to the model supply store will be needed. In the mean time I'll finish the devilfish and these guys (maybe even some suit weapon options):
Sorry for the poor lighting, I couldn't find where I stored some of my lamps. I also need to remember to take shots during the day.

The army will probably be based similar to these:
Although I think I'll put some static grass on there to add a touch more interest.

I'm really making headway now. I'm not far from being able to field a fully painted army, although finished models will restrict my choices somewhat.

I think I'll aim for a slightly higher standard on the kroot and vespid too. They're only loosely tied to the army colorwise, so I won't have to stick to the cheap craft paints as much as I've had to on the tanks.

Watch this space: alien auxiliary test schemes may be appearing soon!
Thanks for looking!

17-02-2009, 04:18
I'm continuing to resolutely plow through the minor gubbins of my Tau tanks.

Tonight I finished the engine pods for the second devilfish, except for the engine glow and gloss coating. So tomorrow's update should bring me to two completed devilfish to run alongside the hammerheads. I'm not going to post any pictures, because it's more of the same from the past week, really.

I also got 10 vespid cleaned, pinned, posed,and based tonight, so they should hopefully get some prime and a basecoat or two tomorrow evening. They look a lot less flat with their wings bent back slightly. I'm going to attempt a scheme similar to the paper wasp for their exoskeleton, althought I'm not quite sure exactly how I'll pull it off.

On a side note, I thought Chaos Marines were spiky, until I assembled the vespid and kroot. Chaos has nothing on the pokey nature of the Tau auxiliaries!

17-02-2009, 06:08
I'm liking the clean nature of your Tau army more and more and really can't wait to see your take on the Auxiliaries (particularly as they're a major part of my own Tau army - lots of Kroot, lots of Vespid, some Humans and even some Varingr*).

* Squats. :p

18-02-2009, 01:41
Going through what I have packed away looking for that cobblestone card, I came to realize I may have fibbed a bit when I said I didn't have a fully painted army. Deep in my boxes from the move were this lot:

Close up of a handful (Disclaimer: they're not painted by me):

About half of them are Rogue Trader era metals, and the rest are plastics from around the same time. I've considered stripping them to repaint as Lamenters, but many of them present some challenges. For instance, what is the weapon on this marine's left gauntlet?

And the dreadnaughts are positively tiny compared to their modern brethren, without even getting into what the weapon arms represent:

Still, the old scouts have some charm:

And it's nice to think that way back then Space Marines actually had to reload!

On the Tau front, I've nearly completed the second of three devilfish. I just have to gloss coat the main chassis because I ran out of light this evening before I got to it. Five of the Vespid are also primed and awaiting the brush. Next update will have some sort of WIP pics on them, I swear! At this point they're just a rather uninteresting shade of grey.

Thanks for looking!

18-02-2009, 02:32
RT era marines ftw!
I like your tau scheme as well, and I have to say that is one interesting inquisitor you have represented there. What is his wargear technically supposed to be? I'm not all too familiar with the DH/WH dexes

18-02-2009, 02:46
In the escalation league I ran him with power armor, a psycannon, a refractor field (5++ save), and bionics, IIRC. I had plans to eventually upgrade the refractor to an icon of the just(4++ save), and maybe artificer armor once his heavy bolter servitors were joined to him, as points allowed. The thing about Inquisitors is a very large chunk of possible wargear is easy to assign to a random detail on the model, such as the incense ball or pouches hanging from his belt. But a psycannon is a different story, so I had to get creative.

Edit: The Psycannon has the same stats as a heavy bolter, with +1 Str and the option to shoot either as heavy 3 or assault 3 out to 18". It also disallows invulnerable saves.

19-02-2009, 03:11
Tonight I finished glosscoating the second devilfish, so it'll be complete once I finish the cupola.

Wanting to take a break from the tanks, I started on the test scheme for my Vespid. I mentioned toying with the idea of painting them like paper wasps, similar to this:

So I figured why not. After priming them grey, I basecoated the chitin with Mechrite Red:

This is the first foundation paint I've used, and I must say it impressed me with how easily it coated the grey primer, although it did seem to dry very fast, even when diluted.

Looking at the bug, I decided it was a bit too red. Paper wasps tend a bit more toward a rusty brown on the dark parts around here, so I attempted to brown it up with a wash of very diluted Apple Barrel Black Cherry:

This didn't do a whole lot to the color, in my opinion, so I broke out the Citadel Brown Ink and gave it a slightly diluted wash:

This browned up the bug nicely, as well as providing some shading, so I decided to start on the Bleached Bone bands around the edges of each chitin segment:

That's where I called it a night. The Bleached Bone needs some more work and I need to figure out what I'm going to do with the spiky patches, but the overall scheme is pretty striking, and grew on me more and more as I got the model painted. I think it will work for this squad quite well.

Tonight was not all sunshine and rainbows, however. My pot of bleached bone has dried to a fairly viscous consistency, and I'm living 200 miles from the nearest quality acrylic paint supplier, so I need to go through all of my paint pots to see how bad they are and if they can be recovered. The bleached bone paint did thin well on the pallette, so it may not be too late.

Also, sorry about the quality of the pics. I just could not get either the lighting or the camera's focus to cooperate with me tonight. I'll continue taking WIP shots of the vespid until I manage to take some clear, well-lit pics to show you all (or as they say around here, y'all).

21-02-2009, 02:56
I finally managed to make it home before the sun went down today, so I had time to take a couple afternoon WIP shots of the bug on the hood of my car. I also used a newer and slightly less cranky camera. The focus is good, but the angle of the sunlight is not the best. Still, this shot is the best I've been able to take of the stingwing, so far:

I decided yesterday that the red and bone wings weren't working, so I painted them the same blue as the tanks to help the bugs tie into the army better.

In addition to working on the bug, I went through all of my paints. Most were getting pretty thick, so I added water and a BB to each pot and gave them a thorough shaklng, which brought the paints back to life nicely. Impressed, I went ahead and did this to all of my paint, GW and cheapo alike. At least the BB's will help the paint stay well mixed.

While I was out chasing the BB's and a new #4 round paintbrush (after painting 5 3/4 devilfish with cheap craft paint, my 'tank brush' is getting pretty worn), I gathered the materials to make this:

Making wet pallettes was discussed here on the boards, and since I was out and about anyway, I grabbed the mats to assemble one to try it out. I have to say, it certainly extended the working life of the paint blobs I've put on it. That old plastic pallette may be displaced to mere work surface duty from now on.

Tomorrow, since I'll have both free time and good light, I'll take some better shots of the armies with the new camera, so y'all can see what the models actually look like.

Stay tuned folks!

22-02-2009, 23:52
Well, it's been a productive weekend. I sorted out the scheme for my Vespid, shown here on the back of my car:

I also spent a big chunk of time painting up 4 more of its brothers (sisters?), although by the time I got them completed I was regretting the decision to use such a busy scheme as well as the one to include some highlights on these models.

Has anyone else experienced 'battle damage' to the antennae of their bugs?

Still, here's half of the squad sealed and dullcoated (damn metal minis and their tendency to chip), again on my car (and in the fading afternoon sunlight). All that's left is to put some static grass on the bases, but I'm putting that off until the army is fully painted so I can do it in one huge assembly line for the whole army.

I'm out on the road again this week, but I don't have any plastic bits primed to go, and the metal models would just beat the heck out of each other's paintjobs if I used the box from before. And, to be honest, a break from painting would be welcome after all the little details on the Vespid, so I don't think I'll take any of the models or supplies with me.

Also, when looking at my last Devilfish, I remembered that it had been dropped while gaming a while back, breaking off one of the engine pods at the pivot locking tab, and I had superglued it in place as a quick fix. Well now the pod is stuck on good (at least it'll take more force than I'm willing to try to part it from the chassis). As a bonus, the body of the tank is painted, but the engine pod is unprimed, so I'll have to sort out how I'm going to get that painted when I get back.

23-02-2009, 00:44
Those Vespids look really nice, it's cool you went with an insect scheme. But what I really want to see is some Lamenters!

03-03-2009, 03:17
Another week, another paycheck, another update.

Taking a break from the painting proved to be a bit of a mistake. I had a very hard time getting back into the groove when I got home this weekend. All I did was play around with the yellow on a Lamenter tester. It did not go well.

Iyanden Darksun went on over the white undercoat pretty well, but it still took two coats to get an even covering. Then, since I don't have any quality yellow paint, I tried some of the cheap craft paints, picking a mustardy color just a bit lighter than the Iyanden Darksun. It took three or four thinned coats to get good coverage, but the final product was a whole lot more pastel yellow than bright yellow. I really have no idea why that happened; the color looks nothing like what's in the bottle. So that's one crappy tester model down.

At least I found out a couple of things with the experiment. One, GW paints work together much better than a mishmash of GW and cheap craft acrylics. Two, I need to remember to leave just a touch of Darksun showing in the shaded parts of the models.

On to the progress:

For the Tau, I worked on the last 5 Vespid some. They have the mechrite red, brown ink, green armor, and as of tonight, bone stripes done, as seen here (still WIP):

As you can see, I've been able to take some better pics. I just need to tweak the setup a touch more.

I still need to paint the base, and a few detail bits and I can call the whole Vespid unit done. After that, I think I'll knock out some Crisis Suits.

I've also managed to take a decent pic of the one model I've probably put the most effort into painting: the test scheme model for my Grey Knight army:

His highlights are a lot more blended in than on his brothers. They fell victim to the need to be finished in time for the escalation league, but the rest of the army I hope to have done to this standard (or better, if I can swing it!).

Thanks for looking!

03-03-2009, 03:45
At last! Actually grey Grey Knights! :) I do like the Vespid but, at the risk of sounding stupid, the paper wasp isn't red and bone...? ;)

03-03-2009, 14:23
I just noticed the pix of your dogs on the previous page; what kind of dog are Stormy and Beast? They look like they may be related to my catahoula.

03-03-2009, 14:54
Gen.Steiner: Yeah, that wasp pic I posted is a lot closer to brownish black and pale yellow, but the ones that hang around the house out here in New Mexico tend a bit more to red-brown and off-white. And I've never understood why Grey Knights are called Grey Knights if they are, in fact, metallic. Steel Knights would seem more appropriate and still cool-sounding.

Codsticker: All three dogs are purebred Great Danes. Lou is a classic Fawn, Stormy is what they call a Harlequin, and Beast is an Onyx Brindle. Danes have a few other colorations that sometimes show up, like Black, Boston, and standard Brindle. They're enormous animals, but not as bad indoors as one might think, although you have to keep in mind that they can easily 'counter sweep' so stuff you don't want them getting into needs to be put well away. And I haven't met a Dane yet that didn't think it was a lap dog.

03-03-2009, 19:37
For my Lamenters I used a white undercoat with tausept ochre over it, then a devlan mud wash, then darksun, then highlight golden yellow. Try it out and see what you think...

04-03-2009, 03:36
I'll be sure to try that out, AventineCrusader, once I get a chance to go by a GW store (hopefully this weekend).

My cheap craft paint adventure turned out like Battle Brother Testy McCrappysculpt here:

The lighting is still a touch dark, so the pastel-ness isn't really brought across, although I am encouraged by how smooth the yellow looks in the pic. Sometimes I think the difference between the rockstars on this board and some of the less popular painters is the abilty to take good photos of their minis. As you can see, I'm still learning.

For the Tau, I've finished the Vespid, except for the inevitable 'it's a metal mini' touch-ups prior to sealing them. I must add, the decision to do the antennae like they did was very poor. Those fiddly metal bits became 'battle damage' on more than one of these bugs, including the Strain Leader.

Here are the second five bugs:

Looks like I have some touching up still to do.
Here all of the bugs are:

I suppose, technically, I need to paint up one more to have a maximum unit, but I rarely run the bugs in the first place, much less at such an odd unit strength as 11.

As I hinted earlier, I'm hoping to make a trip to a game store this weekend to get my geek on, and I'll pick up some of the paints I need there. I'm starting to get a decent force ready for the tabletop, seen here:

And a top-down view:

The two crisis suits are painted and based, although there's still some detailing I want to do before they get sealed. I'll knock them out this week, as well as that last devilfish. Then it's back to model assembly for the handful of partially-assembled crisis suits I have in baggies in my dice box.

Speaking of the 'fish, I managed to get that glued-on engine pod off (and primed!), without destroying the model, earlier this week, so that should be fairly quick to finish up.

I'll also need to decide on a scheme for the Kroot fairly soon. I'm sure after the Vespid I want something relatively simple and fast to paint up, but I haven't been able to find many examples of Kroot in colors other than green/green-brown. One would think there'd be more variety somewere in the 25 pages of Kroot on CMON, but it's 97% standard paintjobs. I did see one that was done with red and black inks, but I'm not sure how labor intensive that would be.

04-03-2009, 16:53
I used the following recipe on my traitor Lamenter:

Chaos Black undercoat (spray)
Golden Yellow
Sunburst (?) Yellow
Bad Moon (?) Yellow

This is the result:



For Kroot, look up colour images of Archaeopteryx and/or various lizards; try also jungle-dwelling birds.